Everyday Elevated || The T-Shirt Dress

I read somewhere, a few years ago, that you should look at your most worn items in your closet and buy more of them… duh, right? Well, being in a 9-5 job that wasn’t very glamorous (incredibly helpful yes, glamorous, no.) I, for some reason, filled my closet with pretty dresses to wear “to that wedding I have this summer….” or “in case we decide to go to a fancy dinner….” and in the end, I wore them once and then they never saw the light of day again (well, that’s not entirely true…. they were borrowed a lot…). All that to say, the above statement was like a brick in the face. Hellllll-O…. probably don’t need those dresses……

So, I became much more pragmatic. Tops, tees, jeans, flats, cardigans, and jackets became the items that filled my closet… and just like that, I was actually able to wear most of my items on a daily basis…. mixing and matching… dressing up and down. Yet, as much as I love my favorite everyday basics (read: jeans), to be honest, sometimes I’m like “again?…..” Then I stumbled across this t-shirt dress and thought I’d see how it fit with my other favorite items…. I mean, it’s as basic as a dress can get, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try….

I was sold the moment I put it on (I’m actually wearing it backwards because I like the v-neck line….) and immediately paired it with with my favorite sneakers, denim jacket, and cap. Such an easy throw on and go option… and casual enough to run errands in and chase around little miss. It’s a dress that’s the epitome of everyday living elevated…. but can also be dressed up with a cute pair of espadrilles + a suede jacket for a fun night out…..

A few other cute t-shirt dress options include this grey option with the cutest back details, grey and white striped v-neck dress, and this slouchy blue + white striped option.

{Outfit Details || Dress (wearing XS… could have taken a S) | Jacket | Sneakers (size down) | Cap | Cuff | Sunglasses | Bag (cheaper option)}


The Suede Jacket || Blushing

Around this time last year, I went on the hunt for the perfect camel colored suede jacket. The one I had my eye on sold out while I had it sitting in my shopping cart (I contemplated too long…. I hate when that happens)… and then all I could find were suede jackets well over the $500 price point…. just a tad over what I was willing to pay (I say that sarcastically). Yet, when I get something in my head, I am relentless about it… that can be a strength, and a weakness at times… yet this time, it was a strength. I stumbled across the best real suede jacket…. for an even better price point ($60…. WTF….) from Forever 21 (you can see it styled here, here, + here). I was #obsessed…. I mean, the quality was (and still is) amazing + the price point was seriously unbelievable…. I wore it all the time…. still do….

Yet, this season I wanted to mix things up a bit, and went on the search for a colored suede jacket (I own one in cobalt blue… but wanted something a little softer for spring….). Of course, this one caught my eye…. but the price tag brought me back to reality. Quickly. I don’t think so. Ever….. Especially after last year’s steal…. so the search continued….

Until a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this blush beauty (yes, I realize all 3 of my posts this week have had blush in them… can you tell I like it…. remember what I said about when I get something in my head I’m relentless….???). While not the same price as last year’s steal, it was well under the original find, so I decided to give it a try. When it came in the mail I was smitten. A gorgeous light blush color, the softest suede, the smell of suede, and the most perfect fit/shape. I wore it out to brunch the other weekend, and can’t wait to wear it this coming weekend as well. I even plan on wearing it with my favorite tank and high waisted leggings for a casual day of errands… or a post work-out brunch. I’m all about versatility, and this jacket fits the bill…..

If you’re looking for a suede option, under $200, I also highly recommend this option (I tried it on in the store, while waiting for this one to arrive, and if I could, would snag it in the light blue….). The fit is amazing and it’s excellent quality too. I also love the scallop edges on this camel colored option, and this drape front faux suede option is a great price and color.

I still consider that suede jacket from last year to be one of my best finds ever…. I’d love to know what your best find was!

{Outfit Details || Jacket (wearing size 4) | Tank | Jeans | Mules | Sunglasses}


Spring Things Under $100 || Blush Shoes + Transitional Cardigans

A few things you may, or may not, know about me (or, you may not even care, and in that case, just scroll right on down….):

1. I love a good all white outfit. Yet, each and every time I put one on I think to myself “marshmallow?”…..
2. I have a strong distaste for black shoes. I try to love them, but I never seem to like how they look on me….
3. I hoard comfy cardigans as if my life depended on it.
4. I’m short. So, each and every pair of jeans I own, I always add my own personal distressing to them…..
5. I’m a creature of habit. When I find something that I love, I tend to repeat it….

