Travel Style || The Jogger Pant (I Swear By Them)

Today is travel day for us, and something both TJ and I have been slightly apprehensive about for the past few weeks. We haven’t taken Harper on this long of a flight since last year at this time… when she wasn’t mobile and didn’t mind just sitting on my lap (or nursing and sleeping the entire flight). We’ve armed ourselves with a few tools (snacks, a musical on the iPad, and some novel toys she hasn’t seen before….) and are hoping to land with half of our sanity left. She’s actually a pretty good traveler, and I’m sure our worries are exaggerated…. but, nevertheless, we’ve prepared ourselves for the worst. That being said, traveling in comfort is key, and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past couple years, it’s that traveling with a little munchkin means you need pieces that are easy to move in (I’ve relegated jeans to the traveling solo pile). Enter joggers. In my mind, the holy grail of looking pulled together, and practical, while traveling. With an expanding waistband, and looser fit, you can rest assured that you won’t be moving around uncomfortably in your already itty bitty seat. I’ve been wearing this camo pair non-stop over the past couple of weeks…  and my favorite way to wear joggers out in public for fall is paired with an über soft pullover + two toned bag….. comfort, practicality, and style combined.

A few other favorite joggers include this distressed option (wearing tomorrow), more work appropriate pair, thicker option (I own them in blush), and this incredibly soft pair.

(Outfit Details || Joggers (run large) | Sweater (c/o) | Sneakers (also love these) | Bag (c/o) | Sunglasses | Necklace)


Weekend Recap || Listening To Yourself

(Small signs of fall….)

I thought about what I wanted to write about all day. Not because I didn’t have anything to talk about (no shortage there), but because the single topic that kept coming to mind was the one that I didn’t know if I had the correct words to formulate a post about. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything on my plate… parenting and managing toddlerhood, making sure nutritious meals are cooked, meeting deadlines and scheduling projects for work, squeezing in workouts, quality time with TJ, and keeping in touch with my girlfriends… it all sort of came crashing down at the end of last week. I’ve never been one to have panic attacks, or really suffer from intense anxiety, but I could feel that something was off on Friday. My heart was racing, I couldn’t turn my mind off, worrying about loads of “what-if’s,” obsessing over certain things being perfect, I was irritable, and felt on the verge of tears several times. While I took some time to reflect on Saturday, I realized that I’ve been feeling as if I’ve been doing everything “half-way….” a mediocre friend, mom, wife, writer…. I felt like a slight hypocrite always encouraging women to take time for self-care…. to ask for help when they need it… and here I was, not doing either….

So, I guess you could say that this trip to Hawaii is coming at an opportune time (TJ had a last minute work trip, so Harper and I decided to tag along). A chance to disconnect, reconnect, and take some time to focus on a few important things in my life. I’ve prepped all blog posts, which means minimal working while I’m there. I’m hoping to text a few girlfriends (maybe even chat) and read a book or magazine while little miss sleeps, and to be as present as possible.

 All that to say, I was reminded of the importance of asking for help and taking care of myself…. so, if you’re feeling the same way, stop for a moment and do something for yourself (I ended up doing some yoga to center myself, taking a long shower, and treating myself to mani/pedi tomorrow). If you’re not feeling that way, do something nice for yourself regardless….. we all deserve it… and don’t have to go it alone! I hope you all have a good week friends xx

(An end of the week family breakfast out… almost too pretty to eat….)

(Went back to an old favorite, Outpost Kitchen, for a morning breakfast date)

(Grey on grey for a spin session… leggings, hoodie)

(Saturday evening bubbles)

(Sunday morning comfies… pullover, joggers)

(Always obsessed with the balls….)

(Felt a little like fall…. comfy cardi, band tee)

We’ll be traveling all day tomorrow, and I’m not a huge fan of airport or airplane food. So, I picked up a few snacks for the plane for our little family including these fruit and veggie bars for Harper, peanut butter crackers, kale chips, perfect bar, and beef jerky. I’m also considering making a few of these egg muffins for a quick breakfast since we have a very early morning flight.

