Dry Skin’s Antidote: The Potion For Soft + Firm Skin

m-61 hydraboost, itsy bitsy indulgences

Ever since having little miss, so many changes have occurred. From the more obvious life changes, to the more subtle… those that I wasn’t really prepared for. What you ask (okay, maybe you aren’t asking, but I’m going to tell you anyway)? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, the hair loss is literally out of control. Like, I seriously can’t believe I still have hair on my head. The texture of my hair has changed… it used to have a nice natural curl… now it resembles something like a lion mane that got into a fight with a blowdryer. Not. Pretty. Another big change I noticed was that my skin was constantly drying out. Prior to Harper’s arrival, my skin never had that problem, and I actually opted for moisturizers that were of a thinner texture, as not to make my skin look oily.

Upon returning from the hospital I noticed my skin was constantly itchy and dry…. and just assumed it was a reaction to the anesthesia. Well, it wasn’t, and when I realized, I began changing out my moisturizers. I recently began using m-16’s Hydraboost Body Butter. It’s paraben-free, fragrance free (something very important to me since I am easily affected by scents), and power packed with peptides, vitamin B5, vitamin E, natural tamarind seed extract, aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter. “So what” you say?? Well… it pretty much makes this little bottle of lotion a 1-2-3 punch of amazingness for my skin. It promotes firming (um, hello post preggo, still nursing, legs), replenishes moisture (good-bye flaky legs and arms), and improves elasticity (my 60 year old self will thank me later for that one). I use it twice daily. Immediately after I get out of the shower (when my pores are open and ready to receive… insert prayer emoji here) and before I go to bed at night. My skin, and myself, have loved it.

I’ve shared a few other favorite products from the line throughout this post, and be sure to follow along on instagram for a giveaway opportunity to win your own m-16 Hydraboost collection (over a $400 value… trust me, so worth it!).


{Post Details | Tank: Splendid (maternity, but have loved wearing it post!) | Shorts: Zella (comfiest!) | Robe: DKNY (brought this to the hospital when I delivered Harper, wear all the time) | Hydraboost Body Butter, Hydraboost Power Glow Peel, Hydraboost Cream (all c/o blue mercury)}

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

If you’re like me and have minimal time to spend exfoliating your face, these power glow peels are a must! It’s a simple wipe that you move over your face and neck…. pretty much exfoliates in 1 minute. I was super hesitant at first, but after using, became a believer. Hello glow!

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

Another amazing facial cream that leaves my face feeling über hydrated and not a dry patch in site.

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

Now the fun part. You can win your own m-16 hydraboost collection, simply by following on instagram and waiting for the giveaway image to be posted today. It’s over a $400 value and so worth it. You’re worth it. If there is anything I have realized over these past few months, it’s the importance of taking care of myself and feeling good about myself. Excellent beauty products surely help me feel as good on the outside as I do on the inside!

m-61 hydraboost collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

This post was sponsored by bluemercury. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Summer Uniform

black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

I just realized I wore these shorts in yesterday’s post. Whoops. I guess you could say they’ve rapidly become my summer staple… part of my regular rotation. I love the summer months because there is an ease to dressing. A casual pair of shorts, a cute top, a pair of slides and you’re ready to go. Or opt for a  simple sundress, pair of espadrilles, and a sun hat for a casual lunch with a friend. Either way, you’re bound to look effortlessly put together. Lately, when I’ve been wanting something other than a casual tee, I opt for tops with extra details. A simple off the shoulder look. Subtle embroidery or lace detailing. Or even subtle openings and slits (think cold shoulder or backless options). The small details make the most casual outfit look slightly more elevated. Pulled together, chic, and effortless… a winning trifecta.

