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At Home, 28 Minute HIIT Workout

A few weeks ago, TJ was out of town for work, and I needed to get creative with my workouts. So, I created this calorie torching HIIT workout. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment, and I completed it in our small living room (with the help of my two little friends… as you will see….) …. I got my heart rate up, worked up a sweat, and felt challenged throughout the entire workout. If you’re looking for a quick, and challenging, workout this weekend try it out!…. get your significant other, or bestie, in on the action, and then head out for a delicious brunch/lunch….. a pretty great way to start the weekend if you ask me….

I’m heading up to LA tomorrow morning with my girlfriend, and we’re planning on doing just that…. a sweat inducing spin class, immediately followed by a delicious meal….

For this workout, you’ll need ankle weights (I used 2.5 pounds), heavier dumbbells (I used 10 pounds), lighter dumbbells (I used 5 pounds), and a yoga mat.

You’ll repeat the entire workout 4 times, and give yourself a 1 minute break after each completion. I’ve included the written workout below in case it’s hard to tell from the video:

1st Circuit:
1 minute jog in place (wearing ankle weights)
10 leg raises to the side, and then to the back (total of 20 on each side wearing weights

2nd Circuit:
1 minute jumping jacks (wearing ankle weights)
10 bridges with leg raised (10 with right leg raised, 10 with left leg raised, wearing ankle weights)

3rd Circuit:
10 weighted burpees (I’ve done them with and without weights… your choice based on level)
15 Cross Body Oblique Crunches (weight in one hand)

4th Circuit:
4 mountain climbers + 1 push-up, repeat x5
10 rows + 10 tricep kickbacks

Rest 1 minute, Repeat 4xs (or 3 for a 21 minute workout)

I’ve also been on the hunt for a few new activewear pieces and have my eye on a some pieces. Always a fan of a good hoodie, this zip up, black pullover (love the open back details), and this blush half zip hoodie have somehow ended up in my shopping cart. I also love this open back long sleeve top (runs small, size up for looser fit, multiple colors) and wrap front top too.  This muscle tank is the cutest and I also like this tunic white top (love the branding on it), and these perforated leggings. I’m also obsessed with his sports bra! Oh, and I’m wearing these leggings, which I LOVE (stone color).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


Dressing For Date Night + The 12 Year Memory

Thanks to Facebook memories, I was pleasantly greeted with a twelve year old memory the other morning. One of my 21 year old self, TJ’s 23 year old self, before we headed out for our first date. #Babies. As we laughed at the image, it took me back to that evening and those feelings that surrounded it…..

I remember getting ready in my room, my college room-mates prepping for their evenings out as well…. there was a hustle around the house as we all swapped items and tried to decide what to wear. Looking back on the photo, I recall wanting to look classy and chic…. pulled together, yet feminine. So, I settled on a favorite black silk button-up top, some layered gold accessories, a pair of pink kitten heels (cuter than they sound….. I think….), and my favorite jeans (hmmmmmm…… not much has changed I’d say…..)….

When TJ came to the door to pick me up, I remember feeling giddy inside…. but also confident. We ended up heading out to dinner and drinks (well, 3 Long Island Iced Teas to be exact….. don’t really remember what I ate for dinner though….) and meeting up with friends after. It was a fun evening…. obviously…. because here we are, 12 years later…. and not much has changed….

I still wear jeans out to anything and everything…. we still enjoy getting cocktails (although, to be honest, I haven’t had a Long Island in years…..)…. we still enjoy date nights…. and I still love the way he compliments me when he sees what I’m wearing…

All that to say, we’re celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks by heading out of town for a weekend. Alone. Which means there will be a couple of evenings out, and I’m already thinking about them. When I saw this off the shoulder, ruffle sleeve sweater, I thought it was the perfect night out sweater. Classy. Fun. Chic.  All the same qualities that I looked for in a date night outfit twelve years ago….. something to feel comfortable and confident in. I love the classic white, the femininty the ruffles add, and the fact that it’s a lightweight sweater… no need for a jacket to cover up the best part…. I’m sure I’ll be packing items like this for our weekend away…..

