Wellness Wednesday || Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes + A Core Torcher Workout

Cravings hit me all the time. Not the insatiable “I-must-have-now” kind… more like the, “I saw a picture of that on Instagram (or Pinterest) and now it sounds amazing.” Which is exactly what happened before our family run Saturday morning. Someone posted an image of decadent pancakes, and it was pretty much all I could think of the entire time (#Motivation). When we got back, I looked through the ingredients we had, and decide to wing it with simple ingredients, but adding protein to build and repair the muscles (right after a workout muscles begin the repair process). I’m never sure how something is going to taste when I just toss things together, so I put everything past my two taste testers: TJ + Harper. Both wildly approved (and TJ added some bacon and eggs to his….). We had several leftover so I saved them in the hopes that they would be good the next day…. and they were. I heated one up in the microwave for Harper and she devoured it. I’d call it a tasty, healthy, nutritious, success……

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes:
1 medium ripe banana
1 cups of gluten free oats (I prefer Trader Joe’s)
1 cup nut milk (I used cashew milk)
1 egg
1 scoop of chocolate vital collagen protein powder
2 tbsp nut butter (I used this kind)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
dash of salt
dash of cinnamon
(makes 8-9, easily doubled)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Heat a skillet over medium heat (be sure to spray with a non-stick spray) and then pour a 1/4 cup of the pancake mixture onto the skillet. Cooking times vary, so just watch and flip halfway through. We topped ours with honey + sliced bananas… but you can use blueberries, strawberries… anything you want really!

**Scroll down for the Core Workout Video

Again, last weekend, we did a few different workouts. A family run on Saturday morning, and an outdoor HIIT workout on Sunday. Both were great ways to get outside and switch things up a bit… and increase the intensity. I did this 2 1/2 minute core sequence following my 6 mile run, and it was a great way to end the workout. I really try to incorporate as much core as possible into my daily workouts and recently have been trying to incorporate weights. For this workout, you’ll need a set of dumbbells (I used 5 lbs and ankle weights… although, you don’t have to use the ankle weights). You can see the last core workout I shared here.

(Leggings | Tank)… and a few other favorite workout pieces below…..

With pool and beach days right around the corner, this momma has been kicking it into high gear. And, as always, a little extra motivation comes with a few new workout pieces. I’ve always been a fan of the Spiritual Gangster line and love this sports bra. Zella always has great items too, and at great prices. I think these performance white perforated shorts are great for longer runs and I love this twist front top (I personally own) for weight lifting and post-workout activities. This open back tie top is a great option too for a yoga or spin class. Lululemon has had some great basics too…. like this crop top (love it with high waisted leggings) and this crew neck sweatshirt is great for early morning workout temperatures.


Wellness Wednesday || 3 Ways I Up My Fitness Routine In Spring + Favorite Spring Activewear

Spring has always been my favorite time for upping my level of intensity in the fitness realm. There is just something about the warming temperatures, sunnier days (…. and longer soon, with daylight savings time this weekend….), and the thought of bathing suit season being right around the corner….. that makes me want to kick my booty in gear just a little bit more. So, today I’m sharing the three ways I up my intensity level, stay motivated, and work on feeling challenged and confident……

1. Extra Weight: When I really want to increase my strength and build muscle, I try to incorporate heavier weights into my routine…. nothing too crazy, but you’d be amazed what adding 3-5 pounds will do! I’ve recently started wearing ankle weights in some of my HIIT routines, and have increased my dumbbells from 3 to 5 pounds (for lighter weights) and 8 to 10 pounds (for heavier weights). Sometimes I’ll start heavy and then, when my form starts to go, I’ll decrease the amount of weight. It’s a great way to challenge myself and ensure I’m still doing everything right.

2. New Gear: I’m always more motivated when I can add a few new pieces to my closet…. it really helps to motivate me when my alarm goes off at 5:30am…. or when I’d rather head straight to brunch on the weekends instead of logging some miles in my running shoes. I always try to find pieces that help me feel confident, and can easily transition from workout to post-sweat activities (whether that’s brunch, errands, or the park with Harper….). Nordstrom always has the greatest selection of apparel…. with so many different brands in one place, it makes picking out pieces so simple (maybe too easy….). I recently purchased this zip-up hoodie (in oatmeal) and love tossing it on after a morning run or spin class. This crop sports bra is the perfect length to wear with my all time favorite high waisted leggings (they seriously look good on everyone…. my girlfriend and I swear they have countering in them!). I also couldn’t resist this blush hoodie (it comes in 3 other color options too) as the perfect top layer…. I love the motto detailing, and the color is so soft for spring. A few other options that will pair great with about any fitness item you already own in your closet include this wrap front top, open back pullover (#obsessed), this twist front tee, and these mesh crops. I also think a great tote is a necessity, and this tote is my new favorite (this one is great too!). In my tote I always carry a water bottle, favorite cap, and lip balm.

