Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Ways I Detox Post-Vacation + Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

Hands up if you’re prone to an indulgent weekend here and there? Okay, my hands are pretty much sky high at this point. Having spent a weekend in Palm Springs, where we indulged on margaritas + chips, we immediately prepared for an even longer weekend up in Santa Ynez, where we willingly sipped wine + roasted s’mores. Come Monday, my body was begging me to hit the reset button. So, I pretty much did what I always do after a particularly indulgent trip or weekend. I push play on my cleanse routine…. and since I don’t do juice cleanses (more about that here) it’s pretty much something I feel anyone who wants to naturally cleanse can do.

1. Load Up On The Good Stuff: I pretty much start the week by heading to the grocery store and stocking up on all the veggies and fruits possible. Then I toss in fresh fish (salmon + shrimp are my week night favorites), some lean proteins, and items to make snacking a little easier (i.e. snack bars, trail mix, kite hill yogurt, hummus, salsa…). I also try to pick up a few juices to help me replenish what was lost over the weekend. With all that goodness in the fridge and cabinets it makes making healthy choices easier. An example of a post -indulgent weekend day of eating? Well, yesterday I had oatmeal + banana for breakfast, a bowl of watermelon for a snack, a sweet potato + kale salad + sautéed squash for lunch, hummus + bell peppers with some almonds as a snack, and then my favorite sautéed shrimp with cauliflower “friend rice.” I felt great… no bloat, lots of energy… and certainly not left starving and foggy headed.

2. Liquids: Water, water, water. I pretty much guzzle it. I buy one of those big Fiji or Smart Water bottles and am sure to drink the entire thing throughout the day… and then I am sure to have a cup with every meal. If I’m craving a little flavor, I’ll pick up a white or green iced tea (lower than black tea in caffeine) and sip on that. In the evenings, I’ll typically have some warm water with a lemon in it…. apparently doing so aids in digestion, provides an immunity boost (which is typically needed after getting less sleep…), cleanses the system (hello natural detox), and reduced inflammation (which in turn reduces acidity… too high of an acidic system is where disease festers…). Oh… and I lay off the wine for several days….

3. Kombucha: I know I’ve been writing about this stuff a lot lately, but I’m kinda digging it…. So, I’ve been having one a day. The more research I do, the more I am sold on the stuff. Why add it to my detox regime? Well, for starers, it’s known to help in the detoxification process by protecting liver cells from toxins (I’m way simplifying this)… which is good because if the liver is damaged, then the body won’t be able to flush out toxins. It also aids in digestion (which usually takes a downward slope when I indulge), helps with increased energy, and provides an immune boost. Yes please x10!

4. Work It Out: Yes, even though I may be tired, I get up and get moving. It’s two fold for me. One, I love a good sweat… makes me feel like I’m sweating out all those indulgences, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Second, it gives me an added energy boost. My favorite detox workouts? A good ride on the spin bike, power yoga video, or a run. Take that s’mores!

5. Sleep!: try to go to bed an hour earlier when I’ve had a particularly long weekend (as in going to bed past my bed time, but having a fixed alarm clock that doesn’t go past 7:30am with Harper). Whether that’s for just a night, or maybe two, I often find that the added hour helps me get back on track quicker.

All that being said, it usually only takes me 2-3 days to start feeling back on track again! It’s what has worked for me in the past, and I love that it allows me to enjoy myself freely, without worrying, knowing that I have a solid “reset” plan upon my return.

I also wanted to share with you what happens when two amazing brands come together! I am loving this Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration. Beyond Yoga is one of my all time favorites for activewear, and the pieces in the collection are super comfortable + chic…. something I pretty much live in the day after vacation. I’ve linked my outfit below, but I am also loving this black + white tank (same style as the one I am wearing), black + white sports bra, and black pullover. I think my pants in black are perfect for pretty much anything, and the sport bra I am wearing in pink is cute too.

