Everyday Style || Favorite Basics Under $100 + The Best High Waisted Leggings. Ever.

I wish I could say this is my “off duty” look…. buuuuut, I pretty much wear some variation of this outfit several times a week. Whether it’s on a relaxing weekend, a day of traveling for a short getaway, or a day with little miss…. one of the basics is bound to find themselves in my wardrobe line-up, and yesterday wasn’t any different…. Monday’s tend to be a day of catching up and getting everything back in order from the weekend, so I tossed this outfit on and got stuff done….

My everyday basics typically include six pieces that I can mix and match with other items I own… and toss together to create something that looks pulled together (even if inside I’m a #hotmess). Nordstrom is always my go-to place for great quality basics at reasonable prices…. with each clothing piece I am wearing under $100. My basics can be worn year around by simply mixing them together with other everyday items I own. Which is basically the key to a great, cross season wardrobe. So, today, I’m sharing my everyday basics that I can’t live without.

1. Leggings: A good ol’ pair of stretchy pants will never steer you wrong. I promise. These are my all time favorite high waisted pair… lightweight, yet thick enough to hold everything right where it needs to be. They easily transition from workout to any aprés activity. I love leggings because you can toss on a cute tunic and suede jacket for a classier look… or toss them on with over the knee boots and a chunky, oversized sweater for the perfect rosé sipping get-up. A good pair will take you just about anywhere. I also love this motto option (which I own in olive and black) and these faux leather leggings.

2. Basic Tee: My holy grail when I’m in a pinch. When I’ve pulled out every single top in my dresser drawers in search of something to wear…. ninety percent of the time I reach for the basic tee. A classic layering option… it can be dressed down (as seen today) or up with some simple gold accessories, your favorite distressed jeans, and a pair of mules. One of my all times favorites is this choker option, since it’s a fun twist on a basic v-neck…. yet, I also own and love this v-neck (in white) and this lace up grommet tee (particularly fond of the black….).

3. Denim Jacket: My favorite alternative to the oversized cardigan is the distressed denim jacket. My favorite from last year was restocked, and I love wearing it in these transitional months in the cooler mornings and evenings, and tying it around my waist in the afternoons. I also love the embroidery on this one (which I bought during the sale). Distressing makes it a little less structured which I like for an everyday option, but, if you’re looking for one sans rips, my favorite is this lighter wash option (I sized up for a slightly looser fit).

4. Simple Kicks: And, I should probably add, comfortable. Most days, even on the weekends, I don’t sit down until the evening. So, whatever I’m wearing on my feet has to be cute and comfortable. For the transitional months, I wanted a slide that I could easily toss on… and when I found these, I was sold. I wore them all day yesterday with little miss and they were super comfortable and functional (they’re also a fraction of the price of this pair!). Two other favorites include these white kicks (which are like walking on clouds….) and this pink mesh pair (perfect to pair with a neutral outfit to add a little bit of color).

5. Hair Accessory: I use that term loosely, since what readily comes to mind is a scrunchy (no thank you). I’m either dealing with hair that’s one day past due a wash, so I use this dry shampoo to give it a little boost, or I toss on a cap, throw my hair in a loose pony, and call it a day.

6. Large Tote: Preferably one that can hold all of my stuff and little miss’…. and can easily be cleaned… since dirty hands are always finding their way into my bag. For that, I turn to this amazing black tote or this blush option. I use both regularly, and they are large enough to fit whatever your heart desires, while still having room left over.

(Outfit Details || Leggings | Top (comes in several colors) | Jacket | Slides | Hat | Sunglasses | Tote)

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“10 Minute, No Mirror” Look || Chunky Knits + Delicate Lace

I’ve suffered from all the “brains” there are…. When I was pregnant with little miss, “pregnancy brain” took ahold of me, full force, in my last trimester. I completely missed an important meeting I had at the county until someone politely called me and asked if I would be there….. Sheer panic set in….

And, I most certainly have not escaped the “mom brain…..” A few weeks ago, I headed out to run some errands, only to get to the store and realize I left my entire purse at home. So I decided to swing by my parent’s house and “borrow” a few items that I was needing at the store. No one was home, and when I opened the door, and the alarm went off, I drew a blank on the code. Complete blank. Despite knowing it for the past twenty three years. Alarms went off.  Thankfully, I remembered the verbal code and was spared the embarrassment of the police arriving.