So…. I guess this outfit is no surprise. It’s pretty much one through five in a nutshell…. and embodies all my favorite spring trends in one place (well, almost one place, you can see my other spring trend post here….)…. items and pieces that I can dress up and down and wear during warmer temps and cooler temps. For today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favorites from Nordstrom, all under $100 (because, you don’t have to break the bank to look amazing….).

1. Blush Shoes: This has to be one of my absolute favorite trends for this spring season. Adding a pair to any outfit instantly creates a feminine touch. I’m still loving mules, so when I was in Nordstrom the other day, I snagged these little beauties. Nordstrom has so many great blush options, at great quality, and an even better price point. We have a few sunny weekend trips planned, so I picked up these blush slide sandals (they come in multiple color options too) and can’t wait to wear them with today’s outfit, or my favorite denim shorts or slip dress. I also own this comfortable pair of blush espadrille platform kicks (which I bought right after the holidays)…. they go with everything and are super comfortable for all day wear. A few other options that I’ve owned for a while and will continue to wear into the spring season include these quilted slip-ons and velvet platform sneakers (last seen here).

2. White Peplum Tank: An absolutely perfect layering piece… functional, feminine, and versatile. My two favorites are this asymmetrical tank I’m wearing in today’s post, and this open back option (that I wear with this bralette, and included an image of at the end of the post). I’ve worn these tops out to brunch as you see here, with leggings and a denim jacket for a day of errands, and with jeans and a suede jacket for happy hour.

3. Cardigans: When it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon…. or simply, just a mild day that needs a layer, my go-to this spring will be my favorite cardigans. I added this grey one to my collection, and love the side lace-up detailing, as well as the pockets in the front. It’s such an easy throw-on-and-go piece. A few other cute ones include this open front blush cardiganadorable ruffle sleeve cardigan, and this open knit cardigan.

4. Pretty Jewels: I love finishing any outfit with a few simple accessories. Right now, I’m loving this crystal chain bracelet and this crystal cuff. This dainty rose gold bracelet and these jacket earrings are also perfect accessories to add to any outfit.


(Outfit Details || Top (so many color options, under $40) | Cardigan | Jeans | Mules (come in black too)| Watch | Bracelet | Bag (similar, less expensive option) | Sunglasses)


In sponsorship with Nordstrom. As always, all options expressed are my own. 


Instagram Outfit Round-Up || February

I remember when this year started, and March seemed so far away…. and now, here it is. I’ve always had an affinity for March…. it’s our wedding month, and it’s something I always look forward to after the holidays are over. With spring right around the corner, I’m excited for days spent outside, lightweight layers, slide sandals, and wide brimmed hats! Yet, until then, I’ll be living in most of these pieces you see today! Hope you’re all having a great weekend xx

{Top (comes in 4 colors) | Jeans}

{Sweater (under $50!!)}

{Jacket | Cap | Leggings | Tank}

{Top | Jeans | Harper’s onesie | Jeans | Sandals}

{My shoes | Harper’s Shoes}

{Joggers | Tank}

{Leggings | Sweatshirt}

{Tank ($17!) | Cardigan | Jeans (currently 15% off)}


{Sweatshirt | Joggers | Sneakers}

{Stripe Top | Sneakers}

{Top (similar, under $100)}

{Sweatshirt | Harper’s top sold out}

{Sweater (sized up two, wearing M)

{Sweater (seriously, one of my favorites… I also layer a tank underneath on warmer days…. and use this as a top layer)}


Weekend Wear + Navigating Outings With Little Miss

So, before I became a mom, there were things I promised myself I would never do… and then I did some of them. Nothing major, you know…. things like “Oh, I’ll never change my child’s diaper in the car….” Yeah, that happens frequently. Or, that my house wouldn’t be a miniature Toys R Us…. yeah, I pretty much can’t keep track of Harper’s toys (and 90% of the times she chooses to play with items that aren’t even considered toys….). All that being said, I can only imagine all my “I will never’s…..” that are going to come crashing down around me as little miss moves further into toddlerhood. Given that, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to how I’ve been navigating being out and about with little miss in this new toddler stage……

1. Comfort: Always. My numero uno requirement for a day is that I can run and move in anything I wear. Which is why, for the most part, everything I share is just that (with a few exceptions for that special occasion). On days when we have nothing planned, I opt for tennis shoes, my favorite leggings, and a sweatshirt/hoodie of sorts (so easy to toss on and off….). A cap pulls it all together (well, actually, it pretty much just covers up hair that hasn’t been washed in 5 days…) and makes me feel cooler than I am….

