Chunky Knit + Velvety Cami

velvet cami and chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

Forest Green. That was the color of my first ever velvet Christmas dress. When I was five years old. Not sure how long the velvet trend lasted back in those days… but now that it’s back, I’d like to give it a shot, without looking like my five year old self….

So, when I was in Free People the other day (don’t let the fact that I was at the mall give you any sense that this was a leisurely outing. Harper was screaming like a pterodactyl, now that she’s discovered she has lungs, and I was just trying to return a few items….) I grabbed this velvet-y cami on my way out (no time to try it on….). I was drawn to the feminine touch of lace with the softness of the velvet (I was rushing out… so it really grabbed my eye…). When I got home, and put Harper down for a nap, I decided to see how it fit. With my hair tossed up in a topknot, and no make-up on, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it… so I put it back in the bag and decided I’d give it another go at a later date. Fast forward to later in the week. I decided to give it one more try for a quick taco dinner. Loved it. There was a breeze outside so I grabbed this chunky cardigan to toss over it.

Looking to give velvet another go around? I think pairing a velvet cami or jacket with distressed denim is a great way to go (no surprise here). I think it provides the perfect juxtaposition between feminine and edgy. I also think this velvet jacket would be a great piece over a black slip dress or lace cami and jeans. I like this light pink cami, black lace cami, and this button up option. Not feeling up to that much velvet? Try a little pop with these amazing booties. Either way you choose, you’re sure to look great… trust me!


{Outfit Details || Camisole (other color options) | Cardigan (several color options) | Jeans (distressed mine) | Mules | Purse | Sunglasses}

velvet camisole, itsy bitsy indulgenes

velvet camisole, itsy bitsy indulgences

velvet cami and chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

velvet + chunky cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

chunky merlot cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

chunky merlot cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences


velvet and lace, itsy bitsy indulgences

chunky cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences



Weekend Recap: The Need To Be Busy

newport beach, itsy bitsy indulgences {A warm, warm weekend}

Having been out of town the past two weekends, having a low-key few days was just what we needed… We had all been sick over the past couple of weeks, and Harper’s lingered a little longer over the weekend (a runny nose and two top teeth cutting through). So, with the exception of a quick lunch and a Sunday morning breakfast, we stayed relatively low-key. There was a lot of bbq-ing, some wine sipping, and much needed rest… I even allowed myself a quick nap on Saturday afternoon….

I’m typically not one to be able to sit still very long. The thought of parking myself on the couch for an entire afternoon makes me quite anxious. To me, doing nothing is a waste of time. Yet, I’m beginning to realize that rest is actually much more than ” doing nothing.” It’s a chance to recharge, to give my body a break. This reality became blaringly obvious to me this past week. It was 8pm, I had completed my to-do list for the day… Harper was down, and I began wondering what I needed to do (you know, that little mental checklist we all go through… or maybe that’s just me). When I couldn’t come up with anything, I created something (!!!!). Instead of taking time to read the book I started back in May (and still haven’t gotten past page 20….), I decided that the stack of papers sitting on the table needed to be sorted…. what? I realized that so often I get caught up in the need to be busy… if I’m not doing, then I’m wasting. It’s something I am trying to be more cognizant of…. maybe even scheduling in a little downtime during the day (even if it’s only 20-30 minutes). After that unexpected catnap on Saturday afternoon I felt recharged…. and ready for that glass of wine (insert wink face emoji here). That being said, I guess you know what I’ll be working on this week! Have a good one friends!

fall blooms, itsy bitsy indulgences{The prettiest fall bouquet}

cucina enoteca, itsy bitsy indulgences

cucina enoteca, itsy bitsy indulgences {Finally got back to one of our favorite spots, Cucina Enoteca}

pressed juicery, itsy bitsy indulgences {Vitality shots…. to negate the weekend’s indulgences}

cafe lucca, itsy bitsy indulgences {This gal knows a good thing when she sees it….}


It felt so good to be home this weekend… we kept the indulgences low(er) and got in some good workouts. Since I’m going to be in a bathing suit for a whole week I decided to work on the bum and did this quick circuit (which I created when I was pregnant) at the end of a Saturday run.

We’re heading to Ojai this weekend and when we return, we have one day to prepare for Hawaii. That being said, I’ve been doing a lot of on-line perusing to see what I want to take with me….

