Weekend Recap || Passing Time + Weekend Sales (Of Items I Own)

(Weekend workout + caffeine….)

I caught up with a few friends this past weekend, on the phone, and was reminded how quickly time passes…. babies, illnesses, moves, challenges with kiddos, job changes and promotions…. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday we were studying for college + grad school midterms, celebrating with long nights out, making questionable choices that we would never make today, and sharing our hopes and dreams for “when we’re older….”

As TJ and I sipped a little vino Saturday evening, on our date night, we chatted about how even though time has passed, we don’t necessarily feel older. I laughed about how the ages of 33 and 36 at one point sounded so old, and are now realities. We both seemed to agree that age is merely a number in your head… that you are what you make of you place in life…. but agreed that the past fifteen years have seemingly flown by….

Then, when we were sitting at dinner last night, I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to slow life down a little. A feeling that it was moving too quickly…. like, how will I have a two year old in a mere two months?? How will I be 34? How is it almost Thanksgiving… and the year almost over?

And so, with that, I decided that while time does move quickly, welcoming the changes it brings, enjoying the moments we are given, and cherishing the memories of the past is the best way to proceed. This might sound like rambling, but it’s something that was in the forefront of my mind all weekend long…. So, as we head into the week ahead, I do so with the intention of remembering that life moves fast… (most) bad situations are fleeting, and that good ones should be cherished. Have a great week friends! xx

(These two tagged along with me to the mall…. but I think little miss ended up coming out ahead….)

(A little date night with TJ…. vino + Greek food…. velvet blazer)

(Who is this daughter of mine??! Adjusted to the time change and morning cuddles…. fuzzy shorts, Harper’s sleeper)

(Intentional matching. His + Mine)

(Weekend casual for a Sunday full of errands…. sweatpants, tank, cardigan, sneakers)

We made this pork pozole soup last night and it was seriously so good…. I’m also planning on having this soup again at some point this week.

Nordstrom is having their fall sale and I thought I’d share a few of the items that I personally own that are currently on sale…. This hooded down puffer jacket (that I got last year) is currently on sale and I plan on brining it to Park City this year…. this knitted free people cardigan (that I wore here) is also on sale under $80…. one of my favorite open knit sweaters (seen here) is on sale, as is this new favorite poncho (which comes in 3 colors, and I featured it here) and my most worn bodycon dress (you can wear it with booties/OTK boots + a cardigan to keep warm), and my oversized cardigan from last year (and featured above) in slate. A few workout favorites include this faux wrap pullover + mock neck pullover. This cozy hoodie + this split back pullover are two favorites as well, and both included in the sale.

Urban Outfitters also has my two favorite thermals on sale… this button-up option and this basic tee.

I’m having a moment with pearl embellishments and recently purchased this sweatshirt, and have my eye on these boyfriend jeans (on sale!). I’m also loving this embellished cardigan and these skinny jeans.

I also recently purchased this fuzzy cardigan (love the color) and love this bell sleeve sweater.

I’m looking for a new cami and have my eye on this gorgeous lace silk one, tiered velvet option in wine, and this ruffled wine one (such a great price!).

Annnnnd, a few cozy weekend pieces that I’m looking at include this lace up sweatshirt + jogger duo, cozy open cardigan, and shearling slippers.

I also snagged a few items for Harper at the Old Navy sale this weekend including this buffalo check dress, distressed jeggings, peplum top, and this adorable bell sleeve henley. Oh, and she picked out this puffer vest (as in , wouldn’t take it off… wore it home).


Wellness Wednesday || The 4 Ways I Save Time To Do What I Love

I took Econ AP solely because I took Honors Civics and didn’t have a choice. If you took one in the “honors” category, you had to do the same with the other. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty, and I didn’t even attempt the AP test. Yet, if there is one thing that I still remember to this day, it’s the concept of “Opportunity Cost….” the basic premise that asks “Does the time it takes to do ‘x’ outweigh the price it wold cost to have ‘x’ done for you?” It stuck with me, and it’s a concept I apply to my life almost daily…..

Yet, when I became a mom, it took on an entirely more significant role in my line of thinking. Time became much more valuable, for various reasons…. I had less of it + I wanted to spend it more focused on the things and people I love. Saving 4-5 hours a week to catch up with a girlfriend, snuggle with little miss, or have a date with TJ became much more important to me. In speaking with a lot of others, it’s important to them too. So, today I’m sharing the 4 ways I save several hours every week…..