{Outfit Details || Top: c/o Shein | Shorts: Levis (on sale), more sizes here | Hat: BCBG Generation (one of my favs and such an excellent price!) | Shoes: c/o Beek, cheaper option here | Purse: Ferragamo, similar here | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

summer sandals, itsy bitsy indulgences

pom pom off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences

distressed denim shorts, itsy bitsy indulgences

black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences



black off the shoulder top, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: Delicious, Nutritious, + Hydrating Popsicles

healthy popsicles, itsy bitsy indulgences

Two events decided to collide this week. The start of summer and the first heat wave of the season. The latter had me craving anything cold and had me remembering times growing up, when Otterpops and runs to Rite Aid for an ice cream being weekly routines (anyone else?). After an afternoon spent splashing in the pool, they were the perfect treat to end the warm summer day. Fast forward to the present, and as much as I’d love to indulge in a Rite Aid ice cream cone on a daily basis in this summer heat, my waistline and gut probably wouldn’t agree. So, I decided to get a little creative in the kitchen and whip up these healthy popsicles.

I’ve also been intrigued as to the affects food has on the body (both good and bad) and recently picked up a few books to further my research. What has become blaringly apparent is that, more than fat, sugar is pretty much the root of many ailments (I am simplifying it greatly here). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not swearing off sugar. I don’t think I could. I just try to monitor the intake. So, I decided that I would make these pops with no added sugar… other than the sugar that is naturally present in the ingredients I used (with the exception a tiny bit of vanilla extract). What you’ll find below are three delicious, nutritious (yes, they actually have nutritional value!!), and hydrating popsicles… that, dare I add, can be consumed on the regular. You can check out these other popsicle options here and here (equally delicious summertime flavors).


{Post Details || Kimono (c/o) | Tee (own in 3 colors) | Shorts (currently on sale!!) | Sandals | Sunglasses| Popsicle Maker}


healthy popsicles, itsy bitsy indulgences


healthy popsicles, itsy bitsy indulgences

vanilla almond popsicle, itsy bitsy indulgences

Vanilla Delight 

1 Vanilla Almond Juice from Pressed Juicery
Cacao Nibs (I opt for these as opposed to chocolate chips because they have loads of health benefits that regular chocolate chips lack…. they have antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber, magnesium…. you get the point)

Follow the basic instructions from the manual (with regards to utilizing the maker). Pour in a layer of the vanilla almond juice, followed by a layer of cacao nibs. Repeat this so that you have 3 layers of the cacao nibs.

strawberry lemonade popsicle, itsy bitsy indulgences

Strawberry Lemonade:

1 cup water
1/2 cup lemon juice
3 tbsp stevia (I prefer stevia as a sugar replacement as it is from a plant)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
strawberry slices

Combine all the above ingredients (except strawberries) and mix together. Once the lemonade is mixed, push the strawberries to the sides of the popsicle maker. I used 4 strawberries per popsicle. Then simply pour the lemonade mixture into the popsicle maker.

raspberry lime and chia seed popsicle, itsy bitsy indulgences

The Hydrator:

1/3 cup watermelon juice (I placed watermelon chunks into a food processor, then strained it)
1 tbsp lime juice
chia seeds (these little seeds pack a huge nutritional punch)

Pour a layer of the watermelon juice into the popsicle maker. Then pour in about 1/2 tsp of chia seeds. Next add another layer of watermelon, followed by another layer of chia seeds. Finish with a layer of watermelon juice.

Hope you enjoy!!


Little White Lace Dress + The Perfect Summer Accessory

pink janessa leone bolero hat, itsy bitsy indulgences

For as long as I can remember, a little white lace dress has always been on my list as a summer wardrobe essential. There is something about the combination that just beckons for those warmer, sunnier, days of summer. Wear it casually with a pair of lace up sandals, or dressed up with a gorgeous block heel lace up sandal, and you have a combination that can take you effortlessly from play/lunch date to happy hour (which is probably necessary after a play date… just kidding, sort of). I love a white dress as a neutral pallet for easy summer dressing. I typically opt to use my accessories on hand to make it look and feel differently every time I wear it. Hats are one of my favorite ways to do so, and they’re the perfect summer accessory. Why? Well, for starters, who wants to spend hours under the hair dryer and curling iron when the temps soar? Not me. So, stretching out a wash as long as I can becomes necessary, and possible, when I have a hat on hand. Toss your hair in a low and messy bun… or simply cover up flat and lifeless roots, by popping one on. I recently purchased a few for these summer months including this straw hat. I’m also loving this straw fedora, straw woven hat, and this adorable pompom woven fedora.