3. HIIT: Whenever I’m feeling like I need to add a little push to my routine, I work in a HIIT routine. I typically make one up, or find one on youtube. Recently, I’ve been working sprints into my treadmill workout (since it’s been too dark, and a little too cold, to run outside that early….). If you’re looking to try something different on the treadmill, I’ve shared it with you below:

Warm-up: 4.0 speed/5 minutes
Jog: 6.0 speed/3 minutes
Sprint: 7.0 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/3 minutes
Run: 6.5 speed/3 minutes
Sprint: 7.0-7.5 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/1 minute
Sprint: 7.5 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/1 minute
Sprint: 8.0 speed/1 minute
Recovery: 4.0 speed/5 minutes
Repeat 2xs, second time skip the warm up

Other ways I like to add in interval training include jumping rope, weighted burpees, and jump switch lunges. They get my heart rate up quickly, and help me break a sweat!…. and with bathing suit season right around the corner it’s just what my booty needs!

(Outfit Details || Leggings (I’m wearing the grey/black color) | Hoodie (comes in 4 color options, wearing a S) | Sneakers (size down), also love these | Sports Bra | Tote | Sunglasses)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 


At Home, 28 Minute HIIT Workout

A few weeks ago, TJ was out of town for work, and I needed to get creative with my workouts. So, I created this calorie torching HIIT workout. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment, and I completed it in our small living room (with the help of my two little friends… as you will see….) …. I got my heart rate up, worked up a sweat, and felt challenged throughout the entire workout. If you’re looking for a quick, and challenging, workout this weekend try it out!…. get your significant other, or bestie, in on the action, and then head out for a delicious brunch/lunch….. a pretty great way to start the weekend if you ask me….

I’m heading up to LA tomorrow morning with my girlfriend, and we’re planning on doing just that…. a sweat inducing spin class, immediately followed by a delicious meal….

For this workout, you’ll need ankle weights (I used 2.5 pounds), heavier dumbbells (I used 10 pounds), lighter dumbbells (I used 5 pounds), and a yoga mat.

You’ll repeat the entire workout 4 times, and give yourself a 1 minute break after each completion. I’ve included the written workout below in case it’s hard to tell from the video:

1st Circuit:
1 minute jog in place (wearing ankle weights)
10 leg raises to the side, and then to the back (total of 20 on each side wearing weights

2nd Circuit:
1 minute jumping jacks (wearing ankle weights)
10 bridges with leg raised (10 with right leg raised, 10 with left leg raised, wearing ankle weights)

3rd Circuit:
10 weighted burpees (I’ve done them with and without weights… your choice based on level)
15 Cross Body Oblique Crunches (weight in one hand)

4th Circuit:
4 mountain climbers + 1 push-up, repeat x5
10 rows + 10 tricep kickbacks

Rest 1 minute, Repeat 4xs (or 3 for a 21 minute workout)

I’ve also been on the hunt for a few new activewear pieces and have my eye on a some pieces. Always a fan of a good hoodie, this zip up, black pullover (love the open back details), and this blush half zip hoodie have somehow ended up in my shopping cart. I also love this open back long sleeve top (runs small, size up for looser fit, multiple colors) and wrap front top too.  This muscle tank is the cutest and I also like this tunic white top (love the branding on it), and these perforated leggings. I’m also obsessed with his sports bra! Oh, and I’m wearing these leggings, which I LOVE (stone color).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


Wellness Wednesday: Torch The Core Workout Video

I’ve always loved ending my workouts with at least 5 minutes of core exercises…. this started several years ago, when I realized that regular old crunches weren’t really doing much for my midsection. So, I decided to incorporate a few core moves, at the end of my cardio, and see if the results were noticeable. They were. Very much so. Given that, I never stopped (I mean, why would I, right?)….

