Everyday Dressing || Comfy Kicks + High Waisted Leggings

I’m not a spontaneous person. I’m a planner. I like to be prepared. In the summer months, if we have a beach day, I like to prep snacks and lunches, pack up the bags, and put the towels + toys in the car the evening before. So, I’m not really sure what came over me yesterday morning when I decided, on a whim, to take Harper, by myself, to Disneyland. I guess this weekend’s past trip gave me a little boost of confidence….

I asked people on stories if they thought I was “brave” or just plain “cray.” The response was mixed. You see, Harper is a runner. As in “don’t even try to make me stand in that line, my legs need to move” kind of toddler. So, the thought of being three quarters of the way through a line and having her bolt, without help, made me kinda nervous…. In the end, she did great. We had a few running instances, but all in all, I can’t complain… and she took a long afternoon nap… even better…..

So, given my new found sense of spontaneity, and my toddler who just loves to move her legs, I needed toss on something comfortable + practical, in a hurry. As always, I reached for my go-to basic black leggings (added benefit because they’re high waisted) and distressed denim jacket as a top layer. I knew my feet needed something comfortable, so I tossed on these new kicks… and let me tell you, they’re 100% in the comfort department. Buuuut, I wouldn’t expect anything less from them, since they’re UGG. Which, up until recently, I honestly didn’t know made everyday sneaks. Nordstrom has a great selection of their sneaker line and I love this perforated pair (comes in tons of colors, but the quartz color is my fav) and cute little slip on pair. They also have a wide selection of UGG’s cozy wear that can easily be worn with above mentioned shoes. A few that I have my eye on include this zip hoodie (which is a great transitional piece) or this basic black pullover, paired with these gray leggings.

I was just glad I had them in my closet for my solo Disney adventure with little miss…. I mean, the last thing people needed to see was a mom running, after her toddler, with a limp because of shoes that give her a blister……

(Outfit Details || Sneakers (come in gold too) | Leggings | Pullover (comes in 3 color options) | Denim Jacket | Hat | Gold BraceletBag)

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Family Style || Traveling With A Toddler

As I’ve mentioned several times this week, we headed up to the Solvang/Los Olivos area this past weekend…. it’s a place we visit several times a year, yet, we’ve been going at this same time for the past several years (when Harper was just a little one…). And while traveling with a toddler isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for sure doable if you modify your expectations and go in with a game plan…. and it really can be a wonderful time had by all. So, today, TJ and I decided to share a few tips and tricks we’ve gleaned along the way…. just in case you’re looking to make that trek with your little tike(s)……

1. Look At The Room: Before traveling as parents, TJ and I never really examined the layout of a room…. I mean, we literally study the floor plan and square footage now. Harper goes down at 7pm… and naps for about 2 hours in the afternoon… so being hotel bound during those hours makes it critical that the room is family friendly. When possible (on the pocketbook) we book a large suite, that way, Harper can be in one area sleeping, and we can have our evening too. If not, we make sure there is an outdoor sitting area (patio or balcony), or start her off in the bathroom (if it’s large enough… and yes, we walk out to the lobby restroom if we need to… you gotta do what you gotta do….) and move her out when we go to bed.

2. Plan You Day: We don’t “wing” a day anymore. That’s typically a recipe for disaster. So, we take some time in the morning to loosely lay out what the day will look like (I use the term loosely since there are so many unpredictable variables with a toddler…). If we’re somewhere more “adult” oriented, like last weekend’s wine tasting adventures, we try to incorporate a fun “kid” friendly activity in the morning (i.e. Ostrich Land USA… okay, maybe that was for me too….) and then tasting spots that are open and allow her space to run around.

3. Dress Accordingly: I have to laugh here… our suitcases look slightly different now than they did several years ago… but we’re not mad about it. Since we have an extra traveler adding to the luggage load, one of us has to pack smarter (…. and can you guess who that has to be??….). While I still toss in loads of unnecessary things,  TJ has become much more practical in his packing. He opts for pieces that transition well between day and night, toddler activity to adult activity, and cold to warm. It makes him pretty much up for anything. For this past trip, he packed this slim fitting puffer vest which was perfect for walking to breakfast and coffee in the morning (when temps were in the 40’s)… he layered it over this lightweight stripe sweater which was the perfect solo piece when the temps warmed. He always brings a pair of the Paige Transcend jeans with him everywhere he goes…. a work trip or vacation with the family.  The fit is so perfect that they look dressy enough for a business casual meeting, and casual enough for a day running around after little miss. Nordstrom has the widest selection of Paige jeans for men, with a variety of color options, making it easy to find the right pair for whatever occasion. A few other layering options he brought include this super soft fleece pullover, half zip sweater, slim fit henley (one of his favorite ways to layer), and this casual button-up shirt (this one comes with us everywhere). He also brings these joggers (styled here) for lounging in the room after little miss goes down.

