Rainy Day Booties

It rained on Monday. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. You see, that’s what happens in So. Cal when it rains. The news vans can be seen all over the streets, talks of mudslides (which, joking aside, are a very real problem…) and flooding abound, and headlines such as “The Biggest Storm Of The Year….” can be seen on every local news station. And while I’d call this rain “storm” more of a heavy mist to light drizzle, it still threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting it, and as I opened to door to head out for my morning run, needed to change plans at the last minute (such problems…..)….

All that to say, the rain in southern California is always welcome, we’re just not always prepared for it. News stations spend weeks preparing us for the event, and then by the time the storm makes it’s way down from Northern California it’s a light drizzle. Yet, when we do get hit, we get hit hard and the question prevails “What am I going to wear in this weather?” Lucky for me, I always hope for the rain and snag items that I know wont make me ask that question. Like rain boots. I even bought these Sorel boots for our time in Park City. TJ politely asked me where I would wear them at home. To which I answered, “I’m saving them for a rainy day.” He couldn’t help but laugh. In all honesty though, who likes wet and cold feet. Not me, love the rain, but love being warm at the same time….. This bootie pair is super comfortable, and I love the lace-up tie in the back. They look like regular booties,until you get up close and see that they’re made out of the rain boot fabric…. Perfect for those “is it really going to rain….” kinda days.

I styled them casually, but if you’re looking to dress them up a little, I recommend these faux leather (or velvet) leggings, a white tunic, and charcoal moto jacket… and just add some favorite gold accessories and you’re ready to go…..

Annnnnd, little miss wasn’t going to be in these photos, but she really wanted to join in, so I welcomed her (rare) willing participation!

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Wellness Wednesday || Beating The Holiday Blues

While we are now well into the holiday season, with social activities buzzing around us, and making festive merriment, I am always reminded that this time of the year isn’t always filled with joy for everyone. For some, it’s a sad time, remembering the loss of someone, experiencing a recent heartbreak, or feeling a void in their life for various reasons. Or, others are burdened by finances, and worrying about how to make ends meet this time of the year. Some are simply stressed with everything on their plate… having a case of the “holiday blues….” And while I know that might not be the happiest of scenarios, it’s the truth…. and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t come down with the holiday blues from time to time. So, what’s one to do? I thought about what I used to work on with my clients on around this time of year and came up with a few tips and tricks that I used to use… and still do when I feel a little blue… that I hope will help if you find yourself in one of the above situations…

1. Take Some Me Time: Sometimes, during the holidays, we get so wrapped up in doing things for others… planning the perfect party, finding the perfect gift, making sure everything is crossed off the list, that we forget to take care of numero uno. I was reminded of this when we were traveling back from Park City. The flight attendant specifically came over to us and said “You first with the face mask….” Sometimes the blues come from feeling worn down, depleted of “self energy” as I like to call it (or, as if your bucket is empty… that’s the specific term I use when describing it….). When I’m feeling this way, I like to take an hour for myself (at night, while Harper naps, or hire a babysitter for a little while) and do something I like…. get a manicure, take a nap (actually, I never nap…. but if that’s your cup of tea go for it!), read a book (likely one I started months ago…), take a bath (ohhh, and read a book), do a face mask…. just do something that makes you feel good about yourself… something to fill that bucket.

2. Release On The Gift List: I used to have client’s parents talk to me about this all the time. They would stress about everyone they “have to buy a gift for.” I always took that time to explore the idea of “gift giving” with them… where the notion of “having” to purchase a gift for that person came from. And while I’m not going to do that today, it’s something I’ve looked at, and something I think is valuable in understanding where the stress is coming from. Gift giving ought to be something that is fun…. for me, personally, I don’t want anyone stressing about giving me a gift… nor do I want to stress about buying someone a gift. People who love and care about you shouldn’t be mad if you can’t get them a gift. I think it’s always important to remember that gifts don’t have to be monetary in nature, or “big” to convey thought and love. Some alternative gift ideas that I have found to speak more than monetary ones includes offering to help someone in some way (if you have a family member who is a mom, offer her an hour or two to herself… trust me, that’s like gold)…. or pet sit someone’s dog when they go out of town. Offer to have a friend over for a glass of wine and conversation, as opposed to “giving” an actual gift. I am always reminded of the saying, “Collect moments, not things….” and sometimes approaching gift giving from that angle can really give it a new perspective…. and help release any financial hardship that might be burdening you this season… and put the fun back into the act.

