5 Minute Everyday Make-Up Tutorial + Products

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t spend a significant amount of time on my make-up every morning. I never have… and it’s likely a combination of “I have no clue how to contour my face” and “Make-up is meant to enhance your natural features” that have led to this. I do occasionally pull out the eye liner and glam lip, but it’s typically for fancier occasions, not everyday life (a smokey eye and red lip at the park would melt off my face…). It’s simple, it’s quick, and it does the trick (i.e. covers up those scary dark circles with some amazing concealer). I had a recent request for a video tutorial of how I apply my favorite everyday products, so you’ll find that below. I’ve also included links to the products mentioned in the video, so you can easily access them if you prefer to skip the tutorial all together (oh, and this is my first tutorial, so it’s only slightly awkward…).

I always start with a solid base on my clean face before applying any make-up (you can find my evening routine here). I apply a toner, illuminating serum, and eye cream, let it all soak in for about 5 minutes, and then proceed with applying my make-up. It takes me about 5 minutes from start to finish (probably because I’ve been doing the same routine for a couple of years)…. so, if you’re short on time in the morning, or just looking for some good quality everyday products, I got you covered today.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! We’re heading to Cabo tomorrow morning, so I’m looking forward to some quality family time, a little sun, ocean air, and some margaritas (duh.). See you Monday! xx

Eye Cream (20% off + free shipping with code Shannon20 until May 1st)
Illuminating Serum (20% off + free shipping with code Shannon20 until May 1st)
Blush (winter bloom)
Bronzer (golden light)
Setting Powder
Brow Pencil 
Illuminating Cream (orgasm)
Eye Crayon (Khaki)
Lip Stick (MAC Viva Glam II)
Lip Stick (NARS Rosecliff)


Everyday Dressing Elevated || Investing In Comfort: Perforated White Kicks

Over the years, I’ve become much more mindful as to which items I choose to invest in. My criteria have narrowed, and I’ve become more particular. One such area has been in the shoe department. You see, I have quite the heel collection sitting in my closet…. and I can pretty much tell you when, where, and why each pair was purchased, as most were for a special occasion (like my wedding shoes my mom and I drove all over LA searching for…). Yet, over the past year or so (okay, since I became a mom) they’ve started to gather dust. We don’t really work the wedding circuit anymore (where they got the most wear….)… and let’s be honest, a pair of four inch heels aren’t going to come out that often when you work from home. TJ and I tend to opt for day dates over the late evenings that used to be a regular weekend occurrence… and even when we do head out, I typically prefer a lower block heel….. so, if you haven’t guessed it, heels aren’t really where I’m investing….

What I do wear day in and day out are comfortable kicks. I’ve become relatively effective at identifying comfort in sneakers. Do they feel like I’m walking on clouds (or air, whichever you prefer….)? Are they well made… hold up and won’t fall apart after a few days wear? Is there something unique about them that makes it worth the investment? Needless to say, my sneaker collection is rapidly starting to out number my heels. One of the most recent additions to this collection are these white perforated kicks (they also come in a gorgeous blush) from Greats. They meet all my criteria when choosing to invest in a pair of sneakers: amazingly comfortable, incredibly well made, and the perforated look makes them super chic… and adds a little edge. I’m also loving this slip on pair in blush, and considering buying TJ a pair for Father’s Day (his shoe collection rivals mine….)…..

And, since sneakers pretty much go with anything these days, investing in a pair is a no brainer for me. I wear them everywhere, and pretty much with anything…. leggings, jeans, cut-offs, dresses, and my new favorite spring/summer obsession: rompers. Pairing one with sneakers makes them daytime appropriate and super casual…. and I love the alternative rompers (when they’re functional like this one) provide to shorts and a tee….

A few other items I’d easily pair these cute kicks with include this jumpsuit (obsessed with its laid back feel), olive green romper, white eyelet dress, stripe bell sleeve dress, and this tier bell sleeved teecut-offs combination. Either option I choose, at least I know my feet will be loving me.