{Outfit Details | Dress: c/o KAS New York | Sandals: TopShop | Hat: Janessa Leone | Sunglasses: Le Specs | Purse: Chloe, similar here (super cute) | Belt: Nordstrom (similar)}

white lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

pink janessa leone bolero hat, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

white lace dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

rope lace up sandals, itsy bitsy indulgences

pink janessa leone bolero hat, itsy bitsy indulgences




pink janessa leone bolero hat, itsy bitsy indulgences


Weekend Recap

IMG_2828{A birthday lunch with my mom at Cafe Gratitude}

This was a weekend of celebrations, starting with my mom’s birthday on Friday, and then celebrating the dads in our lives. As is typically the case with my family and celebrations, we enjoyed a relaxing day poolside, and moved seamlessly into the evening with good conversation, tasty food, and crisp wines. I felt blessed to have three generations of men to celebrate, starting with my great-papa and then moving to my dad, and now TJ. Each of them have played such a significant role in my life, from childhood memories to support as I grew up into a young woman. I relish the opportunity to celebrate the special people in my life, as I enjoy sharing with them the ways in which they have touched me. With all of the recent sadness in the news these past few weeks, I’ve realized that these sentiments shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. When the urge strikes to let someone know how much I appreciate them, or how much they mean to me, I will do so. Since tomorrow is never promised (not to get all gloomy here or anything…) I want to be sure that those I care about always know.

With that being said, I’m going into this week with an open heart and mind to let those special people in my life know they are appreciated! Have a great one friends! xx

itsy bitsy indulgences {TJ’s first Father’s Day with little Harper}

summer water wine, itsy bitsy indulgences {Tis the season for a little poolside rosé | sandals, hat}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Rosé tasting…. results to be shared at a later date}

itsy bitsy indulgences {The most gorgeous dahlia plant in mom’s backyard}

This was a weekend of good eats and drinks. We whipped up this summer cocktail + had a delicious pizza dinner on Sunday evening. We also whipped up these tasty pancakes for a Sunday brunch… they were enjoyed by all… and super healthy.

I’m in serious shock that the 4th of July is a mere two weeks away. We have some fun get togethers on the calendar for the weekend, so I’m looking for some fun and festive outfit ideas. On the top of my list (as in, sitting in my shopping cart… which never appears to be empty…) is this red body con dress (which I would likely buy one size up for a slightly looser fit), adorable red, white, + blue striped romper, blue + white striped maxi, chambray ruffle hem dress, and this cobalt blue lace-up shift dress. For some of the more casual get togethers I’m loving this red ruffled eyelet tankred peplum blouse, Esperanza lace-up blouse (perfect for all summer long), white surplice drape tank (paired with the perfect cut-offs + knit shrug}, and a simple, yet gorgeous white crochet front maxi.

I’m loving the clean look of neutral sandals and this white low wedge pair caught my eye. Love the cut-out detailing. I’m also loving the clear heel on this lace up pair (… but I like the light blue color…), and these faux lace-ups are what this momma needs… no need to really lace them, just zip them. Genius.

We ate al fresco this weekend, and I was reminded how much I love summer dressing… and the need for a summer sweater. I’m loving some of the sleeveless options right now, like this white fringe option. I’m also eyeing this cozy pullover, cocoon cardigan, and loving this cold shoulder pull over (which I own in forest green, but love in the lavender) paired with these shorts. They’re all perfect options for sitting outside and roasting some s’mores.