{Outfit Details c/o Beyond Yoga || Leggings | Sports Bra | Top | Shoes}

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences


kate spade x beyond yoga, itsy bitsy indulgences



white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

I probably needed this white flare sleeve top like I needed a hole in the head… but it was just too pretty to pass up. Despite the fact that my closet is filled with white tops of different styles (tanks, tees, button ups. tunics…. you get the picture), the crochet inset and flared sleeves on this one made it a no brainer. I went between pairing it with my favorite pair of denim jeans or these shorts (that you’re probably sick of seeing)… and the 95° degree temperatures pretty much made the decision a no brainer. The top is airy, unique, and the perfect addition to a simple jean short ensemble…. sip a lavender latte in it… or take it for a spin with a round of cocktails with the ladies in style.

{Outfit Details || Top: c/o Chicwish (wearing a S) | Shorts: One Teaspoon | Shoes: J. Crew | Hat: Brixton | Purse: Chloe, love this option | Necklace: c/o Gorjana | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace top, itsy bitsy indulgences

distressed denim shorts, itsy bitsy indulgences


Weekend Recap: Santa Ynez

dos carlitos santa ynez, itsy bitsy indulgences {Kicked off the weekend with some margaritas at Dos Carlitos in Santa Ynez}

“If it were meant to be controlled, it would have come with a remote.”

I saw this Friday afternoon and couldn’t help but feel its resonation. So often in my life, I find that I become anxious because I can’t control certain situations…. anyone else? Yet, life didn’t come with a remote control, and therefore, it is not meant to be controlled at a moments notice. Part of life is about experiencing its many ups, and in turn, its downs. After spending a wonderful weekend up in the Santa Barbara wine region with my family to celebrate my sister’s birthday, I can’t help but be keep this quote in mind as I go into the work week. My goal for this week is to take each moment as it comes, and remember that each situation that comes across my path is meant to teach me something, not for me to control or try to change. So, here’s to a week of letting life come and experiencing it for all it is worth.

weekend recap los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences{Kicking off the hot weekend- dress}

itsy bitsy indukgences {Celebrating Allison’s birthday}

itsy bitsy indulgences
{Mornings on the porch}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Love these sweet words from Saarloos & Sons…. btw excellent grenache blanc}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Festive bubbles with my momma and sis while TJ had Harper}

los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences{Post blow out love with my little miss- cardigan, tee}

doggy door los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences

doggy door {Check out the Doggy Door if you’re in the Los Olivos area for some gourmet dogs….}

itsy bitsy indulgences{Nothing like family….}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Tastes all around}

Once again, a weekend full of indulgences follows by a week of balance. I am for sure making this smoothie and salad combo to get me back on track.

I’ve included a few more Nordstrom sale finds below (all except one)….

So, it was incredibly hot out in Los Olives this weekend so I lived in this little tank, as well as this open back tank, and when the temps dropped, I threw on this oversized cardigan and cold shoulder sweater. I also loved wearing this little white dress (which is very nursing friendly, trust me, I know), and this white cross front tank (not on sale, but a great price) which I wore with this bralette (not featured on Friday’s post). I also love this floral top (cutest cross front and sleeves) for those days that are just too hot to move.

While I love so many items from the Nordstrom sale, sometimes it’s hard to envision wearing the fall pieces in the middle of summer. Some options that I think are great for summer wearing include this plaid button up, striped turtleneck tee, and this open front cardigan for cooler summer nights (all with a pair of denim shorts). I also love these cargo pants when paired with a tank as an alternative to jeans. I also think this lightweight chambray top is a great option with cut offs (for a double denim dose), and this white bell sleeve top and striped dolman top are great options for those breezy summer evenings. Other excellent options are this white peasant top (with denim shorts… again) and this sleeveless knit cotton tunic… all excellent for summer evenings. I also think a great suede jacket can be nicely paired with a tank and denim shorts. I love this navy blue option, as well as this cropped motto version.