A few other ruffle sweaters that I have my eye on include this grey option, with the cutest ruffles circling the shoulder, this pretty pink one, with ruffles on the shoulder and wrists, sleeveless sweater version (so classy), and this slouchy mauve colored one, with cascading ruffles down the sleeves.

{Outfit Details // Sweater (wearing XS) | Jeans | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Initial Necklace | Bag (cheaper option here)}


Everyday Dressing Elevated // My Favorite White Tees

The white tee. Perfect for those days when you just don’t care… don’t have time… or just want to look casual and chic. Yet, I argue that in order to do it with style, the hubs or boyfriend’s Hanes v-neck undershirt might not be the way to go (trust me, I tried it in college, and I would prefer to just burn those photos please…oh, and I actually bought those on my own…. they weren’t actually borrowed….)…. So, today, I’ve rounded up my favorite white tees for looking fab in a pinch and pulled together on the daily in one of the most basic wardrobe staples that exists…..


I love this option as an alternative to the basic v/crew necklines. The arms add a little femininity…. and in this particular tee, it’s oversized enough to slouch ever so slightly off the shoulder (kind of like a two for one….). This option can be dressed up or down, and is versatile enough for pretty much any occasion (even lounging around the house….). It’s easy to move in, hangs nicely, and is figure flattering. In the summer months, wear it with your favorite denim shorts, straw fedora, and blush slides.

{Outfit Details // Top (so soft!) | Jeans | Necklace | Sunglasses | Bag}


Huge fan of the tie front look over here… do it to my oversized tunics all the time…. so it only seemed natural to add this white tee to my collection. It’s pre knotted (saves me a few seconds…. and I’ll take whatever I can get….), which gives off an effortless look…. and also makes it a little more fitted than the other options here. I like it solo with my favorite pair of high waisted jeans…. or layered underneath my utility jacket…. since you can still see the tie, it adds a dimension of texture……

{Top (ordered XS) | Jacket (ordered XS)}


One of my favs…. love the slouchy nature of the tank, the button front option, and how it layers perfectly under pretty much any pieces. Pair it with a lace bralette for an added touch of femininity…. and layer it under your favorite chunky knit for a casual day…. or dress it up with a motto/suede jacket. Really, the options are limitless with this choice…. oh, and you can also knot the front of this one too…..

{Tank (several color options, ordered xs) | Cardigan | Jeans | Purse}

Oh the basic v-neck. Every gal needs it in her closet. I recommend picking one that is slightly oversized to give you that slouchy, effortless look (which was only achieved by trying on several different options…..). I was drawn to the rolled sleeves of this one, and it’s made of the softest fabric….. In my opinion, the best tees are a blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester… it seems to be the magic trifecta in creating the perfect v-neck….. Another tee that I own, but in black, is this option (it’s a similar fit to the first tee I featured).

{Tee (ordered XS) | Bralette | Jacket (ordered XS) | Bag}

Some of my other favorites also include this ruffle sleeve option and peplum version. I own both, and they are the perfect compliment to any outfit!


Weekend Recap // Lessons Learned

{Grey skies all weekend}

Heading into the long weekend, we did’t have much planned. We had gone back and forth about heading out of town, and when we saw the weather forecast, decided we would play it by ear. So, when Sunday seemed to be the one clear day of the 3 days off, we decided to head to LA, visit the zoo, and enjoy a little R&R at a hotel we had been wanting to stay in……

The day started great. We headed out during Harper’s morning nap (she napped in the car) and when we pulled up to the zoo, she woke up and in we went…. then we moved onto lunch at Au Fudge…. and then it went downhill from there….

We arrived at the hotel slightly before check-in, hoping they would have our room ready so little miss could get in her afternoon nap (a critical one for an enjoyable evening…..). It wasn’t… but we were told it would be ready within 30 minutes. Which wouldn’t be too far past her nap time….. we took her out to the pool deck area, where it was happening with music and such… and chased her around for a little while (well away from the pool)….. and as we moved past nap time, things started to rapidly decline. First, the fussy screams. Then, the stiff back when we tried to pick her up. Then, the tired cries. Have I painted the scene clearly enough??? I patiently inquired as to when our room would be ready, since it was now 3:30 and check-in was at 3……… Well. Past. Nap Time.