4. Snacks + Activities: We are loaded up with both when we travel…. her favorite snacks, novel toys, and an iPad when all else fails…. it’s the only way we’ve survived the long drives and flights.

5. Extra Time: Everything takes more time with a toddler. Plan accordingly. We leave an extra 30 minutes for the airport, knowing we might have to change a diaper, deal with a melt down, and unload/check-in our abnormal amount of luggage. Also, we highly recommend wearing your little one in a carrier(it they’re still small enough) through security lines…. saves a lot of stress. Trust me.

6. Relax, Have Patience, Lower Expectations: It won’t be perfect. You’ll loose your patience with each other now and again (we do)…. and don’t expect things to be like they are/were when you travel/ed solo. If you can remember all three of those things, I promise you’ll have a good time…. you’ll eventually laugh at the stressful moments….all while making memories with your entire family.

(Outfit Details || TJ’s Pullover | TJ’s Vest | TJ’s Jeans | TJ’s Shoes | TJ’s Hat | My Pullover | My Jeans | My Shoes | My Bag | Sunglasses | Harper’s Jeans | Harper’s Jacket | Harper’s Shoes)

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Everyday Living || Elevated Loungewear

I vividly recall my very first pair of UGG boots. I was a sophomore in college (only a mere 15 years ago….) and it was parent’s weekend. We went out for a shopping trip and I came home with these ankle booties. I proceeded to wear them in every “fashion no” way possible over the early years… namely, with jean shorts + a college hoodie, on my way to an early morning, post late night, breakfast with girlfriends. I still own them to this day (that’s how well they hold up….) and they bring back those memories every time I slip them on my feet….

Maybe it’s because I had such fond memories wearing my first pair, or maybe it’s just because they’re that comfortable, but I’ve never been able to quit the UGG trend. Slippers for Christmas (for myself and TJ), a cozy boot for a winter getaway, or a comfortable kick to take me from point A to point B… I’m always guaranteed comfort when I slip them on my feet. Which is why, last weekend, when I knew we would be heading up to wine country, I slipped this cozy flip flop pair into my suitcase (I can’t stand walking around barefoot, especially in hotel rooms). With little miss going to bed at 7pm, that left TJ and I with some vino, comfy clothes, a warm throw, and the outdoor fire-pit on our patio…. and when little miss decided to wake up at 5:30am the following morning, they were the perfect slippers to wear while playing blocks on the hotel floor (we moved a little slower that morning….)….

Nordstrom has a phenomenal selection of UGG products, for the home, kiddos (these booties were Harper’s first pair), and men (these are TJ’s favorite slippers, and I think these high top kicks are pretty on point) in your life, all in varying price ranges and styles. A few other favorite cozy items from the UGG line for women include this shorts pajama set, cozy robe, fleece lined socks, mule slipper, and cozy sleep shirt. UGG is pretty much the quintessential cozy item, perfect for any day spent lounging around…. and something you’ll have for a long time…..

(Outfit Details || Joggers | Top | Slippers (4 color options) | Blanket

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Real Life Moments + Blush Coats

So, yesterday was one of those days that starts off great… and then gets progressively worse. You know those?? Harper slept until 8:15am (yassss….. right then I thought I was going to be winning through the day….), we headed to the gym… she played, I enjoyed a good workout…. we came home and lounged around while it rained outside (good excuse to go yet another day without washing my hair… currently going on day 5 #DontJudge….), and then she went down for a nap and I got some work done….. it goes downhill from there….. 

Pretty much from 5pm on the evening became progressively more stressful (TJ was gone for a work function so I was riding solo)…. not sure what got into Harper (she’s probably just acting her age. Literally. You know, #TerribleTwos….) but I had a moment where I looked at her and thought to myself “Where did my little miss go????” She was throwing dog food all over the place…. taking all the pots out of the cabinets…. I stepped on a little train we got her for her birthday…. she didn’t feel like eating (playing with her new “Mimi Mouse” items was more interesting…)… you get the drift…. I decided bath time was going to be 15 minutes earlier, and said a prayer of gratitude when she went to bed…. 

