Weekend Recap || Choices

Friday morning, I laced up my shoes and headed out for a long run…. and felt super invigorated when I crushed my goal. Yet, when I opened up my instagram account, I was welcomed with several nasty comments by the same person….. basically making assumptions about the person I am and criticizing me. It stung, and I spent some time thinking about how best to handle the situation. I chatted about it with my sister (who always offers humorous insights….) and TJ…. and took a few hours before taking any kind of action…..

I shared this on my stories, but as I was contemplating what to do, I had two thoughts. One was the saying, by Michelle Obama, that when others go low, we go high. We don’t need to stoop to other’s level of negativity and hurt. The second thought that came to mind, and which is more of a personal belief, is that we either allow negativity to stay in our lives, invite it in, or choose to walk away from it…. and based on that line of thinking, I chose to block her and not even acknowledge her hurtful statements. I could have defended myself…. and left a few choice emojis…. or called her out publicly…. but what good would any of that do? That essentially takes me down to her level of immaturity…. I simply went “high” and took the negativity out of my life….

I firmly believe that we can’t always control what happens to us…. we can’t make people treat us nicely…. but we always have a choice as to how we want to respond. And that, that’s the ultimate form of control… and when you take the high road, you’re always coming out ahead…. even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment…

So, as we embark upon a new week ahead, here’s to always taking the higher road, and cutting negativity out of our lives. Life is too short to have space for any of that. Have a good one friends! xx

(Kicked off the weekend in comfy stripes….)

(Saturday morning SoulCycle date….. leggings, pullover, sneakers)

(Post spin brunch…. breakfast bowls with a side of avocado toast…..)

(Saturday evening happy hour fireside…. pullover, jeans, mules)

(Saturday night cozies…. cardigan, shorts, henley)

(Sunday stripes for a morning spent at church)

(Sunday evening snuggles with this little lady…. tank)


So, I’m 90% certain that I will be committing myself to a half marathon on March 4th…. meaning I’ll be upping my running significantly in the next couple of weeks. I ran 9 miles last Friday, and will be pushing for 10 this coming week…. I’m also incorporating tons of HIIT training for pace, and APLs (see above for exact color) have been my fav sneakers for cross training.

I recently purchased these denim jeans and they are amazing. They come in a short inseam as well, so the distressed hem hits at the perfect length. I also have my eye on this pretty little fringe sweater, floral button front camisole, cute stripe v-neck tee, mauve micropleat top, and this cute drape-y basic tee in the mauve color (such a great basic!). A few cute layers for cooler weather that I love include this ruffle sleeve cardigan, two toned blush sweater (obsessed), suuuper cozy hoodie, and this blush striped balloon sleeve pullover (currently 20% off).

We’re heading to Palm Springs this weekend, and I’ve purchased a few items from this vacation shop (one of my all time favs)… like these fringe slides, casual ruffle shorts, and super cute beach bag (which takes you from beach to happy hour easily). I’ve had my eye on a Solid + Stripe suit since last season, and snagged this one (also love the hot pink and this white asymmetrical suit). I also snagged this rose maxi cover-up…. another day-night transitional piece (toss on with a cropped, light wash denim jacket and slides for a cute evening look….).

For little Harper, I couldn’t resist these linen wide legged culottes, gingham dress, white breezy maxi, swam swimsuit, and these jellie sandals (her favorites from last year, which were restocked).



Motherhood Update

“A good mom has bad days + great days + normal days + perfect days + overwhelming days + trying days +supermom days + just being a mom days + a whole lot of love + real + crazy motherhood days…..”

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to continue with my motherhood component… trying to figure out if monthly updates are the best way to go…. or if I should switch it up to quarterly…. or post as interest/questions arise. And while I don’t have a definitive answer for how to continue, I do know that the format will change slightly. In the past I’ve focused a lot on Harper…. Harper’s likes, sleeping, eating, etc… and while I think that’s helpful, it’s also not something that changes as frequently as it used to (I don’t want to get repetitive….). So, today, I might focus a little more on the “motherhood” side of things… and briefly touch on the components that I have always touched upon…..