Favorite Products June + July: Food + Baby + Fashion + Beauty

The summer months bring so many new opportunities to find products that I love. With all the traveling we do, and the warmer months ahead, I am always in search of items that will make my life easier. Annnnd, since little miss is growing and developing so quickly, new products for her are found almost weekly. In that light, I thought I would share with you my favorite summer finds so far!


itsy bitsy indulgences favorite products

1. Bralette (Nordstrom Sale Find): So, I’d been wanting a dainty little bralette for quite some time and when I stumbled across this one I knew it would be perfect. It’s super comfortable, provides enough support, and adds the prettiest feminine touch under an oversized tank or tee. I own it in black and cream (wanted the pink + peach too but they were pretty bright… much brighter than the photo shows), and the price point is excellent.

2. Pajama Shorts + Tee (Nordstrom Sale Find): Okay. so this is a 2 in 1. The shorts are the comfiest and the tee is the softest (I also purchased it in white). I’ve been loving the shorts for lounging around the house and the tee is perfect for sleeping and to wear out and about. Remember that bralette I mentioned? Well it looks pretty cute under one of the tees.

3. Sneaks (Nordstrom Sale Find): I know I just posted these yesterday, but they’re really pretty great! I was in need of a new running/cross training shoe and when I saw these I knew they would be perfect. They’re super comfortable and provide me with good support. They also come in black, but since I already have a black pair I opted for the white.

4. White Tank: I know, it’s just a “white tank,” but in all honesty, it’s super well made and I love the way it hangs on my body… I like tying it a little off to the side and pairing above bralette underneath. It’s a perfect layering piece too. I ordered an XS and there is plenty of room.

5. Chambray Espadrilles: I’d been on the hunt for a denim/chambray shoe for a little while and finally opted for these lace up beauties. I love doing a triple decker with them: denim x denim x denim (shoes, shorts, shirt). They’re casual with a pair of shorts and can be dressed up with a dress. I don’t lace them all the way up my leg (I think it cuts my short legs in half… and I don’t need that…) but instead opt to wrap them lower around my ankle. They’re comfortable too (I guess that’s important, right?). I ordered a 1/2 size up.

6. Denim Shorts: So, I’d been wanting a pair from One Teaspoon for a while yet, when I would order them they were way to short (booty hugging… not for me.). So, I decided to order 1-2 sizes up, and when I did that, I fell in love. The distressing is just how I like it, and they are so comfortable (I’m noticing that is a theme this month….). I wear them almost everyday. Swear. I have the white, black, and denim pair.

7. Gold Necklace: I love adding gold accessories to my day to day ensembles, and was excited to add this one to my collection. It’s the perfect length for layering with shorter necklaces and I love the design.

8. Bow Back Tank (On Sale): This is the cutest simple tank, with a cute tie in the back. I own it in grey, and wear it with my favorite white denim jeans as well as those denim shorts I mentioned earlier. It’s a flowy option for those scorching summer days.

Baby (aka: Little Miss):

itsy bitsy indulgences favorite products

  1. Solid Food Pouches: I’m currently on the hunt for a great baby food maker, but while I am working on finding the right option, I am loving the ease of these baby food pouches. I used to squirt them into a bowl, but found that I was waisting a lot of the contents. So, I’ve started squirting a little onto a spoon… favorite flavors? Kale, Apple, Avocado + Sweet Potato,Apple (they’re popular with little miss). These are good too.

2. Munchkin Spoons: Yes, I know this is pretty basic, but these are a great option when you are serving warm food. The spoon will turn white to let you know that the food is too hot. I mean you could always just stick your finger in the bowl, but this is a little added level of reassurance.

3. Chew Necklace (Nordstrom Sale Find): No teeth have sprouted yet, but everything goes into the mouth with little miss. I love that I can wear this around my neck and she can chew on it while she is sitting on my lap…. and it won’t fall on the floor… despite her best efforts to throw it there. Other color options here.

4. Glitzy Sneakers (Nordstrom Sale Find): I actually got these last year, before Harper was born, but she’s just now starting to be able to wear them…. and I think they are just adorable.

4. Mermaid (c/0): This is pretty much Harper’s new BFF. I love the concept behind the doll… every one that is sold will provide 10 meals to children in need. They have the cutest little dolls, I just thought Pearl (that’s her name) was too cute to pass up!