3. Give Back: Sometimes, when I feel blue during the holidays, I take some time to give back. It’s not always in a demonstrative manner, but often times an extra tip for the person giving me my iced tea… or buying some extra groceries in the store for the homeless person I saw waiting outside… or, grabbing coffee for a friend just because. Or, one of my favorites is taking cookies to a retirement home…. I used to do this in high school and it always put a smile on their face, and mine. It’s amazing what acts of kindness can do to your mood.

4. Schedule In Fun: While the holidays are typically a festive time of year filled with various get togethers, sometimes calendars don’t fill up, and that’s enough to make someone feel blue… a little isolated. The perfect anecdote to that is to schedule in fun. Simply put, schedule in what you want to do. Grab a fun girl’s brunch (or HH… or just have mimosas at brunch…. leave the kiddos at home… actually eat your food….), plan a festive day with your family (there are lots of tree lighting ceremonies… and often times each town has special events for the holidays if you go to their website….), have a cookie baking afternoon with family, or plan a festive holiday movie marathon. It’s those little things that will have you looking forward to the season…. and not feel so isolated.

5. Talk To Someone: This might sound super basic, but it’s so helpful. Sometimes just chatting about what’s making you feel blue can help in so many ways. Feeling heard is validating, you may gain a different perspective, or that person may have experienced what you’re going through. I often feel when I am feeling a little down, simply chatting with TJ, a friend, or family member helps me feel better….

That’s it! If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them as well!

*As a disclaimer, I am not talking about severe depression. If you feel you might be suffering from something other than “seasonal blues” I recommend you speak with your healthcare provider. 

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Holiday Dressing || Fancy Velvety Pants

I consider myself pretty minimalistic in style… nothing too statement making…. and during the holidays I like to keep things pretty much the same. Nothing over the top, but I do like to take it up a notch, slightly. In the past, I’ve opted for a silk jumpsuit with statement earrings (these are old posts), a statement making sequin skirt+ pants….. and looking back, I’ve yet to pull out a full blown dress for the holidays. While that might change this year (I haven’t ruled it out yet), right now, I’m kinda obsessed with these velvet ruffle pants. Perfect for the holidays (with a price that won’t break the bank for a few “fancy” wears). You can do so much with them, which makes them versatile for the entire holiday season. I opted to pair them with my favorite fuzzy sweater for a warmer, slightly more conservative look…. but you can easily pair it with a gorgeous lace cami, d’orsay pump, and a sleek velvet blazer for an edgier look (both of which I plan on repeating). And while I’m still undecided about if I’ll try a dress this year, one thing I know for certain is that velvet will be a key to all my holiday dressing…..

Some of my other favorite velvet pieces for the season include these velvet leggings, which would look great with my favorite velvet blazer and a white silk top underneath…. or this beautiful wrap dress…. this crushed velvet cami + skirt combo is one of my favorites for this holiday season (I own the cami) and I just snagged this gorgeous rust colored velvet blazer. I also love this blush button-up dress what I wore to TJ’s birthday dinner.

(Outfit Details || Pants (wearing 0) | Sweatshirt | Shoes (multiple color options) | Earrings (old Free People) love these + these as a similar option | Bag)


Weekend Recap || Holiday Traditions + Cyber Monday Favorites

(A little Black Friday shopping with the ladies…)

I always love Thanksgiving weekend. For me, it has always signified the start of some of my most cherished traditions (both old and new). We kick off the Christmas season on Thanksgiving night by watching Christmas Vacation…. then the ladies in the family head out for a little Black Friday shopping (we don’t go early… we sleep in a little…) while the guys hang out and watch football. We get our tree…. spend an evening decorating it with Christmas music…. and then look forward to the next few weeks filled with tradition. I guess that’s why I always look forward to this time of year… it’s so deeply rooted in family and love that I can’t help but get excited as I think about all the festivities ahead…..