I haven’t started packing yet, but I know what I am brining… so I guess that’s better than nothing. I’ll be tossing in this gorgeous one shoulder top to pair with shorts for an evening mai tai, and later with my favorite jeans and mules for a night out. The other tops making it in the suitcase include this soft thermal, gauzy ruffle top in the prettiest hue for fall, knotted pullover (which I will likely wear backwards), and my favorite distressed shorts to wear with them. I’ll also be bringing a few dresses including this blue and white one I wore to my sister’s bachelorette party, embroidered black off the shoulder dress, casual cold shoulder dress, tunic dress to toss on as a cover up (and easily wear with booties when I return), and this adorable stripe romper (slightly obsessed). I also bought this headband, and I’m oddly excited to wear it…. To travel in, I plan on wearing these joggers and this pullover (with a tank underneath, since it’ll be hot when we get off the plane).  I also bought this little boho romper for little miss and I’m obsessed.

A few items that I saw this over the weekend that I thought would be perfect for everyday include this lace-up pullover, marigold cardigan (love love the color), pleated knit top (looks perfect for work or play), blush velvet camisole (#obsessed), and this wrap front sweater.


Motherhood Update || 20 Months

What a month. I feel as if I just wrote my 19 month motherhood update, which is just a constant reminder to me as to how quickly my little lady is growing up. From her developing stubbornness to her sweet little hugs + kisses, my little miss is certainly growing into a little lady and continually helping me grow as a momma…..

(Dress | Similar Cardigan | Harper’s Dress | Harper’s Cardigan)

Favorite Part: Her growing independence. I absolutely love watching her develop confidence and try new things on her own. She politely lets me know to “back off” by swatting my hand away when I follow too closely behind her on the gymnasium at the park… or when she insists on swinging without the bucket seat… or refusing the highchair and opting for an adult seat… they’re all just small daily reminders that my little baby is no longer that. More and more I come to see her as a little girl, with a strong little personality ready to take on life. At the same time though, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I love it when she runs to me for comfort when she is scared or timid in a social situation…. a small reminder that I’m still her safe base from which she can explore the world.

Most Challenging: This hands down has to be the shifting emotions of a toddler… and the inability to fully communicate their needs… which, I believe, go hand in hand. One minute we’re having a jolly good time, and the next, because I can’t decipher what she is saying, it’s as if the whole world has come to an end. A complete 180. I know that this is a time that will pass, as she continues to develop language and her ability to communicate her needs… but man, it’s not an easy phase by any means. Toddler tantrums are also a challenge. Yet, I try to remain as calm as possible, because when I get upset it doesn’t help the situation at all.

I know I’ve talked about this so many times in my past motherhood updates, but mom guilt is so real for me…. often I feel it the most as I get busier and feel as if I am not giving her my full attention during the days. While I know it’s not possible to always give 100% all the time, it’s something I have to constantly remind myself of when I feel the guilt creeping in……

(Joggers | Tank | Harper’s Tank)

Sleeping: For the past week or so, TJ and I have been wondering where our good little sleeper went. Naps are varied in length (sometimes only an hour) and we’ve been having some consistent wake-ups around the 2am time zone (this used to be my college bedtime….). Needless to say, it’s resulted in a few haggard days this week, but again, trying to remind myself that it must be a phase. I put it out there on instagram and received a lot of feedback from others with kiddos around Harper’s age that they’re going through the exact same thing…. an early morning wake-up, crying, and asking for “momma, daddy.” From what I’ve read, I imagine it has something to do with her canine teeth coming in and her rapidly developing mind.

It’s funny, on those nights where a part of me just wishes she would go back to bed, there is also a part of me that knows how quickly this time will pass. When she won’t want to be in my arms, and have me sing her a goodnight song (much quicker than I realize….). I remarked to TJ the other day that we should be sleeping the best at this point, when we know she is safe under our roof…. since there will come a day when she isn’t and that will likely keep us awake…. Do you ever really sleep as a parent??

Eating: Well, we no longer use a high chair and have graduated to a booster seat (per Harper’s decision). I actually really like this transition. It feels as if she is really part of the family and engaging at dinner time, not merely a little being sitting in her high chair. We say our prayers, listen to some music, and eat together. Surprisingly, she eats much better sitting in the booster seat than she did in the high chair. I’d also say that 90% of the time she does better in the booster seat at a restaurant (before she was dying to get out of her high chair).