I’ve done so much research on the benefits of a strong core…. when I was pregnant I read that a strong core (and continuing safe planks) resulted in an easier birth experience (if there is such a thing) and a quicker recovery postpartum. Postpartum I did even more research into the benefits, and everything I read said that, post doctor clearance, to start focusing on the area immediately. So I did, and continue to do so….

I can often fall victim to the same routine…. and I know that does nothing for challenging my muscles. Lately I’ve changed up the routine and added a few new moves (my plank is always there though) and thought that I would share them with you today. It’s about 4.5 minutes, and easy to do anywhere…. no equipment required. Add it to the end of any workout, or just move through the moves faster and repeat a few times to get your heart rate up (although, I can’t say I’ve actually tried that last option). Either way, your abs will be burning!

I’m also sharing a few new workout favorites I’m loving below……

{Outfit Details || Leggings (have had for years, incredibly well made) | Tank (same as leggings) | Crop Top

I still think these cut out leggings are pretty amazing, especially when paired with this blush jacket (toss on post-workout, or I imagine it would work just as well during a run)….. this hoodie, paired with these color blocked high waisted leggings would be the perfect combo for any workout….. this side split tank and sports bra combo are both excellent options for a sweat session… maybe a power yoga class.


Wellness Wednesday: Post Christmas Circuit Workout For The Bum

My Christmas Day menu looks something like this: Cinnamon rolls, bacon, and an egg casserole (with some hot coco) for breakfast….. delicious appetizers midday….. and then champagne, wine, prime rib, stuffing, rolls, some kind of veggies, more starch… then pie for dessert. Indulgent? Um, yes. Worth it? Totally…. it’s Christmas… I wait 365 days for this holiday, I’m going to enjoy it one bite at a time. Then, the next day, I’m planning on putting my new favorite stretchy pants on and completing this 28 minute circuit workout…. to get my bum back on track.

This workout is one of my recent favorites. It only requires a chair (or step… I used a bench since I was at the gym filming this), weights (I used 5 pounds during this workout), and a little bit of space. You can do it at home, at the gym, or outside. No excuses for this one. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re done (or hate me….).

There are two separate circuits to complete, with both videos below. Do each move in the circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes, then move onto the next circuit. Repeat it twice, and you have a killer 28 minute workout. Annnnd, in case you’re looking for the outfit details from this post, or some last minute gift ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life, see below (and items ordered this morning should arrive by 12/24).

{Outfit Details || High Waisted Leggings (wearing XS) | Tank (wearing XS) | Shoes}

So, if you have someone who just loves going to spin, boot camp, yoga, pilates, or for a long run then I have just the items for them! A few accessories that I added to my list include this amazing gym bag, gold water bottleperforated baseball cap (actually snagged this for myself last weekend… for those no-wash hair days), and this yoga mat, which has such a fab design.


If you’re looking to give (or invest in a few pieces yourself) some apparel, I love these mesh leggings, sleeveless hoodie (perfect to transition from workout to lunch…), mixed media cropped leggings, and this incredibly cozy sweater jacket (I personally own this one).

And, if none of those seem right, I suggest an experience… maybe a set of classes at someone’s favorite yoga or spin studio. Or, possibly sponsoring someone to run a half marathon (or even a full!). Either way you go, you’re sure to give them something they’ll love!


Wellness Wednesday: Working Out With Bébé + A Full Body Circuit

Today’s post was actually born by accident. I was hanging out with Harper one morning, and while she was doing some exploring around the room (and by exploring, I mean pulling everything out of the shelves…), I decided to finish my workout from the morning. I had gone on an early morning run, but hadn’t yet completed my strength training component. As I pulled out my weights and started to squat (as in, doing my squats….), little miss decided she wanted in on the action too by crawling up my leg. I quickly realized that if I was going to finish my circuit, I was going to need to wear her. So I pulled out my baby carrier, plopped her in, and started the routine. I thought that maybe she would tolerate it and I’d get in a few moves. To my surprise, she was giggling and smiling the entire time…. and so this workout was born.

Over the past few months I’ve realized that the name of the game is flexibility in parenting, and that applies to my workouts as well. While I would love to spend a leisurely hour at the gym, that just isn’t always possible. What is possible, is a morning cardio session, followed up by some strength training at home. Wearing little miss is an added bonus too…. think extra resistance… a whole 18 extra pounds of it!

You can watch the video below for the entire circuit. Complete it 4xs, with a 2 minute rest in between, and I guarantee your heart rate will be up and your legs will be begging you to stop. Oh, and if you don’t have a little one to wear, this workout is just as effective… simply use heavier weights.