5. Jumping Station: Okay, so this is a major eye sore… and I was waiting as long as I could to get it… but she absolutely loves it. Her eyes literally light up when she gets in it and I love that it keeps her in an upright standing position. Just yesterday she was bouncing up and down with excitement to the songs. It’s the perfect little place for her while I get dinner ready or put some make-up on. It also folds up quite nicely (this was recommended to me by a friend).

6. Travel Bag: I shared my travel suggestions here, and included this travel bag. We’ve gone on lots of little weekend getaways lately, and this bag is such a great weekender for all of little miss’ belongings. Cute + durable. Perfect combo.


itsy bitsy indulgences favorite products

1. Oribe Apres Beach Wave + Shine Spray: I had been wanting to try this spray out for a very long time, but just didn’t like the price tag on it… and not knowing if it would work made me nervous. When I received a gift certificate I decided to pull the trigger. I’m glad I did. While it doesn’t make my hair go from limp to naturally voluptuous curls, it makes it so soft and and when I add curl to air dried hair it gives it some amazing texture and volume (also smells great). I’ll share more in an upcoming post.

2. T3 Hair Dryer + Flat Iron (c/o): Ok, amazing. Though the hair dryer be small, it is certainly mighty… and same with the flat iron. They are not cheap, but for sure worth the price. The hair dryer works in half the time as my other one (which wasn’t cheap either). I love how compact they are too… perfect for all our weekend getaways, but just as great for everyday use.

3. La Mere Lip Balm: This was another splurge I purchased with my gift certificate. Was it worth it? Yes. It pretty much smells and tastes like a girl scout thin mint cookie… when I opened it up I had my mom and sister smell it and they concurred. Then I did a blind test with TJ and he said it smelled like an andes mint (pretty much the same, right?). I’m a chapstick fanatic (#obsessed) and this balm keeps my lips hydrated for hours.

3. The Sweetspot Wipes (c/o): I love these little things. Since I’m on the go so much and the temperatures have been hot I love using them mid-day as a little refresher.

4. Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleanser (Nordstrom Sale Find): So, I’ve had this for about a year, but when we got our bathrooms redone it disappeared. That is until last week when we had a plumber out and it was rediscovered. I started using it again and noticed a difference! I love using it in the evening as part of my nighttime routine. I am always shocked at how much is on the brush… so I’m pretty sure it gives my face a deep clean.


itsy bitsy indulgences favorite products

1. Sumer Water Rosé: Looking for a refreshing summer evening libation? This bottle is pretty darn good. It’s in my top 5 for rosés.

2. Purely Elizabeth Granola: New flavor alert. This stuff is so delicious. Top it on yogurt, eat it alone, or even sprinkle your morning oatmeal with it. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

3. Synergy Kombucha: I know I mentioned on Monday that I am doing an experiment by having one kombucha drink a day… and some flavors are disgusting. Yet, I stumbled across the Strawberry Serenity option and it was delish!

4. Gluten Free Graham Crackers: We got these for s’more making over the 4th and in my opinion, they’re better than regular ones. Can’t wait to indulge in them this weekend while we are away in wine country.

5. Harvest Snaps: If you’re craving something crunchy + flavorful these little treats are perfect. They come in so many different flavor options and are non-GMO and gluten free. I love crushing up a few and putting them on top of a salad for a crunchy addition.

That’s it for this month! If there is anything you’d like me to try out and report back on just let me know!


Summer Sweaters: The Perfect Al Fresco Dining Accessory

nordstrom sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

Summer Sweaters. Seems like an oxymoron, I know, but seriously one of my favorite summer items. Okay, well, not for the daytime… I’m talking about those evenings where you dine al fresco, sip a little vino, and indulge on some delicious eats. Those evenings where you’ve gone all day in your favorite cut-offs +tee (or swimsuit for that matter), but need something a little warmer to get you through the evening (well, at least in my case…. I think I am cold blooded). For those days, I turn to lightweight summer sweaters (hence the name of this post). This sweater is a favorite of mine (I own it in olive too). The perforated holes allow air to flow in, while still keeping me at a comfortable temperature…. and the white makes it a perfect summer color. If a sweater isn’t quite your thing, I think a button up blouse is the perfect alternative to a jacket. I like this plaid option, as well as this oversized button-up and this button-up tunic. Or…. if you’re still not feeling those options, how about a cozy cardigan like this draped version (great price, lots of colors). Either way you go…. you’re sure to be über comfortable and look pulled together (a winning combo in my book).