2. Gear: While what I wear is important, what I bring is equally as paramount. Recently, we’ve been using this umbrella-like stroller. It’s not as small as a true umbrella stroller, which is nice…. and it’s definitely sturdier. Yet, it’s incredibly lightweight, collapses in one easy step, and has a good amount of storage for its size. We’ve taken it to the zoo, on our short weekend trips (perfect size for a hotel room), and to the park. It’s such an easy stroller to manage, and perfect for everyday. I’ve also been alternating between my favorite diaper bag (same brand option here) and this blush colored tote. The tote is incredibly spacious, and can hold a variety of items. I usually place my cell phone in the outside pocket, and my keys, wallet, and sunglasses in the interior pocket. It can fit diapers, wipes, a changing pad, lotions, snacks, sippy cups, a few toys, and a change of clothing (for both of us) easily (I also use it as a gym bag….).

3. Snacks: In all honesty, we don’t snack that much. I tend to use snacks as a great “distraction” option when we are out and about (of course, if she is hungry she can eat whenever!!). Yet, there are a few “treats” that I reserve for when we are out and about (i.e. at a restaurant, in the store, at the mall….). The ever popular puffs, in this little container, keep her occupied for quite sometime. I was asked which snacks I found to be successful in keeping little miss occupied. So far, I’ve found the aforementioned puffs, organic ritz-like-crackers (these things are her weakness…. I reserve them for those desperate situations…. because when they’re gone…. well, you can only imagine….), string cheese, and these little granola bars (I love these as an option!). She’s also a huge fan of Lara Bars, RX Bars, and Perfect Bars (like, she’s obsessed)!

4. Modify Expectations: I think without this ability, any outing will seem like a failure. Let’s be real. A long leisurely lunch just isn’t going to happen with a little one (and if you have them, please tell me your secret….). So, going into it with that expectation gives me a little bit of perspective. That being said, I try to bring novel toys when we go out to a restaurant. Something she doesn’t play with often, or hasn’t seen in a while, so that her attention will be slightly captivated by that toy. Sometimes we get the crayons and color with her (not that she does much coloring, but she does like to watch)…. and other times, one of us runs around with her a little bit outside before it’s time to eat (that way we all eat at the same time, and she releases some energy). Is that situation ideal? Not really, buuuuut, again, modify expectations. We also find that bringing a book to the restaurant, and actually reading it to her, can help……

The other day we were at the mall and this little boy was playing with his iPad in the stroller ahead of me in line. He was perfectly content, and the mom was the complete antithesis of frazzled. The much older lady in front of me turned around and stated, “What’s with parents and electronics these days?” I probably looked like a deer in headlights and didn’t really say much. I learned a while ago not to judge moms. We all have moments, we all have our way of doing things, and we all care about our children. That being said, I am not opposed to an iPad, or electronics, when out at a restaurant, traveling on an airplane (what would you prefer as a passenger??? A toddler running up and down the isles or one peacefully watching a cartoon?…..), or grocery shopping. I haven’t done it yet (I’m waiting for that day though….) and am a firm believer in moderation (hence, the premise of the blog). My child using a form of electronics once in a while is not going to do permanent damage to her social skills. There’s a time and place for everything, and every mom has to decide what that is for them……

Oh, we also try to choose places that are relatively kiddo friendly…. with the exception of our blunder here…..

5. Timing: When we head out, I’m always sure to schedule the outing immediately after a nap. That typically gives us ample time to do what we need to do, without the potential meltdown from fatigue.

As we go into the weekend, you can 100% guarantee we’ll be employing these techniques!! I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be sharing an instagram roundup of all my outfits tomorrow morning (a rare Saturday post!).

