Dressing For A Daytime Date || My Top Four Tips

Right after little miss arrived, I remember craving a night out with TJ. My mom and dad happily watched Harper while TJ and I headed out to our favorite spot at the beach for a little happy hour sushi. It was my first time having sushi since being pregnant, and our first date night since we had become parents. We were two weeks into this new job title, and I vividly remember sitting there, staring at each other, and all we could talk about was how tired we were (I promise you we had a great time… we were just exhausted). From that moment on, I knew things were going to change a little….

Now, when we contemplate going out for a date, we prefer day dates, over an evening out, 90% of the time. Yes, we have the occasional #ParentsGoneWild evening (those are always fun… not so much in the mornings though….), but most of the time, when the evening rolls around, we just want to veg out on the couch (I swear we’re not boring)…. during the day though, we’re full of energy, used to running on all cylinders with little miss. So, last weekend, when we headed down to the beach for a dinner, we decided our next day date would be back to the same area (Pacific City in Huntington)…. and as we got to planning, I of course started thinking about that perfect day date outfit…. casual, feminine, comfortable, and cute. That’s my criteria… and right now, I’ve found so many adorable day date pieces from Nordstrom…. excellent price points for the cutest pieces… that I thought I’d share my top picks with you today.

1. Feminine Top: A top and jeans (shorts or long) combo is an excellent option for pretty much any occassion. I love pairing a feminine top with a pair of distressed high waisted shorts for a summer day date. It’s the perfect balance. When I saw this floral tunic, I knew it would the perfect piece for a casual day date… the material is light and airy, and I love the way it flows in the breeze. It can easily pair with jeans, and can be front knotted or front tucked. A few other favorites include this white lace camisole (with these jeans), this super cute blush peplum top (with the most amazing back details….), white tie sleeve cold shoulder top, and this blush tunic halter top (love the asymmetrical hem).

2. Casual Dress: I love the thought of a dress during the day… when paired with simple accessories and shoes, it’s casual enough for any activity. A few perfect options include this basic racerback midi dress (I think the blue is a fun color), adorable stripe off the shoulder dress (seriously, super cute), embroidered off the shoulder top (4 gorgeous color options), and this floral slip-dress (I’m partial to the blue…).

3. Summer Sandal: Sandals for daytime are a must in my book…. they keep things casual. I decided to add a little height with my favorite espadrilles, but I also own these double strap slide sandals (which come in 8 color options) and this neutral slide and both would pair perfectly with any of the above dresses. If you’re wanting something with a little bit of height, but less than the espadrilles, I think these platform wedges are an excellent alternative.

4. Accessories: Daytime doesn’t need a lot of accessories… a simple piece of jewelry (or two), a cute straw hat, or tote, and you’re ready to go. While I typically opt for simple gold accessories for any occassion, these earrings were too fun to pass up…. I let them do all the talking and leave my go to gold accessories at home. If I’m opting for one of the above dresses, my favorite gold necklace (similar) is the perfect piece to toss on.

Then, all that’s left is to have yourself the best time ever!

(Outfit Details || Tunic (runs large, 3 color options), with this bralette | Shorts (run TTS) | Espadrilles (run TTS, come in 4 color options) | Earrings | Sunglasses | Tote)

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Loose + Flowy || The Antidote To An Indulgent Weekend……

I really didn’t hold back on our recent trip to Cabo. I was chatting with a girlfriend the other night, and she was asking exactly what I meant by that. I explained the following:

1. Multiple (and I’m not exaggerating here) servings of chips + guac, several times a day….
2. And then there was the ceviche snack (no, the guac and chips were not a part of that snack….)
3. Tacos daily. That was lunch.
4. A full fledge pasta dinner
5. Margaritas (I lost count….)
6. Chocolate cake and ice cream delivered via room service…..

Needless to say, flowy tops were on the agenda for the weekend that followed (I didn’t dare pull out that new bodysuit). I’ve been back on track this week… and feeling better… and while I’ve left those indulgent days for my next vacation, one thing I won’t be leaving behind are loose fitting tops. While I love a fitted option, there is something feminine and romantic about a top that hangs perfectly on the body. They pair with jeans of any sorts (long or short) and are fitting for any occassion. I stumbled across this olive green silky version a few weeks ago and fell in love with the color and material.  A few others I purchased before we left for our trip include this tiered chambray top and this olive green halter top… but I also love this off the shoulder gingham top and embroidered white blouse… (they are all currently 30% off for a limited time….). I also bought this red gauzy top for a girlfriend’s birthday celebration this coming week (nice and loose…..)…. and how perfect is this embroidered maxi dress (currently on sale too)? Talk about perfect coverage! So, if you have a weekend full of indulging… hopefully one of these tops will help with the aftermath (just kidding… sort of….).