And, as I think about the traditions I had as a child, I can’t wait to continue making new traditions with my little family…. Harper is already getting excited, starting with decorating the tree (she may or may not have tasted a few pine needles….)…. and TJ and I have had numerous conversations about what we want to start with her this year. We want to take her to Disneyland to see all the decorations…. take her to a local holiday train that runs in the evenings through tunnels of lights (she’s obsessed with “choo choos”), and take her to look at all the Christmas lights. I’m excited to start baking with her (she already likes to help in the kitchen), and introducing her to the Polar Express book…..

So, as we head into the week ahead I do so with great anticipation for the holiday season in front of us. Have a wonderful week friends! xx

(Post Thanksgiving tradition with the sista…. vino, cozies, + Christmas Vacation. stripe pajamas, pearl joggers, slippers, glasses)

(Comfies for a morning chasing after little miss…. pullover, joggers, slippers)

(Little lovelies for the Christmas Tree… gold bird, pom garland, white bird, unicorn (20% off))

(Black Friday outfit…. velvet cami, cardi (both on sale))

(Picking out our Christmas Tree… little miss was more interested in rocks than trees…. Harper’s dress, my top, TJ’s top)

(Only broke one in the process….. love how she’s starting to get excited for the Christmas season too….)

(After a busy few days, our bed was calling for me Sunday night…. comforter, woven pillow, pillowcases, pouf(20% off))

So, I fully indulged in all there was to offer this past weekend which is why I’m hitting it hard tomorrow morning. I bought a 20lb kettle bell this past weekend and am oddly excited to start using it this week. I read somewhere that increasing the weight you use for your booty workouts will help to lift + tone it… and I could sure use that right about now! I’ll also be doing my quick little bands workout during the week too.

 The last of the “Cyber Week” deals is today with Cyber Monday (not likely you needed to be reminded of that!…) and I thought I’d share a few personal favorites with you (that didn’t get included in my Black Friday roundup…..

I shared my gift guide for the man in your life, in case you missed it, and some of the items are included in a buy more save more sale. My dad actually loved the headphones so much, my mom got him a pair for Christmas.

Sole Society is having 30% off site wide and my favorite OTK boots (featured here) and these navy booties (featured here) are both in stock and included. Super comfortable and great for cooler weather… and easy to run after a little tike in!

Athleta is having 20% off, and my favorite pair of stripe crop leggings (that I’ve had for 3 years) are on sale….

Bandier, a workout line, is having 20% off everything, and I have my eye on these camo crops + blush lace up hoodie.

 Anthro is having 20% off site wide and I shared some favorites above. When I was in the store, I also fell in love with this beautiful fluffy cardigan and this sequin bell sleeve top (thought it would be so fun for the holidays!).

Free People is having 25% off sale items…. I love this super soft collarless zip up.

Annnnd, Nordstrom is still having a sale and my favorite oversized henley is included, and this v-neck sweater looks so comfortable. Also, another gorgeous sequin top for the holidays… as is this velvet slipdress (such a beautiful color).


Gift Guide || For The Man In Your Life

TJ is notorious for not being able to keep a secret. Seriously. When we were in the pre-engagement stage (you know, you think it’s coming… but you’re not yet certain….) he literally got down on one knee + opened an empty engagement box (which was from the place he purchased the ring…). Several times. I mean, seriously can’t keep a secret. All that to say, I’m not always that much better…. mainly because we both love buying gifts for each other. You know, the act of finding the perfect one, the anticipation of the other’s reaction, and then to see their joy in receiving…..