Harper’s Favorites: I feel as if her preferences are constantly shifting. She currently loves this farm animal puzzle + shapes puzzle (always wants to do them first thing in the morning) and anything to do with balls. Her imagination is flourishing and she thoroughly enjoys playing with her toy food and shopping cart, sidewalk chalk (a budding Picasso maybe??….), and sitting in her little chair reading out-loud (not discernible, but hey, it’s a start). When we go to the park, she loves going up and down the slide by herself (do. not. help.), and swinging without the bucket seats. She  loves giving kisses by rubbing her nose against yours….. Oh, and she loves getting dirty (didn’t get that one from me….) in the sand, with her food, you name it, if it can make her filthy she’ll do it!

Friendships: My friend sent me a text message the other day saying that she felt like she has been the worst friend lately. I laughed out loud. Hardly. I had been feeling the same way. I replied to her that I could barely pull it together to return a text message. It’s nice to have all my friends in the same place of life, but sometimes it saddens me (if I’m being honest) that we don’t get to talk and see each other as often. Healthy female friendships are so imperative, and I can often sense when I haven’t connected enough with my girls. I stumbled across this article, as well as this one, the other day and thought they were both amazing narratives of this place in life (while I don’t relate to them 100% I think the overarching theme they present is very relatable).


Fall Trends || Top 5 Tops For Fall

I’ve always been a jeans and top kinda gal…. don’t get me wrong, I love a cute dress (my closet is filled with them), but when it comes to daily living, jeans + a top is the combo I opt for 90% of the time. That being said, with a new season, comes a few new updates to my closet (I purged it last weekend… so there’s room now…). So, while I was shopping last week (I brought my mom along this time for reinforcement with little miss…) I couldn’t help but try a few different tops on when I was in Nordstrom. There were so many great options, and I noticed that all the tops I had fell into one of five categories…. so, I decided to share them with you today….

1. Wrap Top: I love this option for pretty much any occassion. It’s dressy enough for the office, but can be dressed down for weekend wear as well. I prefer mine in a slinky material, which lends itself to a more luxurious feel and fit. I opted to pair this white one with my favorite flat mules and fall fedora for an afternoon of window shopping in Old Town Orange with my mom (TJ watched little miss while she napped). I also have my eye on this flutter sleeve option (in the gorgeous rust color) as well as this velvet burgundy camisole…. both such gorgeous colors for fall.

2. Pullover/Sweatshirt: You all know I’m no stranger to comfort… and a pullover has my name all over it. They’re the perfect “off duty” piece to have in your closet… and if you’re work place is more on the casual side, a great Friday option (if done right). My current favorite is this ruffle number… a little dressier than my typical comfy choice. Yet, I  recently purchased this striped one and this marled grey hoodie and both will be on major repeat all season long.  Pair them with a simple skinny trouser and mule for a casual Friday office look.

3. Bell Sleeved Sweater/Top: While these can range from minimal to dramatic, I tend to keep mine more towards the minimal side of the spectrum (no surprise there….). I love the dimension they add to an outfit. This black one is a great choice to dress up or wear to the office…. and the color of this sweater is perfect for fall. I recently purchased this one to wear with jeans, joggers, and leggings.

4. Thermal Top: Mostly relegated to the “off duty” side of the closet, but a must have for sure. Perfect for lounging, a casual brunch with friends, tossing on as an under layer, or a post work-out top layer. My all time favorites include this one in the ivory color as well as this bell sleeved beauty (last featured here).

5. Classic Button-Down: In a bind, this is a perfect go to with a pair of jeans (or trousers), kicks (or mules), and a cap (leave that off if you’re going to the office….). These are my favorite (and softest) plaids in my closet, a plain white one is always a must, and I love this striped option too.

(Outfit 1 Details || Sweatshirt (TTS) | Jeans (run small, I sized up 2) | Shoes (also love these) | Sunglasses | Bag)
(Outfit 2 Details || Top (runs TTS) | Jeans | Mules | Bag (vintage, very similar) | Hat (in black))

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Wellness Wednesday || Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie… My New Favorite Afternoon Snack

My afternoon snack, the one between lunch and dinner, is always my favorite. Always has been. So, I put a lot of thought into what I want to have. If I’m out and about, I typically opt for a snack bar (LARABar or Rx Bar), but when I’m at home, I like to get a little creative. Whether it’s making some guac with sliced veggies, or whipping up a smoothie, I make sure it’s filling and DG (I mean, it’s typically one of the only meals I get to consume alone). That being said, a few weeks ago, I began trying out chocolate protein smoothies. I’d been making this berry one for a few weeks, and decided I wanted to switch things up a bit….