All that to say, when I’m getting ready in the morning, the last thing I have time to do is to spend more than ten minutes deciding what I want to wear (let’s be honest, I need those extra precious moments making sure I don’t forget something…. which I always do…..). That’s why I have my go-to’s…. for those days when looking in a mirror before I leave isn’t an option. Yesterday morning was one such day. My sister and I decided to head out to lunch, last minute (as in, I need to be out the door in 15 minutes), so I grabbed Harper’s things, tossed them in a bag, and pulled myself together. Quickly. It’s been cooler here as of late, so I tossed on a new favorite pair of jeans (obsessed with the raw hem), cozy cardi, and a little lace cami to dress things up a bit. All basic, all neutral. I knew they’d go together, and create a casual, textured look…. all without looking in the mirror. Which, as of late, is my main goal…..

Nordstrom has some of the best lace camis and raw hem jeans around… and the great part is, they have a range of prices so there’s something for everyone to create their “10 minute, No Mirror” look. My favorite lace tops include this pretty wrap option, gorgeous floral top (perfect for fall), lace edge camisole, and this satin lace trim cami. Nordstrom denim is always on point, and the raw hem is my newest obsession (I still love the step hem from last year though…). This budget friendly pair has the perfect amount of distressing and I love this high waisted black pair. I stumbled across this petite friendly pair and they fit like a dream… the perfect length, while still keeping the original hem! Oh, and the cardi collection is on point. My three favorites, all restocked from last year, include this grey cardi, oversized tan cardigan, and this cozy knit cardi (which I own in a mauve color). If you have those three items in your closet, you’ll always have a quick throw on and go get-up.

(Outfit Details || Camisole (under $30, comes in 4 colors) | Cardigan |  Jeans (petite friendly!!) regular length | Mules | Sunglasses | Bag)

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Transitional Everyday Dressing || Thermals + Booties

Well, we had another toddler incident last week. I decided to head out to lunch with little miss, so we packed up and headed out to Fashion Island (one of our favorite outdoor malls)…. She had been doing so well all morning, following directions, and staying close by, that when we walked into Nordstrom, I decided to push my luck (bad plan). As we approached the doors, I knelt down on my knees, looked Harper in the eyes, and let her know that “Mommy needs you to hold my hand, or hold the stroller. If don’t, then you will go back in the stroller.” She looked at me, and grabbed my hand. I thought, “yessss…..”

Little did I know, that little lady had other plans up her sleeve. The minute we stepped foot in the store, she pulled out of my hands and made a beeline for the dress racks, running underneath them. Embarrassed, and feeling slightly manipulated by my little human, I ran after her, scooped her up (as she was laughing… someone liked the game), and back in the stroller she went. Without a fight. She knew she did me wrong…..

Needless to say, while I wasn’t wearing my tried and true comfy kicks (seriously. so. comfortable), I was wearing these booties that I snagged at the Nordstrom sale… and I ran after her with ease, and might I add, comfort. And, as we move into the fall months over the coming weeks, I find myself looking for transitional items that will take me through that fickle weather as summer tries to become fall…..

To do that, I’ve realized that two of my favorites for this are thermals and booties. Thermals are perfectly lightweight and can easily be worn with shorts (as seen here) and then layered later in the year. When I stumbled across this bell sleeved thermal in the gorgeous plum color, I knew it would work for both a casual summer afternoon running after little miss, and a cooler fall day with jeans or under a jacket. And, of course, the low heeled bootie is a great alternative to my favorite kicks… they let me move around with ease, but also give me a more versatile option for day or night. They easily pair with a pair of cut-offs for a more laid-back look as we move into fall.

Nordstrom has the cutest selection of transitional items, especially thermals and booties…. . A few favorite thermals include this tunic length one (which I own from last year), cozy shorter option, this super cute blush lace-up top, oversized thermal tee that can be worn off the shoulder, and this grey crop which would be super cute with high waisted bottoms! My bootie selections include this tan cut-out detail pair and this perforated and whipstitched pair.

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS, comes in 4 colors) | Shorts | Booties (run TTS) | Sunglasses | Necklace | Bag)

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The Slip Dress || Day + Night, It’s Versatile Enough For Any Occassion

I put a lot of thought into the dress I wanted to wear to the last wedding we attended. Originally, I wanted a black dress… then I had a few cute floral options in my shopping cart… then I decided I wanted something simple, not black, and silky. Then, I stumbled across this slip dress. I didn’t know what I was going to wear it with, I just knew that I loved the color and the simplicity. When it arrived, it lived up to my expectations.

