My 4 Essentials For A Fun Girl’s Night Out

Title: My 4 Essentials For A Fun Girl’s Night Out

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a few other moms, and the topic of what we missed of our “pre-baby lives” was broached. I didn’t even need to think about what the answer was for me, as it’s something I have struggled with since becoming a mom. My answer was that I missed the ease with which I could get together with my girlfriends. Before motherhood I was able to easily set up a get together with my gals weekly…. a quick happy hour, a Saturday morning hike, afternoon shopping together, or a couple’s brunch. Now, it’s not as easy. I’ve been trying to plan an overnight getaway with my girlfriend’s from graduate school for 2 months… getting a date on the calendar has proven difficult due to conflicting schedules….

All that to say, when I do get a night out with my favorite gals, I pull out all the stops. Fancy libations, good food, and of course, a killer outfit. Over the years of bachelorette parties, weekends away, wedding weekends, and casual nights out, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are four essentials to a fun girl’s night out!

  1. A Fabulous Outfit:  Probably my favorite part of any girl’s night. I like to pull out the high heels, a fun top, and my favorite “hug you in all the right places” jeans. Yet, in order to feel my best in the clothes I toss on, I know that what I wear underneath them is just as important. I’ve always known that, which is why I always invested in quality undergarments for every “stage” of my body. When I got pregnant, I invested. When I was nursing, I invested. When I finished nursing, and was left with pretty much nothing (not that there was much to begin with…), I treated myself to the prettiest little bralette I’d had my eye on for a few months. All that to say, what I wear underneath impacts the feel and look of what I toss on over them.

When looking for a great undergarment I have a few criteria. First, I go off how it looks. Is it neutral, slightly different (a touch of lace, intricate detailing on the back, etc.), and “age appropriate?” (sorry, I just don’t need to same bra as my grandma needs… sorry grandma!). Then, of course, does it fit well and feel good? No bulging, no hangover from excess skin, can I easily move around (possibly dance the night away…) in it? Then, how does it look under clothing? Are there visible lines? Does it create a bulge anywhere? Annnd, in all honesty, I haven’t used that criteria in over a year… that’s how long it’s been since a purchased a new bra……

So, when it came time to look for a new one I decided to try out b.tempt’d lingerie. It’s a facet of Wacoal, a brand that is synonymous with quality, so I knew I would be getting a well-made bra. I had a large selection of lace bralettes, t-shirt bras, sport bras, and push-ups (I could sure use a little push in that department…) to choose from. I ended up opting for the front close wire bralette (which I’m wearing in these photos) and the spectator t-shirt underwire bra (because, we all need a well fitting bra to go under our basic tees and sweaters….) and couldn’t be happier with either. Versatile for everyday use and perfect to glam up any girl’s night outing. I particularly love the detailing of this bralette, especially when paired underneath a sheer black top…. it’s edgy and sophisticated at the same time (I also love the matching underwear… super comfortable too).

  1. Some Good Music: Always a key ingredient in getting excited for the evening. In my college days, we rocked out to old 80’s classics (“Don’t Stop Believing” comes readily to mind…), and now I like a little combination of everything. There is just something about a good song that can get you in the mood for anything. 
  2. A Festive Libation: While this isn’t necessary, it’s certainly fun. My girlfriends and I prefer something light… say, a glass of rosé or a fun glass of bubbly (or Martinelli’s if you don’t drink… that’s what I did when I was pregnant….). Just a little something to kick off the evening. 
  3. A Plan:Our days of “winging” an evening are long gone. Every minute counts, so we put together a fun plan to maximize the time together. It can be anything from dinner and drinks at a fun + trendy spot… or an evening of cocktails and dancing. Either way though, when you have your best girls by your side, you’re bound to have a great time and make lasting memories…..