We’re planning on hiking in Ojai and I found so many cute workout pieces. I think these mesh leggings are pretty fab, and I love this varsity cropped tee. This blush tank is a great staple and I’ll for sure be bringing along my favorite high waisted leggings. Oh… and I wish it was cold enough to wear this pom pom beanie

For the flight to Hawaii, I’m really liking this one piece jumpsuit… it looks nursing friendly, so we will see… I think it will be great for the fall months too with a chunky cardigan and sneakers. I also like this oversized tee or this white side split tunic (love the hemline). For our actual time in Hawaii, I think this off the shoulder sweater would be great for watching an evening sunset (mai tai in hand, of course). I like that I can wear it with shorts on the trip, but then easily transition it with jeans and over the knee boots for cooler temps. I am also debating between these two tunics, both of which will also be perfect for fall layering. I own both in lighter colors, but I’m liking this lace tunic in black and this floral tunic in black as well. I’d likely pair them with some shorts on the trip, or even as a basic cover-up…. or possibly belt them with my favorite belt. I’m also considering purchasing this striped button down dress for an evening sunset…. I like that it seems lightweight, but that it is also long-sleeved… again, a piece that I can wear after the trip as well (oh, and nursing friendly).

For Ojai, I’m considering a lace camisole. I’m debating between this wine colored one (but it comes in two other colors), this black option (again, more color options), and this feminine cream colored one. I love that they can be super casual during the day with a pair of distressed jeans and slides… and then tossing on a chunky knit for the cooler evening temps.

Now, back to fall…. I am eyeing a new pair of booties. I think this calf high tassel version is beautiful (saw them in store and they were even prettier), love these studded booties, as well as this block heel pair (because this pair just isn’t quite in the budget….), and this low heel bootie is a great everyday option (I’m loving the taupe color). A few other tops that I think are pretty fabulous include this black and white striped high low one, this grey high-low v-neck knit, and this fluffy nude cardigan (looks so cozy).

And, for little miss, I picked up this striped dress and printed tunic.


My DIY For Distressed Denim + The Step Hem

fall denim, itsy bitsy indulgences{Outfit Details || Jeans | Top | Cardigan | Mules | Sunglasses| Druzy Ring | Phone Case | Pendant Necklace | Crescent Necklace}

As a short girl (5’1″ over here!) jean shopping was (is) never easy. I’d try on a pair of jeans, even in petite, and I could never tell how they were really going to look because the legs were about a foot too long (and rolling them under just isn’t the same). Oh, and don’t forget that if I tried on a pre-distressed pair, the hole was pretty much just below my knee… not really the “cool” look I was going for. Then, once I settled on a pair, the extra step of having to get them hemmed was a hassle…. the jeans would inevitably sit in my closet for a few weeks before I would get around to taking them in to get hemmed. So, when the raw hem trend hit I was ecstatic. Not only was it in line with my style, it was pretty much the panacea for my denim woes. I started just chopping off the bottom of my jeans and ripping my pre-distressed holes a little bigger…. all on my own…. and was pretty satisfied with the end result.

Then… the denim industry decided to hit us short gals with another blow. The step-hem. When I saw this pair, I had to have them…. yet, when I tried them on, they were horrible. Not the cool girl look I was going for when the hem pretty much hit the ground (so much for that shorter inseam). Frustrated, I got to thinking…. how hard can that hem really be? I got brave one day during Harper’s nap and whipped out this old pair of jeans…. and hacked away… creating a whole new look (pre-distressed here… very old post!), and the hem I had been coveting… all within 15 minutes. As I started to wear them on instagram, people started asking for a tutorial… and so this post was born…

If you’re a short girl like me, or simply looking to distress a tired pair of jeans, then this post is for you! I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the look (I really wanted to do a video, but haven’t mastered that….). Yet, my disclaimer is that what you end up creating might not look exactly like mine… but that’s the beauty of it… every pair looks slightly different, while still maintaining that casual vibe…. oh, and my second disclaimer is that you really can’t worry about the jean.. just trust the process and have at it…. (but if you’re really concerned try it out on a cheaper pair first…)

For starters, you need a good fitting pair of jeans. For this hem/distressing, I think the jean needs to have a little looser fit. I purchased these jeans in a size 2 (one size up) to achieve that look. You want to make sure you have a measuring tape and a pair of scissors (these are sewing scissors, but you can use whatever sharp pair you have sitting around…).