(My Tunic, Harper’s Sweatshirt)

General Thoughts: Hands down, the quote above encompasses all of my thoughts and feelings from the past month. We had great days…. days when I felt I was doing everything right… and challenging days… times when I felt like I wasn’t doing anything right…. and nights when TJ and I looked at each other and asked “What are we doing wrong???” Yet, I think that’s the journey of parenthood…. it’s filled with ups and downs… times when you feel like you’re on a roll… and times when you feel like you’re hitting a roadblock at every turn…. and accepting that allows us to give ourselves, as moms… as parents… more grace.

I know I’m not a perfect parent… and I know that I will never be a perfect parent…. it’s just not possible. There are times I snap, when I’m not as present as I should be… and times where I give in out of fatigue. Yet the beauty of it is, that in my “failure” moments, I’m also able to teach Harper a lesson. That it’s ok to make mistakes… to take ownership of them and apologize… and that life doesn’t have to be perfect…..

One thing I do believe that makes the journey a little easier is self-care. As moms we must take care of ourselves. I touched on that briefly in my last Weekend Recap, but when we don’t, we can’t possibly take care of others. And sometimes self care isn’t about getting our nails done, or treating ourselves to a coffee. Sometimes it’s about saying “no” to something  we know we can’t possibly juggle (and no feeling guilty about it)…. or taking an extra 10 minutes to yourself in the morning so you can read your morning devotional…. or do some meditation…. self care is really knowing what we need to fill our own buckets. For me, it’s having time to myself. I need it…. it’s why I wake up so early to get my workouts in and organize myself for the day ahead. It’s also connecting with friends and loved ones outside of our parenting roles. I grabbed coffee with a girlfriend yesterday (without kiddos) and it felt so good to be together outside of our roles as moms. We sat, for two hours, uninterrupted… and when I came home to Harper I was in a much more present space.

And while I sit here and type all of this, tomorrow could be one of “those days….” and I’ll simply pause and ask God to grant me the patience I need to make it through the day….. and remember that it’s Friday… wine time!

(My Jacket (on sale), Henley, Jeans, Slides (on sale), Harper’s Tee, Harper’s Jacket, Harper’s Sandals)

Sleeping: Last month I chatted about having (or going through) the 2 year sleep regression…. yet, we appear to have fallen back into rhythm. Thank. Goodness. On my radar in this area is transitioning to a big girl bed. I fall somewhere between slightly terrified + completely confident she’ll be able to handle it with regards to the transition. I’m going to hold off here as long as possible…..

Eating: I’ve been asked a few questions about some of Harper’s favorite meals so I thought I would list them below (and while I’m listing these, please note that she currently likes these foods… she could wake up tomorrow and hate them all…..):

Waffles + Blueberries for breakfast
Oatmeal with bananas
Eggs, bacon, and blueberries
Quesadilla (using these tortillas), bell pepper, and avocado (although she all of a sudden doesn’t like that anymore…)
Brown rice, Trader Joe’s lentils, mixed veggies with some melted cheese
Chicken Fingers (available at Sprouts’), grapes, and cottage cheese
Hilary’s Eat Well Bites, siggi’s yogurt, and raspberries
Macaroni and Cheese
Snacks: Purely Elizabeth granola, Annie’s crackers, apple slices, bell pepper slices, dried cranberries, banana chips, cheerios…….

(Cardigan, Tee, Jeans, Harper’s Tee, Harper’s Jeans, Harper’s Shoes, Harper’s Vest)

Limit Setting + Consequences: I added this segment last month, and couldn’t decide if I should continue with it or not, since there are so many different ways to limit set and provide consequences. Yet, I figured I’d continue with it….

I’ve always loved Erik Erickson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development and keep it in my mind in most of my interactions with Harper… including my limit setting and consequences…. That being said, I try to follow up “bad choices” with logical consequences….. she dumps the dog’s food all over the floor, I have her clean it up (instead of moving on to play with blocks, which she would much rather prefer). When she is engaging in a behavior that I don’t like, I tell her what I would like to see (i.e. “We don’t jump on the couch, we sit on our bottoms. If you continue to jump, I’m going to take you off the couch.”). That way, she’s in charge of the choice she makes… and in turn, the consequence she will receive (good or bad).

I also highly recommend the book The Whole Brain Child, which does an excellent job of explaining the meltdowns of a child in a practical way…. it’s a book I used with families all the time… and it helps me to understand Harper a little better (although, that doesn’t mean it makes anything easier…….). The tools within the book really help teach us, as parents, how to connect the emotional experiences of our kiddos, with what is logically going on (I am simplifying it…. but that’s the general concept) which helps to create emotionally healthy children.