When we arrived to the room at 3:50 we immediately put little miss down… but since it was so late in the day it was a short cat nap. Which, in hindsight, should have been the first indication that the plans we had for the evening should have been scratched…. Naive parents of a toddler that we were, we decided to hit the pool deck for a sunset happy hour cocktail, a little bit of music, and conversation.

Silly us. Let’s just say, I think we were a model for birth control for all the childless individuals at the pool (basically, everyone but us)….. We eventually got the hint (actually, quite quickly) scratched the plans, and headed in…. I texted my mom about my embarrassment and she simply responded (in a loving way of course) “Welcome to parenthood.” A rite of passage if you will. All that to say, we learned a few humorous lessons on this trip.

1. A meltdown at one of the trendiest LA hotels is grounds for being stared at…. a meltdown at a more family friendly hotel… say, The Marriott…. par for the course. Lesson learned.

2. Parenting hunches are usually right. Listen to them. Always.

3. Being able to laugh at the situation…. later of course….. makes the sting not as painful….

4. And, having a spouse who is right there with you makes it so much easier better…. especially when little miss goes down, you can cheers, with a glass of champagne, to making it through the day.

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week ahead…. here’s to one filled with being open to learning new lessons. xx

{Woke up for an early morning Saturday run, and followed it up with this bowl of goodness from Cafe Gratitude}

{Our staycation began with a trip to the LA Zoo…. little miss loved the giraffes…. especially feeding them.}

{The shortest happy hour ever at The Mondrian}

{Morning snuggles with this little lady- lounge joggers/tank... so soft and cozy}

{Such a delicious way to end the weekend….}

{We can never leave LA without a stop….}

My sister recently purchased this cookbook, and I made a soup from it for dinner last night. So tasty. I’m also planning on making a veggie hash this coming week.

I’m heading back to LA with one of my girlfriends this coming weekend for a little girl time and have my eye on a few fun pieces…. I love this tunic fringe tank, as well as this flutter sleeve tee….. it’s supposed to be pretty chilly so I was considering this gorgeous blush/mauve bomber jacket with possibly this one shoulder tank…. We’re also taking a spin class in the morning, and I have my eye on this pullover  or this mesh one.

I also snagged this lightweight tunic over the weekend, and plan on wearing it as a layering option… likely tied in the front. Oh, and I noticed that one of my favorite crossover sleeveless sweaters was restocked in navy (I love navy for spring)! I also couldn’t resist these pink sneakers. So. Cute.

I’ve been doing some research for a few upcoming spring inspired posts and love this basic trench coat, linen beige sweater,  chambray slides, striped off the shoulder top, these camel colored slides, and this almond colored saddle bag (so classic)…..

Annnnd, as always I’m always searching for the best basics. I am obsessed with this cotton jumpsuit (would be so cute with a denim jacket and kicks), tie sleeve sweatshirt (comes in 4 color options, I like the grey), basic grey cardigan, and this deep v-neck camisole (comes in multiple colors too, a perfect layering option).


The Best Of President’s Day Sales (And My Favorite Items I Personally Own)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, extended weekend, with those you love. I’m interrupting your weekend with a few of the best President’s Day Sales… including some of my personal favorite items that are currently on major sale! We’re heading up to LA this morning to take Harper to the LA Zoo, and then stay the night at a favorite hotel… so I’ll share my Weekend Recap Tuesday morning! Have a great Monday off friends!

Banana Republic is currently having 40% off, and I snagged this bell sleeved utility jacket yesterday and have my eye on this faux wrap top…..

LOFT has some super cute items right now too, all of which are 40% off….. I have this side button pullover in the peach color (I sized up to a M, as it is a more fitted sweater), this incredibly soft (like, on of the softest items I own) zip-up (featured above), as well as this chambray romper for warmer weather (it’s raining here…. but it was too cute to pass up….)…..

One of my favorite ruffle tier tops is currently on sale from Anthropologie…..

And, of course Nordstrom has some of my all time favorites currently marked down…. like this super soft and flattering v-neck sweater (I own in cream and black), this peplum button-up thermal (I own in grey), scoop neck thermal (which I own in taupe + black…. size up for length, I bought a S), my all time favorite oversized cardigan is on sale too…. as is the prettiest coral color dress (featured here) if you’re looking ahead to spring. This faux drape wrap sweater, which I love wearing everywhere, is on sale in the black and grey (I own it in black)….. as well as this grey crop that I wear when I do my yoga videos at home…… lastly, my all time favorite pullover is on sale too (I sized up to a M for an oversized fit)…..