(Outfit Details || Top | Jeans | Shoes | Robe | Bra)


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Fall Style || Faux Leather Leggings, Casual Style

About two years ago, when I was a new, sleep deprived mom….. not knowing if I was putting my pants on backwards or forwards… I decided that I needed to find ways to easily “glam up” my relatively basic outfits, without compromising on practicality or comfort. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear, and I needed simple pieces, that were easy to mix and match. That’s when I stumbled across these faux leather leggings. I wavered for a bit… not certain if I felt like squeezing my postpartum body into leather leggings (when I was eight months pregnant, and still trying to fit in my leather leggings, I slit the crotch… so, maybe I was having some slight PTSD…..). Yet, knowing that the best way to conquer any fear is to face it head on, I hit the purchase button on the $30 pair of leather leggings, and waited….

When they arrived, I proceeded with caution (not wanting to repeat my preggo legging fiasco) and was pleasantly surprised. They fit like a dream. They were high waisted and hugged that soft area nicely…. I assumed they’d be a one season wear and that I would purchase another pair the next year. Not so. Here we are, going on season three with these babies. Best $30 Nordstrom purchase I’ve made. Hands down.

So, when I was asked how to style faux leather leggings, both casually and in a more dressed up way, I jumped on the opportunity. I love wearing these leggings for pretty much anything. When I want to wear something other than my tried and true leggings, this is the pair I turn to. Dress them down with comfy kicks, a cozy jacket (hello my new favorite jacket for fall and winter….), and basic white tee… and up with a pair of OTK boots, button up, bell sleeved plaid top, and a suede jacket (#Smokin’). And, if you’re looking for a few other faux leather leggings options, Nordstrom has such a great selection, at varying price points. I know that this pair is supposed to be amazing too….

I’ll be styling them in a dressy way soon!

(Outfit Details || Jacket (comes in 3 colors) also LOVE this one (almost identical) | Leggings (under $30, fit great) | Tee (6 colors, so soft) | Shoes | Sunglasses | Crescent Necklace (similar) | Bag)

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Couple’s Style || 5 Date Night Ideas + What To Wear

TJ and I have always been fans of “date nights…” ever since we started dating. In college, we’d head out for a mid week Taco Tuesday at our favorite spot in San Diego (World Famous) and pick a weekend evening to grab a bite to eat before meeting up with friends later in the evening. When we became actual adults, date nights became a little more refined, and after becoming parents we’ve had to get creative. They’ve changed over the years,but have kept the same meaning: an opportunity to connect and have some fun together (because, isn’t that the crux of any relationship??)…

I can still recall what TJ and I wore on our first date together. I wore a pair of distressed jeans (surprise), a black silk button-up top, some gold accessories, and a cute blush heel. TJ showed up in a pair of jeans, a classic button-up, and a pair of loafers. Obviously, not much has changed with our style since then…. we still love a good jean to take us through our date nights. Yet, a few weeks ago, TJ decided he wanted to refresh his “date night” pieces so we headed to Nordstrom men’s department to pick up some items (he loves their selection). He ended up opting for this ribbed henley + half zip pullover. Both pieces he can easily dress up and down, depending on the occassion (he also loves this half zip fleece, stripe henley, and this thermal henley).

After that, we just needed to decide what we wanted to do. As we sat there thinking about what sounded fun, we realized that we typically choose one of five date options depending on our mood. So, today, I decided to share them with you… and I’d love to know your favorite date ideas with your special someone…..

1. The Obvious: Dinner + Cocktails. Choose your favorite spot and get dolled up for an evening out. TJ and I typically have a few favorite spots we rotate between and each require the same attire. We’re typically a “jeans and a nice top” type couple…. nothing too fancy, but nice enough to bust out some of our “nicer” not “everyday” pieces. For TJ that includes these new suede shoes he received as a birthday gift, and for me these OTK boots (which were an investment made several years ago). A few other “nicer” items that TJ will pull out include these perforated sneakers and sports coat (which he also wears to work meetings).

2. Themed Dinner At Home: Pick a cuisine (we typically choose Mexican…) and make the accompanying dish and cocktails. It’s a more relaxed option when you’re looking to lay low, and doesn’t cost much at all. When we’re having one of those evenings, we opt for loungewear like cozy joggers and a soft tee.

3. Day Date: Work It Out: We chatted a little about that in this post, but picking an athletic challenge, and accomplishing it together, is a pretty great feeling.