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

To start with the hem, I simply reach down and place a snip where I will want to eventually make the cut. I typically like to have it hit below my ankle, because I will eventually cut the top layer to a length that is above my ankle…..

DIY distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

After you make the initial snip, remove the jeans and cut straight across both the front and back of the jean (at the same time). Complete on both sides….

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

Next, I measure about 1 1/2-1 3/4 inches up from the bottom hem and then I cut straight across the top layer. When I’ve completed the cut, I also cut off the thick hem that is on the side of the jeans…..

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy step hem jens, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy step hem jeans, itsy bitsy indulgences

Then I attempt to pull a few strands out

diy step hem, itsy bitsy indulgences

To get the holes in the jeans, I either rip a pre-existing hole (this pair had a tiny one, so I worked with that on the left side) and make it larger, or I put the jeans back on and make a slit at the knee and rip from there. I then cut a hole. I actually cut the hole on these jeans a little larger than I would have liked, but it’s growing on me. My best recommendation would be to simply start small. Begin my cutting in a round shape inside the hole you have created. Put the jeans back on, and then if you feel like you want a bigger hole, continue cutting around the inside….

diy distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

diy denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

Next, one of the most important parts, get the holes and hem of the jeans wet and toss them in the dryer. This will give you the added frayed effect…. yet, it might take a wash or two before they look just how you want them to. I bought these jeans for $35, and had them just they way I liked in 15 minutes… I’d say that’s a pretty good deal… and the finished look is below…..

{Outfit Details || Jeans | Top | Cardigan | Mules | Sunglasses| Druzy Ring | Phone Case | Pendant Necklace | Crescent Necklace}

diy step hem jeans, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall layering, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall layers, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall colors and layers, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall camel cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall layers, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall camel cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall camel cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences


Fall Neutrals + The Coziest Cardigan

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

When I think about moving into the fall season, the first thought that comes to mind are the hues that will soon be filling my wardrobe. While I love the marigolds, deep purples, and dark teals that will abound, I also appreciate the more neutral tones… greys, olives, and creams if you will. While I knew it was going to be a scorcher this past weekend, I still brought this cozy grey cardigan because I knew it would be the perfect transitional piece…. seamlessly taking me from a hot day to a pleasant evening walk home from dinner. It’s not too heavy, is super comfortable, and when the weather gets cooler will easily layer over a long-sleeve tee. The color is versatile… as are all the fall neutrals…. so it was a no brainer in my book.

I’ve rounded up a few other favorite fall neutrals, in case you’re looking to add a piece to your wardrobe as well…

I, of course, love this wide brimmed floppy hat (I rarely meet a hat I don’t like…). Yet, if a hat isn’t your thing, these are my favorite olive cargo pants (I’ve had them for over 6 years)… and I think this cold shoulder sweater and button back sweater and pretty cute! If you’re looking for something a little lighter in weight, this v-neck top is perfect.

I love grey. Obviously. I think this lace up peplum top is such a perfect every day option when paired with your favorite pair of distressed jeans. This sweater dress is a great basic with sneakers (or OTK for the really cold months), and I lived in a skirt similar to this all of last season.

So many gorgeous options available this season. I love this bell sleeve sweater, sweatshirt dress, and fringe cardigan (love how subtle the fringe is).


{Outfit Details || Cardigan (3 color options) | Tank (I wear this and my white one all the time) | Jeans (distressed these on my own, this is the exact pair though) | Flats | Purse | Hat | Sunglasses | Pendant Necklace}

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

rockstud flats, itsy bitsy indulgences

rag and bone wide brimmed fedora, itsy bitsy indulgences

rockstud flats, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences


floppy wide brimmed fedora, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list

Fall is likely one of my favorite seasons. There is something special about this time of year, and I feel as though I can never quite accurately describe it. It’s as if there is something in the air… my favorite festive holidays, lots of family and friend gatherings, decorations + traditions abound, and cooler temperatures come to visit. Sunday nights are filled with Football and soups…. and the chunky knits can comfortably be worn (sometimes). I’ve always put together a bucket list when it comes to this time of year…. and I always used to encourage the families I worked with to do so as well. Having something to look forward to tends to lift my spirits when a week is dragging… or having a list like this to pull from helps get me out of a slump. Annnnd, having little miss around this year makes it even more exciting, and I can’t wait to include her in old traditions and make new ones with her in tow. I put together this list annually and I thought I would share it with you today! I’d love to know what’s on your fall bucket list too!