(Joggers, Tunic, Jacket, Sneakers, Harper’s Tee, Harper’s Jacket)

Products: Little miss’ hair is so curly, so I’ve been using this conditioner and I’m loving it. Leaves her hair tangle free and so soft. I’m also thinking about getting her this little bike to take to the park and on our walks…. Annnd, a few spring clothing items I’m loving for her right now include these adorable stripe culotte pants, gingham dress, blush moto jacket, drawstring chambray shorts, and this blush hoodie.


Everyday Dressing || Spring Sweaters

So, Tj was gone at the beginning of this week… meaning I flew solo…. and while there weren’t any major incidents like the last time (remember the lip and head accident???) it’s always nice to have a partner to do the parenthood thing with…. and little miss didn’t let him rest long…. she asserted her independence at the park and pretty much insisted on walking Captain the entire way home #PickYourBattles….

All that to say, I haven’t put on make-up, washed my hair, or really worn anything other than leggings and an oversized sweatshirt in two days…. so, I guess you could say I’m currently craving an outing…. something pulled together… and some “me time….” Which, is exactly what I’ll be getting this afternoon when I actually put on make-up, do my hair, toss on these jeans, and head out the door for an afternoon catch up with my girlfriend…. no kiddos = uninterrupted conversation!

I picked up this super soft, faux wrap sweater last weekend on a trip to the mall with the family. The drapey fit had me sold the minute I tossed it on (no time to try on at the store, it was an at home try on session for this momma)… and I fully plan on maximizing its wear throughout the transitional months by pairing it with these adorable ruffle shorts , denim shorts, or ruffled denim skirt (I’m obsessed with this one… it’s currently on my wish-list). It would also easily layer underneath my favorite utility jacket or pair perfectly with these joggers for an off duty, super casual feel.  Dressed up, or down, it’s a great Spring closet staple!

A few other favorite spring sweaters include this super soft cardigan, waffle knit pullover, crochet sweater, and this cute lace-up option.

(Outfit Details || Sweater (also comes in a rose color) | Jeans (here, and an identical option here) | Mules (other great colors) | Sunglasses | Long Necklace | Cross Cuff | Ball Cuff | Beaded Bracelet | Purse)


Wellness Wednesday || Running Essentials + Half Marathon Training

In high school, running wasn’t my thing. I was lucky if I could get through a mile without cramping up, or needing to walk. In college, I did a little bit better… I’d run a mile, walk a little, and pick it up again… and in grad school, 3-4 miles was my max. It wasn’t really until right before our wedding (8 years ago….), that I upped my running game, and decided to start training for a half marathon. I scoured the internet for half marathon training guides, and followed them diligently. I invested in new gear, committed myself to a long runs on the weekend, and made new playlists like it was my job…. I signed up for the San Diego Rock n’ Roll half marathon and I was hooked…

I’d always loved running, but during that period of time, training my body towards a goal, I found something else in the process. Running, for me, became a time when I could clear my head, think things through, and push myself. Over the years, my passion for running has remained, and I love when I hit my runners stride… it’s as if everything is in sync and it feels so good….

I ran during my pregnancy with little miss… up until the day I gave birth (obviously at a much slower pace, and shorter distances), and since having her, I’ve had the goal of running another half. Yet, I haven’t quite gotten there, for various reasons. So, I randomly decided one morning, in the middle of my run, that I was going to push myself a little further…. just an extra mile. And there it was, that adrenaline rush all over again. The feeling of pushing yourself a little further than you thought you could go. After my run, I came in and told TJ that I was committed. I was going to train for a half and just do it…..

I’ve been sharing the journey over on instagram and have received a lot of questions about running in general….. and while I’m no expert by any means, I thought I would share a few of the answers here, just in case you’re looking to pick up running, or wanting to train for a race yourself…. which, if you think you can’t, you most definitely can!

1. What do you eat before your runs? I always run first thing in the morning, right when I wake up, so I have a 100 calorie perfect bar. It’s enough to sustain me through my run. On race day, I typically have some oatmeal and a banana. It’s mainly carb based which means it will burn slower and give me energy throughout the run.