What I came up with is pretty much my dream afternoon snack… it’s sweet, filling, and something I can savor every last sip of (so, it’s not so small that it’s gone in a bite… I hate snacks like that). It keeps me full up until dinner, and TJ even likes to whip it up for a post dinner dessert topped with a little chocolate granola (that little touch is pretty divine). So, whether you’re looking for an afternoon snack or post dinner treat, I got you covered today.

A little bit of “wellness” to mention. I’ve started adding Maca Powder to my smoothies. It has tons of benefits, including balancing out estrogen levels (which ultimately helps with PMS, Menopause, and PCOS), can help to increase positive mood and decrease anxiety, can assist men in the fertility department, is an antioxidant booster, and has been shown to have positive effects on stamina, mood, and energy levels. You can read more about it here.

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie

1/2 cup frozen banana (I prefer mine in slices, since it blends better)
1 cup frozen riced cauliflower (adds thickness without altering flavor)
1 cup nut milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (gentle on my stomach)
1 tsp Maca Powder
dash of cinnamon
1 cup of ice
(optional, cup of greens or 1 tsp and/or almond butter)

Toss all ingredients in the blender and blend on high until thick and creamy.

(Outfit Details || Pullover | Leggings | Cap)


Couple’s Style || The Evolution

TJ and I met 13 years ago. He had graduated, I was still a junior in college. I’d always thought he was cute, and apparently he’d had a thing for me as well…. I just hadn’t known it (probably had something to do with the fact that I had a long distance boyfriend the first couple years of college). Anyhow, we ended up meeting late one night in college, thanks to my girlfriends, at an after party. I remember thinking how cute he looked, and then looked down at his shoe and noticed he had spilled bean burrito on it (I figured he had visited Sara’s…. a local burrito joint that was notorious for late night food….). I remarked on how nice he looked and how the beans sitting on his shoe complimented his outfit (he’ll tell you I’m still just as blunt with him today as I was back then….). He immediately cleaned them off, ever so proud of his appearance. After TJ played the “two day rule” (which almost got him the ax…) we went on our official first date a week later (there may or may not have been several Long Island iced teas involved…).  The rest is history, and here we are today…. and while I’d say that TJ has always had relatively impeccable style, over the years we’ve done a few wardrobe updates.

One of the first items we updated were his jeans…. he was looking for something a little more fitted. So, I took him to Nordstrom to try on a few pairs. He fell for a pair of seven jeans… and a few more items if I recall correctly….

So, when TJ took a new job that required him to work from home, his daily uniform of a suit and tie were no longer fitting (only occasionally necessary). We headed to Nordstrom men’s shop to update his “casual” wardrobe… where we could find exclusive brands at very reasonable price points. We decided that these drawstring trousers easily worked for an off duty weekend look, as well as an at home conference call, and the henley top could easily be worn for a business casual lunch (with these trousers that he also snagged), or to a post spin class brunch on the weekends. A few other items we grabbed for him included this v-neck sweater (also interchangeable with the trousers and drawstring pants), half zip pullover,  trim fit sports shirt, and casual distressed tee (I decided we needed matching ones…). He also has his eye on this puffer vest for a few cooler weather trips we have planned in the coming months. And, if the man in your life needs to wear a suit + tie on the daily, some of TJ’s favorites include the smart care line of dress shirts, which are essentially wrinkle free (!!!), ties, and socks (loves his printed socks….). Either way you go, you’re sure to find good quality for the man in your life.

(Outfit Details || My Dress (comes in navy, runs TTS) | Jacket | Shoes (also love these) | Sunglasses | Bag | TJ’s Pants | Henley | Shoes | Black Necklace )

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Weekend Recap || Small Reminders

(Small reminders that summer isn’t quite over…)

It’s hard to believe that exactly sixteen years ago, 9/11 happened. I vividly recall the events of that morning… I was getting ready for the second week of my senior year, curling my hair, and my dad came in and told me one of the Twin Towers had been hit (my mom was out on her morning run at this point). I went into his room, and watched in disbelief… and the rest of the day was spent doing just that… watching, and waiting, as the horror of the day unfolded…..