{Outfit Details || Sweater: Nordstrom (from the sale! Wearing size 2) | Shorts: One Teaspoon (sized up one) | Hat: BCBG (on sale!) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (on sale!) | Sandals: J. Crew (similar) | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

nordstrom anniversary sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

one teaspoon, itsy nitty indulgences

nordstrom anniversary sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom anniversary sale white sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

rebeca minkoff feed bag, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom anniversary sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

black boater hat, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom anniversary sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom anniversary sale sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Ways I Stay Motivated + Nordstrom Sale Activewear Favorites

nordstrom sale active wear, itsy bitsy indulgences

When my alarm goes off at 5:30am one of two thoughts runs through my mind. The first, “I’m so darn tired.” The second, “New day, new opportunities.” If it’s the former, getting myself up and out isn’t easy. Yet, over the past several months, I’ve found that if I employ a few steps, I have more motivation to get up and out…. and to make it throughout the day when frustrating situations arise. So today, I thought I would share my 6 steps, in case you’re in need of a little motivation boost!

1. New Work-Out Attire: It never fails for me. When I get a new piece of activewear, I’m always more motivated. Looking good and working out makes me feel kind of like a #girlboss. Don’t ask me why, it just does. That being said, I picked up a few new pieces from the Nordstrom Sale. My all time favorite leggings are on major sale, and I couldn’t pass up this cozy hooded wrap (perfect for post workout brunch…) and these new Nike kicks (which I fully intend to wear into the ground while I half marathon train). I also love this mesh tank (comes in navy + coral) and this open back tank (which comes in multiple color options). This cozy sweatshirt is a favorite and I fully plan on wearing it during my cold air conditioned evenings, as well as when it actually gets cold this fall. I love the brand Beyond Yoga, and these high waisted leggings are seriously so flattering, and the back of this sports bra is spot on.

{Outfit Details || Top: Zella (Nordstrom Sale Favorite) | Leggings: Zella (Favorite Leggings, Nordstrom Sale Steal) | Shoes: Nike (Nordstrom Sale, size up, and multiple colors) | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

2. Trying Out Something Different: When I just don’t feel like getting up and getting out in the mornings to tackle the day, I tell myself that I will try something new in the gym or throughout the day. So, if I was planning on doing the elliptical, maybe I change it up with a treadmill workout and some weights. I ended up doing that yesterday morning and felt challenged and invigorated (if you’re interested I included it below). Sometimes it’s about trying a new workout, other times it’s as simple as changing my hairstyle or moving a little out of my routine.

5 minutes: 4.0 speed/5 incline Warmup
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.0 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.1 speed/.5 incline Jog
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.2 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.3 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.4 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.5 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.8 speed/.5 incline Spring
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 8.0 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 4.0 speed/.5 incline Cool-down

3. Try A New Food Product: Sometimes the thought of a new breakfast or snack gets me moving. I’ve found several new food items that I am loving right now. Trader Joe’s has these delicious beet chips that are a healthy alternative to the traditional option. I am also loving blessed-booch Kombucha… it is seriously some of the best I have had. I also recently tried out Daily Harvest Smoothies, which is a great new concept. The smoothies are delivered to you, prepackaged, and all you have to do is toss them in a blender and add your liquid of choice! My favorite flavors are Cacao + Avocado and Chocolate Blueberry. So. Good. So. Simple. No excuse for not having a healthy breakfast or snack.

