18 Month Motherhood Update

I’m pretty much two weeks late with this update… so, that probably gives you an idea of how crazy life has been lately. Yet, better late than never, right? Without rambling too much, I’ll just get right into the raw and honest truths about this past month of motherhood!

(My top, wearing S)

Challenges: I’m starting here this month… because, well, these past two weeks have been just that. I don’t know what happened, but over the course of the last couple of weeks I feel like my sweet little girl was replaced by a defiant booger. Seriously. Like, looking at me and doing exactly what I asked her not to do. Screaming. Throw herself on the ground tantrums…. you name it, I’m pretty sure we’ve experienced it over the past two weeks. This is pretty much how I feel at the end of the night,…..”I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a clock. Asking it to be my child’s bedtime.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the crap out of that little lady…. buuuuut, sometimes you just need a good 12 hour break…. and I’ve been needing them more often than not lately.

I guess this is where I fall back on some of my training as a Parent-Child-Inteaction-Therapist and give her natural consequences. If she throws something, I make her help me pick it up before we move onto another activity (natural consequences). I try to give her as much positive attention, as possible, provide her with a lot of positive praise for the things she is doing, and give her lots of “If-Then” + “When-Then” statements…. oh, and lots of choices. Basically, I give her the power to choose if she gets a consequence or not. Take today for example. She was throwing a bottle of lotion and I let her know that if she threw it again, then I would take it away from her. She looked at me, paused, and decided to throw it anyway…. and then run away. So, I calmly told her that she made the choice to throw it, and that she can’t play with the lotion bottle anymore. I say “calmly” but inside I wanted to pull every hair on my head out…..

Favorite Part: While I just laid it all out there with regards to the challenges I have faced this month, one of my favorite parts is seeing her ability to process, and assert her own personality. She has also become so loving, saying “I love you” (obviously not that clearly), and giving lots of hugs and kisses. Actually, after she makes a bad choice, she immediately comes up to me, from behind (if I’m on the floor), and wraps her arms around me. It’s that engagement, and reciprocal relationship, that I love so much and, in turn, creates the limit testing…. so, I take the good with challenging.

Sweetest Moment: For me, this moment was last weekend, at my sister’s wedding. Harper missed her afternoon nap (of course, through the business of the day, we forgot her pack and play at home, and she couldn’t sleep in the one provided by the hotel) and when she arrived at the venue, she was on the fiesty side. When it came time to line up and walk down the aisle, we were sure that I was going to need to carry her. Yet, I ended up walking down, and  by the time I got the end, I saw my dad walking Harper down. He tried to let her go at the beginning of the aisle, but when she saw all the people looking at her, she quickly ran back and grabbed his hand and pulled him back with her. Together they walked down, she threw one handful of flowers, and then insisted on throwing them once she sat down. Little moments like those make all the challenging ones so worth it.

(Harper’s Dress)

Eating: This has been an area of transition over the past few weeks. Harper used to have a huge appetite, but over the past couple of months it has fluctuated. Some days she eats a lot, others she eats like a bird and I’m thinking to myself, “She has to be starving.” I actually brought it up to the doctor at her 18 month check-up and she mentioned that it was normal. She said that at this age kiddos eat more some days and because of that, it’s as if it’s been stored, so they aren’t as hungry. I never force her to eat, because I do want to instill some sort of mindful eating in her… so, she can tell when she is full and trust that feeling.

That being said, she has some favorites. A grilled cheese sandwich is usually never refused (I use this bread and cheese), cauliflower rice (when I make it like this or this), sliced grapes, a banana (or “nanana”), avocado, broccoli (not sure why this one….), oh, and mac n’ cheese. She also loves eating with a fork or spoon now and almost refuses to eat without one (which results in a much bigger mess, but love that she’s developing this skill!). We also continue to use this placemat and these sippy cups (both are currently on sale).