A few items that I have my eye on include this ruffle pullover, side tie stripe tee (so perfect for spring…. layered under a trench or lightweight cardigan), side knotted long sleeve tee (I like the mauve/taupe-ish color option), and this mesh tee for working out in (the grey color is so cute!).


Tea Talk // Q&A OF The Most Recently Asked Questions

{Sneakers (size down) | Jeans | Sweater | Ring}

Happy Friday friends! What a week…. I seriously could not be happier that the long weekend is here. I decided to do something a little different with today’s post. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately, and decided that I would dedicate today’s post to answering them, just in case you have the same question too. I love interacting with you all, so always feel free to ask your questions either via e-mail or in the comments below!

1. How many miles, running, do you log on the weekends?
Running has always been one of my favorite workouts (even continued it well into my pregnancy….), so after little miss was born, I couldn’t wait to return to longer runs. Of course, in theory, that was easier said than done. Now that Harper is getting older, I am able to increase the distances that I run on the weekends. Right now, I am currently at 6.5 miles. I’m hoping to complete my first postpartum half marathon this year! Anyone want to join me in virtual training??!

2. We are heading to Napa and Carmel in February and just wanted to get your recommendations on favorite places to eat in both of those locations! We are celebrating our 5th anniversary and will be spending 2 nights in Carmel and 3 in Napa before heading to San Clemente to visit with family! Any suggestions for lunch, dinner, breakfast would be so helpful! We are staying in Yountville while in Napa and Carmel by the Sea area! Thank you!!!! 
Two of my favorite places on the CA coast. I did a recap of these trips a little while back. You can find my Napa recap here, here and Carmel here, here, and here. As far as Napa goes, we LOVE Boon Fly for breakfast (try their donuts…. and they make a DG bloody mary), The Farm for dinner, or dinner at Solage Calistoga (one of our favorite hotels there). For lunches, we love to grab a sandwich and sit out at a vineyard with a glass of wine. Our favorite spots for this are V Satui and Gundlach Bundschu. We’re big and of  renting homes in the area and BBQing at night.

As for Carmel, there are so many delicious places. If you head out to Big Sur for a hike, I recommend taking in the gorgeous views and enjoy a delicious lunch at Ventana Inn. Dametra Cafe is a great, and fun, spot for Greek food….. Pebble Beach for lunch and cocktails is a must with the most spectacular views. Rooftop cocktails and delicious pizza at Vesuvio are a favorite too. Kathy’s Little Kitchen for breakfast is delish….

3. I’m prego with baby #3 and I need maternity fashion tips for these next few months (due in August). I was pregnant at different times of the year with the others.
You can check out all my pregnancy fashion here, but I for sure have a few favorite items I wore on the regular. I didn’t buy many maternity items, rather I purchased a lot of regular items in larger sizes…. and then wore them oversized after. I loved body con dresses/long sleeve version (this one was my favorite…. I wore it with OTK boots, sneakers, cardigan, and leather/suede jacket…), tunics (I loved this one, and had an option very similar to this one), flowy dresses (this floral one, in blush, was, and still is, a favorite… and I also like this mauve colored off the shoulder dress), and oversized sweaters (my favorite options right now include this super soft v-neck  (on sale!), and this open knit v-neck option), and longer basic tops, like this tee (which I actually just bought!).

4. I was curious which shoes are your favorite for Harper since she started walking? Or which brands she seems most comfortable getting around in? My little one is turning one soon and will be walking soon, she’s outgrown most of her shoes.
My absolute favorite shoes for Harper are the Freshly Picked mocs. I love that they are flexible, super soft, and she walks (and runs) so well in them! She also does really well in this converse pair, as well as in tikitot shoes. I will keep you posted as I find more options.