4. Set A Goal: I think goal setting is one of the best ways to stay motivated. For me, my recent motivation has come from knowing that I have a half marathon in October. Knowing the feeling that I will have when I cross that finish line gets me motivated every morning for my workout. That’s the best part of setting a goal… often it’s the end feeling that will get you motivated on a daily basis. I also think about personal goals I have set for myself (i.e. meeting a benchmark with the blog, or even a relational goal) and when I get a little down that it is Sunday evening, I remember that the week ahead is another opportunity for me to get closer to attaining those goals.

5. Have A Mantra: Sometimes, when I get down or frustrated about goals I’ve set (read: I’m not getting there fast enough… I’m super impatient), I remember this quote I came across a few years ago: “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.” I take a moment and literally inhale the confidence and exhale the doubt. I think a few words of motivation can be so powerful and placing them in a place that you see regularly is helpful… I like the bathroom mirror and refrigerator, but other places can be in the car or by a bedside table.

6. Find Something Positive: Lately, when I get frustrated that I haven’t met a goal, or if things are moving slower than I would like (i.e. post-pregnancy fitness goals, business goals, etc..) I look back at where I was three months ago and compare it to where I am now. Then I attempt to identify three ways I have made progress in that time frame. I’ve found that when I am able to take that macro perspective I’m able to focus on the day to day tasks, setbacks, and successes because I know they are all building blocks to where I am going.


nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indilgences


Blushing: My Guide To Dressing In Blistering Heat

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

July is about the time that temperatures start to hit the “unbearable” mark. So, why we decided to go to an even more scorching environment this past weekend is really beyond me (you can see more here). All that to say, I have a few items that I always turn to when I know the temperatures are going to be blistering (read: above 100°) and I still want to stay cool and look put together.

1.  Hats: This piece is multifunctional. You see, I hate doing my hair in hot temperatures, so I typically wait way too long between washes (#truelife)…. so a great hat helps me hide the inevitable bad hair day, all while looking pulled together. A few favorites include this straw hat and this straw fedora.

2. Breezy Tops: …. simply put, who wants something sticking to their body when the temps soar? I find that the breezier the top the better I feel. I love this little blush one I wore out in Palm Springs this past weekend, but I also love this white ruffle blouse or this ruffled peplum tank.

3. Breezy Bottoms: And, no, I don’t mean booty shorts here. I’m talking flowing skirts, your best pair of distressed denim shorts, and breezy chambray or crochet pair

So… there you have it… my 3 key pieces to not melt this summer!


{Outfit Details || Top: c/o Chicwish (wearing XS) | Shorts: One Teaspoon (sized up) | Shoes: Nordstrom (similar) | Purse: Chloe, similar here (and on sale!!) | Hat: Nordstrom | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

blush off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences


Weekend Recap: Palm Springs + Nordstrom Sale

la quinta resort, itsy bitsy indulgences{Bougainvillea everywhere}

I captioned my Sunday evening instagram photo this: “It was a good weekend: we ate good eats, drank good dranks, didn’t care too much about wearing shoes or washing hair, and relaxed a little too.” And that’s pretty much how our weekend retreat to Palm Springs played out. We went into the weekend craving no agenda, and we committed ourselves to doing nothing. We left the resort once, to pick up a few groceries, and enjoyed lounging by the pool, grabbing margaritas, and cooking in with good wine and conversation. While the weeks can get chaotic, with things to do and places to be, it’s always nice to be able to recharge over the weekend. And in light of all the horrible news in the world lately, it is nice to be reminded of the blessings I have right in front of me. I hope you all have a great week!

itsy bitsy indulgences, palm springs weekend{I just love her little leg rolls (my tank (Nordstrom sale find), shorts)}

adobe grill, itsy bitsy indulgences

adobe grill, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences {First margarita in 15 months…. So. Good.}

la quinta resort, itsy bitsy indulgences{Wide brimmed hat + new doll…. pool time ready}

vanessa leone hat, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences {My little fish…. (hat)}

moet ice, itsy bitsy indulgences

veuve cliquet glasses, itsy bitsy indulgences {When little miss goes down for a nap….}

itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences {Feel so blessed for this little family (dress)}

It’s back to clean eating + working out after those margaritas, chips, and other various indulgences. I’m thinking of mixing things up a little bit by doing this bum workout. TJ and I are also starting an experiment by drinking Kombucha everyday for the next 14 days. We’ve heard about how amazing it is for gut health, so we’re going to try it out… I’ll report back and let you know!