{Post Details || Leggings | Sweater | Baby Carrier | Weights}


Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Ways I Detox Post-Vacation + Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

Hands up if you’re prone to an indulgent weekend here and there? Okay, my hands are pretty much sky high at this point. Having spent a weekend in Palm Springs, where we indulged on margaritas + chips, we immediately prepared for an even longer weekend up in Santa Ynez, where we willingly sipped wine + roasted s’mores. Come Monday, my body was begging me to hit the reset button. So, I pretty much did what I always do after a particularly indulgent trip or weekend. I push play on my cleanse routine…. and since I don’t do juice cleanses (more about that here) it’s pretty much something I feel anyone who wants to naturally cleanse can do.

1. Load Up On The Good Stuff: I pretty much start the week by heading to the grocery store and stocking up on all the veggies and fruits possible. Then I toss in fresh fish (salmon + shrimp are my week night favorites), some lean proteins, and items to make snacking a little easier (i.e. snack bars, trail mix, kite hill yogurt, hummus, salsa…). I also try to pick up a few juices to help me replenish what was lost over the weekend. With all that goodness in the fridge and cabinets it makes making healthy choices easier. An example of a post -indulgent weekend day of eating? Well, yesterday I had oatmeal + banana for breakfast, a bowl of watermelon for a snack, a sweet potato + kale salad + sautéed squash for lunch, hummus + bell peppers with some almonds as a snack, and then my favorite sautéed shrimp with cauliflower “friend rice.” I felt great… no bloat, lots of energy… and certainly not left starving and foggy headed.

2. Liquids: Water, water, water. I pretty much guzzle it. I buy one of those big Fiji or Smart Water bottles and am sure to drink the entire thing throughout the day… and then I am sure to have a cup with every meal. If I’m craving a little flavor, I’ll pick up a white or green iced tea (lower than black tea in caffeine) and sip on that. In the evenings, I’ll typically have some warm water with a lemon in it…. apparently doing so aids in digestion, provides an immunity boost (which is typically needed after getting less sleep…), cleanses the system (hello natural detox), and reduced inflammation (which in turn reduces acidity… too high of an acidic system is where disease festers…). Oh… and I lay off the wine for several days….

3. Kombucha: I know I’ve been writing about this stuff a lot lately, but I’m kinda digging it…. So, I’ve been having one a day. The more research I do, the more I am sold on the stuff. Why add it to my detox regime? Well, for starers, it’s known to help in the detoxification process by protecting liver cells from toxins (I’m way simplifying this)… which is good because if the liver is damaged, then the body won’t be able to flush out toxins. It also aids in digestion (which usually takes a downward slope when I indulge), helps with increased energy, and provides an immune boost. Yes please x10!

4. Work It Out: Yes, even though I may be tired, I get up and get moving. It’s two fold for me. One, I love a good sweat… makes me feel like I’m sweating out all those indulgences, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Second, it gives me an added energy boost. My favorite detox workouts? A good ride on the spin bike, power yoga video, or a run. Take that s’mores!

5. Sleep!: try to go to bed an hour earlier when I’ve had a particularly long weekend (as in going to bed past my bed time, but having a fixed alarm clock that doesn’t go past 7:30am with Harper). Whether that’s for just a night, or maybe two, I often find that the added hour helps me get back on track quicker.

All that being said, it usually only takes me 2-3 days to start feeling back on track again! It’s what has worked for me in the past, and I love that it allows me to enjoy myself freely, without worrying, knowing that I have a solid “reset” plan upon my return.

I also wanted to share with you what happens when two amazing brands come together! I am loving this Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration. Beyond Yoga is one of my all time favorites for activewear, and the pieces in the collection are super comfortable + chic…. something I pretty much live in the day after vacation. I’ve linked my outfit below, but I am also loving this black + white tank (same style as the one I am wearing), black + white sports bra, and black pullover. I think my pants in black are perfect for pretty much anything, and the sport bra I am wearing in pink is cute too.

{Outfit Details c/o Beyond Yoga || Leggings | Sports Bra | Top | Shoes}

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences


kate spade x beyond yoga, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Ways I Stay Motivated + Nordstrom Sale Activewear Favorites

nordstrom sale active wear, itsy bitsy indulgences

When my alarm goes off at 5:30am one of two thoughts runs through my mind. The first, “I’m so darn tired.” The second, “New day, new opportunities.” If it’s the former, getting myself up and out isn’t easy. Yet, over the past several months, I’ve found that if I employ a few steps, I have more motivation to get up and out…. and to make it throughout the day when frustrating situations arise. So today, I thought I would share my 6 steps, in case you’re in need of a little motivation boost!