5. That shrimp stir fry you put together on your instastories the other day looked so good. Do you mind sharing the recipe?
This dish is so easy, and delicious! Sauté the shrimp in garlic, olive oil, and red bell pepper flakes. Then in a separate pan use some sesame oil and garlic to sauté your brown rice (cooked). Add cooked broccoli, baby corn, and cooked peas…. then drizzle some soy sauce over it. When it’s all warm and flavors to your liking you’re done. You can use the frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s and then just heat it up in the microwave… as well as their broccoli…. it makes the dish even easier. They also have excellent uncooked shrimp (not fishy at all!).

 6. Ok, I really want those Jeffrey Campbell Pointy Toe Flats. But, will you post how you style them?
I absolutely love these flats. Especially in the white and taupe color options for spring. I recommend wearing them with your favorite pair of distressed jeans, oversized basic tee, and cardigan…. or, if you’re wanting to dress them up try a motto/suede jacket with a ruffle top (one of my favs). You can even wear them in the warmer months with a pair of distressed shorts and a tee…. or with your favorite dress.

6. What did you do to combat the postpartum hair loss?
I pretty much thought I was going to go bald… I was pulling out chunks of hair in the shower. I swore (and still do) by Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (post here). Once I started using them the hair loss began to stop (thank God!!). I still use them to this day…. you can mix them in anything and they don’t alter the taste.

7. So random, but do you know of a good place or beauty counter at Nordstrom that does good makeup? I don’t trust myself with family photos we have coming up!
My favorite beauty counters at Nordstrom are Laura Mercier and Chanel. I’ve always had great success with their products. You can see my neutral makeup post here.

8. You mentioned on instastories that you took off your fake lashes and were starting to use Rodan + Fields Lash Boost? How is that going? Have you seen any progress?
Yes, I took off my lashes right after the NY, and let me tell you, it was a shock. I took them off for various reasons, but one of them was that I wanted something more natural looking. So, I decided to try the RF Lash Boost. I’ve been using it for 5 weeks now (I plan on doing a before and after when I’ve completed the recommended 12 weeks) and while I don’t notice a visible difference without makeup yet (that’s the ultimate goal) when I apply mascara, I for sure see an increase in length and fullness. So, overall I’m really happy. I can’t wait to see what improvement happens over the next 4 weeks.

9. How have your Kristin Cavallari mules held up over time? I love the tan color and think they are the perfect neutral flat but worry that they would stain and get dirty easily due to being suede. Thanks!
These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. They are a great price, well made, and super comfortable. I think I wear them at least 3 times a week. As far as quality, I haven’t had any issues with them. I own two colors, the tan and grey, and I haven’t had problems with them staining. I often use my shoes to pull my jeans down after I’ve been sitting for a little while (I know, it sounds weird) and that creates some discoloration on the inside sole, but I haven’t had a problem other than that. Some people have asked about the width… I am in between a wide and narrow foot and haven’t experienced any problems with them sliding off (I also don’t like my shoes to be tight).

10. I would love your help figuring out how to go about the postpartum period in better style. What items did you rely on, and what pieces would you recommend to a mom wanting to be stylish?
I remember thinking that the minute little miss popped out that I’d be back into my favorite jeans the next day. Not so. That being said, I got creative with how I dressed without the bump, while still having the squishy bump and loose skin (which, if I’m being quite honest, is still there to some extent….). I actually think that a lot of the items I wore in my last trimester of pregnancy were very helpful in those first few months. I always recommend a great pair of high waisted leggings (I mean, they hold in all the right places) to be worn with a tunic, oversized sweater, or basic tee….. as well as a bellaband (I used this until I could button my jeans again). Wrap tops are a great option because they are chic and I found them to be more slimming. Some favorites include this camel colored option (which I just purchased too) and this black short sleeve option, and this wrap sweater (which comes in two color options). The wrap design is great for nursing too. I also recommend a good nursing bra… it’ll make you feel much more normal. Tunics are a stylish option too. I loved (still do) this lace inset one (I own it in the ivory)…. and all the ones I mentioned above for the last few months of pregnancy are excellent options too.

11. I loooove Oribe dry texturizing spray! Have you used it? How does it compare to your Oribe products you mentioned? If you like these more, I may have to save up and try!
I love the Oribe products too! I haven’t tried their dry texturizing spray, so I can’t speak to how it compares with the products I have tried…. but I can tell you that the dry shampoo is amazing!! I’d snag that one next, if you’re looking, only because it’s more practical than the apres beach waves.