1. Go Apple Picking- something I have on the list year after year and have never done. I am determined to go this year!

2. Pick out an adorable Halloween costume for Harper. On the top of the list is a mermaid.

3. Take Harper to a pumpkin patch…. one of those cool ones with a corn maze and pony rides. My favorite in the Orange County area is Tanaka Farms.

4. Pick out the perfect fall nail color. My current favorites include this olive green color, this darker fall nude, and this taupe like option.

5. Bake, bake, bake…. this paleo pumpkin bar recipe has already been made 4 times. I also can’t wait to try this flourless dark chocolate peanut butter cup banana bread (as in, likely tomorrow night….), oh, and how about these paleo almond butter cup donuts??

6. Have a pumpkin carving night… complete with red wine, baked apples, and a good Halloween movie (not a horror movie though… I can’t handle them… can’t fall asleep for weeks!).

7. With it being football season, I’d love to pick a random Sunday and pretty much hang out all day inside watching the games…. then have a delicious chili dinner (I’ve been making this recipe for years).

8. I actually like a good, crisp beer…. so I’d love to have an evening where we do a little beer tasting. I’d have TJ round up his favorite Octoberfest beers, we could bbq some brats, and decide which we like best!

9. Pick out a perfect cold weather scarf. Some favorites include this super soft beige wrap (I actually purchased it last year and can’t wait to bring it out… soon…), a black and white oversized scarf, and this fringe scarf is amazing!

10. Run a family Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving…. because I love me some of my grandma’s apple + pumpkin pie.

11. Have a small Friends-giving…. I love my friends so much and think it’s a fun way to celebrate with them!

12. Take Harper to Disneyland for the Halloween decorations! They’re so elaborate, and I think it would be so fun to watch her amazement.

13. We have a family cabin up in the Big Bear area…. so when the first snow occurs, I’d love to head up there for Harper’s first experience in the snow.

14. I also wouldn’t mind (at all) if we got up to the Los Olivos area. The fall colors are gorgeous up in that area…. and the wine may or may not be beckoning.

15. Give back. I’d like to adopt a family for the Thanksgiving holiday and provide them with a meal. I think it’s so important that when you are given much, you give back.


Marigold + My Favorite Fall Nursing Dresses + Tops (That Are Perfect For Anyone!)

marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

We planned a relatively spur of the moment trip up to the Bay area a couple of weeks ago. TJ had some work meetings, so Harper and I decided to tag along. At first, I was hesitant to commit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pack up little miss again after the Boston trip. Yet, when TJ mentioned that we could head out to Sonoma for the afternoon on Sunday, I was pretty much sold (wine to me is like a dangling carrot for a horse….). As we began to prepare for the trip I, of course, crossed my fingers for cooler, fall like temps. Yet, no such luck. Like, seriously… it was a heat wave in the 90’s. So, instead of griping about it like I typically do, I decided to pull out this gorgeous marigold lace dress that I recently purchased. I knew that it would keep me cool and that it was incredibly nursing friendly (on a side note, for those of you who ask, I nurse and immediately after taste) with the buttons down the front. The color was what initially sold me, but when I tried it on, the flowy feel and fit made me fall in love. It did exactly what it was supposed to do…. left me feeling cool (well, as cool as you can in that kind of heat), accessible to little miss, and feeling a little fall like with the color…. I also wore it to dinner that evening and simply tossed on this coated moto jacket (excellent price point!).

I’ve done a few posts on the best nursing pieces (that aren’t really nursing items) in the past (here, here, here) and thought I would share my top favorites for this coming fall as well.


Right now, there are so many great button-up options available. I own this plaid button-up and it is super soft and extremely comfortable.This black option is a gorgeous piece (at an excellent price point) for a dressier fall occasion. A faux suede dress is perfect for the cooler fall temps, and this white button front minidress would be super cute with the jacket I wore in today’s post or a suede moto. I also think this black utility shirtdress is a great basic… it’s a pricier option, but the brand always makes products that are of excellent quality. I own this dress in white, but think the printed options are gorgeous for fall (and it’s a super comfortable dress). The print on this midi dress is fall perfection, as it is on this navy floral dress. This garment dyed dress is a great casual option.