Favorite Products From May: Health + Food, Baby, Fashion, + Beauty

I love this monthly post. Probably because I love sharing what I love. Okay, now I’ll stop using the word love and just get on with sharing my favorite products from May. Oh, and Happy Friday! Have a great one friends!… and to all those fathers in your lives Happy Father’s Day (you can check out my tribute to my dad here).

Health + Food

may favorites, itsy bitsy indulgences

1. Purely Elizabeth Quick Oats: I love these oats as an on-the-go option, or for a morning when I just don’t want to dirty any dishes (except a spoon). They don’t have any sugars, which makes them far healthier than most pre-packaged oatmeal. I love her line of granola, and these did not disappoint. I top mine with a few pieces of The Perfect Bar, some banana slices, and a drizzle of honey.

2. Califia Farms Matcha Almond Milk: I fell in love with matcha lattes on a recent trip to one of my favorite breakfast (and lunch) spots. When I saw this option available at Whole Foods I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t as sweet as the one at the restaurant, but I still enjoyed it. Thoroughly. Plus, there aren’t any odd sweeteners in it, which I tend to prefer.

3. Matcha Love Organic Iced Tea: If you’re looking for a good iced version, I really enjoyed this one.

4. Square Bar: Chocolate Almond Spice:  All the square bars are pretty DG, but this particular one is my favorite. I’ve seen a lot of people top them with peanut butter… and I haven’t been as bold to try that out yet… but I’m sure it would be amazing. I love when I find delicious, and healthy, bars to just toss in my bag for an afternoon snack.

5. Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno: Ok, so I know that I’ve mentioned this several times (most recently here), but I was so entrenched in BBG that I forgot about my love of yoga (well, more of the power yoga practice). I started doing this video again two weeks ago and remembered how much I liked it… and how sore it made my arms and glutes… which means it has to be good (or, that I’m not as in shape as I’d like to think… I prefer the former).

Baby Products

May favorite products, itsy bitsy indulgences

1. Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Backpack: (c/o) When I picked out this backpack I knew I’d use it a lot. What I didn’t know though, is that TJ would like it just as much (he prefers to think of it as black +white and not a floral print). It’s the perfect option for taking on a hike (as it can double as a diaper bag and hold some water and snacks) as one person can wear it while the other wears the baby carrier. We took it to Hawaii, as it was easy to take through the airport, easily fit underneath the seat, and was durable enough for the pool and beach. It’s definitely an excellent option if you’re looking for a diaper bag that’s functional and fashionable.

2. Banana Chew Toy:  Little miss loves this thing. Literally. The head is like a toothbrush (but not really) so she loves rubbing it on her gums and sucking on it.

3.Bumbo Floor Seat: I love this seat. I recently started introducing food to Harper and I’ve been using this instead of a high chair (I will likely switch to a high chair next week). I also love it as an option to place Harper in when I am getting ready, or as a way to have her work on sitting up. Easy to clean too (which, I am realizing is going to be so important as we introduce foods….).

4. Pool Raft: We took this raft to Hawaii and I think it is so cute. It provides shade from the sun, and allows her little legs to hang through into the water (she loves splashing in the water). It was a tad too big, but I’m imagining that by now it should be just right. If you have any pool time on the calendar this summer, I recommend it.

5. comotomo bottle: These. Are. Amazing. Why? Because it is the only dang bottle she will remotely tolerate. I think it’s because the entire bottle feels like a boob. Literally. She holds this bottle in her hands and actually sucks from it. She’s not taking a full 5-6 ounces out of it yet… but this momma will take what she can get! Anyway, can you tell I love these bottles?

6. Nursing Cover: I get a lot of questions about nursing in public and how I wear some of the clothing options I do…. and it’s because I use this nursing cover from Itsy Ritzy. Since I’m a little over 5 months into this nursing game, I’ve decided that functional clothing is just not cutting it anymore. I want to wear what I want… so thank goodness for nursing covers.