12. Your thumb ring is so dainty and feminine, it’s beautiful! Would you mind sharing where it’s from?
Thank you! It’s actually a stack of 4 rings from Gorjana. I ordered a larger size and wear one on my thumb.

13. I know you mentioned in the previous message that your Chloe bag is the “medium” size – but I only see the link for the small on Nordstroms website😔 Do you find that you can dress this bag up or down? And do you think it will “date” soon?😬 Every time I see it in your blog posts – I love it – but scared to purchase it b/c of the price & if it will look dated in a few years😏 Can you fit a fair amount inside of it?
I wasn’t able to find a link for it in the medium size, but I just found it available here. I wear this bag ALL the time… running errands and out with the hubs. It’s incredibly versatile…. and the medium is big enough to fit a square wallet, my sunglasses case (hard case), a small cosmetic bag, and my cellphone…. so I can use it as a day bag as well. I think it has such a classic shape, and the detailing is subtle and classic that I don’t think it will go out of style. I am very picky when splurging on items… and look for pieces that will last the test of time… so I think you’d be safe with this one.

14. My daughter is the same age (a day apart) — wondering if Harper has transitioned to one nap a day? My little one is fighting me hard lately on both naps. Would you mind sharing her nap times? I’m a little desperate! Thank you!
She hasn’t yet transitioned yet to 1 nap…. she is still wanting both the naps. I did speak with my pediatrician about it when we went to her year checkup and she mentioned that when she starts fighting the naps it is time to merge to one…. and she mentioned it’s usually around 15 months… but to monitor how she does. Currently she goes down for her first nap between 9:30-10 (depends on how she’s doing) and then her second is between 2:30/3. They last about 1 hour and 15 minutes… I hope that helps and good luck!


Everyday Elevated // Dressing In A Pinch: The Asymmetrical Tee

Well, the other morning (or, should I say, day) was nothing short of interesting (those days always make for a good story though, right??)…..

It started with Harper and I heading out for our morning walk to the park, at which point I dropped my phone, yet again, and the screen separated from the actual phone…. essentially making the screen black (mind you, this was after dropping it the previous day and shattering the screen). This pretty much rendered my phone useless…. since I couldn’t even access the pass code to unlock the dang thing….

Then, as I was scurrying around to get ready (little miss had already awaken from her nap…) I noticed I had left a bottle of nail polish within reach of tiny hands. The two of us noticed this simultaneously and as I reached to take it away, she quickly reached for it too, which spelled spilled disaster. Nail polish bottle shattered all over white bathroom. Coral nail polish to be exact. Imagine my excitement at that mess…..

By that time, I had about 10 minutes to get ready if I wanted to do anything before lunch…. so, I reached for a tee (like I always do when I’m in a bind). Before you stop reading, hear me out. While I love a great basic v-neck, I’ve been finding new shapes to add to my t-shirt collection. My current favorite being the asymmetrical hem…. it’s a little different, adds good shape to a very basic item, and in the right material hangs in all the right places. It’s another one of those items that you can grab when you’re in a hurry and still look like you put a ton of effort into getting ready. When in a neutral color, like this super soft favorite, you’re in even better luck…..

A few favorites include the one I’m wearing today (obviously), as well as this asymmetrical tank version (in white…. looks like it hangs in such a cute way), dolman lightweight long sleeve tee (in several options, but I like the java), and this v-neck top in blush.

Disclaimer: If you spot any coral nail polish on my ankles, I apologize in advance. Additionally, the day was so crazy, that by the time we got around to snapping pictures of the outfit, I was so tired I forgot to take the cardigan off to get a picture of the tee. Oooops. Sorry! 

{Outfit Details // Top (comes in 4 colors, excellent price, TTS, wearing XS) | Cardigan | Jeans | Mules | Necklace | Bag | Sunglasses}


Wellness Wednesday: The Three Must Haves In My Breakfasts + A Nutrient Packed Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

We’ve all heard it, time and time again…. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And, if you think about it, it’s pretty true. I mean, I eat dinner around 6:00pm (senior citizens over here…..)…. and don’t have breakfast until 6:30am…. so, I’m literally breaking the fast with my first meal of the day…..