As far as tops go, I always think that off the shoulder or button front are great options. I love this off the shoulder sweater that comes in several different color options. This plaid off the shoulder top is super cute (also comes in solid colors), and this floral option is great too. There are so many button down options, but a few of my favorites include this stipe boy shirt (I own it and love it), a cute gingham option,  this silk stipe blouse, I’m always a sucker for these soft plaid button front tops.

Also… it was brought to my attention that many of the links were incorrect in yesterday’s post. So sorry! They’re all been fixed now.


{Outfit Details || Dress | Jacket | Bralette | Sunglasses | Pendant Necklace}

marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences





marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold and black, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences


Weekend Recap

rose champagne, itsy bitsy indulgences{A little rosé cheers to the dress}

What. A. Weekend. One of those where you look back feeling blessed and fulfilled… and exhausted at the same time. It started with a little wedding dress shopping for my sister with my mom and Harper… which resulted in a stunning choice and a little rosé to celebrate. TJ and I welcomed the weekend in our usual fashion…. a little take out, vino, music, and comfy clothes on the couch (we get real crazy over here….).  Saturday morning I went wedding venue scouting with my sister and mom,  prepared for our trip up North, and we had a mellow night bbq-ing at home… and then Sunday morning we work up bright and early to head to Sonoma and Sacramento. To say it was busy would be an understatement….

It’s funny. When life is super busy, I wish things would slow down. When life slows down, I wish it would pick up. When it’s hot, I inevitably wish it was cold… when I have short hair, I wish it was longer… you get the drift. It’s something I work on… being more present in the moment and cherishing where I am. It’s not always easy, but I try… and it’s something I am committing myself to as we embark upon this new week. Being present in each moment… good, or bad (as in… we have a flight home with little miss on Tuesday… insert wink face emoji.). Have a good one friends!!

pressed freeze, itsy bitsy indulgences {Would a weekend really be complete without this goodness??}

weekend recap, itsy bitsy indulgences{My little travel companion}

domaine carneros, itsy bitsy indulgences

domaine carneros, itsy bitsy indulgences{A little champagne sipping with my partner in crime while little miss was fast asleep}


We have so many fun trips coming up in the next few weeks, so I’m on the hunt for items that will be comfortable for traveling. I always love a good striped top (it’s always chic and comfortable) and have my eye on this oversized option (I own it in another color as well), this v-neck long sleeve one, and this black and white version. I’m also loving sweatshirts right now… I bought this one and am thinking about this oversized grey option as well. I also think casual tops are great options for those long travel days. I’m looking at this simple wine colored peplum tee, side slide sweater tee, grey v-neck sweater, and this long sleeve stripe top. I also love this oatmeal colored dolman top…. it comes in several color options and I think the shape is beautifully relaxed. These layering piece are also great for traveling… when you’re going in and out of temperatures they’re the perfect pieces to toss on and pull off. This knit vest is very versatile, a vintage white open front cardigan is a great neutral, this lightweight drapey trench is super chic, and I recently purchased this super soft fringe open front cardigan.

I’m also loving the feminine touch of flutter and bell sleeves. I recently purchased this pretty white one, but I also think this blush option, merlot color, and pale lilac are gorgeous for fall.

A few other pieces I think are perfect for fall include this beautiful distressed sweater, these frayed hem jeans, and this button front plaid top. Oh, and I also bought these platform sneakers…. #obsessed.

Annnnd, for little miss… how adorable is this little bomber jacket? These textured pants are too cute, and these floral leggings are a great transitional piece.


Boston Recap

Boston recap, itsy bitsy indulgences

This Boston trip was one of my favorites. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, neither of us had ever been, so it was a true adventure. As we began planning the trip, most of my anxiety centered around the flight with Harper. The last few times we had flown with her, she was so young, not making too much noise, and slept pretty much the entire flight. This time around she had a set of lungs on her like none other, and I was worried the screams would occur too frequently (we had agreed that we would buy those sitting around us a round of drinks if necessary… our condolences if you will). To my surprise, she slept a better portion of the flight there…. but the flight home was a different story… and a different post on traveling with a little one…. to come soon, I promise. All of that aside though, we thoroughly enjoyed the city of Boston. As we sat reflecting on the trip, we talked about how many different and fun areas there were, how we always felt safe, and about how friendly people were in general. We received so many different recommendations from people, but because we were only there for an extended weekend, couldn’t visit every spot (more reason to go back soon). Yet, I couldn’t have been happier with the places we stayed, and the places we visited! We started our weekend by staying at The Nine-0.