1. Meal Planning: This can be done to various degrees depending on how much time you really want to save. For me, purchasing pre-chopped veggies (there’s that opportunity cost concept), buying all the groceries I need on Sunday, and planning out the meals we want to have throughout the week saves me tons of time. Being able to just grab some pre-shredded chicken, or grilled turkey burger, pre-chopped veggies, and toss them into a salad, saves me time on a daily basis. It also eliminates stress during the week as I try to put together a healthy lunch for myself and Harper… kinda removes the guess work and gives me about an extra 20 minutes each day.

2. On-line Grocery Shopping: My girlfriends have been swearing by this for years, but I discovered it during last year’s Christmas season. It was a stormy few days right before Christmas, and just the thought of battling the crowds with a baby stressed me out. I weighed out the cost and decided it far exceeded the stress of heading out in the rain to the crowded stores with a baby. So, I made my first on-line grocery purchase and was sold. It must have saved me, and continues to save me, a couple hours a week (and that’s a lot of time…. a park date with your little one, a lunch date with your boo, a work-out, or a coffee session with a girlfriend….).  Recently I was introduced to Uniquely J, which just launched as a brand of Jet.com, which sells everyday essentials at an excellent price point and great quality. They currently offer cleaning products (which are made from plant-based ingredients and free from harsh chemicals), coffee (fair trade + organic), organic sauces + oils, BPA free food storage, and SFI-certified paper goods all in cute packaging and with the “natural” lifestyle in mind.

A few favorites for our family include this salsa (sooo good with non-gmo sweet potato chips + bell peppers), sriracha sauce (delish in our Asian inspired rice bowls for dinner), gallon storage bags (excellent quality, and actually stay sealed….), paper napkins (which seamlessly cleaned up some of the salsa that spilled on little miss’ jeggings….), and this fragrance free all purpose cleaner to clean up our post snack and mealtime messes. It was a seamless delivery service, and ordering on-line was a cinch.

3. Outfit Plan: For years, I have notoriously wasted time in this category… and by years, I mean since elementary school. It got to the point where my mom suggested that I plan my outfits before the week started (with room for minor alterations given weather….). Solved that problem fairly quickly. I still do it to this day, though maybe not with as much rigidity. On a Sunday evening, I sit down and think about what I want to wear each day…. then I jot it down. If I’m not feeling that specific outfit on that particular day, I swap outfits, but it still saves time since everything has been “planned out.” I’d say this saves me about 20 minutes a day…

4. Delegate Social Media Time: This is a huge one for me, and a time sucker for sure. One of the ways I have maneuvered around this is by allocating time to scroll through social media channels. I have four blocks of time…. before Harper wakes up in the morning,  when she goes down for a nap,  right before she wakes up, and the last time is right before I shut down for the evening (and by “shutdown” I mean not look at my phone 30 minutes before bed). It has significantly reduced the amount of time I waste looking at my phone, and increase my level of presence with my family.

I’d love to know the ways that you save time too… since I’m always looking for a few extra minutes here and there! 

Thank you to Uniquely J for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


Weekend Recap || Maui Part II

(The best we could get after two attempts….)

I guess you know it was a good vacation when you may, or may not have, shed a few tears when it was over. This trip was one that had been planned almost a year ago, when my dad was recovering from surgery. It was originally planned as a long vacation for just my parents… and then TJ and I decided to join them a few days into their trip… with my sister and brother-in-law deciding to spend a few days with us too. It was a long time in the making… filled with great anticipation… and it didn’t disappoint.

We completely vacated life…. eating what we wanted, mild workouts, minimal focus on work, and lots of time spent with family. And while the last trip we took to Hawaii was much more challenging with Harper, for some reason, this time around, it felt easier. Maybe because we had more hands, or maybe because we felt better prepared to lower our expectations… there were bumps here and there (like, no sleeping in… little miss was up at 6:30am on the daily), but overall, it was a vacation for the books….