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS, under currently on sale for $30, two color options) | Jeans | Sandals | Sunglasses | HatNecklace | Tote and here, Pom Pom)


Lessons Learned In Motherhood + A Mother’s Day Giveaway

I once heard that you learn the most about yourself when you become a parent. That your weaknesses are brought into full focus and your insecurities tested. I assumed it was true, I’d seen it play out numerous times with clients I worked with… what I didn’t know, was how that would look when I became a mother myself….

After being a mom for a year and several months (16 months to be exact… but whose counting….??), and more recently a mother to a toddler, I can honestly say that I have learned a thing or two about myself. Almost all of these lessons are learned through my interactions with little miss, and while they’re challenging in the moment, they lend themselves to growth, and hopefully, a better mother to Harper. I lack in patience, have a difficult time going with the flow, and thrive the best when I practice regular self-care. Today I teamed up with Laundry to chat with you about those lessons I’ve learned since becoming a mother… and to bring you an amazing giveaway over on instagram. See the end of this post for the entry details (it’s a good one!).

1. Patience: If I could write a letter to my pre-mom self it would be that patience would literally be “the best virtue.” I’m not a patient person by nature (#weakness), and I’m not sure if it took becoming a mom to realize the importance of the trait, but there is something within her that brings about a patient side of me given to no one else. Maybe it’s the innocence I see within her… the curiosity… the drive to be independent… or the role that I have been given to teach her the way of the world…. but whatever it is, becoming a mother has given me patience I never thought I had within myself. I cherish that part she has given to me.

2. Go With The Flow: If I could write a letter to my pre-mom self the bold message at the top would read “Go With The Flow.” I’m not always good at this. I have my opinions, know what I want, and often times have an idea in my head as to how a situation should play out. Sometimes it’s a strength… other times it’s a major weakness…. especially when you have a toddler who has her opinions (yet expresses them through screams…), knows what she wants (and flops on the ground when she doesn’t get it), and has an idea of how the situation should play out for her. Something I mentally prepare myself for each day is that it likely won’t go the way I have it planned out in my head…. she might not like the breakfast in front of her today…. today she might want nothing to do with the park she played at for hours the previous day…. today she might just want to be held, even though I have hundreds of things to do. What I’ve learned is that what she needs is sometimes exactly what I need too. When she wants to be held, I often need to slow down. When she wants to play at the park for hours, and I have tons to do, I often need to have a little fun myself. Do I always go with the flow… um, no. Yet, I’ve quickly learned that the more I go with the flow, the more we all flow together.

3. Self Care Is The Best Care: I’ve talked about self care a lot, but I think it’s quite possibly one of the best lessons I’ve learned since becoming a mom. The depletion felt when the bucket is empty is real. Nothing left to give…. which ultimately makes no one happy. Harper has taught me that she’s at her happiest when I’m at my happiest… and that means tending to myself. My favorite ways to do so are a long workout (spin… a run), a manicure or pedicure, and a fun night out. Dressing up, getting out past 6:30pm, and sipping a libation (or two) connects me to who I was before I became a mom… it reconnects me to those I care about…. and leaves me feeling fulfilled. Part of the fun is in getting all dolled up…. and while I typically opt for jeans and a fun top, this dress is a fun option for a fancy night. Yet, when I want to keep to my casual style, I’m loving all of Laundry by Shelli Segal’s new jewelry pieces. They’re minimalistic, complement any outfit, and are easy to dress up or down. These ear crawlers are quite possibly one of my favorite options to take me through the day, or tuck my hair behind my ears and show them off for an evening out. The turquoise cuff and gold and black beaded bracelet are two favorites that have been on heavy rotation as of late too. No matter what you wear, you can’t deny that an evening out is good for the soul!

And, in keeping with full self-disclosure and realness… the photos for this post took over an hour and required massive amounts of patience and going with the flow!