{Outfit Details || Zip Up (comes in so many different colors ) | TankLeggings | Sneakers | Cap | Bag (c/o)(comes in 5 colors, such a great size!) | Stroller (c/o) | Harper’s Hoodie (similar)}


Spring Essentials || Casual Chic In THE Best Jeans + Sleeveless Sweatshirt

As I was tossing clothing into my overnight bag this past weekend, several sweatshirts made the cut… and as I began thinking about it, my life has cycled in and out of sweatshirts over the years….

In elementary school, it was the heinous matching sweatpants (with the full blown elastic on the bottom) + sweatshirts. The brighter the color the better (I’d beg to differ now….)….. In high school, it was all about the college sweatshirts. It didn’t matter if I was going there… the more the better…. you know, those hoodies with the big ol’ raised college lettering?? Yeah, I probably had one from every school I visited…. Then, in college, it was all about the actual school pride sweatshirt… and then the Greek letter sweatshirt (could never have too many of those…..)…. In graduate school, I was pretty much too studious for sweatshirts (that’s what I thought at least) and relegated myself to Juicy Couture velour track suits. A much better option (riiiiight….).

And now? Well, as we head into Spring, and I begin to curate my wardrobe for the warmer temperatures, I can’t get enough of them… along with several other necessities for casual living….

So, when I was in Nordstrom the other day, I could’t help but grab a few options in preparation for the season change. They had so many amazing items, all at great price points… and perfect for everyday living. If you’re looking for some spring necessities, I have you covered today….

1. Sweatshirt: A much more refined version than the ones listed above. It’s practical, comfortable as heck, and when paired with the right accessories, has you ready for a casual day out. I own several at this point, with two of my favorites being the sleeveless options…. both in white and grey. You can easily layer them underneath a coat, or wear them solo when the temperatures are warm enough. They lend themselves to a laid back feel. I also own this slightly slouchy, off the shoulder option in two colors, as well as this split neck hoodie…..

2. Grey Jeans: When you pair any of the above mentioned sweatshirts with a pair of grey jeans, it’s a winner. I’m loving this shade as an alternative to my favorite black pair and white option. They go with anything, and this pair has the perfect amount of distressing (all I had to do was rip the jeans open a little more). A few other grey jean options that I am loving include this high waisted pair and this option with the side zippers.

3. Denim Jacket: I’ve always been a fan of this wardrobe staple. Yet, this season I went on the hunt for the perfect slightly oversized, slightly distressed jacket and landed on this one. It’s such an amazing price point and I’ve already worn it multiple times (haven’t even had it for a week). It pairs well with the above mentioned pieces, but will also look great over a dress, or with black shorts and a white tee when the temps warm up (and my legs become tan…).

4. Espadrille Sneakers: Nothing screams spring more than a pair of espadrilles… and while the wedge versions aren’t a very practical everyday option, this sneaker sure is. I bought them last season, and was so excited to pull them out again this year. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day, and the espadrille sole is a perfect alternative to regular old kicks….. I also own this cognac color option.

5. Accessories: Of course, hats of any kind are my go to, and this one is no exception (it helps to cover up dirty hair….)… and tossing on a few gold accessories really pulls any outfit together. This circle pendant and fan pendant necklaces are excellent options.

{Outfit Details (ALL clothing pieces under $90!)|| White Sweatshirt (comes in 3 color options, wearing XS) | Grey Sweatshirt (comes in 5 color options, wearing XS) | Jeans (size up 1, I’m wearing 25) | Distressed Denim Jacket | Light Blue Denim Jacket | Sneakers (super comfortable) | Hat | Bag (less expensive option) | Sunglasses | Necklace (similar) | Thumb Ring}

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 


Resort Wear + My Top Four Resort Spots In California

It’s around this time of year that the cooler temps and weekly rainstorms get old, and I start daydreaming of warm weather destinations…. and when those daydreams turn into reality, it’s an even better situation…

With our anniversary in a mere two weeks, and Harper set to have her staycation with Nana and Grand-daddy, TJ and I will be heading down to San Diego for the weekend (our tradition), to one of our favorite resorts. Of course, we’re dreaming of an extended vacation in warmer weather, with our entire family, but this will definitely satiate the appetite for some sun, relaxation, and cocktail sipping….