Sitting down to relax, I realized that I couldn’t access my blog site dashboard…. My sister told me it had been up and down all day (I missed the down somehow……). After 45 minutes on the phone with my hosting provider it was determined their server was down and I’d have to wait 24 hours…..

Of course, yesterday didn’t involve anything life threatening or life altering (for that I’m grateful)… just one of those days evenings where you have to pause and take several deep breathes, multiple times, throughout the day. I guess God really let me test my intention for the week  

Anyway… let’s talk winter layering. Since it finally rained today (the first of the season…) it had me thinking all sorts of cozy thoughts. I had a request for some “fresh” winter layering ideas and the first thing that came to mind was “blush.” Wrap yourself up in a cozy blush coat and you’ll look like a breath of fresh air this winter season. I bought this faux fur teddy option before Christmas and love the subtle hue… I wore it with an all black look and mauve colored booties for Christmas Eve service… but dressed it down here for a more “everyday” look…. casually tossed on over my favorite henley thermal (a favorite layering option). If you’re looking for a few great winter layering options I’ve listed some more pink hued coats below (ranging from low to high) as well as some perfect under layers that will take you through spring (if you’re looking that far in advance)…. 

Blush Coats: Lightweight moto jacket, bouclé coat (on sale), single button coat (kinda obsessed), gorgeous faux fur mauve coat (I actually ordered this but had to send it back because it was just way too large on me….), shearling coat, and this trench coat.

Lightweight Bottom Layer: Flared sleeve white topbasic drapey tunicbutton detailing long sleeve top, and this ultralight pullover.

(Outfit Details || Jacket | Thermal | Jeans (identical) | Sneaker (other favorite sneaker brand) | Bag | Long Necklace | Short Necklace | Sunglasses)


Silky Fancy Pants

Well, you might be a little surprised after Tuesday’s post to see this outfit. Yes, joggers…. yet again. Before you hit that “unsubcribe” button, hear me out…. I’m all about elevating the basics, right? So… can we just pause a moment for silk joggers?? I mean, come on now, talk about being able to dress up or down in a cinch…. obviously, my favorite way to dress them down is with a cozy oversized sweater (yes, white, yet again….) + comfy kicks… yet, to dress them up simply toss on a pair of heels, corresponding silk cami (you can just be real silky that night….), a moto jacket and you’re ready to go. Day to night made simple…..

A few other cute options, if you’re not loving the camo print but do dig the silky idea is the exact same pair in solid olive green or black, this wine colored pair (great price!), and this teal colored option…..

And, can we just get an AMEN for the weekend? The post-holiday week kinda kicked my bootay, so I spent most of it catching up… ready for a glass of vino and sleeping in (I loose that term very loosely). Have a great weekend friends!

(Outfit Details || Joggers (also here in more sizes) | Pullover | Beanie | Sneakers (also wear these all the time) | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses)


Everyday Basics || Elevating A Basic White Sweater

I’m having a hard time re-adjusting to that post-holiday life…. and have pretty much been living in joggers lately (they’re #life). Today I’ll be pulling myself out of them and into something cute for a fun lunch with my sister, mom, and Harper…. so, hopefully it’ll get me motivated to wear something that actually buttons around the waist again….

And while jeans haven’t been at the forefront of my wardrobe for the past few days, oversized comfy sweaters + my favorite dainty gold jewelry pieces have been. For several reasons really. The oversized sweater hides the post-holiday food + drink baby… and since “oversized” is the “in” style, I can easily convince myself I’m still stylish. Dainty gold jewelry just allows me to feel like I put some effort into dressing….

So, as I head into the “button waist band” life again, I still fully intend on taking my oversized favorites and dainty jewelry right along with me… because, hey, if they can elevate glorified sweatpants, imagine what they can do to a killer pair of mom jeans??

P.S. This post was initially going to chat about easy ways to dress up a basic white top…. so, in one sentence, the same way I dress up sweatpants is the same way I dress up a basic white top… dainty gold jewelry…. My all time favorites come from Gorjana and a few of those include this cuff bracelet (seriously wear it everyday), small bar necklace (a gift from my sister a few years ago…), lariat necklace (which I bought last summer), adjustable beaded bracelet, criss cross cuff, and pendant necklace. I also wear my Maya Brenner initial necklace + ring everyday (as in, they don’t come off…. ever…).