I originally purchased these shoes to wear with it, thinking a few berry hues together would be pretty. It looked awful. I then tried these on with it… it looked okay, but just wasn’t the look I was going for. Then, I remembered my wedding shoes from seven and a half years ago (which, of course, are not longer available, but they looked similar to this in style, yet were two toned light gold and silver). They were just the look I was going for. After a few simple dainty gold accessories, the look was complete….

And, after one wear, the dress has been through a lot…. a 2 am pizza binge with grease stains all over it (thank you TJ)… possibly some tequila spilled in there…. and wrinkles I can’t even begin to describe. After a four washes (yes, it took that many) the pizza stains were removed (thanks Mom… yes, I still go to her for advice on that stuff….) and it looked brand new…

So, it was only a logical that I would try to wear it out to a casual, outdoor, happy hour with a girlfriend. With a few simple swaps, it easily transitioned into a casual, rosé sipping, look. Annnd, that’s why I love slip dresses so much. They are simple enough to be dressed up or down… and look great with heeled sandals and flat sandals. Tossing on a denim jacket makes it perfect for a casual brunch, lunch, or happy hour….

Six other slip dresses that I am currently loving include this floral lace slip dress, polka dot number (it’s sort of more maxi, but could work….), basic black option, shorter option in a pretty blue, cute knot front dress (lots of color options), and another neutral polka dot option,.

(Outfit Details || Dress (wearing XS) | Jacket c/o (wearing S) | Sandals | Sunglasses | Tote | Pom | Long Necklace | Short Crescent Necklace)



Closet Staple || The Most Versatile Casual Dress

So, I actually bought this dress when I was pregnant. It was one of the first pieces of clothing I purchased when my bump began to show. I remember when I began buying clothing items to dress the bump, I had a few criteria. I needed to be able to wear the item again, post pregnancy, it needed to enhance the belly, not hide it, and I needed to feel confident, and comfortable, in it. This dress nailed it in all three categories. I successfully wore it throughout the nine months (here + here at 38 weeks) and many times post-pregnancy as well….

It’s one of those closet staples that’s incredibly versatile. Perfect for a warm summer day, and transitions well across seasons by adding layers and boots. Wear it with sneakers (as see here) or a cute slide, a suede jacket or a denim one…. it dresses up or down seamlessly. I actually brought it to Cleveland to wear on our day of exploring, but it was a little too chilly and I opted for another option…

The key to a body-con dress, if you’re not looking for it to have that “bondage” feel, is to size up one. I did that with this one, due to the bump then, but love the fit of it now…. fitted, yet not too tight. A few other body-con dresses that I am currently loving include this midi tank dress (particularly in the slate color), side ruched tee dress, and this ruched tank dress in the plum color.

(Outfit Details || Dress (wearing S, 4 color option, under $60) | Jacket (wearing S) | Shoes | Bag (less expensive option) | Sunglasses)


National Sister Day || Sister Style

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Excited to have my sister here with me in honor of National Sister Day….

While I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a handful of women in my life who I genuinely call my best friends, the biggest female relationship (aside from that with my mom) in my life is the one I have with my sister. In the speech I delivered at her wedding, I talked about the ways in which our relationship has evolved over the years from that of sisters to best friends… despite a five and a half year age difference. In fact, I actually think it helped….

You see, we didn’t argue over things such as clothing…. who borrowed what without asking…. since it wasn’t possible for us to share clothes growing up. She was in middle school when I was in college… and when I was in college, she was in high school…. by the time we could share clothes, Allison went off to college and I came back home (we did share an ID at one point though…..)…..

Now, things are different. We finally live in the same county… a mere 20 minutes apart… and can borrow clothes whenever we like. While our styles aren’t identical, they are similar enough that we can incorporate the other’s clothing pieces with our personal wardrobe. Obviously we’re similar enough, as we chose the same bomber jacket to wear on a cool summer evening sipping rosé (one of our favorite things to do together…..).

I saw this quote the other day, and decided it would be the perfect way to end this post on National Sister Day…..

“She’s the one you’ve known forever. The one you go to for honest advice and genuine support. The one who accepts your quirky little habits and understands you in a way few others can. She’s the one you can call at any hour, to laugh or cry or complain….. the one whose voice has been there all along, sharing secrets and dreams and singing your song when you needed it most. She’s the one who can read your mind, hear your heart, and love you just the way you are. She’s your lifelong friend, but so much more….. She’s your sister.” 