7. Flamingo Print Two Piece: One of my mom’s friend’s bought this for Harper I think it is just the cutest. I love that it’s like a rash guard, so it provides a little more coverage than those adorable little bikinis.

8. Floppy Sun Hat:  Momma + daughter matching floppy straw hats? Sold. She wore this option all during our trip to Hawaii and it’s still intact. So… she will continue to wear it throughout the summer, I’ll continue to wear mine, and we’ll continue to match (it’s kind of fun.).


favorite products may, itsy bitsy indulgences

1. Denim Jacket: I was in the market for a light wash denim jacket for a while. I wanted one that looked a little distressed, but I didn’t want to pay an exorbitant amount. When I found this option, I was sold. I love the frayed crop look and the wash is the exact color I was looking for (I mean, I didn’t need a complete 80’s throwback here…). I love it over a dress for cooler mornings and evenings, and have loved wearing it with an all white ensemble (jeans + tank)… and then tying it around my waist when it gets warm in the afternoons. I sized up one for a baggier fit (purchased a size S)

2. White Bag: I mentioned in one of my weekend recaps that I was on the hunt for a great white bag. I found it. I love this one. Love it. As in, I can’t stop wearing it. It reminds me of an Hermes bag with its shape and studs, but at a fraction of the price. The white is a perfect color for summer, and it’s roomy enough to hold a bigger wallet, a sunglass case, a make-up pouch, and my cellphone… and there is still room left over. It comes in so many different colors, and I love the camel color option too.

3. Summer Hat: I splurged on this one. I couldn’t help it. I’ve always splurged on my fall felt hats (I prefer the structure that they have to them) and wear them all the time. Yet, as we come into the summer months, I figured it was time to retire them until next Fall. I have a few straw hats that are cheaper and definitely beach friendly, but I was looking for an option I could wear out… to lunch or brunch… and I settled on this one. I also bought this black one last Friday (loved that when they rang it up it was on major sale) and haven’t stopped wearing it either (as in, I had them remove the tags at the store so I could wear it out to lunch).

4. White Bodycon Dress: Another perfect piece for a blank canvas, and I love the fit of this option. I pair it with a denim jacket, or an oversized cardigan for a casual look. If you’re not into the tightness, simply size up one (that’s what I did). I also love white dresses period. Especially for summer, so I snagged this  lace one , which is currently on sale. I love that it can be worn with sandals, and think it would be adorable with sneakers as well. My other favorite white dress can be seen here.

5. Cat Eye Sunglasses: Kind of like the denim jacket, I’d been in the market for a new pair of sunglasses for a while. I just didn’t want to pay the designer price tag right now (because, I spent that on the hat right??). So, when I came across the brand Le Specs, I was sold on these. I love the shape and they fit comfortably on my face. I actually like a lot of the brand’s options, and all of them are well below $100 (if you like the ever so popular Dior pair, check out this option from the line). Good quality + great price. A+ in my book.

6. Summer Pajamas: Last weekend, I decided my pajama pants needed to be retired… and that I wanted a cute pair for the summer. These are über comfortable, as are most items from the Splendid line. After Harper goes down for the night on Friday’s, they’re the perfect option to slip into to sip a glass of wine.

7. Swing Tank:  I recently bought this tank and love the cute back. I bought it in the basic grey, but check out the other color options. I think it’s a perfect simple tank for the summer months, but with the cute back, it’s anything but basic. I wear it with this little décolletage .

8. Gold Slides: Every summer I buy a new pair of gold sandals… and it’s not because I collect them. It’s because I wore the pair from last year into the ground (as in, the strap snapped). This summer I opted for this pair. I love the simplicity of them and they go with everything. I bought them in silver last year.


Favorite Products May, itsy bitsy indulgences

1. Alterna Dry Oil Mist: My hair is naturally a wave-curl-frizz mess. I recently discovered this oil mist, and it really does tame those flyaway and make my hair look so much better. I recently got a keratin treatment, and when I spritz just a touch of this on my hands and rub on the top of my hair it makes my hair look freshly washed (even if it’s been a few days… or 5).