4. The Ambitious Date: Overnight: This was a little easier before little miss arrived, but nevertheless, they’re one of my favorites. TJ and I used to drive to Vegas or Santa Barbara for a day/evening away. We always thought it was the perfect day…. a little day date and dinner + cocktails… kind of like a two-for-one. Simply toss a few items into this weekender bag and the guy in your life will be ready for anything.

5. The Lazy Date: Movie Marathon: These are typically reserved for those chilly fall and winter days…. make some soup in the crockpot, get a bottle of vino, toss on comfy his + her slippers, and pick your movies. For us, this happens during little miss’ nap time and after she goes to bed… but if you’re kiddo-less I say go lazy the entire day.

(Outfit Details || TJ’s Thermal Top | TJ’s Pullover | TJ’s Jeans | TJ’s Shoes | TJ’s Sunglasses | My Pullover (wearing S, comes in beige too) | My Jeans | My Boots (less expensive option) | My Sunglasses)

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Fall Trends || Top 11 Clothing Items For Fall (Mix + Match Them), Under $100

With each new season, I have the propensity to go a little wild, filling my closet with new pieces… perfect for various occasions (pumpkin patch…. cool weather vacation…. lounging watching football….). Yet, when it all boils down to it, I find that I reach for the same types of items over and over again… and this fall season isn’t any different. With a few smart purchases, you can easily mix and match all your items throughout the fall season… and transition them into the much cooler temps of the winter. For the biggest selection of fall items, I always start at Nordstrom…. they carry some of my favorite brands (like Madewell + Free People) for cozy fall pieces. Today I listed out the eleven items to have in your closet this fall (you can see my top 5 tops for fall + I’ll be sharing the top 5 shoes for fall next week….), all versatile, and all (with the exception of few items) under $100…

1. Lightweight Pullover: Since layering is key during the fall, a lightweight pullover becomes an everyday pieces for me. It easily layers under jackets, over tanks, and can be dressed up or down depending on the bottoms you wear. My favorite is this ribbed one… it comes in several color options (I also bought it in the cream… and the olive is so pretty too). I also own and love this soft tie front option. 

2. Suede Jacket: I snagged this one during the Anniversary sale, and I am obsessed with the grey color. I love suede as an alternative to leather, and think it easily works for both day and night. For a super casual daytime look, toss it on with an oversized tee and a high waisted pair of leggings (add the scarf for extra chic points….). It’s more of an investment piece for fall, yet one that will last you several years. If you’re not looking to make the investment, I recommend this faux option, which I personally own as well.

3. Longline Cardigan: This length is one of my favorites for fall (and last year too). I’m particularly fond of layering it under a suede jacket with a basic tee underneath. Love the look the various lengths create. My three favorites are this hooded option, grey one with pockets (several gorgeous colors, seen here), and this olive green option.

4. Oversized Neutral Scarf: I typically have a three piece rule for basic outfits…. jeans (or leggings/joggers) and a tee just seem a little too basic, so tossing on a “third” article of clothing makes it feel more pulled together. In the fall, that item is 90% of the time a cozy scarf. This one is my favorite from last year (I own it in the neutral color) and this year I opted for the grey hue. I also grabbed this waffle knit scarf in the cream color. Both will be perfect layering pieces.

5. Oversized Sweater: This is a must for coziness + comfort… and looks great with almost anything. My three favorites (first two are slightly over $100) include this ribbed option (I own in black and white from last year), this frayed v-neck sweater (I own in green), and this tie bell sleeve sweater (which I featured here).

6. Something Velvet: This trend from last year didn’t go anywhere. I love the texture and richness it adds to any outfit. A few favorites (that can be mixed with above items) include this button front cami (I own in grey), blazer (fan of the burgundy color), and velvet ruffle skirt (so fun).

7. Denim Jacket: I have several hanging in my closet, and layer them over pullovers and tees. Such a great closet staple (which I talked about here). My go-to is this oversized distressed option.