(Outfit Details || Dress (wearing size 0) | Turquoise Cuff | Gold Bangle | Necklace | Ear Crawlers | Stud Earrings | Black + Gold Beaded Bracelet | Harper’s Onesie)

Giveaway Details:

In honor of Mother’s Day, Laundry is giving you an opportunity to win a dress of your choosing (valued up to $200) and all the above jewelry! To enter follow the steps below:

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4. Giveaway is open until Saturday, May 13th 2017 
5. Winner will be announced on Instagram.

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San Jose Del Cabo || Favorite Spots + What I Wore

We returned from our trip in the late afternoon yesterday…. little miss missed all her naps (so, you can image how the evening went….), and I couldn’t help but reflect back on the fun we had these past few days. It was nice to take some extended time, just the three of us, in a place we had never all been together. We saw it through Harper’s eyes… as she delighted in the pool time and was mesmerized by the culture. 

 We stayed at Cabo Azul, in the San Jose Del Cabo area (not Cabo San Lucas….) and I would highly recommend this spot. The staff is friendly, the grounds are beautiful, and the rooms are spacious and gorgeously appointed. There isn’t a bad spot at the pool, and there are tons of lounge options on the beach if you desire. The one caveat is that you can’t swim in the ocean due to the strong rip-tides (but we preferred the pool with little miss…. and the swim up bar….). We also really liked that our room had a full kitchen. We headed to the local market (there is a Walmart + a Costco where you can buy food) and stocked up on fruits, some veggies, shrimp, and eggs…. so we could make most of our breakfasts every day. It lent itself to a slower morning….. 

We spent most of our time out by the pool… little miss was basically a fish, which allowed us plenty of outside time. We ate tacos for lunch, enjoyed happy hour margaritas, and headed out for some delicious food in the evenings. I’ve listed my recommendations below, as I’ve had several requests. I hope you love them just as much as I did…. 

 All of our time was in the San Jose Del Cabo area, which is a quaint little town, safe, with lots of quintessential Mexican flare. In the evenings, it’s fun to head to the Old Town area where they have music and sidewalk art shows…. the little shops are great places to pick up some cute textiles, or souvenirs, and the restaurants in the area are delicious. It’s even a great spot to head down to during the day, as they have art galleries, wine tasting (!!), and little popsicle shops…… 

Javier’s: This spot was at our hotel, and the same restaurant is local in Newport Beach. It’s always delicious, so we opted to eat here the first night. We sat out on their spacious outdoor patio and watched the sun set and the waves crash on the shore. 

Jazmin’s: An authentic, and adorable, Mexican food joint adorned with colorful textiles and papel picado flags (my personal favorite). TJ loved their molé and I was incredibly satisfied with my shrimp fajitas. We chose to sit on their street side patio and watch the local hustle and bustle. 

La Dolce: I was hesitant to eat Italian food south of the border, but this spot was delicious. The staff was accommodating and friendly…. and we had a guitarist serenade Harper (who immediately became shy….). We all indulged in full blown pasta dishes…. and their rosé was a refreshing change from all the margaritas we had been sipping on. 

Flora Farm: We’d visited this spot several times before, for both dinner and brunch, and had to revisit. It never fails to disappoint. The food is fresh, organic, and grown right on the farm. You can taste the freshness in all the menu choices…. such as lemon ricotta pancakes, fresh herb scramble… oh, and their craft cocktails are not to be missed…. and neither are their fresh donuts and ice cream stand. Enjoy outdoor music during brunch and dinner. It’s a kid friendly spot too. 

Taqueria Guacamayas: I was hesitant on this one… as if was out of the way from our hotel and the Old Town area. Let me tell you though, it was authentic, cute, and worth the 30 minute wait (since we arrived way before it opened). Totally worth it. 

La Lupita: I really wanted to visit this spot, but, unfortunately, it was closed for lunch the day we attempted (so, if you want to visit… it’s dinner only). It’s on the same street as all the gorgeous papel picado signs and the decor is just as colorful. I heard amazing things about the food…. so we’ll just have to go back soon so we can dine there. 

One activity I wished we had been able to take part in was an evening horseback ride. We saw people doing it in front of the hotel and it looked so fun…. next time! 

You can see my previous Cabo recap here… where I share a few other favorite spots…. more in the Cabo side of town. 

(Top | Shorts | Hat)

(Night one, we ate at Javier’s and then finished with a little sand castle making….)