dig inn, itsy bitsy indulgences

digg inn boston, itsy bitsy indulgences


fenway park, itsy bitsy indulgencesAfter getting in fairly late on Friday evening (9:30 was when we arrived to the hotel), we put Harper down (which wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped, but she eventually settled in), ordered room service + a glass of wine, and then headed to bed. We were pretty exhausted and wanted to get a good start to our Saturday morning. When we woke up, we decided that we would walk to breakfast through some of the gorgeous gardens that everyone had suggested. They were absolutely gorgeous. So serene and peaceful. We opted to have breakfast at Digg Inn. The spot was delicious, nutritious, and somewhere I would visit again. After lunch, we walked over to Fenway Park… something that was on TJ’s list of “must sees.” It was a nice walk, and a great way to see another part of the city. After we walked around the park we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the rest of the day….

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgenes

lobster rolls, itsy bitsy indulgences We decided that lobster rolls and crab cakes were on the menu for lunch (I mean, we’d already hit our 10,000 steps for the day, so this was the logical option). We dined at James Hook + Co and it was delish. My favorite part of the entire meal was the crab cake. So. Good.

boston recap, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston recap, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston recap, itsy bitsy indulgences Post lunch, it started to rain, unexpectedly, so we took cover in some random building. After it passed, we headed over to The Envoy Hotel where we checked out their rooftop terrace (it wasn’t open for drinks yet… sad face…). I highly recommend this spot for excellent views and good cocktails (so I’ve heard). (My tank | Hat | Jeans}

north end boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

north end boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

north end boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

north end, boston

boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston, itsy bitsy indulgences We were craving pizza for dinner, so we walked over to The North End (also referred to as Little Italy, I believe). We were initially going to dine at Regina’s Pizza, as we had heard great things about it. Yet, when we arrived, the line was too long for us to wait with little miss so we decided to just walk and find a different spot (reluctantly). We stumbled upon Scopa and it was amazing. I had the potato pizza + pinot… which was pretty much as delicious as it sounds. It was a small little spot, great for people watching, and a friendly staff. I highly recommend. Afterwards we enjoyed the evening walk back to the hotel, put little miss to bed, and enjoyed some champagne in the dark (…. we had to have the lights out for her)…. different but still fun.

taste boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

taste boston, itsy bitsy indulgences

beacon hill, itsy bitsy indulgences

beacon hill, itsy bitsy indulgences Sunday morning we woke up and headed to the Beacon Hill area for breakfast. This was one of my favorite areas of the trip, and I wish we had been able to spend more time there. We walked into The Paramount, and the menu looked amazing. It was just too crowded with all of the crap we had! So, we walked a little further and settled on Tatte. I loved the feel of the place…. bright and airy. We ordered a pastry to split…. as well as our own meals, and enjoyed sitting on their outside patio.

boston commons, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston commans, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston commons, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston commons, itsy bitsy indulgences After, we headed into the Boston Public Gardens so we could feed the ducks with Harper and she could see the little duckling statues. It was too cute and she was so curious. If we’d had more time, a picnic would have been fun.

boston public marketWe also made a quick stop at the Boston Public Market for some Kombucha on tap…. and TJ picked up some local beers. They were also making apple cider donuts… I didn’t get any, but kinda wish I had!

cambridge, itsy bitsy indulgences

cambridge, itsy bitsy indulgences

harvard square, itsy bitsy indulgences We then packed up and headed to a the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge for the remainder of the trip. The hotel had a stunning view of the Boston skyline, and a great location on the Charles River. I also loved the size of the room, as it could accommodate all of Harper’s belongings, and leave plenty of extra room. Once we got settled, we headed to Harvard Square where we showed Harper her future college (just kidding….), had a little bit of Mexican food at Felipe’s, and walked around…. we were back at the hotel in time for Harper’s afternoon nap, where we took naps too. (My Jacket | Tank | Shoes}

charles river, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston sunset, itsy bitsy indulgencesWe went back and forth between heading to Art Bar or Alden + Harlow for dinner. We opted for Art Bar since it was in the hotel (if we’d had one more night we would have visited the other), had a great view (probably slightly better than the food….), and we were pretty tired at that point. We sat outside and enjoyed the views of the skyline. After, we headed up with a beverage and watched the sunset from our room.