1. New Work-Out Attire: It never fails for me. When I get a new piece of activewear, I’m always more motivated. Looking good and working out makes me feel kind of like a #girlboss. Don’t ask me why, it just does. That being said, I picked up a few new pieces from the Nordstrom Sale. My all time favorite leggings are on major sale, and I couldn’t pass up this cozy hooded wrap (perfect for post workout brunch…) and these new Nike kicks (which I fully intend to wear into the ground while I half marathon train). I also love this mesh tank (comes in navy + coral) and this open back tank (which comes in multiple color options). This cozy sweatshirt is a favorite and I fully plan on wearing it during my cold air conditioned evenings, as well as when it actually gets cold this fall. I love the brand Beyond Yoga, and these high waisted leggings are seriously so flattering, and the back of this sports bra is spot on.

{Outfit Details || Top: Zella (Nordstrom Sale Favorite) | Leggings: Zella (Favorite Leggings, Nordstrom Sale Steal) | Shoes: Nike (Nordstrom Sale, size up, and multiple colors) | Sunglasses: Le Specs}

2. Trying Out Something Different: When I just don’t feel like getting up and getting out in the mornings to tackle the day, I tell myself that I will try something new in the gym or throughout the day. So, if I was planning on doing the elliptical, maybe I change it up with a treadmill workout and some weights. I ended up doing that yesterday morning and felt challenged and invigorated (if you’re interested I included it below). Sometimes it’s about trying a new workout, other times it’s as simple as changing my hairstyle or moving a little out of my routine.

5 minutes: 4.0 speed/5 incline Warmup
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.0 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.1 speed/.5 incline Jog
2 minutes: 6.0 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.2 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.3 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.4 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.5 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 7.8 speed/.5 incline Spring
2 minutes: 6.2 speed/.5 incline Jog
1 minute: 8.0 speed/.5 incline Sprint
2 minutes: 4.0 speed/.5 incline Cool-down

3. Try A New Food Product: Sometimes the thought of a new breakfast or snack gets me moving. I’ve found several new food items that I am loving right now. Trader Joe’s has these delicious beet chips that are a healthy alternative to the traditional option. I am also loving blessed-booch Kombucha… it is seriously some of the best I have had. I also recently tried out Daily Harvest Smoothies, which is a great new concept. The smoothies are delivered to you, prepackaged, and all you have to do is toss them in a blender and add your liquid of choice! My favorite flavors are Cacao + Avocado and Chocolate Blueberry. So. Good. So. Simple. No excuse for not having a healthy breakfast or snack.

4. Set A Goal: I think goal setting is one of the best ways to stay motivated. For me, my recent motivation has come from knowing that I have a half marathon in October. Knowing the feeling that I will have when I cross that finish line gets me motivated every morning for my workout. That’s the best part of setting a goal… often it’s the end feeling that will get you motivated on a daily basis. I also think about personal goals I have set for myself (i.e. meeting a benchmark with the blog, or even a relational goal) and when I get a little down that it is Sunday evening, I remember that the week ahead is another opportunity for me to get closer to attaining those goals.

5. Have A Mantra: Sometimes, when I get down or frustrated about goals I’ve set (read: I’m not getting there fast enough… I’m super impatient), I remember this quote I came across a few years ago: “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.” I take a moment and literally inhale the confidence and exhale the doubt. I think a few words of motivation can be so powerful and placing them in a place that you see regularly is helpful… I like the bathroom mirror and refrigerator, but other places can be in the car or by a bedside table.

6. Find Something Positive: Lately, when I get frustrated that I haven’t met a goal, or if things are moving slower than I would like (i.e. post-pregnancy fitness goals, business goals, etc..) I look back at where I was three months ago and compare it to where I am now. Then I attempt to identify three ways I have made progress in that time frame. I’ve found that when I am able to take that macro perspective I’m able to focus on the day to day tasks, setbacks, and successes because I know they are all building blocks to where I am going.


nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

nordstrom sale activewear, itsy bitsy indilgences


Wellness Wednesday: My Juice Cleanse Experience

Suja fresh start cleanse, itsy bitsy indulgences

A few years ago, when this blog started, my girlfriend suggested I try out a juice cleanse and write about it. I told her that I loved food too much and thought that I would be too hangry of a person to complete one… three days without solid food sounded (sounds) like completely torture to me. Besides, I always thought that the best way to cleanse my body was simply returning to clean eating (lots of veggies + fruits, lean + organic proteins, and whole grains). Trust me, I’ve experienced the post vacation… or post heavy weekend… bloat and fatigue… but simply taking a break from the booze, sweets, and heavy foods was usually enough for me to get back on track and feeling great.