Her Favorites: She is obsessed with drinking her water out of an iced tea cup… so, I pretty much rinse mine out and then she drinks her water through it (like, she begs for it….). She loves music and insists on playing an old record player and cd player simultaneously. Balls. She. Is. Obsessed. If you want to put a smile on her face, hand her a ball. She also loves swimming, being outside, and brushing her hair… and putting sunscreen on me. That’s another thing she is obsessed with… opening the sunscreen bottle and getting a tiny drop on her finger and then rubbing it on my legs.

(My dress, Shoes)

Sleeping: For the most party, everything is pretty status quo over here. We’ve successfully weaned down to one nap. She goes down around 1:30 and wakes up around 3:30-3:45 (and, when I’m lucky, 4!)…. lately, she’s struggled to go down at night, and is extra clingy. So, it involves singing her a few extra songs, and then rubbing her back once I put her down in the crib. I recently bought her these pajamas (since our house is set at a cool temperature in the evening) and she looks so cozy in them…. oh, and she loves sleeping with a little stuffed animal. This one is currently her favorite (it’s so soft!).

(Harper’s Tunic/Dress | My Tee)

Reality:  Sometimes, I find myself getting caught up in what I think other people’s motherhood journey is like. I see glowing photos on instagram and wonder if they, too, deal with some of the daily struggles of motherhood. I quickly remind myself that what is seen is only half of the reality, just as it is with me. In a bit of transparency (as if I haven’t shared enough already in this post) I went to Harper’s 18 month check-up seeking validation for some of my feelings and actually left feeling very invalidated. So, I picked up the phone and called a girlfriend… posted about some of it on instagram stories, and received tons of feedback that others were experiencing the same thing. I think that the motherhood community can be so powerful and supportive when we all just stop and remember that we’re all doing the best we can!

Marriage: TJ and I got away to Vegas a few weeks ago for a couple of nights and had such a blast being on no schedule… and I always think it’s so important to re-visit the roots of your marriage (not that Vegas is… but traveling together and enjoying uninterrupted meaningful conversation is….). At the end of a long day, I love that I have TJ to share the parenting challenges with. Don’t get me wrong, we get frustrated, snap, and have to apologize… but that all comes with the territory. As Harper gets older, it’s really nice to see how our own individual strengths tend to compliment each other in the parenting realm.

Favorite Products: With Harper loving the pool (we’re getting her lessons in the next couple of weeks) these puddle jumpers have been amazing, and she loves them. She’s so confident with them on, and she loves jumping into our arms (from steps already in the pool) and floats out to get her ball. These water shoes are a great option for when she is around the pool…. she actually asks to put them on. This is my favorite sunscreen for her face… I love the easy application it provides… she even likes to do it herself sometimes. She’s also been loving these little ruffle one pieces… they’re such a great option in this summer heat! We also got her these little shoes and they fit her perfectly and she seems to love them…. they’re well made and really soft.


Cool Summer Evening Style

July is always a super busy part of the summer for us… it always has been, and I’m never sure why. Maybe it’s because the 4th of July and then my sister’s birthday (both of which we typically go away for), but I never feel as if it’s a relaxing month. Don’t get me wrong, it’s filled with fun, but I’m typically left yearning for a little rest and relaxation…. and this July hasn’t been any different. Most of the month was spent gearing up for the wedding, and next weekend we have one more wedding to head out of town for (Cleveland to be exact….for only two nights… quick turn around)… and lately, if I’m being honest, I’ve felt completely wiped out…..

I was going to share a little about the ways I try to work in a little down time during a busy season of life, but I’m actually horrible at this. It typically takes getting away, even for a short weekend, for me to fully be okay with doing nothing. I’ve chatted about this with some of my girlfriends lately… it’s as if, when you’re home, there is always something that needs to be done…. yet, when you’re away, even with the craziness of a toddler, there is a center focus on family and what’s going on in the moment (not the 10 other things that need to get done)….