2. Mario Badescu: Another product line I was recently introduced to. I started using the Vitamin C Serum  two times a week and have really noticed the brightening affect it claims to have. I also love the way the Seaweed Night Cream feels on my face. It’s a thicker consistency, but I love how super soft my face feels after I apply it. Both products are pretty amazing in my opinion.

3. Bobbie Brown Illuminating Powder: I wrote about this product here, but it’s one I’ve had for a while, used religiously, retired during the winter, and rediscovered a few weeks ago. If you’re looking for a sun kissed glow, this one is for you .

4. OPI Alpine Snow: My favorite white nail polish.

5. Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration: I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen, and this one has the smell without the heavy sunscreen feel. It’s lightweight, but still provided me with he protection I needed throughout our trip to Hawaii… and I just bought a new bottle for our upcoming trip to Palm Springs.


Elevated Series: Denim on Denim

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

One of my favorite combos, for the past several years, has been the D.O.D. trend: Denim on Denim. I think I rocked it way back in fourth grade, with a pair of jeans and denim jacket… but I’m liking the look a little  better this time around. I typically reserve the combo for my favorite pair of distressed jeans and softest chambray top, but for these summer months, I’m wanting to make it warm weather friendly. Enter this outfit. Denim shorts that don’t leave me pulling on them every time I take a step (yes, I own some of those, and yes I suffer when I wear them. Oh well), and this flutter sleeve chambray top. I’m pretty much planning on pairing it with everything this summer, but I particularly love it with denim shorts. Next to black and white, the denim on denim look is an equally perfect blank canvas for dressing. Pairing it with a fun tote bag and casual sandals makes it perfect for sipping a margarita (or two), munching on chips + guac, and taking in the warm summer sun.

You can find the other elevated series here, here, here, + here

{Outfit Details || Top: c/o Shein (runs TTS, I’m wearing a S) | Shorts: Nordstrom | Sandals: Topshop (I’m wearing a 7.5 and usually wear a 6.5) | Bag: c/o Anthropologie | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

pom pom straw tote, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

denim on denim, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care With Glowing Skin

glowing skin products, itsy bitsy indulgences

Before becoming a mom, I could take as long as I wanted on my morning beauty routine. There really wasn’t a rush (except leaving for work on time), so I never gave much thought as to how long the actual process of doing my hair and applying my make-up took. Well, little miss’ arrival certainly changed all that. Suddenly, applying my make-up and doing my hair became a race against time. I remember when someone asked me why I even bother. That got me thinking….

To me, the act of doing my hair and make-up isn’t for vain purposes. It’s about investing in myself. When I would meet with client’s mothers, they would often talk about how tired and stressed they felt. I spent a lot of time talking with them about the importance of self-care (in fact, it was one of my favorite conversations to have)…. explaining that if they take a little time for themselves, they will ultimately feel better, and in turn be more present with their children (or, at least better able to handle stressors that come their way). We would brainstorm ways that they could take 30 minutes to themselves… an at home manicure, reading a few pages from a book, taking a catnap, listening to some favorite music… or watching that favorite reality show. They would look at me like I was crazy…. “Really? 30 minutes? You’re kidding.” I told them they had a choice, take care of themselves, or not be able to fully take care of their children. When they gave it a try, they ultimately reported that they felt “much better,” and felt like they were able to be more effective in their relationships.

For me, when I feel put together, I’m at my best. Of course, there are days when that just isn’t going to happen (say, when I’m sick), but before becoming a mom, I promised myself that I would commit to at least 30 minutes a day of doing something for myself. If I had to choose between hair or make-up that was fine… if I didn’t take a nap (something I’ve never been good at) because I wanted to read that magazine article, that was fine. As long as I did something.