When these Suja juices came across my path though, I started to do a little more research. I discovered that they had a juice cleanse program called “1 Day Renewal.” It’s a one day cleanse that incorporates three different juices: one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. It also includes a meal plan  with three 200-250 calorie meals. Again, one meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was intrigued. It was one of the first cleanses I had seen that actually allowed for solid food consumption (gasp!). I decided that after our last weekend trip to Palm Springs that I would give it a whirl. See what all the hype was behind juice cleanses…. and, let’s be honest here, I thought it would make for an intriguing blog post. I figured I would sacrifice myself (because, really, a whole day without full meals would be that) for the blog.

So…. the morning of, I followed the instructions closely. I had my first juice right after my workout (as I would typically have my first meal). The first juice is the “daybreak probiotic.” Tasty for sure. About an hour or so after, I was hungry again, so I opted for the raw oatmeal… which was also tasty. I felt better after and thought “Hey, I can totally do this.” Well… around 10:45 hunger began to strike. I decided it was time to get out of the house… attempt to distract myself. It worked. At noon I had the second juice, the ” noon greens.” It was tasty as well… and I felt myself settle a little. Yet, 40 minutes later hunger struck. I made my veggie burger with avocado, greens, and some mustard. Surprisingly I felt okay. Then came 3:00… and like clockwork hunger struck. I couldn’t ignore it this time, so I had some carrots and green beans (if you really count that as cheating….), which held me over juuuuuust until 5:30pm at which point I took inventory. I had one juice left, a small meal, and then a long stretch before bed…. and then 8 hours of sleep…. and decided that I would split the juice. Half before dinner, half after dinner when (because it wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when) hunger struck again. I had the salmon option, but I gave myself an extra side of asparagus (shame on me, right?….). I felt okay at this point, and I really don’t like feeling just ok, so I immediately drank the rest of the juice. Hmmmm….. still hungry (go figure….). I decided to wait an hour to see if it would subside.

An hour later I felt foggier than I had throughout the day and hungry, so I decided to chop up some bell peppers (2 medium sized ones) and dip them in hummus (I also had a piece of a perfect bar…. oops). I felt better and decided I’d likely be able to make it through the evening. Right before bed, I had some hot lemon water.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt like I was going to faint. I was wobbly and my head was foggy. I immediately went to the refrigerator and had a tablespoon of peanut butter and a glass of water before I headed out for my morning walk. When I got back, I opted for my favorite morning breakfast (oatmeal) and happily enjoyed every last bite… knowing that I could eat normally the entire day.

So, here’s my breakdown:

1. If you’re looking to try a cleanse, I think this option is the best I have seen. I really don’t like the idea of significantly reducing calorie intake, so I like that it at least allows for nutritious solid food.

2. I felt pretty good in the morning, yet as the day went on, I began to feel constantly foggy and fatigued. I mean, I guess that’s to be expected though. What I wasn’t expecting was the morning after experience…. yet, again, in retrospect, to be expected.

3. I listened to myself and didn’t allow my body to get too hungry… which is why I ended up having an afternoon snack, added a little more to my dinner, and ultimately had a post-dinner snack.

4. In chatting about my experience with my sister, we concluded that it was probably difficult for me because I tend to have the three main meals, and then two snacks throughout the day… so the large gaps between meals was difficult for my body to adjust to. Perhaps it would have been easier if I only ate three large meals a day? I don’t know…. (some may argue I didn’t have willpower???).

5. I likely won’t do one again. In the end, I didn’t feel any more cleansed than when I simply return back to clean and nutritious eating…. wait, I strike that. I feel better when I simply return to clean eating, without eliminating food all together.

6. I simply can’t imagine doing a cleanse for 3 days. I now know exactly what this article was talking about (I actually read this article several years ago when cleansing was all the rage).