2. How did you work up to increasing your mileage? When I first started running, I would run 5 minutes and walk a few minutes…. and repeat that cycle for a pre-set amount of time (say 30 minutes). Yet, when I started to train for the half marathon, I followed this training guide that I put together based on my fitness level and interests. It combined strength, cross training, and run days (I created it by picking and choosing elements I liked from various guides).

3. What pace do you run and how did you increase speed? I generally run between an 8:45-9 minute mile… it all depends on the day. When I first started I was running a 10 minute mile. I found that the most effective way, for me, to decrease my time was by incorporating HIIT + sprints into my workout. I follow treadmill workouts such as this one to increase my endurance. When I started doing speed work, I noticed a drastic decrease in my pace.

4. What shoes do you wear? I’ve always been a Nike girl for my running shoes. I’ve tried all the other brands out there, and have had to return them. They just don’t work for me. When I decided to start increasing my mileage, I bought this pair and have loved them. They’re great for distance runs, super comfortable, and provide just the right amount of support. They also didn’t require a “breaking in” period.

5. It’s so cold! What do you wear? Southern CA hasn’t been hit with super cold weather this winter, so I’ve gotten away with 50 degree morning runs. That being said, when it was in the low 40’s on a few mornings, I wore a down vest, long leggings, pullover, and tank. With the mornings being a little warmer, I wear a cropped pair of leggings (this pair is also a favorite that I own in gray and blush), a lightweight long sleeve tee, and my go-to sports bra. I also bought some new, lightweight socks which feel super good in my shoes (I know that sounds weird, but super thick socks make my feet feel really constricted)… and you can’t beat the motivational saying (photo at end of the post).

6. What do you use to track your runs? I use Nike Run Club to track my mileage and pace, and I wear this watch to track my steps (I love seeing how many steps I take…. and I find the iPhone to be slightly off).

7. Where do you run? I do my sprints on a treadmill where I have more control over my speed, and my longer runs outside… and I just run around my neighborhood.

A few fitness items that I have my eye on for race day include this lightweight tank to wear under the pullover…. and these shorts (or this pair) or possibly these running tights in the rose quartz color.. (depends on what the weather will be on the morning of).

(Outfit Details || Top | Leggings | Socks | Shoes)


Wardrobe Remix || Favorite Body-Con + Chunky Cardigan

I was recently looking through old photos, specifically, the last trip TJ and I took to Europe, right before I found out I was pregnant with Harper. I remember so much from that trip….wine, good food, awesome memories…. but I also vividly recall lugging around a 60 pound suitcase across 3 countries. Yes, it was ridiculous. Mainly because I ended up wearing a few items, mixed and matched, over and over again for two weeks. I saw my favorite blush fedora, black stripe turtleneck, black skinny jeans, flared jeans, trench coat, and black silk button-up repurposed in almost every photo.

 I recently started a hashtag on instagram called #IBIremix. I think it’s so important to be able to wear items in your closet multiple ways… what’s the point of owning it if it only has one purpose (except for those “special items….”). That being said, enter today’s outfit. It’s a super basic transitional look (since CA has decided to skip winter all together….) wearing my all time favorite body-con dress + cozy cardigan that I’ve worn so many times over the past couple of months (shared it in my “favorites” post). It’s a super basic look, perfect for a brunch, lunch with friends, or an afternoon spent shopping (probably not so appropriate for a toddler play date….). You can wear the dress with a denim jacket (styled here), suede jacket, over the knee boots, booties, a utility vest, or solo on a warm summer day. The cardigan easily pairs with jeans, denim shorts, a dress, and lounging around the house….

When your wardrobe mainly consists of items that mix + match, you ultimately double it without having to purchase more!

(Outfit Details || Dress (comes in several colors, also own in gray) | Cardigan | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Necklace | Beaded Bracelet | Cuff Bracelet | Bag)


Weekend Recap || Self Love

I posted a photo on instagram yesterday, asking people what they were planning on doing to show themselves some self love this week… and the answers were amazing! So many people talked about taking a long bath…. others mentioned a favorite workout… lunch with a girlfriend…. getting their hair done… a couple minutes of meditation with a book…. and someone else wrote sleeping in until they woke up on their own (without an alarm). What I loved most about all the responses is that they were unique to each individual. Even if someone said a bath, some mentioned having candles… others a glass of wine… or some mellow music.