So, as we head into the week ahead, I do so with a grateful heart that I was given this time with the people that matter most to me… and with great anticipation for the coming holiday months. I hope you have a great week friends! xx

**Sharing all outfit details from the trip, as well as our Halloween costumes + a little weekend wish-list at the end of the post. I also shared a few favorite restaurants and hotels in Maui (per request)….. 

(We stayed out well past sunset every evening, so we could capture the post setting sun colors)

(The evenings were cool…. so a simple thermal + cut-offs were perfect for Mai Tai sipping….)

(The Fish House was recommended to us and didn’t disappoint….)

(Little miss could have stayed in the water alllll day….. (bathing suit, her suit)

(Nap-time bubbly… henley)

(Our first attempt at family photos, the day my sister + brother and law had to leave, was a rainy + cool one…. my dress, Harper’s romper)

(Cheeseburgers (In Paradise) + Mai Tais with the entire family…. red top)

(Woke up and walked about 4 miles along the boardwalk… iced tea in hand… every morning…. crops, lace up tank)

(How she felt when it was time to get out of the water…. floral suit)

(Spent the days in swimsuits, cover-ups, and without make-up….)

(Sunsets just too good to not snap photos in front of…. cardigan)

(Tipsy on Mai Tais love…)

(We bribed her to take these photos….)

(Spent the last day lounging by the ocean and pool….. little black dress)(All about comfort for the flight home…. joggers, tee, cardigan)

(Slow morning after a long day of traveling home… joggers, pullover, cardigan)

(And then entry into reality with a day full of errands…. leggings, hoodie, thermal)

Back to life, back to reality… back to regular workouts + clean eating. Thinking about making this chili for Halloween,  and then following this “weeknight dinner” meal plan pretty closely.

We’re going as Rockstars for Halloween… I’ll be wearing these faux leather leggings, band tee, faux fur vest, over the knee boots (identical version), and this fake sleeve of tattoos…. while Harper will be wearing these faux leather leggings, gold bow, faux fur vest, and we made her tee since we couldn’t find a toddler band tee…. and TJ is wearing this wig, studded gloves, and this tee.

And, since fall has arrived, I have my eye on a few cute items. I’m loving this faux wrap sweater (in the pinot color), twist back sweater (in olive), mauve v-neck tunic, ruffle chenille sweater in burgundy, faux wrap velvet bodysuit, and this multi-stripe seater (love the colors).

It was requested that I share a few favorite spots in Maui…. For kid friendly hotels, we love Marriott Ocean Club + The Westin Kaanapali Villas (we have stayed at both of those). As far as restaurants go, we do a lot of BBQing (since both places have full kitchens) but I listed a few favorites below:

The Fish House (tacos, and amazing fresh fish)
Down The Hatch
Japengo (some of the best sushi I have ever had)
Prison Pizza (um, ah-mazing… we did take-out + watched the world series)
Cheeseburger In Paradise (it might scream tourist, but let me tell you, those burgers + Mai Tais are pretty DG)
Farmer’s Market (great organic foods… including acai bowls)
Brunch at The Westin (not the villas)
Monkey Pod (excellent Mai Tai with egg white froth… trust me, it’s good)
Hyatt Residence Club (excellent Happy Hour and sunset views)


Weekend Recap || Hawaii

We all arrived in Maui in shifts… my parents Tuesday, our little family Thursday, and my sister + brother in law Saturday. So, Sunday felt as if it was the first official day of vacation with everyone. We’ve been operating under the “No Agenda” mindset since arriving… sitting by the pool, enjoying delicious food + libations, and relaxing as much as possible. Little miss adjusted to the time change much better this time around, so we didn’t have any 4:30am wake-up calls (yasssss). All that to say, I’m trying to disconnect as much as possible, be present with the family, and enjoy this time we all have together. In that light, today’s post is a little shorter on writing + heavier on the photo side. I hope you all have a wonderful week and find a way to disconnect a little here and there! xx

P.S. My apologies for the post that went out yesterday, it was supposed to go out Tuesday! 

(Traveling in comfort….. and the sheer joy on little miss’ face knowing she’ll be snacking the next 5 hours…. my joggers, sweater, stroller, onesie)

(Sunset with the boo)

(My uniform for the next week…. swimsuits + cut-offs (suit))

(Our first morning we were greeted with the prettiest rainbows….)