(Outfit Details || Sweater (comes in 3 colors) | Jeans | Booties | Bag (on sale!) | Necklace | Ball Bracelet | Criss-Cross Cuff | Dainty Bracelet | Sunglasses (more options from one of my favorite brand, excellent price point and on trend))



Holiday Style || Traveling Joggers

Putting all sequins, velvet, and lace aside, there’s the traveling style of the holidays too. Whether you’re hopping on a plane to see family, or driving a few hours north, south, east, or west… you likely still want to look pulled together (or, maybe that’s just me….). Yet, the thought of sitting for several hours in a pair of high waisted jeans just isn’t appealing. At All (especially when there is a toddler involved in those travel plans…. alllll that luggage…..). Enter joggers. I’ve written about my love for them before, so, when I find a new pair I feel the need to share. I was skeptical about this super soft gray option when I first saw them… worried they would hang oddly on my short frame. Yet, they fit like a dream… perfect for long and short legs…. and fit perfectly (read: not baggy in the bootay area….). I opted to pair mine with this cozy velour hoodie and oversized scarf (perfect for an added layer of warmth for those cool airplanes….). Bottom line? Comfort while traveling is my jam (well, comfort in life really….).

A few other favorites include this blue option, silky camo pair, moto joggers, and this super stretchy pair
(I own all of the ones I just mentioned and wear them on the regular….).
Happy Travels Friends! xx

(Outfit Details || Joggers (come in 3 colors, run TTS) | Velour Pullover (on sale!!) | Scarf | Beanie | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Bag)


Mixing + Matching Old Favorites || #MomBrain Moment

Yesterday morning I had a quintessential #MomBrain moment… when too many tabs are open and things just go awry. I headed to Sprout’s (a grocery store with those not familiar…), took my reusable bags out of the trunk, unbuckled Harper from the carseat, and locked the door….

You see, for the past few weeks the car has been alerting me that the car key battery was low. “Tomorrow I’ll change it” I told myself pretty much daily (sound familiar…. remember the iPhone fiasco… I promise I wasn’t like this pre-momlife). Without the battery working in the key, I have to manually lock the door, and locking my keys in the car is a real possibility (with a functioning key the car doors won’t lock if the key was detected inside….).

Immediately after I locked, and shut, the door, I knew what I’d done…. insert that emoji where the gal is hitting the front of her face and that was me. After a call to AAA, and my mom to bring in the reinforcements as I waited, with groceries and a hungry toddler… any further crisis was averted (aka, I swore we were going to have a #toddlermeltdown). I shared on my stories and one person commented about how frustrating the situation is but that “The week can only go up from here.” So true, so true. In those life moments where you just want to insert that face hitting emoji, just remember, “it can only go up from here….”

All of that and I have’t even mentioned this outfit…. all pieces I mixed and matched in an attempt to give you some alternative ideas on how to wear them (if you own them, or similar pieces….). I’ll likely be sitting in stretchy pants come Christmas, but for Christmas Eve, or maybe for about an hour on Christmas Day, I would totally wear this laid back outfit (we’re a pretty casual family…). Comfy boots, an oversized sweatshirt, and a perfectly fitted suede jacket can easily transition into a comfy Christmas lounging outfit with the swap into lounge pants (Honeydew Intimates has great options too) and cozy slipper socks.

(Outfit Details || Jacket (other BLANKNYC jackets) | Sweatshirt c/o (on sale!) | Jeans | Booties | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace)


Gift Guide || For The Man…. Stockings, Gadgets, + Accessories

Soooooo, confession time. TJ and I are so behind on our shopping this year. We never are. Always done weeks before. Yet, somehow the time passed so quickly, and here we are, a mere eleven days before Christmas and I’ve purchased several family gifts, but in general, need to get my bootay in gear. Fast. Annnd if you’re finding yourself in my situation, not to stress. TJ and I put together some great last minute ideas for the guy in your life…. some are favorites that he already owns, and others are items he’s added to his wishlist (…. in all honesty though, I’m sure he’d be happy with a little mistletoe….). We’re sharing some accessories, gadgets, and some great stocking stuffer ideas below (and my last gift guide for the man in your life)!