And with a resort vacation on the horizon… and hoping future trips as well…. I’ve been on the hunt for some fun resort items to pack in my suitcase. The LOFT has been a go-to for their classic, colorful, and resort perfect attire. Their pieces are at the perfect price point (under $100) and excellent quality. I recently snagged this scalloped one piece, and got a little bold barring my belly in the cutest ruffle two-piece. Both provide the coverage I’m looking for, and help me feel confident while walking from pool, to lounge chair….. I also love this black and white romper, striped open back sweatshirt (the ties are adorable), this wide brimmed hat, and adorable straw tote to take me from pool to cocktail sipping.

Oh, and just n case you’re heading to California anytime soon, I decided to share with you my four favorite resort towns….

San Diego: The options are pretty much limitless here. Excellent restaurants, gorgeous beaches, beautiful hiking spots. I could go on and on….

Santa Barbara: I have a soft spot in my heart for this beautiful coastal town in California. I grew up visiting it every summer with my family and some close family friends, and have loved visiting with our little family too. Similar to San Diego, but much smaller, it has a sleepy town feel, while still having delicious restaurants and some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in California.

Palm Springs: I’d say it’s sunny here 80% of the year. Which is why we get out there 3-4xs a year. They  have several different resort areas, all offering you the ultimate in rest and relaxation. There are luxurious resorts, hip and trendy resorts, and kid friendly resorts too.

Catalina: This tiny little island off the Southern California coast is absolutely gorgeous. The water is pristine, the streets are tiny… reminiscent of European beach towns…. and there are plenty of water and land activities to engage in…. a quick boat ride from one of the local harbors can get you there in under 2 hours.

Happy traveling friends (and happy shopping for your attire too…..)!

{Outfit Details // Cover-up Pants (skirt version here)| Blue Scalloped Suit | Orange Swim Top/Bottom (on sale!) | Pink Sweater (I sized up to M for slouchy fit) | Sunglasses (such a great price!) | Clutch | Necklace}

Thank you to LOFT for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my honest thoughts and reflections. 


Dressing For Date Night + The 12 Year Memory

Thanks to Facebook memories, I was pleasantly greeted with a twelve year old memory the other morning. One of my 21 year old self, TJ’s 23 year old self, before we headed out for our first date. #Babies. As we laughed at the image, it took me back to that evening and those feelings that surrounded it…..

I remember getting ready in my room, my college room-mates prepping for their evenings out as well…. there was a hustle around the house as we all swapped items and tried to decide what to wear. Looking back on the photo, I recall wanting to look classy and chic…. pulled together, yet feminine. So, I settled on a favorite black silk button-up top, some layered gold accessories, a pair of pink kitten heels (cuter than they sound….. I think….), and my favorite jeans (hmmmmmm…… not much has changed I’d say…..)….

When TJ came to the door to pick me up, I remember feeling giddy inside…. but also confident. We ended up heading out to dinner and drinks (well, 3 Long Island Iced Teas to be exact….. don’t really remember what I ate for dinner though….) and meeting up with friends after. It was a fun evening…. obviously…. because here we are, 12 years later…. and not much has changed….

I still wear jeans out to anything and everything…. we still enjoy getting cocktails (although, to be honest, I haven’t had a Long Island in years…..)…. we still enjoy date nights…. and I still love the way he compliments me when he sees what I’m wearing…

All that to say, we’re celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks by heading out of town for a weekend. Alone. Which means there will be a couple of evenings out, and I’m already thinking about them. When I saw this off the shoulder, ruffle sleeve sweater, I thought it was the perfect night out sweater. Classy. Fun. Chic.  All the same qualities that I looked for in a date night outfit twelve years ago….. something to feel comfortable and confident in. I love the classic white, the femininty the ruffles add, and the fact that it’s a lightweight sweater… no need for a jacket to cover up the best part…. I’m sure I’ll be packing items like this for our weekend away…..

A few other ruffle sweaters that I have my eye on include this grey option, with the cutest ruffles circling the shoulder, this pretty pink one, with ruffles on the shoulder and wrists, sleeveless sweater version (so classy), and this slouchy mauve colored one, with cascading ruffles down the sleeves.