(Overloaded on the almond butter at Farmer’s Market)

(We hiked out to point Nakalele Point to see the heart shaped rock formation… (capris))

(Mai Tais, comfy pullovers, and a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset…. pullover)

(She loves anything to do with the sand, ocean, or water…. stayed out past sunset nightly)

(Sunday brunch at Down The Hatch… something for everyone…. (romper, cardigan))

(“Take me to the pool….NOW.”…… (cover-up))

(Sandy toes and a Mai Tai that spilled everywhere…. (pullover))

We did a fairly long hike the other day, and since we’re still adjusting to time, I’ve snuck in a few sunrise runs (3 miles). I’ve also done this booty + abs workout, as well as this HIIT workout… great when you don’t have any equipment.

Despite being in the warmth of Hawaii, we do have a few cooler weather trips planned (and it looks like fall temps might arrive when we return….). Leith, a brand at Nordstrom, has some super cute items right now like this bubble sleeve sweater (so many gorgeous colors), grandfather cardigan (so comfy), double layer bell sleeve sweater, cozy longline cardigan, and this chunky knit choker sweater. Some adorable stripe pieces out there too including this bell sleeve top, comfy v-neck pullover, and stripe poncho scarf (a two for one!).

I also love this floral embroidered hoodie sweatshirt… and such a great price at $50…. and I’m slightly obsessed with this embroidered faux leather jacket.

A few cute date night tops include this gorgeous wrap top (love the color) and this crushed velvet ruffle sleeve top.

I also think this tie sleeve sweater dress is a great option to dress up or down this fall.

This pajama set, and this one too, look incredibly comfy. I also have my eye on these cozy slippers.

I also love the colors in this gorgeous sweater, as well as this one (which is a little less expensive).


Wellness Wednesday || The 4 Things I Do In The Morning To Set The Tone For A Healthy Day

This post is sponsored by Organic Stevia In The Raw® and SheKnows Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve always been more of a morning person than a night owl. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter (I tried, multiple times… could never keep my eyes open…), and working out in the evening has always felt more on the sluggish than invigorating side. I guess it all started in high school, when I would go out for a morning run to get ready for the day ahead…. I didn’t do it every morning, but on the days I did, there was a noticeable difference. I took a break in college (hmmm… I wonder why…), but when I graduated and went to grad school, I put together a morning routine that set the tone for a healthy day, both physically and mentally. It’s something I’ve followed ever since, making slight modifications when little miss arrived. Yet, at the core, there are 4 things I do, daily, that set me up for a balanced day….

  1. Wake-up + Workout: For me, this is like a morning cup of coffee…. without it, I’m void of energy for the day. It doesn’t always have to be an intense workout, even a few walking laps around the neighborhood gets me moving and feeling awake. During this time, I set my priorities for the day, work through any thoughts I may be having, and get my endorphin release. Of course, when little miss arrived, I needed to wake up even earlier to squeeze this in…. which I did by waking up 10 minutes earlier, every other day, for about a week. At the end of the week, my body had adapted to the new time.

2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast: One of my favorite meals of the day, always. I’m typically pretty hungry after my workout, so skipping this meal is never an option. I try to make sure that both Harper and I are getting a filling, and nutritious, morning start. Anything from eggs and fruit, to a bowl of oatmeal, yogurt and granola, or a homemade gluten free/dairy free waffle, I like to make sure it’s tasty. Something I’ve started using, to add a little sweetness, is Organic Stevia In The Raw®. I discovered Organic Stevia In The Raw  when I was looking to do a little baking this fall (bring on all things pumpkin please. It’s organic, non-gmo (very important), vegan, and naturally gluten free. It comes in tiny packets (seen above), which means I can easily toss them in my purse to sprinkle in my morning iced tea (took a few of them to Hawaii to use them with my morning iced green teas). One of our favorite ways to use it is dusted on our morning oatmeal with berries. It adds a delicious, sweet taste. I’ve always felt that a healthy breakfast sets me up to make better choices throughout the day! You can find Organic Stevia In The Raw at Walmart or purchase it online here.

3. Make My Bed:  Having a “healthy” day goes way beyond just working out and making the right food choices. It also has a lot to do with making decisions that I know will set me up for a positive day mentally. Making my bed is one I’ve been doing for years. It’s a very little thing that takes about five minutes, but helps me feel much more organized… and for me, personally, an organized life makes me less anxious. Less anxiety means I can be more present in my relationships, which is the ultimate goal.