And, since getting away every weekend just isn’t financially possible, we decided to jet off to my parent’s house while they were away earlier this week (they literally live 10 minutes away from us….). At first, I was wary, not sure if it was worth it to pack up all our stuff to go 10 minutes away, but the change of scenery was nice…. cooking in a different kitchen (bigger and brighter), Harper playing in the backyard in the early evening and swimming in the morning, and sitting outside in the backyard and enjoying dinner… small things that made me stop and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Annnd, if you’re wondering how any of this has to do with today’s blog post, it really doesn’t… except, that, I’m craving a little date night (hoping to be able to get away for an evening after next weekend) and this is probably what I’d wear for just such an occasion. I pretty much wear these shorts everyday (wore them out for a night in Vegas) so tossing on a cute top, casual mules, and a pretty fab suede jacket for a casual night out of sipping libations with my boo seems pretty fitting.

A few other summer evening layering pieces that I am loving from the Nordstrom sale include this moto jacket (which I own in charcoal grey from last year), drapey and lightweight faux suede jacket, adorable peplum utility jacket (my mom snagged this, you best believe I’ll be borrowing), blush suede moto jacket, camo jacket, and this embroidered distressed denim jacket (which I recently ordered… we will see how it looks!).

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing S, comes in white) | Jacket (wearing XS, comes in cognac too, almost sold out in grey) | Shorts | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Bag)


Wellness Wednesday || 5 Ways I Stay Motivated

I feel as if I often cycle in and out of periods of motivation…. whether it’s for working out, eating clean, or actually doing my hair… in the same way that we often cycle through life’s ups and downs. I typically recognize that I am in a rut, and often try to tweak a few things here or there to fall back in a rhythm. A question that I’ve been receiving lately is how I keep myself motivated. So today, I thought I’d share the top ways that I keep myself going, when all I feel like doing is stopping (or hitting snooze 800 times)….

1. Re-Evaluate My Reasons: I think this one is always key for me. I often find myself in a rut when I’ve veered too far from the initial reason for starting. In my health and fitness journey, this often happens the most when I become too focused on the outward gains, as opposed to the internal gains. When I remind myself of all the other benefits of working out…. healthy insides, sharp mind, confidence, lower anxiety…. not just to simply look good, I find a new drive and motivation. Sometimes I can easily reflect on this, other times it takes a little journaling and re-evaluating goals.

2. New Work-Out Pieces: When possible, this is always a sure fire way to get me feeling motivated again. There’s something about new leggings, or a cute top, or even super comfy running shoes that motivates me so much. I remember when I was training for my first half marathon. I was mid training and felt my motivation waning. All it took was a new pair of running shoes (and some ultra padded socks) to get me back on track and excited for the next long run. Just this week I was feeling tired and sluggish. So, I pulled out these new favorite blush high waisted capris and super soft blush tank for my morning workout and hit one of my fastest paces ever. I snagged both at the Anniversary sale, and combined they are under $60…. and let me tell you, the leggings hug in all the right places. A few other pieces I purchased included this super cute mauve mesh pullover (a great option with shorts now and leggings in the cooler months), perforated zip-up (great for post-workout mimosa brunch), cozy grey zip-up, and this comfy pullover. I also love these coated leggings (wear them working out or to happy hour), poncho hoodie, distressed racerback tank, and this mauve sports bra. Oh, and these new kicks are like walking on clouds.

3. Try A New Work-Out: This one always works for me… it’s pretty much how I got started doing some of the Tone It Up videos. I remember feeling so un-motivated one morning, so I decided to try one of their free HIIT workouts and I was hooked. Other variations have included adding in a stairs workout, using different equipment such as resistance bands and ankle weights, or running a different path. If those tricks don’t work, sometimes I just do a low-key workout, like a yoga video, to give myself a break and re-center.

4. Try A New Recipe: I love food, but sometimes I get in a rut and feel like I’m eating some of the same things. Slight variations are super easy though. For instance, we’ve been having shrimp Mexican style for the past few weeks, but Monday evening we made it using this coconut curry shrimp recipe and oh.my.gosh we fell in love. Sometimes a new booch flavor, smoothie recipe (my new favorite), or snack bar is enough to spark my zest for clean eating. If you’re looking for a new dinner recipe to pull you out of a food rut, I suggest Skinny Taste and Pinch Of Yum for some delicious and healthy recipes.