(Outfit Details || Romper (wearing XS, comes in 3 colors, under $55) | Sneakers (c/o) | Sunglasses | Bag (cheaper option here, here))

Thank you to Greats for sponsoring this post!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blush Things….

In preparing for Cabo, I recently took inventory of my wardrobe. My conclusion was that I am certainly covered in the neutral department. As in, most definitely no short comings there…. so, I naturally decided to work in a few more colored options here and there (like this fun floral dress). Not just for the trip, but for everyday dressing too. Yet, not wanting to get too crazy with color, I decided to weave in a few blush pieces where I saw fit. To me, they’re the perfect option when I’m wanting to add a feminine touch to my outfits. So, it was only natural that when I was in Anthropologie a few weeks ago (and wanted to buy everything my eyes saw….), this silky, gold adorned cami came home with me (a much cheaper option than the couple thousand dollar couch I couldn’t stop staring at….). I immediately decided that it deserved a spot in a date night rotation (well, Harper was included on this happy hour outing….) and tossed it on with my high waisted favorites, new studded sandals (a perfect dupe for these), and favorite gold accessories…. and headed out the door for a little bubbly sipping feeling feminine + flirty in my new blush cami…..

A few other blush pieces hanging in my closet right now include this striped tie front button up (easily dresses up with a nice pair of jeans, or down with a pair of cut-offs), this gorgeous off the shoulder top (for fun occasions), this eyelet + bell sleeve top (which I love wearing with cut-offs), these fun bauble earrings, ombre slides, casual ruffle sleeve top (perfect for everyday life), and this lightweight bomber jacket (so comfortable).

(Outfit Details || Camisole | Jeans | Sandals | Gold Layered Necklace | Crescent Necklace | Initial Necklace | Tote (back in stock) | Tassel | Sunglasses)


Instagram Outfit Round-Up

Well, we’re a quarter of the way through 2017. Not sure how that happened, but here we are, April 1st. As always, on the first of each month, I’m sharing with you my daily looks that I share regularly over on Instagram. I mentioned most of these items in yesterday’s post, so here is a look at how I style them daily. Hope you all are having a great weekend! xx

(My Top (comes in 5 color options) | Jeans | Harper’s Top | Jeans | Sandals)

(Cardigan (on sale!) | Joggers | Tank (4 color options) | Harper’s Outfit | Harper’s Mocs)

(Tank (9 color options) | Pullover | Sunglasses (found a cheaper option here)

(Tunic (3 color options))

(Leggings | Tank | Cardigan | Slippers)

(Pullover (other colors) | Jeans (wearing size 25, cut the hem) | Slides)

(Slides | Jeans | Tote)

(Jeans | Tee | Sweatshirt | A Ring)


(Pullover (on sale, multiple color options!) | Platform Espadrilles (come in so many different colors) | Jeans | Harper’s Shoes via Sweet n’ Swag)

(Tee (several color options, under $45) | Shorts)

(Top (5 color options))

(Tunic (on sale!) | Bracelet)

(Shell (so soft!) | Jacket (on sale!))

(Shell (same as above) | Cardigan (on sale!) | Jeans)

(Tee (multiple color options) | Shorts | Bralette)

(Joggers | Tank | Vest | Slides | Harper’s shoes via Sweet n’ Swag)

(Sweater (currently on sale) | Jeans)

(Tank | Cardigan)

(Sweater Tank (also here) | Necklace | Jeans)

(Leggings | Tank (favorite basic) | Jacket)


Before + After One Shoulder Top // Circa 2000 + Now

So, in high school, there are a few outfits that readily come to mind when I reflect on those 4 years…. some much better than others. Yet, I’d have to say that most of the time when I look at old photos I cringe. Like, WTF was I thinking? Did I look in the mirror before I left the house? Likely it was “in” back then…. but, ouch….

One such image that comes to mind involves one of me and my best friend…. I have no clue where we were going, but we thought we looked hot. I was in this heinously colored, purple one shoulder top, and she was wearing a baby blue tube top (a tube top). Mind you, these were not the flowy silhouettes I wear these days… these things must have been made of seran wrap. Either way, it was bad and we still laugh about it to this day….