I remember the fear I experienced, in the following days, of something else happening… much like the fear that creeps in every now and again as I think about the world Harper is growing up in today. Yet, for some reason, this weekend, I was reminded of all the good that there is with very small instances, that I see daily…..

Every morning on my run, I cross paths with a young boy who has cerebral palsy and his aid who rides the bus with him…. she sits there patiently chatting with him each morning, and she and I kindly nod and smile when we pass each other…

We ran into friends, who we hadn’t seen in a while, this past weekend, and spontaneously decided to join them for a little beer tasting at a local brewery…. sports were on, and there was a sense of camaraderie in the air…

And, when I was running my errands this afternoon, an elderly lady was struggling to load her groceries and a college boy (I’m guessing on the age….) offered to help her.

Small little reminders that amidst some of the horrible things around us, there really is a lot of good out there too. So, as we go into the week ahead, my intention is to keep my eyes open to these small acts of kindness, and spread some myself…. paying it forward never hurt anyone. Have a great week friends! xx

(Matching my drink to my sweatshirt….)

(Back to our spin + avocado toast date mornings… such a great way to kick off the weekend)

(Keeping this taste away from those quick little hands wasn’t easy….  sweatshirt)

(Sunday comfies…. joggers, pullover)

(Sunday adventures with my crew in the comfiest jumpsuit)

We stayed pretty balanced this weekend from an indulging standpoint…. opted for grass fed, organic burgers, protein style, on Friday evening… then we grilled chicken on Saturday night… and last night we made a pepper steak stir-fry and I cooked it with this cauliflower rice. Super tasty.

TJ has a work trip to Hawaii next week, so Harper and I are going to join him (it took a lot of convincing… not…). That being said, I’ll be bringing a lot of my favorite summer staples, but I also couldn’t resist this low back stripe suit and scalloped malliot to be worn underneath this gorgeous cover-up. I’m also considering these striped beach pants. For traveling, I’ll likely wear my favorite joggers, this jumpsuit and cardi combo, or this cozy pullover and my favorite leggings.

I snagged a few items over the weekend for everyday living…. like this ruffle sleeve short sleeve jacket, ruffle sleeve tunic in the mauve color, tie sleeve sweater, long denim jacket (can’t wait to wear with leggings), and this ruffle tank. I also love this black lace up pullover (seriously, so perfect), ruffle cardigan, crochet cardigan in ivory, and this raw hem denim shirt (such a great layering option with leggings and a white tee). I also couldn’t help but peek at these gorgeous date night tops…. like this one shoulder top (which I’m considering for Hawaii), balloon sleeve blouse, pretty little wrap top, and this black lace top.


Casual Living || Sweatshirt Dresses x2

Last night, we were driving home from dinner as a family, and Harper ever so politely (not) let us know that she wasn’t a fan of the music we were listening to. TJ and I couldn’t help but laugh, and sarcastically remark, at Harper’s growing demands for her preferences to be given into…. and even though she is young, it’s so amazing to watch as those preferences reveal themselves…. everything from which song is on the radio (or, I should clarify, which Daniel Tiger song is playing), which sippy cup she drinks out of (her current favorites are these), stuffed animal she sleeps with, and which book we read at bedtime. Those preferences are made known. Loudly….

And, that goes for clothes too. The other day when we were at Nordstrom, little miss immediately gravitated to the display of Native Shoes (it really is quite impressive)…. all the different colors had her in shoe heaven….. and we ended up leaving with this pair, as well as these easy to toss on kicks (can you tell she has a color obsession too??). While she liked the color, I liked their durability to handle her sprinting away from me, as well as the ease with which she walked in them. When she insisted on wearing the converse out of the store, I knew we’d found a winning pair….

And, while we were there, she dragged me to the little tikes clothing department too… and oh my, some of the cutest fall styles. We decided that a little sweatshirt dress, from one of our favorite brands, would be a great transitional piece to have in her closet…. easy to run around in, comfortable, and simple to toss on. A few other pieces that she’s loving right now include this adorable jersey dress, floral leggings, floral shirt dress, bomber jacket, and these are her favorite joggers…. I think it’s safe to say that she is quickly curating a closet that I wouldn’t mind having myself!