Over the past few months, the demands have lessened (not that much, but it’s not a speed race anymore…). Yet, that doesn’t mean I have hours to spend pampering myself. So, I’ve worked to perfect a morning make-up routine that helps me feel presentable…. all within 7 minutes (yes, I timed myself), and thought I’d share it with you today.. so that you, too, can give yourself a little self-care.

I had the opportunity to try out Estee Lauder’s newest collection Genuine Glow from Blue Mercury (it’s pretty much a beauty lover’s paradise). And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that “I just spent a week in the topics” look? Well, I do, so I spent a few weeks incorporating it into my morning beauty routine and fell in love. I start with a fresh, clean face. I then swipe on a toner, apply Tula’s Illuminating Face Serum (which I absolutely love, use code shannon25 for 25% off and free shipping), and an instant eye de-puffer. Lastly, I use the priming moisture balm right before I apply my make-up, which enables my foundation to go on smoothly.

{Top | Jeans}

glowing skin routine, itsy bitsy indulgences

estee lauder genuine glow collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

I start with the foundation I have been using for the past several years. It is cream based and goes on so smooth. I then apply a little concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. That’s followed up with a little bronzer under my cheek bones, on my forehead, and down the center of my nose.

glowing skin, itsy bitsy indulgences

I have started incorporating the blushing cream, and let me tell you, I’m hooked. I use the “peachy” shade, and love the instant color it adds to my cheeks. I simply place a quarter size onto my cheeks and then rub it back up my cheekbone with my fingers. After that I use this illuminating powder on the tops of my cheekbones and set with this finishing powder.

estee lauder genuine glow, itsy bitsy indulgences

estee lauder genuine glow, itsy bitsy indulgences

estee lauder genuine glow, itsy bitsy indulgences

bobbie brown shimmer block, itsy bitsy indulgences

laura mercies finishing powder, itsy bitsy indulgences

Next I move to my eyes. I fill in my brows with this pencil since they tend to be pretty sparse if I don’t. I line my lower lash (I only apply product to my lower lash since I have eyelash extensions… which helps to reduce time spent on makeup) with my favorite liner and coat the lashes in this mascara (been using it for years, and looking to try a new one). After, I use the eye- lightening cream under my brows and on the tops of my cheekbones. This is one of my favorite products, as it really illuminates the area and adds the perfect glow.

glowing skin routine, itsy bitsy indulgences

estee lauder genuine glow, itsy bitsy indulgences

estee lauder genuine glow, itsy bitsy indulgences

The last step is applying the oil lip tint… it compliments the blushing cream nicely, and adds a brightness to my face.

estee lauder genuine glow collection, itsy bitsy indulgences

After I finish my make-up, I typically opt for a breezy top (like this white one here) and one of my favorite pair of distressed skinnies (these have the perfect amount of stretch to them too!). When you’re on the go, and don’t have a ton of time to think about what to wear, it helps to know what items are your favorite go-tos!


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Dresses For Any Occasion

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As I mentioned here, summer is a time filled with so many different festivities. From showers (they are baby showers for me now…) to weddings, and fun evenings out with friends and the hubby, having the right outfit is a must. So, today, I teamed up with Nordstrom to bring you my favorite picks for several different summer occasions. What I love about dresses is that you can make them dressy or casual… really. A formal dress, when paired with espadrilles or flats and a denim jacket is instantly appropriate for a Sunday brunch. Or, take that casual off the shoulder number you have (like the one I’m wearing) and toss on a pair of heeled sandals and some gorgeous gold accessories and you’re ready for a fun night out with the ladies. Versatility has always been important to me, so being able to make a dress appropriate for more than one festivity is key! You can see all my picks below!

{Today’s Outfit Details || Dress (also comes in white) | Bag (several color options!) | Shoes, identical option (alternative colors) | Hat | Sunglasses (great price!)}

Shower (Baby or Bridal):

For a shower, I typically opt for something that is somewhere in between casual and dressy. I go for fun colors and fabrics that are comfortable for all different weathers. I love this sleeveless ombre dress, navy blue strapless dress (also a great staple), cobalt blue tunic dress (such a gorgeous color), and this printed chiffon maxi dress.