If you have a sister, or someone who is everything above to you, make sure to give them a call today to tell them how much you appreciate them… relationships are the crux of life.

(Outfit Details || My Top | Bomber Jacket | Shorts | Mules (on sale) | Sunglasses | Bag | Allison’s Dress | Jacket | Purse | Sneakers | Sunglasses)

All clothing items provided by Sanctuary Clothing 


Summer To Fall Style || Favorite Knits

My ideal date night has changed over the years. It used to involve a late night dinner, followed by an even later round of cocktails….. Now though, it typically involves an evening on the couch, with a glass of wine, and a good Pandora station with TJ. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, we’re both typically pretty exhausted. And, if it isn’t a relaxing evening in, we typically opt to get a babysitter for an invigorating morning spin class and breakfast date (my, how times have changed…. #ThisIsThirty….). Yet, when TJ and I were out at all the wedding festivities last weekend, we both turned to each other and remarked on how fun it was getting dolled up and heading out for a fun evening. Of course, a tux and fancy slip dress aren’t realistic for a weekend date night (although that would be a fun one….), but a perfectly slouchy open knit and cute little berry colored kitten mules are…..

Nordstrom has so many great summer to fall date night options in the trend department (one of my favorite departments for their quality, price point, + styles) so when I stumbled across this open knit I knew it would be the perfect summer to fall option…. pair it as is here, in the summer, for a date night of sipping rosé on an outdoor patio, and in the fall toss it on with distressed jeans (own these in grey and love them) and the same mules, or a cute pair of booties, for a casual date night out. It’s a versatile piece, so the options are quite endless (you could even wear it as a cover-up now….). And, because date night’s call for something a little more special than your everyday uniform, I couldn’t resist these fun tassel earrings. So. Fun.

A few other great fall to summer knits from the trend department that I personally love include this longline cardigan (I own it in white), my favorite side tie grey cardigan (which was recently completely restocked), open knit cold shoulder sweater, incredibly soft pullover, and this gorgeous chunky knit cardigan (which I own in blush). So, while I’m not looking to push summer out quite yet, I don’t mind incorporating a few multi-season friendly pieces here and there…..

(Outfit Details || Knit (under $60, two color options, wearing S) | Shorts | Mules | Earrings | Sunglasses | Bag)

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Wellness Wednesday || 5 Ways I Detox Post Vacation

So, I know I’ve talked about vacation indulging for the past two days…. and I promise this post will be the last of it! Over the years though, I’ve come to realize that letting yourself vacate life for a little while, is easier when I have a plan in place to get back on track when I return. It allows me to fully embrace the vacation experience and to not have any guilt about doing so. Life is meant to be lived, so living it in balance is key…. big weekends here and there and getting back on track when you get back is what I’m all about. That being said, I have a few ways that I detox from a major vacation binge…. and I’m not just talking about food-wise. After a long vacation or weekend, I find my skin looks a little dull, I’m fatigued, and feeling the bloat. Given that it’s a full body detox, I use five different strategies to get my body, and mind, back on track…. and I thought I’d share them with you today.

1. Clean Eating: This is one of the most obvious ways to get back on track from a bloat standpoint. I typically immediately return to eating lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains (but typically reserve them for the daytime, as I like to have my metabolism churning while I sleep….). One of my favorite tiny tricks includes using butter lettuce in place of taco shells and buns. I’ve been doing it this week and have been feeling great! I also return to drinking kombucha. On vacation, I attempt to find it, but it’s not always available. I’ve found that it helps my digestion, and gut,  get back to where it needs to be.

2. Drink Water: It seems counterintuitive, but increasing water intake actually works to decrease bloat (and prevents constipation…. and, if we’re being honest, sometimes those weekend aren’t the best on the gut and stomach…..). So, I try to make sure that I get half my body weight in ounces of water daily. It seems to help speed along the process.

3. Sleep: One of the best ways to get myself feeling back on track is to make sure that I get enough sleep. Sometimes it’s easier said than done with a toddler though. When I’m trying to slip back into my routine, I try to go to bed about 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual (so, 9 or 9:30pm). After a few days of doing so, I find I’m increasingly clear minded, my skin looks more refreshed, and I’m in a better mood (anyone else get irritable when they’re tired??). I’ve also found that using a little bit of lavender oil on my wrists, and temples of my head, helps to ensure a restful night sleep.