While I likely won’t do a juice cleanse again, some others may argue that they were wonderful for them. That’s great! We all have our own experiences, and my story is offering you one unbiased perspective. Yet, while I’m not a huge juice cleanse fan, I am a huge fan of juices in general. I particularly love incorporating them with my morning meal or afternoon snack. My favorites from Suja include the Lemon Love (have it almost every morning with breakfast), Sweet Beets (so tasty!), and Twilight Protein (part of the cleanse, but I think it would be a great morning snack, or post workout drink). The Noon Greens is a delicious green option as well.

** Please note, I received clearance from my doctor to do the cleanse for one day


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I’ve also found so many cute athletic pieces that are perfect for fitness and everyday use. I’m loving this hooded tank, this cute striped sports bra, yellow strappy back sports bra, nike vintage gym shorts (the shorts version of my favorite pants!), and this graphic muscle tank.

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suja juice one day renewal review, itsy bitsy indulgences

suja juice one day renewal review, itsy bitsy indulgences


Wellness Wednesday: Why I’m Not Doing BBG Anymore + Committing To A Balanced and Active Summer

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

Well, I finished BBG (first review here). All 12 weeks of it, and thought I’d share some of my thoughts about the process. First off, I think it’s an excellent program for anyone. It combines resistance training, along with cardio, and provides a meal plan to follow to help and assist in toning up the body. It’s a great balance of working out and eating clean.

When I first started BBG I loved it. Having been a cardio gal (and incorporating weights a few days a week) for years, I found the level of intensity challenging and the different workouts invigorating. I noticed strength returning, as well as my overall endurance. It was something I could easily complete in the morning before Harper woke up, and if I went on vacation, I could complete a quick workout in the hotel room. The circuits were challenging, and I was definitely tired at the end.

Yet, as I started to reach the last 4 weeks of the program, something began to shift for me. I started feeling unmotivated… almost dreading the process. I, personally, felt that the circuits were becoming too repetitive, and I was no longer gaining from it mentally and emotionally. You see, for me, working out is about the mind clearing experience as well and the physical challenge. When I lace up my shoes for a run, or click my spin shoes in for a spin class, I expect to be able to get lost in my thoughts…. and when done, feel refreshed and ready for the day. While BBG does have a cardio component, I just started to realize that it was too regimented for me. It left little time to incorporate my love of yoga and free weights. So, two weeks ago, early Friday morning, I didn’t do it. I decided my body wasn’t feeling it, and opted for my favorite power yoga video (which left me equally as sore the next day as one of my first BBG circuits did). I felt reinvigorated.

I also felt as though I was committing so much of my time to BBG that I was forgetting about my one true love: running (that runner’s high is something you just can’t beat). When I was challenged by Old Navy to make a summer commitment to health and fitness, I decided now was as good as any time to recommit myself to another half marathon (you can read about my love of running here, here, here). After chatting with TJ about it, we decided to train together and registered for the Healdsburg half-marathon (up in Napa, where we can sip a little vino post run, duh) in October. I’ve committed myself to waking up 30 minutes earlier, 3 days a week to fit in a few longer runs…. and TJ and I will tackle some longer runs on the weekend as well. I feel inspired. I feel challenged. Most of all, I feel excited to be lacing up again. You can join the challenge to live an active, and balanced lifestyle too! I’d love to know what you’re doing to maintain that #balance in life (I mean, we have to balance out that rosé somehow, riiiiight??).

So…. for a quick Pro/Con review of BBG:


1. Can do at home
2. Easy to complete the resistance trainings in 28 minutes
3. Provides a great meal plan to help assist in clean eating and strength training
4. It was a great program for me as I figured out how to balance being a new mom with a little one
5. Helped me figure out how to create my own HIIT workouts (which I can now incorporate once a week if I choose to do so)


1. Became repetitive after a while (circuits started looking + feeling the same)
2. Resistance workouts are high intensity, which I equate to higher burnout… and hard on the joints (I was starting to feel very olllld)
3. If you like to choose your workout based on how you feel that day, this likely isn’t for you
4. For me, it did not incorporate enough free weights (my post-preggo legs and arms were yearning for this!)

As I mentioned above, I’d love to know what you’re doing to live an active and balanced lifestyle this summer!


{Outfit Details || Tank (wearing a small), Shorts (wearing a small), Sports Bra (wearing a small), Shoes (super comfortable), Sunglasses… I also have these floral shorts, mesh top, and leggings to keep me motivated all summer}

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences

old navy activewear, itsy bitsy indulgences


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