8. Cozy Loungewear: The minute I step foot in the door at the end of the day, I put on something soft and comfortable. My all time favorites are these cozy joggers + sweatshirt combo, but I also love this stripe sweatshirt which could mix with the joggers. Oh, and I’ve been known to wear these pieces, mixed with all the items here, out in public….

9. Throw-On-And-Go Casual Pants: I have three go-to’s. Distressed jeans (these are super comfortable), joggers, and high waisted leggings. Pick a top and you’re ready to go…..

10. Hat: My saving grace when I’m on day 6 of unwashed hair. Be it a cap, beanie, or fedora (invested in this exact one several years ago) just knowing I have them on hand makes heading out the door that much easier.

11. Hoodie: Quintessentially off-duty, and a personal favorite of mine. Wear them under a denim jacket with leggings… or front tucked in a pair of distressed jeans with a cap for a casual lunch with a friend. This blush one is a favorite as is this lightweight one in grey.

(Outfit Details || Pullover (comes in 4 colors) | Jacket (comes in multiple colors) | Scarf (multiple colors) | Jeans (I sized up 2) | Mules | Bag | Sunglasses, Celine (available in stores)

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Fall Trend || Couple’s Style Activewear

When TJ and I first started dating, back in college, we discovered how much fun we had together working out. We’d head out for a morning hike at Torrey Pines (we went to school in San Diego), hike for about an hour and a half, and then head out to a brunch (mimosas optional….). As our relationship progressed, so too did our love of working out together. Over the years, we’ve trained for, and run, multiple half marathons, hiked mountains in Yosemite (which, I highly recommend if you’re up for a good challenge), and rode our bikes from Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim to Oceanside in San Diego (a 65 mile bike ride… we took the train back and enjoyed a celebratory libation…). Needless to say, fitness has been a core component to our relationship over the past 13 years….

So, when little miss arrived, we had to get creative as to how we could keep that part of our marriage alive and active. We decided that most of our dates would be “fitness” related…. a morning spin class (followed by brunch), a hike or bike-ride. A couple of hours, just the two of us, tackling a challenge together, getting through it, and then enjoying a relaxing breakfast. And while we do enjoy getting dolled up for a “date night” there is something about choosing a challenge together, accomplishing it, and high five-ing at the end that makes us feel like a team…. not just in that venture, but together in life (I know, that sounds so cliché, but it’s so true)….

And while our activities haven’t changed much over the years, what we’ve worn has, especially for TJ. An old fraternity shirt and some basketball shorts used to be the norm, but over the past few years he’s “upped” his wardrobe in the work-out aspect… and since we often head out to eat after our work-out dates, he needs something that can easily transition between both activities. When we were in Nordstrom last weekend, exchanging a birthday gift he received, he couldn’t help but leave with a few items from their great selection. He’s always been a fan of Adidas Originals, and Nordstrom has a pretty robust selection from the line (for women too). He snagged these track pants and hoodie… both perfect for a hike, run, and then a casual brunch…. or a day of travel and lounging (as I speak, he’s wearing it on the couch watching the playoffs…). He was also in desperate need of a new pair of running kicks, and when he tried this pair on at my parent’s house (my dad owns them too), he was sold on the comfort, and of course, style. A few other favorites for that work-out/transitional look include a few pieces from the men’s Zella line (one of my favorite’s for women’s workout clothing….priced well for excellent quality), include this half zip pullover (perfect to toss on after a sweat session), performance tee (which he absolutely loves for our spin classes),  knit hooded jacket (great for casual living), and these fleece shorts (with compression shorts underneath). This Adidas pullover and hat combo (his hat collection holds its own…) made it’s way home with us as well.

So, I guess all that’s changed over the past 13 years is that we do it with a little more style….