I also thought I would share with you a few more products that I think are pretty great from the Nordstrom Sale:

Dresses: I bought this white dress, and absolutely love it for these summer days and think it would transition beautifully into fall when paired with this camel leather jacket. I also think this blouson floral print dress is a great summer and fall option… especially when paired with a these cute booties (which come in a few color options). I bought a plaid dress last year and lived in it… so I think this option would be great for fall, and I love it paired with these over the knee boots (which I own and love from last year). I also own this dress (wore it while I was pregnant and still love it) and it’s a great basic that can be dressed up or down (size up for a looser feel). Dress it up with these over the knee boots (a great dupe for the Stuart Weitzman pair) or down with these stylish kicks and this leather vest. I also think this dress is a great option for a dressy summer event, love the relaxed nature of this striped lace up shirtdress, and think this eggplant body con dress is an excellent versatile option.

Loungewear: I love, love comfortable loungewear. One of my favorite things is blasting the air, getting cozy with a blanket, and sipping on a glass of wine (wine not optional). I bought a few pieces from the sale to do exactly what I just laid out… like these cozy shorts and jogger pants (which I already own from last year… I bought them right after Harper was born). I also bought these slippers… since I think it is finally time to retire my 7 year old pair of uggs. This cardigan is perfect for a cold fall evening, bundled up by the fireplace (which I know is kind of hard to imagine in the middle of summer…). So, if you can’t imagine that, this adorable printed robe is a great option (also so cute as a gift to bridesmaids for any of you recently engaged ladies out there!).

Other Favorites (think tops, sweaters, and bags): I have always had a love for open back pieces and my favorite top from last year is back in some pretty fabulous color options (size down, as it runs large). I also think this tank version is great for these warm summer temps. This oversized grey sweater is gorgeous, and I think this lace up sweater and crossover sweater are great options for casual fall days… especially when paired with these jeans (I snagged these as they were on the top of my list). This saddle bag in rust is beautiful for fall and is a perfect everyday option. Lastly, this basic striped top and lace up back top are favorite basics.

Baby Products: My favorite nail trimmer for those little newborn nails is on sale, as is Harper’s favorite chew toy. If you’re looking for a stylish diaper bag, I think this backpack version is a great option and an excellent price point. I’m obsessed with these woven moccasins (little man option here) and Harper has these glitzy kicks in silver, but I love the gold color. Annnnd, if you’re looking for a great carseat, I own this one, love it, and it is marked down significantly.

I’ll be sharing my favorite workout options (there are some great ones) on Wednesday… so stay tuned.


Nordstrom Sale: Basics, Basics, Basics

nordstrom anniversary sale, itsy bitsy indulgences

Ever since I was little, I’ve been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I’d head there with my mom and sister, we’d pick up a big ol’ Rice Krispy treat (Nordstrom has the biggest + best), and peruse the racks in search of back to school clothing. We’d pick up cute sweaters, jeans, shoes…. you name it, the sale had it. Yet, the only difference between now and then is that I can actually wear the items now…. when I was younger, those coveted clothing pieces went straight into my mom’s closet until the first day of school…. something to look forward to when summer ended.

Since I can wear my chosen items now, I decided to be a little strategic this year and search for some great basics. So, yesterday my mom, Harper, and I headed to the sale. We tried on some great items (and some not so great ones), bought a few items, and I saved a few items in my wish-list to think about for a few days.

There are so many amazing items, but I decided to highlight the basic, everyday pieces, that will get you from morning to night.