I wish we had one extra day as there were a few spots that I would have loved to visit (food wise)… yet, overall it was a great family trip. There were some challenging moments with Harper sleeping wise, yet they were experiences that helped us learn for the future (and I’ll be sure to share in a later post). For those of you who live in Boston….. you sure have a fun, and beautiful, city!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Packing Up For Little Miss


One of my favorite parts about visiting Boston was that TJ nor I had ever been before.  It was new for us both,and Harper too, which made it all the more exciting. We did a little bit of research before we left, and had a few restaurants we wanted to visit, as well as a couple of sites we didn’t want to miss. When it came time for packing, I knew I wanted to bring my favorite basics, that were lightweight and could be layered based on the day’s weather…. which is exactly how I decided I would pack for Harper.

While we were there, the weather vacillated between sunny and warm, to stormy and cool…. all within the same day. On this particular day, the morning began overcast so I bundled her up in these super soft pants, the dress, and a cozy sweater. Once the storm passed (which we completely got caught in) and the clouds broke, the pants came off and she was ready for the rest of the day. Right before dinner that evening, we decided to take a stroll down the river and take in the Boston views from Cambridge. It was a spectacular evening and Harper was all smiles as she watched people walk along the boardwalk and the wind blew in her face.

 I always give careful thought and consideration as to what I am going to pack for Harper. Before this trip, I decided that since we were moving into fall, I would purchase some new items for her (hey, if I’m going to buy myself some pieces she should get in on the action too!!). When I stumbled across this super soft polka dot dress I knew it would be a perfect piece to pack. I also opted for this little bell sleeve tunic and pants set, as well as these super soft jogger pants (for the plane ride… we all have to be comfortable, right?). The Splendid line is one of my personal favorites, and so I knew that the quality and softness of the fabrics would be perfect for her baby skin. I also think these stripe leggings are adorable, as well as this indigo dyed dress. For all you boy mommas out there, how cute is this striped one piece, these cozy joggers, and this striped tee and pant set? I also wanted to keep her toes warm, so I snagged a new pair of converse for her (her previous pair can be seen here). I love the converse line in mini sizes…  they’re too cute and I recently bought this pair (in navy) for my girlfriend who is expecting her little dude any day now.


{Outfit Details || Harper’s Dress | Harper’s Shoes | Harper’s Bow | My Dress | My Shoes | Sunglasses}

splendid baby girl dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

splendid baby dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston skyline, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby girl fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby converse, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby girl style, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby girl style, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences

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Motherhood Update: 8 Months

motherhood update, itsy bitsy indulgences

Last week little miss turned 8 months. These little monthly markings have become quite the celebration for our family. My aunt and mom love to give her a little gift…. usually an “I couldn’t resist that” piece of clothing. We sing her a little birthday song, and I usually reflect on where I was 8 months ago (I have a feeling I’m going to be one of those moms who always tells their child “On the night you were born….” <insert Harper’s eye roll here>….), and on the past month in general. Each month she grows so much… changes so much… that I don’t really see the changes until I stop and reflect. So, with that being said, here are my reflections on yet another month in the books as a momma.

General Thoughts + Feelings: One evening, when I was having a particularly hard “mom day,” I wrote down some thoughts with the intention of revisiting it when I sat down to write this post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share, but I thought, I’ve been honest thus far in my journey, why not? Here is what I wrote:

“Those shirts that say “mom life is the best life” are kind of cliché to me. What they fail to capture is that mom life is full of so many competing feelings. One moment I can feel overjoyed with her small little accomplsuhemnts (was that a “dada”I heard???) and the next racked with guilt for something I failed to prevent (face planting after pulling up….). #momlife is filled with highs and lows. With feeling like you’re the best mom ever, and feeling like you’re the worst. Feeling like you know exactly what you’re doing. Feeling like you have no clue.”

That was pretty much it… I guess it was cathartic on some level. It was probably one of those days where I was trying to do too many things at once (you know those days??). It’s funny, on our flight to Boston, Harper fell asleep in my arms and I sat there just looking at her tiny little features. I was overcome with how much time has gone by and how much she has grown since that first moment I held her. I remember feeling so anxious in those first few hours, wondering if I was doing everything right. It was advice I recently gave to my girlfriend who is expecting. I told her to just take the moment in and to not worry…. latching, breastfeeding…. it will all fall into place. Just enjoy the moment. That’s my motto for this month ahead… to try and just enjoy each moment (although, sometimes that’s easier said than done).