4. Gratitude: Another contributor to the mental health of a day. So much research has shown that having a position of gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career. I don’t spend a long time on it, about 2-5 minutes while I eat my breakfast. I simply jot down a few things I feel particularly grateful for that day. I find that simply reminding myself of the things I have to be grateful for sets that stage to be able to manage smaller setbacks throughout my day.

That’s it. Nothing major, or particularly time consuming, but it’s usually a few small things that add up to a big difference. I’d love to know what you do to set a positive tone for your day!

(Outfit Details || Cardigan | Tank Shorts)

What are some of your morning rituals? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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Weekend Recap || Reconnecting

(Kicked off the weekend the right way… with tacos, of course…)

I feel as if life has been incredibly busy as of late… and that time has been passing so quickly. All that to say, as we started last week, I realized that it had been weeks since I’d seen any of my close friends. As I reached out to a few of them to simply say “Hey, thinking about you…” they too shared the same sentiments…. that time just seems to be moving so quickly….

So, as we headed into this past weekend, I did so with anticipation. We had plans, for the past two weeks, to meet up with a high school girlfriend and her family for a day at the pumpkin patch and a BBQ back at our place later….. when the little ones went down and the guys watched football, my girlfriend and I were able to sneak away for an hour by ourselves to get some Pressed Freeze….. it felt like old times in high school, driving my explorer to get some ice cream, chat, and blare the music. As TJ and I chatted about the day, we remarked how hard it is to find good friends… those friends who you just gel with. The friends where time can pass, but it’s as if no time has passed at all. Where you pick up where you left off. Can sit in silence together. Who you can just be yourself with….

I’ve always believe that if I had a handful of those types of friends, life would be good. And it is good. While I don’t see all of them as often as I’d like, just knowing they’re always there makes me feel assured. So, as we go into the week ahead, I encourage you to reach out to one of those friends. Tell them you miss them and care. A small gesture like that goes a long way! Have a good one friends! xx

*Monthly Q&A will be this Friday. Please feel free to send any questions via e-mail. 

(Cozy knit (paired with shorts) for Friday’s taco dinner….)

(Met up with friends at the pumpkin patch for the morning… it was 90 degrees…. so fall. my dress, my shoes)

(Snuck away with my girlfriend for a little sweet treat while the littles napped and the guys watched football….)

(Coziest waffle knit for a relaxed evening of homemade pizza…..)

We’re heading out to Hawaii on Thursday for a family trip with my parent’s and sister… it’s an early retirement celebration for my dad. That being said, I’ve been working pretty hard during my workouts. This booty bands workout is hands down one of my favorites. If you don’t have workout bands, I highly recommend them. I’m taking them to Hawaii with me. I will also be making these pumpkin bites to take on the plane with us, as well as these egg muffins for a quick morning breakfast (since we have an early flight).

Packing up a lot of favorites for the trip… and since I love to wear cut-offs and long sleeves, most of the items are perfect for when we return (it’s actually going to be cooler in Hawaii than it will be in Southern California when we’re gone….). I’m planning on packing my favorite cut-offs (obviously) along with this oversized thermal, this v-neck thermal, super soft frayed bell sleeve top (in a pretty rust color), absolutely adorable ruffle sleeve button up tee (in the taupe color), oversized stripe pullover, my favorite red pom pom top (which was recently fully re-stocked!) for happy hour, white one shoulder top (currently on major sale), and my favorite fuzzy sweatshirt. This henley top and open knit sweater. For our family photos, I bought this romper for Harper, and I am bringing this embroidered dress and this maxi off the shoulder dress. I’m also tossing in this flowy blush embroidered dress (which I’ve had for years) and these cute stripe slip-ons. For our travel days, I’ll be packing these joggers and leggings, this band tee, cardigan (such a gorgeous rust color), and this stripe pullover.

A few other items that are too cozy and warm for Hawaii that I have my eye on include this gorgeous waffle knit pullover, turquoise v-neck sweater, and this adorable pom beanie (do you think I’d look strange if I wore this in Hawaii???… kidding…).