(Outfit Details || TJ’s Pants (2 color options) | TJ’s Sweatshirt (comes in 3 colors) | TJ’s Shoes | TJ’s socks | Sunglasses | My Sweatshirt | Tee | Capris | Shoes | Sunglasses)

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Fall Layering || Longline Denim Jacket

Fall has been teasing us in Southern California. We had one day this week, wedged between consecutive days of temps in the 80’s… and this weekend, when we’re supposed to be visiting a pumpkin patch, it’s going to be in the 90’s (nothing like a little sweat dripping down your forehead to get you into the fall spirit….). All that to say, when fall does decide to grace us with her cool presence, you can bet outfits like the one here today will be worn on the regular. My ideal fall outfit involves comfortable layers, easy to transition from indoor to outdoor… and to move about with ease.

One item that I can’t get enough of as of late is the denim jacket. I’ve loved them since elementary school (same wash denim on denim, NBD), tied them around my waist religiously in high school, and now wear them as a simple throw-on-and-go layer when I’m heading out the door. The longline version caught my eye at the beginning of the season, specifically this one. I styled it here for a more “weekend” look, with my favorite comfy pullover, but it can easily be dressed up with my favorite black jeans, basic white v-neck, some gold jewelry, and faux fur mules…..

A few other denim jackets that I am loving include this embellished pearl option, as well as this one (and this is an excellent budget friendly version). I’m also a huge fan of embroidery and bought one during the Anniversary Sale… yet, I’ve had my eye on this particular one for a couple of months…. and this one is cute too.

(Outfit Details || Jacket (c/o) | Pullover (more sizes here) | Leggings | Shoes (also love these) | Sunglasses | Bag)


Shoes To Take You From Point A to Point B In Style || Top 5 Ways We Maximize Our Efficiency Throughout The Day

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Sometimes, when the alarm goes off, I think to myself, “Do I really want to start the day?” Yet, I also know that, at the end of the day, there is nothing more rewarding than to sit back and feel as though what I set out to do was accomplished (well, there are more rewarding things in life, of course, but you catch my drift…). With TJ and I both working from home… and my primary daily focus on little miss… it seems as though we’ve had to make adjustments to ensure we are efficient, and effective, throughout the day. So, we’ve put together our Top 5 ways that we increase our efficiency throughout the day…. in an earnest attempt to tackle that every growing “to-do” list. It’s not always perfect, but it’s certainly helped us feel more accomplished when our heads hit the pillow.

1. Schedule Yourself: Both of us agree, without a sense of structure to our days, things get a little hectic. We  wake up at the same time daily, schedule in our workouts around the other’s day…. I have my “work hours” scheduled when Harper is down for her nap, and then again in the early evening when TJ is able to help out with little miss for another hour or so. TJ schedules his calls and meetings while I am out and about with Harper. We have dinner scheduled, Harper’s bedtime scheduled, and a little downtime worked in there as well. While it’s not always seamless, it really helps us move about the day effectively.

2. Dress Accordingly:  If I’ve learned anything since juggling multiple roles, it’s that dressing appropriately makes life so much easier. In these transitional fall days, where mornings and evenings are cooler than the afternoons, I’ve learned that layers are critical. A warm layer for the mornings and evenings, and a lightweight piece underneath, allows me to move seamlessly from one activity to the next without waisting valuable time changing….

And, while the layers I wear are important, the kicks I wear on my feet are almost more critical. Both TJ and I need shoes that can take us throughout the day, whatever that might entail, effortlessly. Since no two days are the same for us, we’ve come to rely on shoes that are practical, yet stylish, incredibly comfortable, and, of course, versatile. Enter the Rockport Total Motion Trixie Shootie (for me) and the Rockport Wynstin Chukka (for TJ) both part of the Rockport collection from Zappos. The his and her pair are perfect for that work/life balance that we both strive to achieve. Since our work environments permit us to be relatively flexible as to what we wear throughout the day, the shoes allow us to toss them on an know that we will be prepared for anything…. an impromptu video conference call for TJ, or a last minute happy hour with girlfriends for me (likely much needed after a full day with little miss….). We are essentially assured that we can make it from point A to point B in style.

3. Make A List, Prioritize, Cross It Off: I swear by this method. It’s the only way I can keep myself organized throughout the day. The night before, I take 5-10 minutes to think about what needs to be done the following day. Then, I prioritize them in order of importance and create a loose schedule as to when each will be attended to.