motherhood update, itsy bitsy indulgences

Sleeping + Feeding: Still nursing over here people! I thought after last month’s post I would be writing something different in this section… but, nope. We have had progress with a bottle though, which is very encouraging. With the introduction of solid foods a few months back, if she doesn’t take as much milk at one feeding it ends up being supplemented with some of the solids. It gives me hope… and this coming weekend, when I go wedding dress shopping with my sister, TJ will be going it alone with her…. so #OperationBottle will be in full effect. In all honesty, he does great with it. He’s super patient with her, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

In the meantime, I continue to look for cute nursing items. I recently found this adorable peplum tank and wore it all over Boston. It has a muscle tank fit, so I simply pulled it to one side to nurse. Super easy access. I also purchased this plaid button-up dress last year (the one linked is this year’s pattern). It’s a great option for those days that I want to wear a dress… it’s easy to unbutton and super comfortable. I also shared this floral print top in a recent post (it has since been marked down 40%), and love the button-front access.

I recently introduced these dissolvable puffs and Harper loved them. I did too. For a number of reasons. First, they helped her with fine motor skills, the pincer grasp if you will (which in turn occupied a whole lot of time…. which is always a nice thing when you’re trying to eat). Secondly, they introduced a different consistency to her, which I am hoping to do over the next couple of weeks. I actually really enjoy introducing new situations to her. I love to see how she will respond, and love to promote curiosity and exploration.

As far as sleeping goes, not much has changed here. Her naps have been getting shorter in the mornings, so I am thinking that it might fade out in a couple of months. We will see!


Well…. my hair has STOPPED falling out. Amen! I swear it had so much to do with the collagen protein. I use this stuff daily. I used to run my hands through my hair and so many pieces would fall out. Now? Nothing. It has been a serious relief and something I feel so good about.

This is also the first month where I have started to feel like things were falling into place. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments, but I certainly feel much better than I did a couple of months ago. I was able to return to a SoulCycle class a few weeks ago, as well as a Core Power Yoga Sculpt class. It felt so good to return to classes that I loved so much prior to little miss’ arrival, and I’m hoping to be able to go more often.

motherhood update, itsy bitsy indulgences

Relationships: I feel so blessed to have many friends who have gone before me into motherhood. They are all so understanding when I don’t return their text for, say, a couple of days. Something that I rarely did before becoming a mom. I’ve been very intentional this month to set up dates with my girlfriends…. or to at least send text messages back and forth. Whenever I do this, I am typically left feeling rejuvenated. There is just something about a few hours (or a few texts) with girlfriends that leaves me feeling so positive.

I was going to write that “as far as marriage goes, all is status quo…” but then I realized that isn’t true. While things might not seem to be very different, I would argue that things are actually constantly changing. We’re continually sharing the dance of parenthood… sometimes it’s a cinch, other times it’s hard. Yet, with each easy day, and each challenging day, comes growth. A greater understanding of how to help the other and a stronger sense of a united parenting team. I think I’m blessed to have married my best friend… because at the end of the day, no matter how hard it was, I know we have each other to fall back on!

motherhood update, itsy bitsy indulgences

Favorite Moments: I think one of my favorite moments from this past month was our trip to Boston. I was so unsure how we would all manage the short trip, and despite the whirlwind journey home (it.was.long.) it was so worth it. I just love showing her new places. TJ and I both know that she will never remember these moments, but I like to believe that as those little neurons are firing in her brain, they are building happy connections, and that somewhere in there it’s helping her feel loved and secure.

I’ve also found so much joy in watching her physical development…. this gal pulls up on anything she can (think refrigerator) and just yesterday made the transition from this play table (which she absolutely loves) to the coffee table. If this lady starts walking in the next couple of months, I’m going to be in big trouble! We’ve baby proofed the house, so bring it on I guess.

We continue to go to the music/reading time when we are in town. She seems to love it, and I love having her around other kiddos. I also started MOPS at our church, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that all plays out over the next few months.

Oh, we also have one more tooth…. and this girl has a set of lungs on her. She screams to pretty much just let us know “Hi, I’m here!”


That’s pretty much it for this month. I can’t believe we’re moving into the 9th month! We have a few trips planned…. our first family trip with one of my best girlfriends from childhood and her new little family to Ojai… and then a trip to Hawaii for Tj’s birthday. In between those big moments will be the smaller, everyday, moments. I can’t wait to see how they all fit together. Wish us luck this month!