TJ and I have been purchasing gifts for each other in pretty much the same fashion every year, for the past 13 years of our relationship. We opt for one “larger” item (something a little pricier…. that “coveted” piece) and then a few smaller gifts (an article of clothing…. a pair of shoes… an accessory, etc). We set a budget, stick to it pretty closely, and thoroughly enjoy the giving process. My love language is “small gifts” so I tend to love giving as much as receiving. That being said, today I thought we would share with you the items that TJ has received in the past, and has on his list this year from Bloomingdale’s. They have a great selection of men’s items, all on trend, with varying price points…. so you’re sure to find something for your boo. I’m sharing pieces well under $100, as well as items priced a little higher.

Technology: I like to joke around with TJ. Once he gets a little vino in him, he loves to bust out “rhymes” and thinks he is a rapper (hey, we can all dream…. right…). With that, he’s always appreciated a good “beat” and the sound systems that go along with it. Over the years we’ve purchased him several head phones, as gifts, and most recently this B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen pair. They’re wireless, have great sound quality (especially for a budding rapper….), incredibly stylish (love the gold touch), and have an incredibly comfortable fit. I tell him that the only time he can claim he “didn’t hear me” is when he is wearing them….. A few other great options from B&O can be found here.

Shoes: TJ’s shoe collection rivals mine…. with some of his favorites including this style Ferragamo shoe (which I purchased for him last Christmas) and he wears them dressed up for work or down for a date night. I also gave him this pair of running shoes on his birthday…. they’re like walking on air. Annnd, these UGG slippers are always popular in our family…. so comfortable for a day of lounging or after a long day at work. He also wears these suede high top sneakers all the time (featured in photos).

Accessories: A few years ago, I purchased TJ this wallet, which he loves. It easily holds all his cards, some cash, and a few photos of the family (yes, he still carries photos in his wallet… including one of my sorority head shots circa 2006….).The black makes it masculine, and it’s thin enough to fit into his back pocket. He also asked for a Mont Blanc pen a few years ago, and ended up receiving this one….. I’ve never seen someone so excited to receive a pen. Ever. He’s also a huge Ray Ban sunglasses fan since they offer so many different styles at a great price point. For his 30th birthday, I bought him this cross necklace, which he never takes off.

Clothing: Something that is typically on TJ’s wish-list is a pair of jeans. Hands down, his favorite pair are these Paige Federal jeans (featured in photos). They are slim fitting, and fit him like a glove (plus, they’re super soft….). His closet is filled with casual henley tops and the minute he put this one on, he wouldn’t take it off (I think we’re going on day 3 now….). The casual Adidas track pants(paired with this hoodie) are perfect for a workout or casual day lounging around the house. He’s been wearing this down jacket for the past few seasons and swears by it for comfort and warmth. Bloomingdale’s also has a great selection of his favorite Hugo Boss slim fit dress shirts.

I’ll be sharing a few great stocking stuffers for the guy in your life in a few weeks!

(Outfit Details || TJ’s Hoodie | TJ’s Henley | TJ’s Jeans | TJ’s Shoes | TJ’s Headphones | My Sweater | My Shoes)

Thank you to Bloomingdale’s for sponsoring this post. 


Black Friday Sales || Items I Personally Own + Love

Well, I guess if you’re seeing this, you actually found this e-mail through the hundreds that have likely flooded your inbox this morning…. all promoting Black Friday Sales. I always feel odd compiling this post, since it comes on the heels of the day we spent giving thanks for all we’ve been given. Yet, I get people asking me all the time if I know where they can find “X, Y, + Z” item on sale…. so today, I’m sharing all my personal favorite items, that I own, that are part of the Black Friday sales (if you can even call it that anymore… I mean, didn’t sales start on Monday??)…..


Nordstrom is offering an extra 20% off sale items, plus tons of other great items marked down. My personal favorites include these faux leather leggings (well under $20, featured here), my favorite chunky knit cardigan, cuddly pullover (featured above, and comes in several colors), easy rider faux leather moto jacket (snagged it last year, own it in the slate!), beautiful white knit cardigan, my favorite oversized thermal (I own in grey and ivory…), long grey shawl cardigan (under $50), as well as this oversized ribbed cardigan. I purchased this cardigan at the Anniversary sale, and it sold out in seconds. It’s fully stocked, and under $35. I also just bought this stripe ribbed long sleeve top (currently 25% off) and this gorgeous mauve velvet cami (so perfect for the holiday months). I also love this striped oversized button-up…. a great everyday basic… wear with leggings or jeans.