4. Weigh Out The Opportunity Cost: If there is one thing I remember from my Econ AP class in high school, it was the concept of opportunity cost. I apply it to my entire life. In a nutshell, time is money, and in my world, time is incredibly valuable, something you can never get back. Therefor, I utilize services that help our family to be increasingly efficient… from same day delivery grocery services, to shopping at on-line retailers who can provide me with the same items found in store…. without me having to load up the car, drive to the store, unload the car, and then drive home (any on-the-go, I-wear-multiple-hats woman knows what I am talking about….). When I was ordering these shoes, it was my first time shopping at Zappos, and I was hugely impressed with the ease of navigating their site, and how quickly I received my items: next day, with no extra charge. Please + Thank You. And, in light of the tragedy, and senseless violence, that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, Zappos will match up to $1 million in purchases to the victims. Shopping with a cause is always up my ally.

5. Team Work: For TJ and me, part of being efficient doesn’t mean operating as a one man show. It just can’t happen that way. So, we rely on one another to help out. I ask for help and TJ asks for help. If I can’t pick up a forgotten ingredient for dinner, often TJ can do so on the way home from a meeting. We delegate based on strengths… and work together on others. Regardless, team work helps the day feel more accomplished.

I’d love to know what you do to increase your efficiency throughout the day too!


Lightweight Anoraks x2 || Fall Family Bucket List

Growing up, I always loved this time of the year. Our house was decorated in a festive way, there were lots of holiday celebrations, selecting my Halloween costume, and we took part in fun family traditions. When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to make this time of year just as special for our little family. While Harper was a little too young to fully enjoy all the special traditions and moments of the season last year, I can’t wait to see her interact and engage with them this year. It’s quite possibly one of the things I am most excited about for my favorite time of the year… her little reactions at new experiences. And with these new traditions, a new wardrobe is always helpful…. it’s time to put away her little jellies, bloomers, and sundresses and look for warmer fall items, like jackets, closed toe shoes, and sweaters. As always, Nordstrom has some of my favorites for this season from adorable little joggers to practical and functional shoes, I’ve definitely snagged several pieces for little miss this season….

A few of my favorites for her have to be this anorak coat (I couldn’t resist matching her in my own lightweight version…). It’s incredibly soft, and will go with anything… and appears to be easily washable (a key with any piece of kiddo clothing). Perfect for an evening stroll through a cute little pumpkin patch…. and this little floral dress  (the perfect fall colors) will pair perfectly over tights or jeggings (Harper owns these and they’re super soft) when the temps warrant it. I also recently discovered Native Shoes (thanks to my cousin-in-law) and love them….as does Harper. They are easy to clean and she moves around in them so well… they come in so many different color options so they’re perfect for little guys too. I also adore these floral joggers, grey cardigan, fleece pullover + legging combo, and this sweatshirt dress. Annnd, a few items for the little guy in your life (since the majority of my friends have boys….) include this stripe hooded henley, cozy jogger pants, thermal hoodie jacket, hooded flannel shirt, and this adorable camo vest.

And, because no one wants to be dressed up with no place to go, I’ve included my short family bucket list for the next few weeks. Sometimes I feel like I create such lofty lists and only get to a fraction of them. So, this time around, I’ve condensed it to my “must-do” activities!

1. Partake in all the pumpkin patch activities: petting zoo, tracker ride, pony rides, corn mazes…
2. Make a healthy pumpkin muffin recipe the whole family will like
3. Take Harper to see the Halloween decorations at Disneyland… they’re supposed to be amazing
4. Come up with a fun “family” themed costume idea. The idea of “rockstars” came to mind this afternoon (thanks so my mom)
5. Have a family pumpkin carving afternoon… complete with cider + soup.
6. Go to our family cabin in the local mountains to enjoy the fall foliage
7. Apple Picking (this is always on my list… I’ve yet to do it…)

Happy weekend friends! Enjoy your weekend!