1. Grooming: Such a great option to slip into a stocking. TJ’s all time favorite cologne is this Hermès line that he has been wearing for the past several years. It always ends up in his stocking. He’s also a huge fan of the Kiehl’s line of men’s skincare. His go-to’s include the non-oily SPF facial lotion, energizing face wash, and the eye de-puffer (he swears by it).

2. Gadgets: I don’t know many men who aren’t fascinated by some sort of electronic or gadget of sorts, and TJ isn’t an exception. We recently received the Echo (oh hey, Alexa…) and have loved using it (makes life a little easier…. if that’s possible with a toddler….)… and I’d say TJ has way more fun with it than I do (and we first saw it at my friend’s house… and her husband was just as obsessed). And don’t get me started on men’s obsession with drones… TJ and his friends think this one would make a great gift (quote from TJ: “All guys love **it that flies….” well said.). Oh, and this scalp + body massager is perfect for the guy who works out a lot, or just enjoys a good deep massage. We chatted about these B&O play wireless headphones in the last post, but the sound quality is impeccable…. as is this bluetooth mini speaker (we take it when we travel so we can listen to music in the hotel rooms….). For the guy who loves fitness, or who is looking to get into a fitness routine, TJ loves this fitbit.

3. Accessories: It might sound boring, but socks + underwear are always great options to stick into a stocking. TJ loves to add a little flair under his dress pants, so these striped socks are a perfect option. Annnnd, maybe TMI (??) but these boxer briefs are his fav. A few investment pieces, that TJ has used frequently over the years, include these gold cuff links (which were a gift to him), as well as this briefcase, and matching belt to his favorite shoes.

4. Bar Accessories: Always a great option for the libation loving man in your life (pair it with a bottle of his fav beverage of choice). A couple of great options include this set of beer glasses + this modern whiskey carafe. Annnd, top of TJ’s list is this draft beer system… pretty much turns any of his bottled or canned bears into draft style beers (he was like “I need this.”).  My dad loves wine, and in the past, we’ve bought him this wine aerator. Bloomingdale’s has an excellent assortment of bar accessories for the man in your life.

Bloomigndale’s also has a wonderful gifts section for the man in your life, so be sure to check it out as well!
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Holiday Style || Dressing Up A LBD

For my last college sorority formal (I’m going way back here) I knew I wanted something a little more sophisticated (I mean, I was preparing to enter the real world as a full blown adult…..). So, I went on the hunt for a little black dress. Something I knew would be a blank canvas to dress up however I wanted. I found a gorgeous, floor length, backless number and still own it to this day. Which is why when I find a good little black dress, I scoop it up…. it can pretty much take you anywhere, with a few simple swaps… particularly around the holidays. With so many different parties and events on the calendar (office parties, NYE celebrations, birthdays….) being able to dress up a simple silhouetted LBD in a flash is essential. Over the years I’ve learned to perfect this with a few key wardrobe pieces….

1. Statement Jewelry: One of my all time favorite ways to dress up my LBDs is to add a few statement making pieces of jewelry. I recently discovered Victoria Emerson’s boho wrap + cuff bracelets… to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. They instantly dress up any outfit, and can easily be worn well after the holidays with distressed jeans and a silky blouse. I picked out the brownstone crystal wrap bracelet + the sahara cuff to dress up my LBD, but I also love this all black cuff and crystal wrap bracelet. The pieces make great holiday gifts too (think secret santa, siblings, friends…) and I bought this wrap for my sister’s stocking (which I fully intend on borrowing from her) and think this beaded necklace + horn pendant necklace are gorgeous too.

2. Standout Shoes: When the dress is simple (or, just any all black outfit for that matter) I think shoes should be another statement piece. These studded booties keep my toes warm in the cool evenings, but there are so many embellished shoes out this season, any would make your LBD standout.

3. Faux Fur: For the holidays, this is the route I go (been doing it for years). There’s something luxurious that faux fur adds to any outfit…. especially a LBD. Be it a faux stole, coat, or vest I’ve collected one of each over the years and have them on heavy rotation this time of year.

4. Beautiful Smile: Like I’ve always said, the person makes the clothes, and a smile exudes confidence. So long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll be a knockout….

That’s it…. super easy and quick, but it does the trick!

(Outfit Details || Dress (wearing ) | Boots | Vest | Wrap Bracelet | Cuff | Bag (similar))

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