So, when the one shoulder trend resurfaced I was wary at first. Not wanting to look like my 18 year old self (God help me) I proceeded with caution and landed on a few options. This white one landed at the top of the list. I wore it for a brunch with the family a couple weeks ago, just as you see here. Yet, it can easily be dressed down by wearing the same jeans and my favorite slide sandals (seriously, so comfortable). When summer heat settles permanently, tossing it on with a pair of favorite cut-off shorts (and same slide sandals) and wide brimmed hat would be the perfect, casual, everyday option (I’ll also be packing it up for our upcoming travels!). A look that is the complete antithesis of circa 2000. Thank goodness.

There are so many gorgeous one shoulder options out there right now. Two that I personally own and love include this stripe top (seen here) and this floral lace stripe top. I also love this feminine blush option (in the same style as the white one I am wearing), this gorgeous eyelet version (probably better for a dressier occasion), and this pretty baby blue top.

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS) | Jeans (wearing 25, no stretch) | Jacket | Mules (similar, almost identical, under $90, and these in cloud grey under $50, AND these under $30!) | Tote (identical and just bought it for our upcoming trip… and $33!) | Initial Necklace | Choker | Circle Necklace)


Little White Top || Releasing On “The Number”

Sometimes I sit in front of my computer, after little miss goes to bed, and stare blankly at it. I have the images for the post, yet the words don’t come. In my most tired moments, I’ve simply thought about writing, “Do you like my white top? Yes, it’s perfect for spring….” and then sign off. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Not at all. Yet, I’ve always wanted this space to be a place to somehow inspire… whether it’s to try a new nutritious recipe with ingredients you’ve never thought of… or wear a trend you’d been thinking you couldn’t really pull off (but, in reality, you can totally rock…)… or to feel like you’re not alone through my motherhood updates, self deprecating streams of consciousness, and weekend recaps… it’s just something that has always mattered to me….

All that to say, inspiration tends to come in the strangest places. Sometimes while I’m working out… or while I’m driving the car singing to my favorite song (yes, I’m that person who sings in the car thinking no one can see her…), and tonight wasn’t any exception. I walked away from the computer to change my clothes and wash my face, in the hopes of coming back more “inspired.” As I was taking off my new favorite jeans, it hit me, the theme of today’s post… it’s not all in a number.

For so long, I was tied to a number. Not ever being one to weigh myself (the last time I stepped on a scale was over a year ago, at my postpartum check-up), I fell victim another number. The number on the tag. You know, measure your weight by how your clothes feel…. and while my jeans fit post pregnancy, and the year after, I would say they weren’t always the most comfortable. I started thinking about it…. what if it had nothing to do with the “extra weight” and had everything to do with the shifts my body went through during pregnancy (as in, “you know my hips don’t lie and I’m starting to feel it’s right….” good ol’ Shakira lyrics….)….  something to be celebrated, rather than feel bad about. So, I ordered some new jeans over the past few weeks… in both my “normal” size and my “up one.” The other day, when I pulled the “up ones” on, I felt pretty dang relieved…. and as I pulled them off this evening…. I felt no different than when I wear the other size (well, maybe a little less like a sausage….). All that to say, giving up on numbers has been an act of acceptance for me. Maybe you can relate, maybe not, but if you’re in the same situation I challenge you to release on it… and see how you really feel!…..

Annd, on a more surface level, white tops are my fav (no surprise), so when I stumbled across this one, I knew it would be perfect for spring. A few other little white tops that I am currently loving include this adorable swing top, tiered sleeve top, eyelet off the shoulder top, ruffled off the shoulder top, and this adorable baby toll top (would be so cute with the jeans I am wearing today). I’m also obsessed with the distressed denim jacket trend…. a while back I stumbled across one that I loved… yet it was $300. So I waited, and love the one I am wearing today…. but also love this light colored wash jacket, and this faded wash jacket.