(Outfit Details || Harper’s Dress | Harper’s Shoes | Harper’s Jacket | Harper’s Bow | My Dress | My Jacket | My Shoes | Sunglasses)

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Wellness Wednesday || Interval Treadmill Workout + Accompanying Playlist

(Pullover | Capris)

Hands down, I prefer running outside to the grind on a treadmill… I feel as if all I do on the thing is stare at the clock and ask myself, “How has it only been 30 seconds?” So, I reserve outdoor runs for a steady pace, and have relegated the treadmill to interval training. I first started intervals when I was training for my second half marathon and wanted to improve my time. I’d read that they were great for that, but I also had done some research into HIIT and it’s general effectiveness in workouts. In a nutshell, it works. So, when the temps hit unbearable this past weekend, and running outside wasn’t an option, I opted for a quick interval workout on the treadmill. I varied my incline, and speed, and not only got my heart rate up, but also a great workout….. I decided to share it today, along with a few favorite songs to pair with it, in case you’re looking to add a little variety to your workout too.

Interval Run On The Treadmill 

Warm-up: 5 minutes, Incline: 0 / Speed 4.0 (or a brisk walk)
Jog: 3 minutes, Incline: 2.0 / Speed 6.0
Run: 5 minutes, Incline: 2.5 / Speed 6.5
Jog: 2 minutes, Incline: 1.5 / Speed: 6.0
Sprint: 1 minute, Incline: .5 / Speed: 7.0
Jog: 2 minutes, Incline: 1.0 / Speed: 6.0
Sprint: 1 minute, Incline: .5 / Speed: 7.2
Jog: 2 minutes, Incline: 1.0 / Speed: 6.0
Spring: 1 minute, Incline: .5 / Speed 7.4
Jog: 2 minutes, Incline 1.0 / Speed 6.0
Sprint: 1 minute, Incline .5 / Speed 7.6
Jog: 2 minutes, Incline 1.0 / Speed 6.0
Sprint: 1 minute, Incline .5 / Speed 8.0
Cool Down: 3 minutes, Incline 0 / Speed 4.0


 Lose Yourself: Eminem
Honest: The Chainsmokers
Big On Big: Migos
7/11: Beyoncé
My House: Flo Rida
Can’t Stop The Feeling: Justin Timberlake
Fade: Kanye West
Let Me Love You: DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber
I Could Be The One: Avicii + Nicky Romero

(Leggings | Hoodie c/o  (very similar option here) | Hat)

(Sneakers (size down))


DIY Distressing || My Favorite Graphic Tees With A Personal Touch

When I was in college, I had a plethora of graphic print tees that filled my dresser drawers. They ran the full spectrum from band tees to simple graphic statements… most with a fair amount of distressing… and many with lyrics to songs my girlfriends and I blared on full blast while preparing for an evening out. I wore them with my favorite distressed and paint splattered jeans (yes, you read that correctly, paint splattered) and best heels….

So, as I was doing a little shopping a few weeks ago at Nordstrom, I couldn’t help but feel drawn back to my college days with all the amazing graphic print tees. For me, the beauty of a graphic tee is that it can hold a special place for you…. like this “Merci” tee takes me back to some of my most memorable life moments in Paris… or this sweatshirt which expresses my deep love of rosé (did you know I like rosé??)… this simple tee that reminds me of my natural roots… or this encouraging tee… the options are pretty much endless. And, since I’m such a huge lover of anything distressed and v-necked, I decided to add my own personal touch to my nostalgic tee by giving it a little extra distressing. Which you can easily do too with the simple DIY video tutorial I included below….

And while this tee is perfect for this endless summer weather (as seen in the video) I love it paired beneath a comfy longline cardigan which I also stumbled across at above mentioned shopping trip at Nordstrom. There were so many cute options, all incredibly reasonably priced, that I had a hard time pairing it down. A few others I loved too include this petal marled cardigan with the cutest front pockets and rib trimmed long cardigan. All three are great options to wear with shorts now and jeans later… with your favorite graphic tee, of course!

(Outfit Details || Tee (sized up 1, under $30) | Cardigan (runs large, 4 color options) | Shoes (seriously, so comfortable, several color options) | Jeans (exact pair, distressed on own) | Sunglasses | Bag)
(Video Details || Shorts | Hat)

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