 And while I asked the question, it was a reminder to schedule in some “me” time as we embark upon the week ahead. When I worked with moms in a therapeutic capacity, I emphasized “self love” more than anything else. So often, they were worn out + stressed…. not giving themselves any “love.” As they began to recognize the importance of doing so, they realized that in order to be the mom, wife, friend, etc that they wanted got be, they had to start with themselves. For me, giving myself some love often results in a more present, happier, and rejuvenated wife, mom, and friend. So, here’s to finding time for you this week friends! xx

(Weekend libations….)

(Basic stripes for a casual Friday…..)

(Happy hour ready… tank, cardigan, jeans)

(Sunday morning reinforcements…)

(Sunday slows with a walk for coffee….. tank, joggers, and cardigan)

(Pizza + rosé… nothing better…. slippers)

(BAE…. sweatshirt)

(Nacho noshing friendly outfit for the Super Bowl…. joggers, top, slides)

I set my a goal, at the beginning of last week, to run 8 miles on Friday. I accomplished it, and am now hoping to get a 9 mile run in this week. I wore these new running shoes, and they were super comfortable for the run

 We went to the mall this past weekend and I picked up a few cute pieces for spring…. like this stripe v-neck top (love the soft material), wrap sweater, blush and white ruffle top, and this blush sweatshirt (good for post workouts). I also saw this adorable button front cami and stripe button-up top, which would be excellent basics. I also love this cute basic off the shoulder top in black (comes in lots of colors though).

We’re going to Palm Springs in a few weeks, and I am obsessed with this gorgeous rose colored maxi dress… perfect to transition from pool to happy hour. I also love this stripe tunic dress and lace inset top (would look super cute with jeans).

BB Dakota has the cutest spring pieces (love their on trend items, at good price points)…. like this floral one shoulder top (which I bought for Palm Springs), stripe long sleeve top, gingham tank, and this lightweight jacket.

And, Eberjey pajamas have been my fav lately… including this stripe pair.

Annnd, I wanted to share a few budget friendly pieces… like these adorable gingham slides, light wash denim with raw hem (thanks to a reader who alerted me to them), and this “Love You” graphic sweatshirt.


Favorite Products January || Food, Beauty, Fashion….

Happy Friday friends! We made it another week… and it’s hard to believe that we’re in February. With that being said, I’m sharing some of my favorite products from January. I stuck pretty closely to my tried and true foods, so hoping to experiment in that category a little more this coming month…. yet, I tried a lot of new beauty products that I’m really loving and think you will too! And, of course, my go-to fashion favs from the month. Mostly comfy options that can easily be worn lounging or out and about…..

I hope you all have a great weekend! TJ and I are heading out for a little spin date Saturday morning, and then watching the Super Bowl on Sunday…. I get oddly excited for this strange “holiday…” maybe it’s the nachos that I love making, and eating….. Either way, I hope you all have a good one!!


1. Kitchfix Waffles: I picked up these grain free/dairy free waffles from Sprout’s a couple of weeks ago, and they’re so good. I originally bought them for little miss, as a quick breakfast option, but both TJ and I have enjoyed them on an occasion or two. Simply toss them in the toaster, top with some honey or nut butter and fruit, and you have a tasty, sweet, breakfast! We have the Banana Cinnamon flavor.

2. One Hope Hummus: This stuff is so good. Tastes super fresh and authentic and I’ve been loving spreading it on my lunch wraps, or dipping bell peppers and carrots into it as an afternoon snack. I get mine at Whole Foods.


1. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play: I was looking for a product to give my hair some good volume and texture when doing a half-up hair do…. and I had heard good things about this product, so I picked it up. I’m loving the volume and texture it gives my hair when doing a half-up look…. really does the trick. A little goes a long way too!

2. ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray: Again, I was looking for something to give my hair a tousled look, and have had tons of success with Oribe products. When I saw they had a texturizing spray, I decided to give it a try. I’ve used it several times. It smells amazing, and adds a lightweight tousled look to my curls.

3. REALHER Do Your Squats Shadow Palette: I received this palette in my FabFitFun box and fell in love instantly… and have used it everyday since. I love the neutral shades, perfect for everyday, or can easily turn into an evening look as well. The entire line is natural, vegan, and cruelty free, and 20% of proceeds go to organizations that seek to empower women.