(Outfit Details || Top | Jeans (wearing 25) | Jacket | Espadrilles | Tote)


Changing Seasons, Changing Wardrobe || 3 Spring Looks For Any Occasion

The words spring break conjure up so many different memories…. In my much younger years it meant family vacations to Santa Barbara + San Diego… and as I progressed through my college years it meant rowdy trips south of the border…. and in more recent years, it’s always been a time where TJ and I planned our big trip of the year. These vacations were typically overseas, or to someplace tropical where we would unplug for a couple of weeks…..

Wellllll, that’s certainly not possible now with little miss (the escaping for a couple weeks and unplugging part…..), so as the temperatures have started to warm up, we’ve been coming up with fun ways to spend our time outside and explore in our own backyard. And with all the exploring and seasonal changes, comes a shift in wardrobe pieces. I’m slowly starting to pack away the heavier knits (leaving one or two out for those times when mother nature decides to change her course) and boots, for lighter weight knits (quite possibly my favorite pieces for the season) and breezy dresses. One of my favorite places to find excellent quality knits + dresses, at a great price and style, is LOFT. From soft pastel colors, floral prints, and breezy whites their pieces have slowly begun to replace my winter wardrobe. Today, I teamed up with LOFT to share with you three fun spring break looks!

(First Outfit || Dress (wearing PXS) | Jacket (similar) | Sandals (run TTS))
(Second Outfit || Sweater (wearing S, comes in 3 color options) | Shorts | Sandals | Sunglasses | Necklace)
(Third Outfit || Cardigan (wearing XS, comes in 5 color options) | Tank (wearing XS) | Jeans (wearing P25 and the length is perfect!) | Sandals)

This past weekend, we headed out for a family day at the zoo. The temperatures were in the mid-70s… for those of us in CA, that’s an awkward in between temp. You can either wear jeans + a tank, or, one of my favorite combos, shorts + a lightweight sweater. I opted for the latter, and tossed on these adorable scalloped linen shorts + this slightly bell sleeved sweater. It was casual + functional for chasing little miss through the exhibits, yet I still felt pulled together. The sandals were also incredibly comfortable for the day spent walking around.

The evening before, we headed out for a little al fresco happy hour. The evening was mild, and it was beckoning for a little rosé. Since it was warm when we headed out, I grabbed these new frayed hem jeans (these are perfect if you’re petite… I didn’t have to do anything to the hem) and a lightweight tunic tank…. something simple, yet classic. I wear jeans all the time, and think this color is perfect for spring + summer. Knowing that the winds would likely pick up in the evening, I decided to match my beverage of choice and grabbed this lightweight blush cardigan.

On Sunday of that weekend, we headed out for a little brunch at the beach. The skies were clear, and a little beachside dining was beckoning. I typically reserve dresses for special occasions, but couldn’t resist this gorgeous white lace one for a casual day at Lido Island. We opted to brunch at Juice Served Here (their toast selections are ah-mazing), and sat out on their adorable patio. After, we walked around the streets and let little miss run on the dock and look at the boats.

The beach temps are always slightly cooler, so I grabbed a denim jacket to toss over this dress. It made it a little more casual, which was exactly the look I was going for. I also have to take a moment and comment on these lace-up sandals. They are incredibly versatile, and the softest blush color. The laser cut details makes them an excellent option to dress up as well…. oh, and they’re incredibly comfortable too!

Thank you to Loft for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 


Spring Stripes + My Spring Bucket List

I missed the memo that it was the first day of spring yesterday…. it was cloudy and cool here… and I wore grey + black. Quite a dichotomy. So, I’m making up for it in today’s post… which is full of color and spring-y things, if you will….

But, in all honesty, I actually love spring. The temperatures tend to be warm and mild (unlike the heat of summer….) and at the risk of sounding cliché, everything really does feel new again (even those slides that I tucked away in the back of the closet….). I look forward to the Easter holiday, the colors of nature, and that it stays light longer. I always have a list of things to do each time this season rolls around, and this year, with little miss being a little older, I’ve added a few more fun activities. I’m sharing that list with you today… and I’d love to know your fun spring activities too!