When I was looking online, I was shocked to find that my favorite side slit sweater tank that I wear all the time was restocked and on sale. It comes in black and a mauve color, and I snagged the black one as well. I love this blush color strappy tank (featured above) and plan on bringing it along this weekend to Palm Springs (also eyeing it in black). This white perforated pullover is a favorite for summer nights (I also own it in olive and featured it over on instagram a lot) as is this cold shoulder striped sweater (seriously über soft). This basic tank and tee (love charcoal + white) were items I picked up because I knew that I would wear them day in and day out… lounging or under jackets or even layered under this plaid button up (featured above). I own several of these basic tanks already and wore them all throughout my pregnancy (and still wear them now). A few items that I’m contemplating include this burnout tee, knit tank, + thermal henley.


So… my favorite leggings, that I wear all the time, were marked down significantly. They’re great for a workout, or paired with an oversized tank for running errands. I also own these stretchy jeans, which I bought last year when I was pregnant. They’re super forgiving and flattering. If you’re looking for a great pair of distressed black jeans, check these out…. and I love the raw hem on this distressed pair and this pair. While I don’t own this cargo pant, I have a pair similar and think they are a great alternative to regular jeans.


Layering Pieces:

I love a good utility jacket and I have my eye on this draped one and this more structured option. Another option I use for layering is the poncho… I have a black one and have worn it for the past two years. I invested initially and am so happy I did so. I’m thinking about this grey option, and this version comes in multiple colors. My suede jacket was, and remains, one of my favorite purchases ever and I think this moto version is absolutely gorgeous…. I’m trying to justify why I would need another one…. and, for an extra layer of cozy, check out this grey vest.


Given that I am half marathon training, I am considering snagging either this white pair of kicks or this mint color. I own this black pair of side slit booties in the leather version, and also love these black booties (a bit of a splurge, but think they are great for adding a little something extra to a basic outfit).



Hats are hands down one of my favorite ways to dress up a basic outfit. I own a few Rag & Bone hats, and this tan felt fedora is on sale…. super versatile and excellent quality. I wear my fringe backpack all the time, and it’s currently on sale in black and cognac (excellent quality, versatile, + roomy). Adding gold accessories is also one of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit, and I personally own this tassel necklace and gold cuff. I’m also eyeing this double buckle belt… perfect with a pair of jeans and a tee. Annnnnd, I also think undergarments are just as important as what is visible…. so my favorite pair of underwear (been wearing this brand for years) is currently on sale, as is my favorite sporty bralette (wore it during delivery) and lace bralette. I also purchased this little option in the light pink and black colors to wear under an oversized tee for a feminine touch.


Little Miss:

Of course I couldn’t leave her out of the whole experience, right? How cute is this grey and white stripe bow? This floral jumpsuit is perfect for the remainder of the summer, and I think these floral leggings, stripe leggings, and little peplum sweater are the cutest options for fall. Harper also has these little pants in pink… they were the best pants for her when she was a newborn.


Little White Dress: Goodbye Summer Rut

little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

A rut. They’re so darn easy to fall into. For me, it typically happens when monotony sets in… you know, the same thing day after day. Don’t get me wrong, I like routine. I thrive on routine…. but sometimes it gets to be too much. A workout rut (I wrote about that here), a food rut (guilty as charged… oatmeal queen over here!), a clothing rut. Clothing rut. Yes… as in “Hi, my name is Shannon and I have an addiction to cut-offs and a tee right now.” Not that there is anything wrong with that. They’re comfortable, casual, and chic (a little alliteration for you…)… the perfect piece for everyday. Yet, when I want to break out of that rut, without getting too crazy, then this is the outfit I opt for…. a simple shift dress, my new favorite platform espadrille kicks, and a favorite summer hat….

And… speaking of getting out of ruts, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect opportunity to do so. Early access starts today, and I’ll be sharing my favorites tomorrow morning. Let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see.


{Outfit Details || Dress: Topshop | Jacket: BlankNYC (wearing S) | Shoes: Soludos (TTS) | Hat: Brixton, also here | Sunglasses: Le Specs | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (on major sale, and comes in the prettiest pale pink color)}


little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

brixton hat, itsy bitsy indulgences

white feed bag, itsy bitsy indulgences



little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences IMG_3628

little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

little white dress, itsy bitsy indulgences