5. A New Playlist: I can listen to the same song over and over again…. but when it comes to my workouts, new tunes are one of the best ways to get me re-motivated. I typically have TJ create my playlists because he is way more into music than I am… and he comes up with some pretty good mixes. One of my favorite songs for getting me moving is “8 Mile” by Eminem.

(Outfit Details || Leggings | Tank | Sports Bra | Shoes | Sunglasses | Bag c/o)


Summer Style || My Rehearsal Dinner Dress

My sister’s recent wedding reminded me how much fun they are. TJ and I have been out of the wedding circuit for a couple of years now (we’ve entered the baby shower and party phase…. don’t be jealous…..) and I forgot how much fun they were, and all the festive dressing that comes with them. Everything from the engagement party, bachelorette party, shower, and rehearsal dinner… it’s fun to get all dolled up to celebrate. So, when it came to picking out my dress for the rehearsal dinner, I was just as excited as I was for the shower and bachelorette parties. I knew that I wanted something longer in length, but wasn’t sure if that meant midi or maxi…. and I also knew I wanted florals. When I stumbled across this maxi faux wrap dress I knew it would be perfect for the occassion. Of course, I wanted to make sure that I could wear it more than once, so I thought about ways I could make it a little more casual. I decided that pairing it with these neutral slides and large straw tote would make it perfect for any daytime occassion.

We have one more wedding coming up in two weeks, and I snagged this pink slip dress that I am hoping will look good on when I receive it. If it doesn’t, a few other options that I am currently eyeing include this nude slip dress, floral and lace slip dress, black floral slip dress, black floral maxi dress, and this open back ruffle dress. I’m hoping to have that outfit nailed down by the end of the week….. wish me luck!

(Outfit Details || Dress (c/o), more sizes here and print available in sleeveless button-up, cold shoulder top, ruffle neck top, + off the shoulder top | Slides (c/o) | Crescent Necklace | Beaded Necklace | Beaded Bracelets (c/o) | Sunglasses | Bag)


Weekend Recap || The Wedding Day

(A little vino to kick off the festivities)

What. A. Weekend. Friday seems like forever ago… which is when the entire wedding weekend began. It all started with a fun day of pampering with the bridesmaids, followed by a bridal luncheon, and then the rehearsal dinner…. where we sipped glasses of wine, enjoyed meaningful toasts, and might have partaken in a wine shooter or two… Which then eventually rolled into Saturday morning where the excitement and anticipation for the wedding ceremony was palpable. The day was full of beauty prep, giddiness, and by the time the ceremony rolled around, I could barely keep it together…. I pretty much bawled throughout the entire ceremony…. with touching vows, and maybe disbelief that my younger sister was getting married, I was filled with happy tears for her…. and then a reception…. and somehow a 2am bedtime…. which resulted in a very mediocre evening of sleep, and a toddler ready and rearing to go bright and early. Both TJ and I were kicking ourselves for staying up so late the night before when we heard the chatter of little miss bright and early….

Yet, we wouldn’t have done it any differently. There are those once in a moment times, in everyone’s life, where you pretty much throw caution to the wind and live by the YOLO notion. And while I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this (I guess that’s what 5 hours of sleep will do to you….), I can’t help but have a smile on my face as I reflect on the love of the weekend. In all weddings, there is a joining of two families…. and I feel so blessed to now have someone to call my brother.

I hope you all have a great week ahead! xx

(Rehearsal dinner ready….)

(Wore these comfy robes to get ready for the big day… pink robe, white robe)

(Little miss made quite the flower girl…. Harper’s dress)

(The prettiest duo in white)

(Someone missed her afternoon nap….. we were on borrowed time with Harper….)

(Excited to add a fourth best friend to the trio…..)