(My dress | Harper’s Jumpsuit | Jellies)

(Brunch at Flora Farm is always a must….. (TJ’s top | Shorts)

(Tunic (can be worn as a regular top with shorts/jeans) | Sandals | Tote | Harper’s Romper)

(We enjoyed long days by the pool with our little fish… my suit, TJ’s suit)

(One of my favorite spots was Jazmin’s… loved all the colorful decor and textiles…. super casual in this top + shorts combo)

(Cut-offs + make-up less were my favorite parts of this trip…. top, shorts)

(Bathing suit (multiple color options, runs small) | Shorts | Caftan | Harper’s Top)

(My favorite evenings were the ones spent in the Old Town San Juan area… the festive music and color streets made for such a fun ambiance…. top, earrings in pink)

(Authentic street tacos from Guacamayas + a breezy romper (3 color options))

(Roaming the streets in Old Town…. tank (on sale), bralette,  Harper’s seer sucker outfit)

(Traveling in comfort…. shorts, top)


Vacation Attire || Comfortable + Versatile

My vacation motto has always been “No Agenda.” It’s been that way for years… ever since I can remember… stemming form family trips when I was younger. So, it only makes sense that the items I pack in my suitcase (which is always overweight….) have the same feel to them…. effortless, comfortable, and versatile… able to wear to any vacation outing…. yet, also wearable once I return home…. to hold onto that vacation vibe a little bit each day (with some minor outfit tweaks here and there)….

Naturally, when I was shopping for pieces to bring on our current trip to Cabo, I started at Nordstrom, in the trend + contemporary department. With so many items to choose from, at excellent price points, I knew I’d find the pieces that would carry me through our trip… and in the warmer months that follow. I wanted something that looked like I was in paradise… but pieces that I could easily mix in with my wardrobe staples for a brunch, lunch, date night, or ice cream trip with little miss (I mean, what’s the fun in leaving all those favorite vacation pieces in the back of the closet???)….

I started with Free People… as their items always give me that laid back look I’m going for. The moment I spotted this cute floral top (which comes in 3 color options), I knew it needed a spot in my suitcase. It was perfect for an evening spent sipping margaritas, watching the sunset, while little miss played in the sand (or, rather, ate the sand….). When I’m home, I plan on wearing it with my favorite cut-off shorts… or even with jeans and a these sandals for a date night out. A few other favorite free people items that I brought along with me include this adorable floral romper (which I would easily pair with my comfortable white kicks and denim jacket when I get home) and this cute little floral dress (again, pairs perfectly with previously mentioned items….). I also love this embroidered cold shoulder top and this tropical print one shoulder top…. the perfect way to print a little bit of your vacation home with you…. just toss on jeans and you’re good to go.

I also knew that I wanted to be comfortable… and let’s be honest, knowing that I was going to eat my weight in chips and guac made a cute pair of drawstring shorts incredibly appealing. Not wanting to look frumpy though, I opted for this dark wash, high waisted, slightly distressed pair. They’re pretty much a trifecta of dreams…. and while the days of eating endless chips and guacamole are limited, my use of them isn’t. I plan on wearing them to play dates with little miss, running errands, and for those casual day in between. They’re perfect with slides, or kicks…. and paired with this flutter sleeve eyelet top, lightweight knit bomber jacket (I own in blush), and cap make for the quintessential casual, cool girl style.

And, since sandy toes are inevitable on any tropical vacation (and a critical component to the “No Agenda” mentality….) a neutral and comfortable pair of slides is a must. This pair seamlessly took me from poolside to happy hour… and easily transitions to park time with little miss to casual dinner with the hubs. This blush option also makes the cut, as does this double strap gold slide….

While my vacation pieces can easily take me from beach to dinner… I love that they can just as easily transition from park to happy hour at home. A perfect combination in my book.

(Outfit Details || Top (3 color options), worn with this bralette | Shorts (wearing XS, run TTS) | Slides | Tote | Sunglasses | Necklace (similar) | Harper’s Romper | TJ’s Tee)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!


5 Minute Everyday Make-Up Tutorial + Products

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t spend a significant amount of time on my make-up every morning. I never have… and it’s likely a combination of “I have no clue how to contour my face” and “Make-up is meant to enhance your natural features” that have led to this. I do occasionally pull out the eye liner and glam lip, but it’s typically for fancier occasions, not everyday life (a smokey eye and red lip at the park would melt off my face…). It’s simple, it’s quick, and it does the trick (i.e. covers up those scary dark circles with some amazing concealer). I had a recent request for a video tutorial of how I apply my favorite everyday products, so you’ll find that below. I’ve also included links to the products mentioned in the video, so you can easily access them if you prefer to skip the tutorial all together (oh, and this is my first tutorial, so it’s only slightly awkward…).