1. Take Harper to visit the Easter Bunny (she slept through the whole thing last year…)
2. Color Easter Eggs (this could get a little on the messy side….) + then hide them
3. Pick out the perfect Easter dresses. I already snagged Harper’s, and I’m loving this one for me
4. Plan a warm weather getaway. On the short list are Palm Springs and Cabo
5. Make a rosé sangria
6. Have an Easter Brunch
7. Take Harper to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields
8. Stock up on striped tops (my obsession)….. this blush and white button up made it home with me and I love this basic striped tank and multi-striped, spring perfect, tee. I wore this adorable bell sleeved top out for a happy hour with TJ and love the sleeves and the tie back. It’s feminine, while not being too over the top.
9. Have some picnics in the park with Harper
10. Spruce up our patio with a few new plants (likely succulents….)
11. Go on a family bike ride
12. I typically say find the perfect sandal, yet I found this pair and they’re so incredibly comfortable
13. Compile my spring reading list (and actually get through it….)
14. Get in more outdoor workouts. This last weekend TJ and I worked out outside (sprints + strength training) and it was so invigorating to be outside (and I’m still sore….)
15. Refresh my spring make-up routine

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS, great price!) | Jeans | Slides (TTS, wearing the blush color) | Necklace | Bag | Sunglasses)


Date Night || On A Budget + Under $100

Oh, hi Friday. When we went into the week, I thought, “This will be easy… a nice short week.” Um, no. With every single person in our family being hit with norovirus (literally…. it hit Harper for a few hours  on the day we got home, then my mom, my dad, then me, then TJ a mere 5 hours later… and my sister is the latest casualty…) Friday is more welcome than usual….

And when the weekends come, I’m always thinking about fun adventures. In light of our couples time last weekend, date nights have been on the brain…. ways to get creative with them… ways to make them budget friendly… and how to look cute, yet practical. You see, in our parent-less days, date nights were a breeze. We’d get all dolled up, head out late, stay out late, and pretty much do whatever. Now, things are more planned, more practical… and to be honest, that’s all ok with us (#GettingOld).

With that, what I wear has changed too. Now, it’s much more practical too. I prefer jeans and a fun top over fancier items… and my poor heel collection has taken a much too long hiatus. As we were planning to head out of town last weekend, I knew that we would be having a few nights out (although, we opted to stay in on our last night with pizza and champagne… again #GettingOld….) so I went on the hunt for some fun date night items that I could also mix into my everyday life. I ended up finding a ton of budget friendly pieces that I fell in love with…. like these slip on mauve colored mules. They’re the perfect height… and while I won’t be wearing them to any play dates… they’re perfect for a happy hour out… or even a casual lunch date. I’ve rounded up a few other budget friendly clothing options, and included a list of some fun date night options that are simple + budget friendly… but high on quality time and fun….

Clothing + Accessories: 

I stumbled across a few gorgeous tops, all under $65 that I think would be perfect for a date night… as well as work (well, at least I would have worn them to my 9-5) and everyday life. I’m particularly fond of this mauve ruffle sleeve top, as well as this blush peplum top. This blue + white striped bell sleeve top is adorable too… and I think it would pair perfectly with denim shorts in the warmer months, as well as white pants…. and I also like this grey and white striped poplin bell sleeved top. Oh, and this white one shouldered ruffle top too… it’s super casual, but would be adorable with my new favorite jeans and the mules featured today. This clutch is a great smaller option, as is this perforated white cross body bag…. and these gold mules will go with anything, as will these tan kitten heeled mules.

Scroll down for some fun budget friendly date ideas…..