(My two favorite people)

(Couldn’t be happier for her…. my top, my dress)

(The happy couple)

(What you wear when you’re running on 5 hours of sleep but your toddler got 12…. shorts, sweatshirt)

I did my fair share of indulging this weekend, but was able to fit in a few good workouts here and there. I did a quick HIIT workout early Saturday morning, and this yoga booty workout on Friday morning. I woke up sore after both of them. I’m in the mood for some healthy curry this week, so I am considering one of these recipes.

While most of my weekend was spent with family and wedding festivities, I finally got a chance to sit down and do a little online perusing. I took another look at some of the Nordstrom Sale items and found a few other cute items that I thought I’d share with you. A few cute tops include this black and white stripe bell sleeve top (looks like such a cute everyday item), cold shoulder sweatshirt (which comes in so many colors), great v-neck swing tunic top (another great basic option), this floral top with the prettiest ties at the wrist, cozy funnel neck poncho (which I saw in the store, and it was sooooo soft), super cute sleeveless ruffle blouse (which is a great layering option), and this neutral thermal top (I like the mauve and cream options). I’m also kind of obsessed with this distressed denim jacket with embroidered details. And, because I’m all about comfort, a few other items caught my cozy craving eye…. like this high-low fleece cardigan, cowl neck knit top, and this tie front fleece pullover (this brand is seriously the softest). I also realized that one of my favorite ruffle white tops from last year was also included in the sale. It’s a great twist on a basic white blouse.

I also have my eyes on a new pair of jeans and saw this raw hem cropped pair (comes in petite sizes too), this distressed girlfriend jean, and this step hemmed distressed pair.

A few pairs of shoes that made me look twice include this whipstitched pair of over the knee boots, these black air max kicks (I’ve had my eye on these for a couple years now….), and this perforated cutout bootie (so many pretty color options). Oh, and how adorable is this little floral cross body bag (it may or may not have come home with me the other day….).


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || Items I Own, Love, + Ordered

I vividly recall, when I was younger, heading to the mall with my mom and sister for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale bright and early. We’d shop for back to school clothes (the shoes were always my favorite) and eat those big ol’ rice krispee treats they used to sell (they might still, I just haven’t seen them lately). Not much has changed, and yesterday, my mom and I headed to Nordstrom to shop all the pre-fall pieces. While there were 48 pages of items for women’s clothing on-line, I found so many of my tried and true favorites on sale too (which they brought back this year). So, today, I wanted to share a few with you (in case you’re looking for some great sale items), and in the coming weeks I plan on styling them in blog posts. Happy shopping friends!!


I think this is likely one of the biggest selling items at the sale, and I didn’t leave without a few. For starters, my favorite open knit pullover from last year was re-stocked in four colors and at such a great price point (about 35% off). This split back sweater from last year is back (I own it in blush) and I grabbed it in the black too. You can easily keep it undone or knot it up for a more fitted look. A few new ones I picked up yesterday include this amazingly cute bell sleeve option (I sized up to a S because I didn’t want it to be super tight… it’s featured above), this oversized cardigan in the cream (but it comes in so many cute colors), and I’m waiting for this pretty little faux wrap sweater to arrive. I also think this blush cardigan is gorgeous (I already have one similar, so I passed this time around).

Tops + Tees

These super basic v-necks have made an appearance again this year (I own in white and grey) and I’ve been known to wear them to sleep or out and about with cut-offs or jeans. My favorite, and super soft, plaid button up is on sale in several color options. You can easily wear this in the summer with the sleeves rolled up and front knotted, and then transition it to fall with jeans and a front tuck. I bought this adorable white peplum lace-up, ruffle choker top in blush (but it’s also super cute in white too), comfortable and basic stripe tee (for $18!), and oversized henley tee (featured above). I had this cute ruffle sleeve top in blush in my cart but it sold out in my size, and I’m considering this bell sleeve fleece (I own a few tops from this brand and they are incredibly soft).


I didn’t buy too much in this area, but my favorite motto leggings from last year are back. I own them in black and olive (olive is my favorite color) and they’re a great throw on and go option…. and my favorite high waisted distressed black jeans from Madewell are on sale. These are such an excellent closet staple, and I wear mine all the time. I also have my eye on this split hem pair, yet I’m fairly certain they will be too long on me.