4. Sea Salt Body Butter: I was looking for a new body lotion when I was introduced to this line. It’s made from almond butter and has kept my skin feeling moisturized throughout this winter season. I’m not a huge fan of scented products, but this one is subtle and reminds me of being at the beach. It’s free from parabens, mineral oils, and phthalates.

5. Kate Sommerville Intensive Exfoliating Treatment:  So, when I received this in my FabFitFun box I wasn’t even sure if I was going to use it, since I love my TULA exfoliating mask so much. Then, when I ran out of TULA, I remembered that I had this and decided to give it a try (I didn’t even realize how expensive it was until I sat down to write this post…. makes the box so worth it at $50). Anyway, the first time I tried it I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. Yet, after about four usages, I had a few people ask me if I had gotten botox (no, but I’ll happily take the compliment…). I now regularly mix it in with my TULA exfoliating mask. My skin is for sure brighter, and my skin appearance is more supple.

6. TULA Kefir Moisturizer: I first used this moisturizer several months back, but stopped for a little while. I recently started using it again, I’d say in the past month, and have fallen in love with it. It has a velvety feel to it, and I love how intensely it moisturizes my skin. 20% off with code SHANNON.


1. APL Sneakers: So, remember that girlfriend I mentioned in yesterday’s post? Well, same one here had these kicks on NYE… I tried them on and fell in love. I wouldn’t say they’re good for running, but they’re great for cross training (I do HIIT, stairs, and walk in them on the regular). Annnnd, I mean, the color is pretty perfect.

2. Super Soft Cardigan: (featured above) I snagged this right before Christmas and have seriously worn it so many times. It’s a great neutral color, and not itchy at all. I can easily wear it lounging around the house, out and about for errands, or for a day of wine tasting.

3. Eyelet Blouse: When I saw this top, I knew it would be perfect for spring (top styled here). The ruffle details and eyelet material make it super feminine, and it goes with anything… also fits my criteria of being able to be dressed up or down. I plan on wearing it with denim shorts, distressed jeans, and this cute skirt.

4. Stripe Tee: A staple I look for every time around this year, and this little one is perfect. It’s super basic, which means it’s perfect for everyday living. I love wearing it with my light washed jeans (found more sizes available)… or these distressed ones.

5. Pearl Lounge Pants I wasn’t sure if I was going to like these when I initially bought them, but they’re SO soft, and the pearls don’t get in the way at all. I’ve worn them lounging sipping vino, but also with kicks + a basic henley to run errands.

6. Moto Leggings: These are a great workout-errands/all day living item. I bought my in the gravel color and have been obsessed with them every since I got them. I wore them out for a run on Saturday morning, then tossed on the APL sneakers above, and this pullover and headed out for some quick errands and breakfast with the fam. The moto detailing makes them perfect to dress up easily… denim jacket, white tee (front tucked), and some white street kicks and you’re good to go for the day.

7. Henley Top: great option for those transitional temperatures (if where you are living is allowing for that right now). It’s 3/4 sleeves, and lightweight, so it easily layers under a jacket… or can easily be worn solo with jeans and/or shorts. I love the tassel ties, which means you can either wear the neckline open or tie, creating two different looks.

8. Thermal Henley: Snagged this right before Christmas and for sure wear it at least once a week. I love the swing nature of the body, but how to arms are fitted… it’s a feminine silhouette, but the material and henley style makes it everyday perfect. I wear it with joggers, jeans, shorts, lounging around the house, and layered under jackets.

9. Longline Cardigan: Another great option for spring… especially in the blush color (my fav, styled here). I love pairing it with jeans, a tee, and my favorite accessories…. but you could easily dress it up with booties, and a silky tank (don’t forget the jewelry). In CA, it’s heavy enough to be a layer on it’s own (with a tank underneath), but when it was cold, for like two weeks, I wore it with a long sleeve henley underneath.

10. Lounging Joggers:I know, I know, I mentioned a pair of joggers above, but I had to include these. I have them in two colors, and I sleep in them nightly. Yet, I’ve also been known to wear the darker color out to breakfast (I did on vacation…. #VacationLife). They fit like a dream and are super comfortable at a great price point.

11. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: I have lost two pairs of aviators this year. Both sipping wine by a fire pit….. All that to say, my parent’s gave me this pair of sunnies for my birthday and I’m obsessed with them. I love the round frames (a slight throwback) and the tortoiseshell coloring.