I bought this faux wrap peplum top (in burgundy) for a date night and it would be perfect for the holidays as well!


They’re having a “Buy More, Save More” sale. Some of my favorite “splurge pieces” include these over the knee boots (other over the knee options), golden goose sneakers (featured above) one of my favorite bucket buckle bags (so gorgeous, other Zac Posen bags). Some favorite clothing items included in the sale include this gorgeous rust colored lace camisole (more favorites from CamiNYC… seriously so well made and soft), camo joggers (featured above), favorite oversized white tee, lace-up hooded sweatshirt (so soft and cozy), favorite black mesh leggings, and this gorgeous floral velvet cross body bag. I also purchased these snow boots for our trip and absolutely love how they fit and look with jeans or leggings tucked into them (other Sorel options).


They’re offering 50% off of everything! This cozy v-neck dress was restocked and such a great basic that comes in tons of colors…. wear it with over the knee boots and an oversized cardigan for a winter look.  I also love, love this ribbed pajama bottom + tank set in blush….. it’s so cozy and soft. I also ordered this v-back mauve sweater (love the back details) as well as this pretty little floral blouse.


One of my all time favorite sales everrrrr…. 30% the entire store!!! Likely one of my favorite Black Friday sales with everything 30% off! This is a time when I love to buy some of their gorgeous home items. My personal favorites that fill our home include this rug, comforter, beautiful rose wine glasses, and initial mug. I also recently purchased this ribbed peplum top, fuzzy cardigan, and chenille sweater. I also love these throw pillows and have them sitting in my cart.


My favorite skincare line is offering 25% off site wide. My favorite include this illuminating serum, overnight moisturizer, exfoliator mask (love, love, love), and under eye cream.

Urban Outfitters:

They are having BOGO 50% off. My all time favorites include this button-up thermal, thermal v-neck tee, ribbed henley tops (size up, run small), pom beanie, and this chenille cardigan.

A few other favorite sales on products I have been frequently asked about include:

T3 micro is having 25% off on all their products… my favorites are this hair dryer , curling trio, and compact straightener (travels so well too).

My favorite fuzzy free people jacket is 20% off with code FRIDAY, as if the teddy bear coat I wore in Park City (in the cream color). I also wore this faux fur hooded anorak and it’s currently priced under $80.

Annnnd, GAP is having 50% off everything (code BLKFRIDAY)…. which includes Harper’s Jacket, Leggings, Cute Peplum Top, and Boots (such a great deal considering I almost bought her the UGG version).



Wellness Wednesday || My Favorite, Do Anywhere, Booty Band Moves

 When I was packing for our trip last week, along with an inappropriate amount of sweaters, I tossed in my booty bands at the last minute, in hopes that I could squeeze in a quick morning workout. So on Friday, TJ and I came up with this efficient booty bands workout with some simple moves you can do anytime, anywhere. It gets your heart rate up, tones your body, and is does the trick in a short amount of time…. I ended up sharing a little on instastories and the feedback was overwhelming. People wanted some ideas on how to use the bands… some mentioned that they have them sitting in their desk at work in the hopes of squeezing in some toning moves at lunch/break… and others said they only know one move and would appreciate some suggestions… I hope the workout above helps!

And, with the holidays upon us, sometimes getting in longer workouts is tough. Yet, I think we can all spare at least 15 minutes a day to move and release some good feeling endorphins. If you’re looking to hit the restart button after the Thanksgiving weekend, complete this workout and then sip one of my favorite banana chocolate smoothies. I’ve listed the workout moves below too, just in case the video won’t play for you….

But before that, I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I am so grateful for all your support over the year and wouldn’t be where I am without it. Thank you for all your kind messages and encouraging words. I hope that this holiday is one that is filled with love and happiness (and a libation or two) with those you love! See you Friday!