There were so many cute pieces in this category, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites. Pieces I owned before the sale, that they brought back, include this logo oversized tank, logo crew neck sweatshirt, and this oh so soft cardigan (perfect for post workouts). My favorite high waisted pair of leggings are also on sale. I ended up trying on, and bringing home, these blush high waisted leggings (them moment I put them on I was sold), blush tank (debated between that color and the grey which is seen above), mauve mesh pullover, and a cozy grey zip up (which I can’t find on-line….). This pullover was super comfortable too, but I ultimately decided on the previously mentioned zip-up. I am debating between these white and bronze running shoes and these white and grey ones (which I tried on already and they’re like walking on air… my mom bought a pair too).


I had my eye on a few pairs before the sale started, and when I saw this low heeled bootie I fell in love. The blush-ish/mauve color is gorgeous and I’m obsessed with the grommet detailing. They also come in tan and black. My favorite mules from last fall (that I own in tan and grey) are on sale too. If a higher bootie is your thing, I also tried on these, and loved them, but didn’t think I’d wear them as much as the lower heeled option….. and I wanted these blush loafers, but they sold out in my size. I’m going to keep my eye on them in the hopes they are restocked. They’re gorgeous! If you’re looking for a splurge item, these over the knee boots are some of my all time favorites. The suede is oh-so-soft and they look amazing on everyone!


I couldn’t resist this suede jacket in the grey color…. and the cognac is gorgeous too. I paired it in the dressing room with the blush ruffle tee from above and the colors were beautiful together! My mom tried on this super cute peplum utility jacket and I love the details on it.


I haven’t received this pink slip dress yet, but I’m thinking it would be a gorgeous option for a rehearsal dinner we have coming up in two weeks. I also tried on this floral slip dress and loved it, but ultimately left it at the store. This adorable ruffle sleeve dress, in mauve (a color I am clearly currently obsessed with) is on it’s way. Such a cute everyday basic.

Lounge + Lingerie 

This short and top set is quite possibly one of the softest things ever. It came home with me. No questions asked. I also stocked up on my favorite “I have no chest” bralette, and picked up a favorite bra for those times when I actually need to wear something with a little more support (not sure what it’s supporting though….). One of my favorite lace bralettes is currently on sale too!

For The Kiddo

I was underwhelmed with the choices at the store, but found this adorable stripe tunic (featured above) and this floral top and short duo. When I looked on-line I found much cuter items, like these adidas tubular sneakers, stripe pullover hoodie (she can wear a 2t sometimes), and this utility hoodie jacket. A few baby products that we love that went on sale include Harper’s favorite sippy cups, feeding placemat, nail trimmer (which we used for the first 9 months of her life), and this convertible carseat.

The Guys

TJ got in on the action too with this button-up, long sleeve henley tee, stripe button-up, and this stripe v-neck. His favorite pair of PAIGE jeans went on sale too.


Summer Trend || Summer Sweatshirt

I’m all about being comfortable. Which, I guess you could say, encompasses a lot of different criteria. I like to be just the right temperature (I sleep with the air on almost every night to get it to the optimal sleeping temperature), feel comfortable in my jeans (nothing too tight or hanging over please), lean towards oversized more often than not,  always ask for a towel under my neck when I am getting my hair washed at the salon (anyone else’s neck hate this??), and I am obsessed with super soft things. So, when my fingers brushed over this little pullover, I was sold….

If you think I’m crazy for wearing a sweatshirt in the middle of summer, you’re not alone. Every time we have dinner at my parent’s house in the summer months, we eat outside, under the twinkly lights…. and sip wine (there’s always a 100% possibility of that happening). And, without fail, when I walk out to the dinner table in my favorite, coziest, of the moment sweatshirt, my mom says, “Are you cold?!” We have a laugh (it’s always lighthearted), and I always explain that it’s just “so comfortable” sitting in my cut-offs, a cozy sweatshirt on, and a glass of wine in my hand….. If you’re warming to the idea, just give it a try…. I think you’ll see why!….