{Outfit Details // Sweater (wearing XS) | Jeans | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Initial Necklace | Bag (cheaper option here)}


Everyday Dressing Elevated // My Favorite White Tees

The white tee. Perfect for those days when you just don’t care… don’t have time… or just want to look casual and chic. Yet, I argue that in order to do it with style, the hubs or boyfriend’s Hanes v-neck undershirt might not be the way to go (trust me, I tried it in college, and I would prefer to just burn those photos please…oh, and I actually bought those on my own…. they weren’t actually borrowed….)…. So, today, I’ve rounded up my favorite white tees for looking fab in a pinch and pulled together on the daily in one of the most basic wardrobe staples that exists…..


I love this option as an alternative to the basic v/crew necklines. The arms add a little femininity…. and in this particular tee, it’s oversized enough to slouch ever so slightly off the shoulder (kind of like a two for one….). This option can be dressed up or down, and is versatile enough for pretty much any occasion (even lounging around the house….). It’s easy to move in, hangs nicely, and is figure flattering. In the summer months, wear it with your favorite denim shorts, straw fedora, and blush slides.

{Outfit Details // Top (so soft!) | Jeans | Necklace | Sunglasses | Bag}


Huge fan of the tie front look over here… do it to my oversized tunics all the time…. so it only seemed natural to add this white tee to my collection. It’s pre knotted (saves me a few seconds…. and I’ll take whatever I can get….), which gives off an effortless look…. and also makes it a little more fitted than the other options here. I like it solo with my favorite pair of high waisted jeans…. or layered underneath my utility jacket…. since you can still see the tie, it adds a dimension of texture……

{Top (ordered XS) | Jacket (ordered XS)}


One of my favs…. love the slouchy nature of the tank, the button front option, and how it layers perfectly under pretty much any pieces. Pair it with a lace bralette for an added touch of femininity…. and layer it under your favorite chunky knit for a casual day…. or dress it up with a motto/suede jacket. Really, the options are limitless with this choice…. oh, and you can also knot the front of this one too…..

{Tank (several color options, ordered xs) | Cardigan | Jeans | Purse}

Oh the basic v-neck. Every gal needs it in her closet. I recommend picking one that is slightly oversized to give you that slouchy, effortless look (which was only achieved by trying on several different options…..). I was drawn to the rolled sleeves of this one, and it’s made of the softest fabric….. In my opinion, the best tees are a blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester… it seems to be the magic trifecta in creating the perfect v-neck….. Another tee that I own, but in black, is this option (it’s a similar fit to the first tee I featured).

{Tee (ordered XS) | Bralette | Jacket (ordered XS) | Bag}

Some of my other favorites also include this ruffle sleeve option and peplum version. I own both, and they are the perfect compliment to any outfit!


The Best Of President’s Day Sales (And My Favorite Items I Personally Own)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, extended weekend, with those you love. I’m interrupting your weekend with a few of the best President’s Day Sales… including some of my personal favorite items that are currently on major sale! We’re heading up to LA this morning to take Harper to the LA Zoo, and then stay the night at a favorite hotel… so I’ll share my Weekend Recap Tuesday morning! Have a great Monday off friends!

Banana Republic is currently having 40% off, and I snagged this bell sleeved utility jacket yesterday and have my eye on this faux wrap top…..

LOFT has some super cute items right now too, all of which are 40% off….. I have this side button pullover in the peach color (I sized up to a M, as it is a more fitted sweater), this incredibly soft (like, on of the softest items I own) zip-up (featured above), as well as this chambray romper for warmer weather (it’s raining here…. but it was too cute to pass up….)…..

One of my favorite ruffle tier tops is currently on sale from Anthropologie…..

And, of course Nordstrom has some of my all time favorites currently marked down…. like this super soft and flattering v-neck sweater (I own in cream and black), this peplum button-up thermal (I own in grey), scoop neck thermal (which I own in taupe + black…. size up for length, I bought a S), my all time favorite oversized cardigan is on sale too…. as is the prettiest coral color dress (featured here) if you’re looking ahead to spring. This faux drape wrap sweater, which I love wearing everywhere, is on sale in the black and grey (I own it in black)….. as well as this grey crop that I wear when I do my yoga videos at home…… lastly, my all time favorite pullover is on sale too (I sized up to a M for an oversized fit)…..

A few items that I have my eye on include this ruffle pullover, side tie stripe tee (so perfect for spring…. layered under a trench or lightweight cardigan), side knotted long sleeve tee (I like the mauve/taupe-ish color option), and this mesh tee for working out in (the grey color is so cute!).