21 Month Motherhood Update | Strong Willed Daughter

I’ve always known I had a strong willed daughter. In all her ultrasound photos, she was captured making hand gestures towards us (a peace sign the first time… and a few months later the hang loose sign….) and she came all on her own (literally 12 hours before I was supposed to be admitted to be induced)… there was no way anyone was going to tell her when she could make her appearance in this world. That was probably my first hint that she was going to be a firecracker….

Or maybe it was when she skipped rolling over all together and moved straight to crawling… or when, at her 12 month check-up, the doctor told me she was “feisty….” Either way, I’ve known. Yet, I think it became blaringly obvious at her baptism this past weekend. There wasn’t a tantrum, just a little girl wanting to run around, not be held, and making her desires known. For all to bear witness to.

You see, what I’ve come to realize is that it’s not my job to “tame” that personality, rather to “shape” it. Shape her, and encourage her, to express herself in appropriate ways…. whatever those thoughts and feelings might be…. to encourage her to always go after what she wants. I was recently asked to participate in a campaign with Joe Fresh (a Canadian family clothing line) and to share how I stay “True To.” I expressed the following, more as a hope of what Harper will stay true to, and what I will stay true to as I raise her:

“I can only hope that little miss is always #TrueTo what makes her happy and free from comparison… whether that’s through the activities she chooses or the clothes she wears as an expression of herself (Christmas dress in July… why not….). I hope it’s always genuinely and authentically her, and that she finds confidence in the little firecracker she is!” 

This past weekend, as our little family stood in front of a congregation of about 700 (give or take), Harper determined to do it on her own terms, all that ran through my mind was “Oh my gosh. How embarrassing” (TJ mentioned that he might have been slightly sweating….). As the laughs rolled in, and the perfectly timed jokes were made by our pastor, I was reminded of what I had written about a few days prior. I realized that my embarrassment wasn’t due to Harper’s behavior (she didn’t want to be held…. I knew she wouldn’t… I predicted how it was all going to go down the week prior….), but I was caught comparing her “always on the go” personality to that of the toddler next to us, patiently waiting in her parent’s arms, and not making a peep at all. I quickly checked myself, and released. Once I did so, I was able to find humor (actually look at my sister in the congregation… who, might I add, was crying from laughing so hard…), possibly a little joy, in the situation. My daughter, knowing what she wanted, making her presence known.

After the baptism, countless people came up to us, and my parents, mentioning that it was “the best” baptism they’d seen…. the pastor (who married TJ and me) joking and subsiding any worries we had. One person stated that they’d never “laughed so hard in church….” and another encouraging us to “love on her fiercely and enjoy her because the time goes fast.” It wasn’t until we were back home, celebrating with the family, that my dad mentioned someone pulled him aside and said, “She reminds me of my little grandson. He knows what he wants and nothing is going to stop him. It’ll serve them well as they get older.”

I received countless words of encouragement, affirmations from other moms, letting me know that their child is the same. Then, for some odd reason, a quote that I’d heard a while back popped into my head…..

“Well behaved women rarely make history…..”

And while I don’t want Harper making choices that are harmful or destructive, I don’t want her to be held back by fear. I want her to have a voice, to not be afraid to say how she feels, and to not get caught up in the comparison trap (like I so easily did that morning….) and feel as if she is not enough. So while I’ve always known what my role was as her mother, maybe this past month it became a little more defined. It’s to be her safe base. To be a place where she can learn to express herself in safe ways, where she can feel validated in her thoughts and desires, and where I can provide her with the boundaries she needs to feel secure enough to be herself and push the limits a little.

So, to all you moms out there who have ever raised a strong willed child, are in the midst of raising one now, or who might think they have one on their hands…. I will cheers to you with a glass of wine… which I will happily enjoy tonight!

(My skirt, Pullover, Harper’s Dress, Harper’s Tee, Harper’s Shoes)

Sleeping: I think girlfriend’s mind is racing with all the new thoughts she has, because I don’t think we’ve had a solid sleep through the night in a couple of months (maybe a handful sprinkled in here and there). Given that she was such a good sleeper before, I’m chalking it up to a slight regression due to her little brain’s rapid development. She still takes a great afternoon nap (2.5 hours) which I consider to be my saving grace for sanity….