Some of my personal favorite summer sweatshirts include this graphic rosé one (so cozy, and my life motto), oversized off the shoulder option (I’ve owned it for about a year now), this super cozy slouchy pullover, mauve lace-up sweater, cozy knot front sweatshirt (comes in so many colors, I own it in grey and blush), and this super soft grey lace up pullover.

Oh, and, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, early access, starts today! I’m heading there early this morning to check out all the items, and pick up some fun pieces. I’ll be sharing my roundup on the blog tomorrow morning… if there is anything in particular you want to see, just let me know!

(Outfit Details || Sweater (comes in several colors, under $50) | Shorts | Slides (also here) | Sunglasses | Necklace | Short Necklace | Tote)


Wellness Wednesday || A Refreshing + Hydrating Berry Smoothie

For the past few weeks, we’ve been experiencing quite the heat wave and I’ve found myself reaching for hydrating snacks… lots of fruits, veggies, and water. So, after seeing the gals at Tone It Up post a delicious looking smoothie, I decided to make a few tweaks to the original recipe and came up with my own. It’s typically my afternoon snack since it has the fats and proteins I need to get me to dinner (if I don’t get the right balance, I’m in a complete brain fog until dinner time) and it keeps me feeling hydrated and refreshed.

If you’re looking for a smoothie bowl for breakfast, this one is can easily fit that bill. Simply top it with your favorite granola (mine is Purely Elizabeth’s Chocolate Probiotic granola), some chia seeds, and frozen blueberries and you’re ready to go! Also, on a side note, I’ve finally discovered the secret to thick smoothie bowls and drinks. Frozen, frozen, frozen. The more frozen items you put in, the thicker it will be!

Hydrating Blueberry Smoothie

1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen riced cauliflower (you can find this at Sprout’s or Trader Joe’s)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1 small scoop almond butter (I’ve been loving this one)
Cinnamon (I am generous here)
1 cup of Coconut Water (I start with a cup and typically end up adding more in 1/4 cup increments…. I like my smoothies thick, so I don’t add too much liquid in the beginning)
1/2 cup spinach

Toss all ingredients in a blender and mix. I start with 1 cup of coconut water but typically have to add more in order for it to blend. If you want your smoothie more of a juice consistency, add a lot of coconut water. If you like it thicker, as I have it here, I recommend adding the coconut water in 1/4 cup increments as you’re blending. Sip, enjoy, and feel refreshed.

(Outfit Details || Leggings (c/o)  | Tank (c/o) | Sports Bra | Slides | Vitamix)


Real Life Moments + A Little Blush Top

This morning, as I was perusing instagram, I came across this quote, “The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets.” (by John Lennon). It got me thinking about how true those words are. I sometimes find it so easy to get caught up in the imaginary world of social media…. and often forget that there are real lives behind all those well curated photos, tweets, and updates…..

So, let’s be real with one another.  This morning, when my alarm went off, all I wanted to do was throw it at the wall. I most definitely wasn’t ready to wake up, lace up my shoes, and hit the concrete for a run. It was also hotter than you know what today (with high humidity), and all I wanted to do was sit at a coffee shop and do a little bit of work. Yet, for some reason, little miss had an abnormal amount of energy, which resulted in 6 hours of running after her, singing songs, tossing balls….. and then that abundant amount of energy only transitioned into a tantrum that went on and off from about 5pm until she went to bed at 7:30pm. Now, as I sit down to type this post, I kinda just want to shut my computer and go to bed….. yet, as I make the conscious decision to procrastinate, I scroll instagram (yet again) and see a gorgeous photo of someone’s travels to Greece. Ok, is it bedtime yet??

All that to say, I’ve often found that life’s best moments happen in those everyday, mundane, not perfect times. The ones we don’t share on social media. Those are the moments when life is lived the most…. so, while I may sound like I’m complaining, I guess it’s just my way of saying “I don’t always have my shiz together.”