Repeat 3xs, for a 15 minute workout (give or take, depending how quickly you move through the moves)

25 sumo squat jumps
10 squats with side raises (on each side)
15 walking side lunges (on each side)
30 mountain climbers
15 lateral shoulder moves (on each side)
15 shoulder raises (each side)
15 jump lunges (on each side)
15 standing crunches (on each side)
15 donkey kicks (on each side)
50 jumping jacks

(Velour pullover, capris)

(pullover (extra 25% off with code dontstress), leggings)



Family Snow Day || Family Photos

Before we headed to Park City, my mom and I headed to the mall with Harper to buy some winter weather gear for her. Not knowing how she’d warm up to the snow, I decided to hold off on the full blown snow suit, figuring I could buy one there if need be. I knew that I needed to follow the same strategy I take when dressing myself for colder temps: layers. Knowing we had some great basics with these jeggings + this adorable peplum top, I went on a mission to find the perfect “outerwear” pieces for her and started our search at Nordstrom (she’s always enamored by the balloons in the shoe department so it makes shopping a little easier….). They have some of the cutest pieces for those chilly days, so I knew I’d have success. I had purchased this anorak for her a few months ago (featured here), and I knew layering it over her favorite sweatshirt would be perfect for a non-freezing day…..

And then I stumbled across this faux fur coat and thought game over. It was warm, she loved it (had to beg her to take it off in the store), and I knew it would be perfect to snap some photos of her in for our Christmas card (we didn’t have any plans to take family photos… they were scheduled the day we arrived since I thought the fresh snow would make for beautiful photos….)… and I figured it would be great for the upcoming holidays….

When it came time to playing in the snow after our photos, sure enough, Harper was lukewarm to the white stuff… preferring to stomp on the ice, kick around snowballs, and run on the perimeter rather than jump in head on…. so, these rain boots were the perfect option. They kept her feet dry and warm, and will be perfect for our rainy days at home (Nordstrom has tons of kiddo options of Hunter boots)….

A few other outerwear pieces that I am loving for the little tikes include this faux fur parka, reversible rain jacket, faux fur hooded vest, and fleece bomber jacket. I also love this little pom beanie and ear flap hat… as well as these quilted faux fur booties and these waterproof boots….. I also bought her these little mittens (which she wore in the morning but took off as the temps warmed up).

For the little guys I’m loving this forest green bomber jacket, waterproof parka, and North Face Jacket. I also think this pom beanie and ear flap hat are adorable. As far as warm, waterproof boots go, these are stylish, yet practical.

(Outfit Details || Harper’s Jacket | Harper’s Top | Harper’s Jeggings (wore these tights underneath) | Harper’s Boots | Harper’s Beanie (identical) | My Coat (runs large, 3 colors) | My Sweater | Leggings | Boots | Beanie | TJ’s Jacket | TJ’s Hoodie | TJ’s Jeans | TJ’s Beanie)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 


Weekend Recap || Park City

(After a full day of snow, this sunset was spectacular)

I’ve been looking forward to this trip since we left last year. As a born and raised California native, snow isn’t something we get to experience often… unless we head to our local mountains… and even then it’s hit or miss. So, as I monitored the weather reports the days before the trip, I was utterly ecstatic to see snowfall forecasted for one of the days we were here (I know, I sound crazy to all those on the East Coast and Midwest….). It ended up snowing, heavily the day after we arrived, which afforded us lazy time inside (something that was much needed), some naps, and family coloring time….. the days that followed included much of the same, along with playing in the snow and warming Harper up to the freezing stuff (pun intended)….

And while no trip with a toddler is without challenges (we had a 3am wake-up from little miss and it took and hour and half to get her to fall back asleep… something that rarely happens… or how we hired a photographer to shoot family photos and Harper refused to let us put her down…. and then decided after the shoot that the snow looked fun… ), we have learned to lower our expectations, roll with the punches, and just create memories wherever we can. Which was exactly what this trip was… one big memory for the books… both the good and the bad (which I am sure we will look back on some day and laugh…). So, while we have one last evening left, I intend to soak up every minute with my little family….