(Outfit Details || Top (under $50) | Mules ($31!) | Jeans (cut hem on my own, follow this DIY) | Clutch (under $60) | Cuff (under $40) | Sunglasses)

Date Ideas:

Our go-to, take-out from your favorite spot + a bottle of vino…
Do a date morning…. head out for a workout together + then grab breakfast (always a cheaper option than dinner….)…
Grab take-out + have a picnic… we did this for Valentine’s Day (Harper in tow)… grabbed some fish tacos + headed down to the beach to watch the sunset….
Happy Hour… great pricing…. small bites…. home in time for the couch, stretchy pants, and some 48 Hours Mystery….
Discover a new cool coffee shop together (they’re popping up everywhere)… we did this last weekend and it was so fun sitting there + sipping our drinks… alone… without rushing…


Wellness || My Probiotic Evening Skin Care Routine

So, I have a few fears in life… some a little scarier than others…. and Tuesday, my dreaded fear of the stomach bug took over and sidelined me for a little over 24 hours. This post was originally scheduled to go live for Wellness Wednesday, yet, since I wasn’t feeling so well, it wasn’t completed. I figure better late than never… so today, I bring you my wellness post for the week and I’m chatting all about my evening skincare routine….

When I started middle school (aka puberty) my mom sat me down and we chatted about the importance of taking care of your skin… especially in the evening, before bedtime. She purchased the necessary products and gave me a step by step tutorial. It was a habit I fell into pretty quickly…. and one I’ve never veered from. Even during those late nights in college, I never went to bed with make-up on…. and made sure to go through my evening skincare routine (it might have just been a tad bit quicker…. and sloppier)….

Over the years I’ve made small variations to the products that I used…. when I find what works, and what I love, I stick with it. Which is why I don’t do a lot of skincare reviews on the blog…. yet, about a year ago I was introduced to TULA skincare and have been hooked ever since. It was right after I had Harper and my skin was going through a dry spell so I thought I would change things up a bit. I was intrigued that their technology used probiotics. I’d been a religious user of probiotics for the gut, but never for the face. So, I did a bit of research.

Here are the benefits of using probiotics as a topical agent on the skin:

1. Wrinkle Prevention (and possibly assist in slowing down the aging process)
2. Strengthen The Skin Barrier (protects the skin’s microbiome which protects against the aging process)
3. Moisturizes (well hydrated skin makes wrinkles less visible… yes please!)
4. Protects Against Sun Damage

After reading all that, I decided I wanted to know more about TULA’s technology and how it utilizes probiotics to help skin. They have a patented technology to help improve the health of the skin, and their products are free from harmful substances and contain the following:

Multistrain Probiotic Technology
Yogurt Cultures
Rice Nutripeptides
Vitamin A, C, + E
Chicory Root Extract
Omega 3 + 6 Fatty Acids

I can honestly say that since using their products, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s moisture level and general glow. I received a few questions asking how I incorporate their products into my evening routine, so I thought I would share that with you since I firmly believe that healthy skin is so important….. And, because I feel so strongly, TULA is offering all my readers 20% off and free shipping on your order. Just use code Shannon20.

I usually start my evening skincare routine around 7:30pm, right after Harper has gone down. I slip into some comfortable pajamas, like this striped pullover + shorts set, and toss my hair into a ponytail so it doesn’t get in the way. I start with the Purifying Face Cleanser which is a gel cleansing emulsion that gently removes make-up and cleans pores…. I love the way it lathers up too.

Every other night, I use the exfoliating treatment mask…. I’m obsessed with it. I notice a huge difference in my skin’s brightness the next morning… It’s my favorite little indulgence on those evenings…. when I get to spend an extra 5 minutes on myself… without any interruptions!

After I wash + dry my face, I apply this toner to prepare my skin for the rest of the products. I then apply the illuminating face serum, one of my favorites from the line. It works to even skin tone, provides moisture from the inside out, and diminishes dark spots. I’ve 100% noticed a brighter complexion in my face since using.

I then apply the overnight skin rescue treatment. This stuff is no joke. If you want to moisturize your face, it’s the real deal. It leaves face incredibly moisturized… and adds a dewy like complexion.

Lastly, I use the revitalizing eye cream (I go between the eye cream and the multi-spectrum eye renewal, both great options) on my under-eye skin and on my eyelids. I love the moisture it provides and it leaves the area illuminated and soft.

That’s all! It sounds pretty intense, but it only takes me about 5 minutes to complete the entire routine… and when I wake up, my skin feels soft and supple…. and most importantly, it’s healthy.