 Putting my rambling aside, I actually did wear this little outfit for lunch with a girlfriend and her little one. We spent most of the lunch catching up, in between tending to our littles, but nonetheless, I made sure to wear comfortable and practical pieces, like these favorite mules from last fall. I tossed on this adorable blush cold shoulder top and love the laid back and feminine touch it adds…..

Sanctuary has some of the cutest blush colored tops, one of my favorite hues for this summer season. I love this adorable crochet tank, casual layered v-neck tee and tank, plaid button-up (which would be super cute with cut-offs and front knotted), and this pretty little off the shoulder top!

I’d love to know…. what was your #RealLifeMoment yesterday??

(Outfit Details || Top c/o (comes in black too) | Shorts | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Short Crescent Necklace | Tote (back in stock))


Weekend Recap || One Last Fling

(A little girl’s day and night in the desert…. I swear Harper had fun!)

I head into this week ahead with great anticipation for next weekend. And, while I do this quite often, I’m especially excited because at the end, my sister is getting married! There’s been so much preparation that has gone into all the fun festivities and the wedding day, that at the last minute, Allison and I decided to have a little girl’s night away as a last little fling before she ties the knot (bachelorette party here). We packed up Saturday morning, Harper in tow, and headed out to our favorite spot in the desert. The day was spent lounging by the pool and sipping margaritas when Harper slept… and chasing her around when she was awake. We ended the day watching RomComs, eating pizza, and sipping rosé in bed. There was laughter, reminiscing, and some real talk about our hopes and dreams for the future….

And, as I sit here tonight, I think about the speech I have to give come Saturday evening. I’ve struggled to sum up a 28 year relationship in a mere 5 minutes…. and, while I have it written, my hope is that I am able to convey the depth of meaning this special relationship has in my life. So, in reflection, I head into this week with great anticipation, but also profound appreciation for the forever friendship I have been blessed with.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead! xx

(Breakfast at Reservoir… obsessed with the decor….)

(Quite possibly one of my favorite places in the desert.)

 (Cardboard boxes + wine glasses for a takeout kinda night…..)

(Someone didn’t want to leave the desert….. wrinkly dress, slides, little miss’ dress)

(Loves her Aunty….)


I always love looking at Monday as a fresh new start to the week. So, we spent Sunday evening grilling some chicken and turkey burgers, as well as chopping a few veggies, to ensure clean eating for the week ahead. I’m thinking about making this blueberry bark as a little post dinner treat, and I’m planning on sharing a blueberry smoothie with you this week for Wellness Wednesday… it’s super refreshing for this heat wave we are experiencing….

And speaking of the heat wave, I’ll be living in lightweight layers this week in an attempt to stay cool…. this little romper will be on heavy rotation, as will this gingham crop top, and stripe tee.

I found a few great basics over the weekend that I am planning to add to my closet. This twist front ribbed v-neck tee is super cute (and I love the texture the ribbing adds), stripe ribbed scoop neck tank, super cozy lightweight hoodie (I’m such a sucker for these), thermal oversized tee, and this thermal oversized henley…. all such versatile pieces and great for layering or solo. I am also loving these slit front jeans and think they’re a fun alternative to regular distressed jeans. For the cooler summer evenings, I am obsessed with this chunky off the shoulder sweater and this lighter-weight pullover.  Oh, and I think these blush slides are seriously so cute… perfect for after the pool or just running errands.

We have a wedding to go to in three weeks and for some reason I am really wanting a pretty black dress…. and am looking to top it with all my favorite gold accessories. I have my eye on this basic long dress with a cutout back, ruffle wrap off the shoulder dress, gorgeous cut-out halter dress…. although, it might be more than I want to spend, so I am also looking at this similar one.

A few other adorable dresses for summer, both basic and a little more on the fun side, include this open back ruffle dress (I really like the white and mauve options), grommet detailed black maxi dress, and this cute little tank dress.

And, since I am looking to incorporate a little more leisure on the weekends, I am loving this lounge set, cozy cactus pullover (I actually own this and love it) and shorts, and this rosé graphic sweatshirt.