Cocktail Party/Semi-Formal Wedding:

So many possibilities for these events! I love this blue handkerchief dress which has the prettiest print, a blue lace shift dress (which can easily be made casual with a denim jacket), this black and white backless maxi dress (the material makes it a little more casual than a formal dress, and love the open back), this black and white knit flare dress, and this gorgeously colored floral scuba dress.


Formal Wedding:

The formal wedding is always a fun way to get all dolled up… yet, sometimes finding a dress, with a reasonable price tag isn’t easy. I’ve found some gorgeous options, all under $200. I also think that with a formal event, a lot depends on the accessories. That being said this cobalt open back dress is stunning, as is this floral chiffon dress (such gorgeous colors). If you’re a lover of black dresses and looking for a beautiful option, this body con, open back dress is a winner… especially when paired with a killer pair of heels and stunning accessories (I would opt for some statement earrings here).


Night Out:

For a fun night out, who doesn’t love a fun dress or romper? Whether it’s a special date night, a bachelorette party, or an evening out with the ladies there are so many versatile options. I love this black and white striped body con dress, this palm print romper (too cute), and this neon coral dress (that I own and love).

yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

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yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences



yellow off the shoulder dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

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Weekend Recap

itsy bitsy indulgences{My favorite bougainvillea tree in full bloom}

For some reason the week after vacation is rough. Getting back into the swing of things takes a little while to get used to. So, when Friday night rolled around, it would be an understatement to say I was excited. I spent part of the weekend celebrating a dear friend’s baby shower, and then immediately after changed into comfy clothes and prepared for an evening in with TJ, some good food, conversation, and tunes. Over conversation we talked about being intentional with the time that we have… and out of that we committed to returning to the long runs we used to do before I became pregnant… and by the end of the evening we had promised ourselves to run a half marathon in the next 6 months.

In light of the events that took place in Orlando this past weekend, I think committing to be intentional is so important. Time is precious and not promised. So, this week I am seeking to be more present in the time I have with those I love. Have a good one everyone! xx

itsy bitsy indulgences{Celebrating nothing particular, maybe just life, with a little bubbly on ice}

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cafe gratitude, itsy bitsy indulgences {A morning run followed by a delicious breakfast at Cafe Gratitude}

lace up sandals, itsy bitsy indulgences {New favorite lace-ups on repeat}

With the official start of summer just a couple weeks away, I’m looking forward to the longer evenings and warmer days. I’m hoping to do another backyard rosé tasting party and to replicate this reduced guilt ice cream sandwich bar. We’re having a family get together his weekend, and I’m thinking that maybe we need to make these healthy popsicles again…. or maybe try out a new recipe!

With all the fun outdoor activities, I’m looking for comfortable pieces, that can take me throughout the day. I’m loving summer knits and this pullover, this sleeveless tunic knit, and this open knit pullover are on my list. I love that they can be easily tossed over a simple tee.

After a long day at the pool, I love tossing on a simple top and I’m eyeing this black and white swing tank, a pink flutter sleeve top, a simple side tie tee, and this striped tunic (which comes in 3 different colors). I also love this fringe open front cardigan paired with this eyelet tank… perfect for sitting outside around a fire, or just dining al fresco with friends and family. I also snagged this chambray lace up tank and can’t wait to pair it with a double dose of denim with these espadrilles.

If you’re looking for a few options that can be worn for daytime and evening, I’m loving this eyelet skirt (with sneakers + sandals), a ruffled off the shoulder dress, gingham cold shoulder dress, and this striped off the shoulder dress (which I recently purchased).

For little miss Harper I love this bird graphic dress, this chambray and red set (perfect for the 4th), and this red and white dot bubble romper (um, so adorable!). I also think this mint colored bubble romper and these red and white striped espadrilles are the cutest.