Also, I received a few questions regarding a review of the hotel. We stayed here last year as well, and couldn’t recommend it more. It’s very kiddo friendly, and they have a fun s’mores hour, indoor pool, and lots of space to play outside.

(We went cozy for a quick day of travel…. Harper’s tee, Mocs, My Leggings, Henley, Cardigan (other cozy cardigans), Bootie)

(Waiting for the snow storm…..)

(Warming the insides… because it was freeeezing outside….)

(Some of the best food at Harvest Cafe…. the paleo banana bread and avocado smash were our favs…)

(It was all fun and games until she thought she was stuck…. My Jacket, Faux Fur Vest (other great outdoor vests), Beanie, Harper’s Jacket, Harper’s Beanie, Harper’s Booties)

(We seriously couldn’t get over how gorgeous the snow fall was….)

(I immediately put my jacket on after this photo….. henley, beanie (more favorite beanies), scarf (gorgeous comfy scarves))

(S’mores hour…..)

(Bundled up for s’mores hour….. Faux Fur Anorak (other faux fur coats))

(Loved being held by daddy the entire trip! Harper’s Vest, Tee)

(One of the most beautiful views, with smooches from little miss… Pink beanie, Harper’s leggings)

(Chilly beverages on a chilly evening…. totally normal….)

(Cozied up with the boo…. Beanie, Sweater, Vest)

(Sunday comfies…. until little miss wanted to go outside again… joggers, hoodie)

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is a mere 4 days away…. if you’re looking for a delicious, and healthy, stuffing recipe, I’ve been making this one form my family for the past several years. I end up doubling it because everyone always wants seconds. It’s also delicious the day after!

 A few items I purchased recently include this cute ruffle sleeve sweater (obsessed), deep plum chenille sweater, beautiful lace sleeve tee, fuzzy white sweater, and oatmeal colored v-neck peplum top…. love them all for the fall/winter months.

I’ve also had my eye on a few cozy lounge items… like these off duty sweatpants, plaid pajama shorts, and star sweatshirt. Also, my favorite joggers from last year were restocked (I own them in black and the olive color…).

Also, how gorgeous is this rust colored velvet blazer??

I also didn’t anticipate that it was going to be in the high 80’s for us on Thanksgiving day… insert sad face… so I also think this sweatshirt dress is the best of both worlds… cool enough with a slight cozy factor.


Thanksgiving Day Look 3 || All The Cozies Please

This is, by far, my favorite part of Thanksgiving Day. A full belly, a fire in fireplace, pie on the way (I take 3 pieces… pumpkin, apple, + chocolate….), and bubbly in a coffee mug (well, I actually don’t discriminate what it comes in….). It’s after extended family has left, when it’s just our immediate family, that we all get cozy, and kick off the Christmas Season with The Griswold’s Christmas Vacation. We laugh at the same parts every year… even though we’ve watched it several dozen times (my personal favorite scene has to be the very end… when Clark goes crazy….. ). Some people fall asleep in the middle (I won’t name names….) and so we inevitably end up watching it the next evening too. It’s the small traditions, like watching a stupid movie we watch year after year, that I cherish most…

Buuut, before all of that, I immediately kick off my shoes from the day and toss on comfy slippers and cozy pajamas. Every year, I go on the search for the comfiest pair of slippers for the season. I always start that search at Nordstrom, because they have the best selection… especially of my favorite: Uggs. They’re like walking on clouds and keep my toes toasty. My favorite this year has to be these pom slippers… but I also own this classic option…. and my sister owns these moccasins which I wear from time to time when I forget mine. I just bought she and I these matching bear bootie slippers (seriously, so cute)… something I started doing a few years ago. And, if you don’t like having your toes covered (I get it, I don’t either during the summer months) these plush slide slippers are a perfect option (I got them this summer in the blush). Either way, comfy clothes at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday are always a must for me…..

(Outfit Details || Slippers (wearing size 7, 3 color options) | Pajamas (run large) | Lounge Cardigan | Beanie | Mug | Pom Throw | Stripe Throw)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.