Everyday Dressing || DIY Raw Hem Tutorial + The Best Light Wash Denim

About a year ago, one of my best girlfriends and I headed up to LA for a night away. Just the two of us. No schedules. We started the morning with a spin class, followed by a mimosa brunch, and then headed out for a little shopping. Top on her list was a pair of high waisted, light wash, denim jeans for the spring season. I had just purchased this pair (that I’m still obsessed with), so I was more of an onlooker in her quest to find the perfect pair. Yet, this season, I joined her… and went on the search for a hug in alllll the right places light wash denim. Since I’d had success with Levi’s jeans in the past (two of my favorites are from them, they fit like a glove), I decided to give this pair a chance. From the moment I put them on, I was sold. They have a slight stretch, are high waisted, and hug in the perfect spots. Oh, and they have no distressing to them… I mean, who have I become??…..

But, in an attempt not to disappoint you, I’ve added my own touch of distressing by cutting the hem…. like I do with all my jeans, since I’m so short. I recently had a request on how to create the look, so you can find a short, and very simple, DIY tutorial for creating the raw hem on any of your jeans below in the video…..

I love pairing this pair with a cute mule, like these super comfortable white ones. I recently purchased this adorable blush pair and can’t wait to see how they look together (Jeffrey Campbell has some super cute mules for Spring….)…..

In that light, I guess I can successfully cross off light wash denim + cute mules on my spring list!

(Outfit Details || Jeans + more sizes here (I bought my regular size, there is some slight stretch to them) | Top (comes in several color options) | Mules | Sunglasses | Crescent Necklace | Evil Eye Necklace | Beaded Bracelet | Cuff)


Wellness Wednesday || 5 Day Nutritious + Delicious Meal Plan

We’ve been mixing in a few new dishes into our regular rotation lately…. and we’ve been loving the variation! I’ve been getting a few questions as to what I shop for on a regular basis and tips for eating healthy when you’re a busy body. You can find my shopping list and meal prep here… I hope it helps! I really believe that when we fuel our bodies with clean, and healthy foods, our entire body benefits… everything from how you feel to how you think… and your confidence. So, hopefully these meals below can give a little inspiration to your weeknight dishes!
** As always, this is in no way intended to be a weight loss plan**


Breakfast: Egg Scramble- 2 eggs + 1/2 cup egg whites, scrambled. Tossed together with some salsa verde (fav from Trader Joe’s), arugula, and 1/4 avocado with Tone It Up Mocktail (8 oz water, 1/2 juice of a lemon, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, + dash cayenne pepper)
Snack: 100 calorie Perfect Bar, Healthade Kombucha
Lunch: Super Salad- 3 shredded turkey slices, bowl full of arugula + spinach, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, edamame, and some Primal Kitchen honey mustard dressing.
Snack: Carrots + One Hope Hummus, 1/4 cup almonds
Dinner: Cauliflower Crust Pizza (crust from Trader Joe’s)- spread olive oil on crust, top with sautéed brussels sprouts, canadian bacon, Kite Hill ricotta cheese + topped with arugula + homemade balsamic glaze when finished cooking.
Dessert: Bowl of berries + nighttime tea


Breakfast: Leftover piece of pizza from Monday night with a runny egg, Tone It Up Mocktail
Snack: 100 calorie Perfect Bar, Healthade Kombucha
Lunch: Same salad as Monday, instead of turkey I used SafeCatch Tuna
Snack: 1 apple, sliced, with almond butter and cinnamon
Dinner: (shown above) Zucchini Noodles with red lentil pasta and turkey meatballs. Sautéed the zucchini noodles in a little bit of ghee and garlic for about 5 minutes (just until they were heated through). Meatballs made with some oregano, salt, pepper…. cooked on the stove top. Tossed cooked red lentil pasta with the zucchini noodles, and topped with meatballs and Sonoma Gourmet marinara sauce.
Dessert: Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Granola


Breakfast: Same as Monday
Snack: 1/2 banana with almond butter
Lunch: Veggie Wrap- 1 siete tortilla with One Hope Hummus spread across…. tossed in 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s lentils, 3-4 Hilary’s Eat Well bites, shredded carrots, arugula, and 1/4 avocado.
Snack: Chocolate Smoothie (It’s been so hot here, it’s so refreshing!)
Dinner: Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Dessert: Bowl of berries + nighttime tea