I always start with a solid base on my clean face before applying any make-up (you can find my evening routine here). I apply a toner, illuminating serum, and eye cream, let it all soak in for about 5 minutes, and then proceed with applying my make-up. It takes me about 5 minutes from start to finish (probably because I’ve been doing the same routine for a couple of years)…. so, if you’re short on time in the morning, or just looking for some good quality everyday products, I got you covered today.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! We’re heading to Cabo tomorrow morning, so I’m looking forward to some quality family time, a little sun, ocean air, and some margaritas (duh.). See you Monday! xx

Eye Cream (20% off + free shipping with code Shannon20 until May 1st)
Illuminating Serum (20% off + free shipping with code Shannon20 until May 1st)
Blush (winter bloom)
Bronzer (golden light)
Setting Powder
Brow Pencil 
Illuminating Cream (orgasm)
Eye Crayon (Khaki)
Lip Stick (MAC Viva Glam II)
Lip Stick (NARS Rosecliff)


Everyday Dressing Elevated || Investing In Comfort: Perforated White Kicks

Over the years, I’ve become much more mindful as to which items I choose to invest in. My criteria have narrowed, and I’ve become more particular. One such area has been in the shoe department. You see, I have quite the heel collection sitting in my closet…. and I can pretty much tell you when, where, and why each pair was purchased, as most were for a special occasion (like my wedding shoes my mom and I drove all over LA searching for…). Yet, over the past year or so (okay, since I became a mom) they’ve started to gather dust. We don’t really work the wedding circuit anymore (where they got the most wear….)… and let’s be honest, a pair of four inch heels aren’t going to come out that often when you work from home. TJ and I tend to opt for day dates over the late evenings that used to be a regular weekend occurrence… and even when we do head out, I typically prefer a lower block heel….. so, if you haven’t guessed it, heels aren’t really where I’m investing….

What I do wear day in and day out are comfortable kicks. I’ve become relatively effective at identifying comfort in sneakers. Do they feel like I’m walking on clouds (or air, whichever you prefer….)? Are they well made… hold up and won’t fall apart after a few days wear? Is there something unique about them that makes it worth the investment? Needless to say, my sneaker collection is rapidly starting to out number my heels. One of the most recent additions to this collection are these white perforated kicks (they also come in a gorgeous blush) from Greats. They meet all my criteria when choosing to invest in a pair of sneakers: amazingly comfortable, incredibly well made, and the perforated look makes them super chic… and adds a little edge. I’m also loving this slip on pair in blush, and considering buying TJ a pair for Father’s Day (his shoe collection rivals mine….)…..

And, since sneakers pretty much go with anything these days, investing in a pair is a no brainer for me. I wear them everywhere, and pretty much with anything…. leggings, jeans, cut-offs, dresses, and my new favorite spring/summer obsession: rompers. Pairing one with sneakers makes them daytime appropriate and super casual…. and I love the alternative rompers (when they’re functional like this one) provide to shorts and a tee….

A few other items I’d easily pair these cute kicks with include this jumpsuit (obsessed with its laid back feel), olive green romper, white eyelet dress, stripe bell sleeve dress, and this tier bell sleeved teecut-offs combination. Either option I choose, at least I know my feet will be loving me.

(Outfit Details || Romper (wearing XS, comes in 3 colors, under $55) | Sneakers (c/o) | Sunglasses | Bag (cheaper option here, here))

Thank you to Greats for sponsoring this post!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blush Things….

In preparing for Cabo, I recently took inventory of my wardrobe. My conclusion was that I am certainly covered in the neutral department. As in, most definitely no short comings there…. so, I naturally decided to work in a few more colored options here and there (like this fun floral dress). Not just for the trip, but for everyday dressing too. Yet, not wanting to get too crazy with color, I decided to weave in a few blush pieces where I saw fit. To me, they’re the perfect option when I’m wanting to add a feminine touch to my outfits. So, it was only natural that when I was in Anthropologie a few weeks ago (and wanted to buy everything my eyes saw….), this silky, gold adorned cami came home with me (a much cheaper option than the couple thousand dollar couch I couldn’t stop staring at….). I immediately decided that it deserved a spot in a date night rotation (well, Harper was included on this happy hour outing….) and tossed it on with my high waisted favorites, new studded sandals (a perfect dupe for these), and favorite gold accessories…. and headed out the door for a little bubbly sipping feeling feminine + flirty in my new blush cami…..