4. Skincare: While I never neglect my skin while I’m away, sometimes different climates, time changes, and eating habits naturally impact it’s health. Most often, I experience dry skin when on vacation. So, when I return, I am sure to use this moisturizer, algae mask, exfoliating mask, body salt, and body oil. When combined with the above, I find that my skin starts to look better after a couple of days.

5. Workouts: I typically try not to neglect this component when on vacation, but 90% of the time it’s not as intense as when I am at home. For me, personally, I increase my cardio, HIIT, and do a good leg strength training workout in the days immediately following. I read somewhere that working out the legs is one of the best ways to increase metabolism, so I’ve always followed that regiment. This is one of the HIIT workouts that I did this week (so.good.), and this is a great workout for the booty and legs.

That’s it! I’m three days in to vacation detoxing from last weekend and I’m already starting to feel better. Just have to work on the sleeping…..

(Outfit Details || Jacket | Leggings (my favorite and so soft) | Sports Bra (c/o) | Slides | Tote (c/o))


Post Vacation Comfy Pants || Why They Should Be In Your Closet

True story. A few years ago, after a trip to Chicago with some friends, TJ and I were chatting with one of them. He mentioned that after the hugely indulgent weekend, his belt buckle busted. I seriously laugh out loud to this day thinking about the conversation (and he reminded me of it this past weekend, so it’s fresh in my mind)…. And while I’ve never had that happen to me personally, after particularly indulgent weekends, or vacations, I typically feel the bloat big time…. and while my jeans continue to fit, sometimes, in all honesty, they just aren’t that comfortable. So, I keep a few “back-up” pants in reserve for such occasions and affectionately refer to them as “comfy pants.” I hope everyone has a pair of these lifesavers in their closet, because they literally allow you to feel pulled together, while ignoring the fact that your belt buckle could bust at any moment. I’m probably exaggerating here, but you get the drift….

A pair of pants that are loose fitting, drawstring preferable, and appropriate for everyday life (read: not sweatpants) are a must have. Which is why, when I saw this slouchy cargo option, I knew they deserved a spot in my closet (and suitcase….). They are perfect for a day of running errands, lounging around the house, a casual (healthy) lunch, and can even be dressed up for a date night with a silk blouse and a mule. Yet, right now, I’m enjoying them as my comfy, post-vacation, pants.

A few other cute and similar options include these relaxed crepe pants (with cute pockets and an elastic waist), stretch jersey jogger pants, and these cuffed drawstring pants.

(Outfit Details || Pants (wearing P, currently 40% off) | Tank | Bralette | Sandals | HatEarrings | Beaded Necklace | Crescent Necklace | Sunglasses | Tote)



Everyday Casual || Comfy Kicks + Tops

I’m currently siting in a hotel room, glass of vino in hand, as TJ and I prepare to head out to Cleveland tomorrow morning for a college friend’s wedding. It’s been a while since we’ve hit the wedding circuit, so we’re pretty excited for a little college reunion, libations, dancing, and, most likely, a late evening. We dropped little miss off with my parents earlier this evening…. and I couldn’t help but feel a little tug at my heart this time. She’s been growing up so quickly as of late, so I can only imagine how much she will change in those fews days!…..

And while she’s growing, so is that little attitude of hers. We headed to the mall earlier this morning so I could return a few items… and I wanted to look for a pair of these shoes for her. She had a fun time trying them on, and putting them in my bag (when I hadn’t paid for them yet…. thank goodness I looked before I walked out of the store) that when it came time to leave, there was an utter stand off. Like, in my head I could hear the announcer “In one corner we have mom, Shannon, and in the other, she may be small but she’s certainly mighty, Harper.” I won, but let’s just say it took a lot of patience. All that to say, the outfit like you see today has become the norm as of late…

Comfy kicks…. or sandals… anything over a 2 inch heel for daytime is just out of the question… my denim shorts I’ve never washed (should I admit that???!… I just hate how they feel after they’ve been washed….) and a comfortable throw-on-and-go top… oh, and the belt makes me feel cool, so I add some kind of accessory that makes me feel pulled together rather than the hot mess I feel like inside….

A few other comfortable tops and kicks that can help you pull this off too include this cold shoulder option, this ruffle pullover (which I own and is super comfortable), and this henley…. because, when you’re in a pinch, you need quick options like these!

{Outfit Details || Top (runs TTS, comes in so many different colors, part of Nordstrom sale) | Shorts (which I wear waaaay too much) | Sneakers (seriously so comfortable) | Belt | Sunglasses | Bag | Harper’s Shoes | Harper’s Shorts | Harper’s Tank| Harper’s Thermos