Breakfast: Protein Waffles (I used Vital Collagen Peptides, the blue canister)
Snack: Hard Boiled Egg, Healthade Kombucha
Lunch: Shredded chicken tossed in a bowl with lentils, 1/2 cup quinoa, roasted brussels sprouts (prepared ahead of time), spinach salad mix, and Primal Kitchen green goddess dressing.
Snack: Naturally Clean Eats bar (these are my favs!)
Dinner: Turmeric Salmon with risotto cauliflower rice + asparagus- I used 1/2 juice of a lemon and drizzled it on the salmon, then sprinkled on 1 tsp of turmeric and pink sea salt. Baked in oven for 18 minutes at 400°. Broiled asparagus and sprayed with a little bit of Chosen Foods Avocado Spray. For the cauliflower rice, I sautéed some onions and avocado oil, and tossed in the rice. I then poured in 1-2 cups of vegetable broth (start with the smaller amount), and allowed it to simmer together, while the cauliflower rice absorbed the liquid. When liquid was absorbed, and rice was tender, I sprinkled with some dill.
Dessert: Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Granola


Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito- 1 siete tortilla with 1/4 an avocado spread over it, 1 egg + 1/2 cup egg whites scrambled, salsa verde, pico de gallo, and arugula. Tone It Up morning mocktail
Snack: Apple slices with cinnamon + Healthade Kombucha
Lunch: Ate out- ordered seared albacore tuna, kelp salad, and roasted beets/carrot salad…..
Snack: Naturally Clean Eats bar
Dinner: Lentil Soup
Dessert: Wine… some granola too!

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Everyday Dressing || Defining Your Style

I received this question, about two weeks ago….

“Have you ever done a post on how you paired down your clothes to fit your particular style? I have never seen your closet, but I love how all of your clothing seems to follow a particular scheme (in color and style). You favor the same type of look, over and over again, switching up the details a bit. I love how it always looks like “you.” And I’d love to know how you came to your own “style” and how you resist all the other pretty things out there!”

I touched on it in Friday’s Q+A post, but realize that I didn’t fully answer the question. Along with most of my life, my wardrobe drastically shifted when I became pregnant and had little miss. When I was dressing for an ever growing bump, I have to become much more strategic about what I was wearing. I didn’t want to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, that I wouldn’t wear in a couple of months, so I began to shift more towards neutrals, basics, and accessorizing for my daily looks. A basic bodycon dress layered under a utility vest (both items I could wear post pregnancy), or an oversized sweater and leggings for the cooler months…. I learned to repurpose my items, and grew to look at each new piece of clothing differently…. and to ask myself the same basic questions…..

Can I dress it up and down with a few basic accessory swaps?
Can I wear it with several pieces, that I already own, in my closet?
Does the cost per wear match the item? 
(essentially, am I splurging on a super trendy item that I’ll get one season’s worth of wear out of??… or is it a bag, pair of shoes, or denim that I’ll wear over the years….??)

Then, when little miss arrived, getting dressed in a hurry, and being practical and comfortable became necessary. So, when I purged my closet a few months after she was born, I gave away the clothing that didn’t fit the “wear several times” category, and built up from there. I found myself gravitating towards neutral colors, with a casual feel to them…. and knew that if my wardrobe consisted mainly of those pieces, I’d be able to easily weave in “pretty” items… such as a fun red top, glitter kicks, pom pom espadrilles, and a fun graphic print sweatshirt….

I also began to really hone in on what I felt most comfortable wearing… I’ve always been a jeans and a tee kinda gal, so naturally this because the base to work from….. and I invested in some simple accessories, like my favorite pieces of gold jewelry that I can layer with almost anything to “dress” it up a little…. and try to avoid trends that just don’t “feel” like me….

Piece that can get me from point A to B, effortlessly, on a daily basis fill my closet…. and all these pieces featured in today’s post do just that. They fit the 3 questions I always ask myself, and I have already worn each of them multiple ways. The jacket (styled for work) is super cute layered over a ruffled bodysuit with my fav cut-offs… and the tee pairs perfectly with jeans or shorts… under a cardigan or solo. And, of course, I’m wearing my gold accessories that I pretty much wear on the daily…..

So, I guess in a nutshell, I was going for when I purged my closet a couple of years ago, was a laid back, casual, style.

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