Growing up, I couldn’t leave the house until I’d had something to eat in the morning. In college, breakfasts were often pushed back until 9:30am (#LateNights #YOLO). In grad school, I lived on cereal. When little miss arrived, I relied heavily on my favorite oatmeal bake (pop in the oven, and voila). Needless to say, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what will keep me nourished, satisfied, and provide me with the energy needed to get through the morning…..

First, I need carbs. Have to have them. So, I opt for items like my favorite rolled oats from Trader Joe’s, sweet potatoes, or a piece of toast. I also find a good source in the fruits I incorporate… I tend to prefer a sweet breakfast over a savory option, which is why I like fruit in the morning. I typically top my oats with fresh fruits for the perfect combo….

Second, a healthy dose of fats. They help me feel full longer. My preferred morning fats (sounds kinda funny, huh??)? Avocado or some kind of nut butter. They’re pretty much my #obsession. On toast, in my oatmeal (well, nut butter that is… haven’t been adventurous enough to toss in avocado…), on the side with my egg dish….

And lastly, some kind of protein. When I was in grad school I would have a bowl of cereal and wonder why I was hungry an hour later (or, better yet, why I needed a second bowl…..). Eggs, bacon (nitrate, hormone, antibiotic, organic kind), and protein powders are my favorite options….

Annnnd, a few mornings ago, I decided to get a little creative with those three must haves…. and that’s how this amazingly thick, delicious, and nutritious breakfast was born. You can drink the whole thing if you’d like… split it between two people (which is what little miss and I did)…. or make it into a breakfast bowl and top with more fruit and granola…. the options are limitless. Do what your tastebuds desire. Either way, you’re sure to be left with a cup (or bowl…) of goodness in front of you…….

Oh, and there are two hidden, nutrient dense, ingredients in this baby…. beets (in the oh-so-delicious Pressed Juicery Strawberry Almond Milk) and frozen cauliflower (trust me when I say you can’t even taste it….but it adds some amazing texture)…..

Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

1 cup of sliced strawberries
1 medium, frozen, banana
1/2 cup oats (I use the gluten free oats from Trader Joe’s)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp chocolate protein collagen peptides
1 cup frozen riced cauliflower
1 cup Strawberry Almond Milk from Pressed Juicery
1 scoop of nut butter (I used this one)
1 1/2 cup ice cubes
sprinkle of cinnamon


Combine all ingredients in a blender (I used a vitamix) and blend until well combined. If it is not as thick as you would like, add a few more ice cubes until it reaches desired thickness (this is what I had to do).

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Valentine’s Day Fail // Sleeveless Sweater

Well, poor planning on my part here. I mean, Valentine’s Day, and I’m in a grey toned outfit. Probably could have done something blush themed…. and then thought I could have done something to honor the man in my life…. and then I realized that I dropped the ball there too…. and so, here we are, with today’s post, completely not V-day themed….

In all honesty, we’re having a simple holiday over here…. we’ve arranged for little miss to head over to my parent’s house in the morning…. and TJ and I are heading out to a SoulCycle Spin class and breakfast date. Which, for me, is pretty ideal. Then we’ll have a simple family dinner and celebrate our family love…. nothing over the top, simple, and special…

Which is exactly what this outfit is (ok, and pretty much every other outfit I post….). A favorite trend of mine over the past several seasons has been the sleeveless open knit sweater (my favorite from last season can be seen here). It’s a simple grab and go option that is perfect layered underneath your favorite jacket, or by itself when the temps warm up (or when you head inside). This grey option pairs with pretty much any denim you have in your closet…. grey jeans for a little grey x grey action, white denim,  and your tried and true blue jeans. Wear to coffee with a girlfriend, or out to happy hour with your main squeeze or girlfriends (just toss on your favorite heels)…..

A few other options that I am currently loving include this v-neck sweater, gorgeous white option, sand colored asymmetrical sweater, and this gorgeous tunic splurge worthy one.

{Outfit Details // Sweater (comes in ivory too, wearing S, runs TTS) | Bralette | Jacket (comes in several colors, currently on sale, runs TTS, wearing XS) | Mules | Jeans (similar) | Sunglasses | Purse (less expensive option) | Necklace}