A few other blush pieces hanging in my closet right now include this striped tie front button up (easily dresses up with a nice pair of jeans, or down with a pair of cut-offs), this gorgeous off the shoulder top (for fun occasions), this eyelet + bell sleeve top (which I love wearing with cut-offs), these fun bauble earrings, ombre slides, casual ruffle sleeve top (perfect for everyday life), and this lightweight bomber jacket (so comfortable).

(Outfit Details || Camisole | Jeans | Sandals | Gold Layered Necklace | Crescent Necklace | Initial Necklace | Tote (back in stock) | Tassel | Sunglasses)


Instagram Outfit Round-Up

Well, we’re a quarter of the way through 2017. Not sure how that happened, but here we are, April 1st. As always, on the first of each month, I’m sharing with you my daily looks that I share regularly over on Instagram. I mentioned most of these items in yesterday’s post, so here is a look at how I style them daily. Hope you all are having a great weekend! xx

(My Top (comes in 5 color options) | Jeans | Harper’s Top | Jeans | Sandals)

(Cardigan (on sale!) | Joggers | Tank (4 color options) | Harper’s Outfit | Harper’s Mocs)

(Tank (9 color options) | Pullover | Sunglasses (found a cheaper option here)

(Tunic (3 color options))

(Leggings | Tank | Cardigan | Slippers)

(Pullover (other colors) | Jeans (wearing size 25, cut the hem) | Slides)

(Slides | Jeans | Tote)

(Jeans | Tee | Sweatshirt | A Ring)


(Pullover (on sale, multiple color options!) | Platform Espadrilles (come in so many different colors) | Jeans | Harper’s Shoes via Sweet n’ Swag)

(Tee (several color options, under $45) | Shorts)

(Top (5 color options))

(Tunic (on sale!) | Bracelet)

(Shell (so soft!) | Jacket (on sale!))

(Shell (same as above) | Cardigan (on sale!) | Jeans)

(Tee (multiple color options) | Shorts | Bralette)

(Joggers | Tank | Vest | Slides | Harper’s shoes via Sweet n’ Swag)

(Sweater (currently on sale) | Jeans)

(Tank | Cardigan)

(Sweater Tank (also here) | Necklace | Jeans)

(Leggings | Tank (favorite basic) | Jacket)


Before + After One Shoulder Top // Circa 2000 + Now

So, in high school, there are a few outfits that readily come to mind when I reflect on those 4 years…. some much better than others. Yet, I’d have to say that most of the time when I look at old photos I cringe. Like, WTF was I thinking? Did I look in the mirror before I left the house? Likely it was “in” back then…. but, ouch….

One such image that comes to mind involves one of me and my best friend…. I have no clue where we were going, but we thought we looked hot. I was in this heinously colored, purple one shoulder top, and she was wearing a baby blue tube top (a tube top). Mind you, these were not the flowy silhouettes I wear these days… these things must have been made of seran wrap. Either way, it was bad and we still laugh about it to this day….

So, when the one shoulder trend resurfaced I was wary at first. Not wanting to look like my 18 year old self (God help me) I proceeded with caution and landed on a few options. This white one landed at the top of the list. I wore it for a brunch with the family a couple weeks ago, just as you see here. Yet, it can easily be dressed down by wearing the same jeans and my favorite slide sandals (seriously, so comfortable). When summer heat settles permanently, tossing it on with a pair of favorite cut-off shorts (and same slide sandals) and wide brimmed hat would be the perfect, casual, everyday option (I’ll also be packing it up for our upcoming travels!). A look that is the complete antithesis of circa 2000. Thank goodness.

There are so many gorgeous one shoulder options out there right now. Two that I personally own and love include this stripe top (seen here) and this floral lace stripe top. I also love this feminine blush option (in the same style as the white one I am wearing), this gorgeous eyelet version (probably better for a dressier occasion), and this pretty baby blue top.

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS) | Jeans (wearing 25, no stretch) | Jacket | Mules (similar, almost identical, under $90, and these in cloud grey under $50, AND these under $30!) | Tote (identical and just bought it for our upcoming trip… and $33!) | Initial Necklace | Choker | Circle Necklace)