(Outfit Details || My Dress | My Jacket | My Shoes | Sunglasses | Harper’s Dress (big girl) | Harper’s Jacket (Toddler/Bigger Girl sizes) | Harper’s Shoes (so many color options here))

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Work Wear To Weekend Wear || The Most Versatile Trouser Pant

I remember when I was first starting my career. I made a “must have” list of the clothing items I needed. A well fitting pair of pants was at the top of the list. A pair that could take me from client sessions, to happy hour with friends, to a casual weekend outing with TJ. The pair needed to have a little stretch, be neutral in color, and have that “on-duty-off-duty” feel to them with a few small outfit swaps to create the shift. When I found the pair, I snagged them in two color options. They lasted me several years, and I wore those puppies into the ground.

That first pair came from LOFT. They were petite friendly for my short legs, and the stretch was just right to make them comfortable for any occassion. So, when I was in search of a classic trouser cut pant, I knew exactly where to start. I was immediately sold when I stumbled across this grey crop pair in the “slim pants” category (I tend to prefer this fit for my frame). The stretch smoothes any “soft” areas I may have (especially after that relatively indulgent Hawaii trip) and the cut is modern and stylish… essentially making them versatile enough for any occassion. I can wear them to run errands, work at a coffee shop, out to a happy hour with friends, and to lunch with my mom and sister. With a few easy changes here and there, they easily work for that “on-duty-off-duty” requirement I have for my wardrobe.

For a simple everyday look, this cami pairs perfectly with them, as the two together create a neutral base to go “on duty” or “off duty” seamlessly. For a more office friendly look, toss on this chenille cardigan (seriously soft as butter) or this ribbed open cardigan. For a more “off duty” feel my new obsession is this sleeveless coatigan. Super soft, and can easily layer over a basic long sleeve tee in the cooler fall weather. Or, if you’re needing a dressier option to pair with the pants, try this stripe ruffle trim blouse. Either way, as long as you have the pant, you can’t go wrong.

(Outfit 1 Details || Pants (wearing 0P) | Camisole | Vest (comes in 3 color options) | Shoes (similar))
(Outfit 2 Details || Cardigan (also comes in blush))

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Tie Bell Sleeve Top || Shopping With A Cause To Empower Youth (That’s The Best Kind)

As most of you already know, my 9-5 job before I had Harper, and transitioned to blogging full time, involved working with “at risk” youth and their families as a Marriage and Family Therapists. It was often heart wrenching work, as I watched young teens struggle to find their place in the world…. whether it resulted from a lack of direction from their parents, mental illness, outside placement due to problematic behaviors… or a combination of all three…. I found that most wanted nothing more than to feel more empowered in their lives, they simply couldn’t figure out how that would look for them. Throughout this work, I came in contact with different agencies that looked to provide these individuals with that sense of purpose. So, whenever an opportunity presented itself to give back to those groups on a personal basis, I often did so….

Enter Treasure & Bond, a brand exclusive to Nordstrom. For every item purchased from the line, a donation is prompted to empower youth (you can read more about the program here… including their biggest donation of $719,107). Shopping with a cause? Um, count me in. It was only natural then that when I was looking for a neutral colored sweater a few weeks ago, that I started with the line. I stumbled across this slightly slouchy (just how I like them….) v-neck sweater. It’s lightweight (great for these So. Cal fall temps) and the tie sleeves are super cute. I opted to pair it with these super comfortable, everyday, trousers for a laid back and comfortable look.

A few other items that I am currently loving from the line (which are all under $100 and on trend) include this pleated sleeve hoodie sweatshirt (easily pairs with the pants I am wearing), ruffle sleeve tee, one shoulder ribbed sweater (the cream color is so gorgeous), sheer metallic sweater (perfect for a casual night out), easy basic tee, embellished crop jeans, and these white studded loafers. I also think these block heel over the knee boots are an excellent under $100 find!

It’s nice to know that there is a way to give back when you’re making a purchase for yourself, so if you’re all about charitable shopping, be sure to shop the line!

(Outfit Details || Pants (wearing XXS) | Sweater (comes in 3 color options) | Mules (identical) and love these perforated mules | Beaded Necklace | Sunglasses | Bag)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.