I also think it has to do with teething. She seems to be getting in her canines, which I think are really bothering her. We use Little Remedies, and it seems to provide her with some relief.

Eating: We’re status quo in this department. I was recently asked if Harper eats what we do, or if I make her a separate meal. The answer was that she eats about 95% of what we eat….. I don’t make her a separate meal (my pediatrician discouraged this from day one) and we all eat dinner together. She doesn’t have to eat everything I put in front of her, and she can eat more of one food than another. I also don’t make her “finish” her dinner. I would like to encourage intuitive eating early on, and trust that when she is full she will tell us (I had a conversation with the pediatrician about this when she wasn’t eating much and she mentioned that in these early years there are times when they eat more and times when they don’t need as much food.). We’re still using these utensils and have introduced this cup (yet, we’re having issues with her realizing it’s not a watering can…..).

There was also a brief period where she was refusing to sit in her high chair. Well, that’s stopped and now she only wants to sit in her high chair. Fickle.

(My sweater, my jeans, Harper’s top, Harper’s Jeggings)

Harper’s Favorite Things: She still loves anything to do with a ball (so, you can imagine her delight when we were at the pumpkin patch…. to her, they’re all just orange balls….). Her new obsession is the moon. In the morning she wakes up at shrugs her shoulders and says, “Where’s the moon?” She insists on walking Captain, our loving, and slightly skittish, labradoodle….. Sidewalk chalk is a favorite at the park, and she has a strong preference for these shoes (as in, if you try to put any others on her she will not have it…). Her favorite animals are dogs, kitties, birdies, and monkeys…. and she loves to mimic their noises (her monkey and bird noises are my personal favorites). Jumping. Anything that has to do with jumping she’s there (we went to a friend’s birthday with a bounce house and she was all over that one….). Oh, and dancing. Her moves are on point.

(Cardigan, Camisole, Harper’s romper, denim jacket)

Favorite Products: We started using this car seat last month and we love it (Harper does too… except when she refuses to get into it….then we either have a noodle or a board on our hands….). We also switched from Pampers to Huggies (I’ve tried using Honest diapers several times and they always give her horrible rashes….) and they’re great. I always loved Pampers, but when we were in Hawaii we ran out and the store only sold Huggies…. and I was sold. We haven’t purchased any new toys, as we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, and doing puzzles, reading books, dancing, and coloring…. and and shopping with her pretend shopping cart.

(Jeans, Booties, Cardigan, Harper’s Booties, Harper’s Cardigan)


Weekend Recap || Paying It Forward + A Few Sale Favorites

(Just waiting for the fall temps to accompany all these fall decorations…)

 Since the tragedy in Las Vegas, TJ and I have had several conversations about the ways we want to try and change the world Harper will grow up in. While there were some very obvious ways that we chatted about, one way that kept coming up was the idea of “paying it forward….”

When I graduated from college, part of the closing comments was a quote from Desmond TuTu which read, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Since, those words have always been with me. I used it as the theme for my graduate school application essay, and have always felt that doing a random act of kindness here and there goes a long way….

TJ shared with me that he had actually started doing it throughout the week… small gestures, such as paying for the person after him in the Starbuck’s drive through… and putting a few extra dollars on a gift card at a coffee shop and leaving it for the barista to use for the next few customers. I’ve had someone do the same for me, and I remember feeling overwhelmed by the small act of kindness. I found myself remembering it throughout the day, and “paying it forward” myself….

I guess I share this because we never really know the magnitude of our actions on an individual, both positive and negative. Those very small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on someone’s life…. and when those add up, hopefully it can make for a softer world for little miss and all her little friends out there. So, as we head into the week ahead, our little family does so with the intent of paying it forward in small ways. Have a good one friends! xx

(A flutter sleeve top to weather the heat wave…)

(Patio goals at a favorite breakfast spot- Juice Served Here)

(Favorite post-spin breakfast…. garden avocado toast… always with a runny egg….)

(Saturday morning spin dates….)

(Harper’s baptism…. she lived up to her firecracker personality during it… you know what I mean if you saw the instastories! my dress, my booties, Harper’s dress)

This weekend ended up being fairly indulgent, with all the celebrations we had, so it’s back to clean eating and working out this week. Tone It Up is starting a 21 day fall challenge, would love to know if any of you are doing it too?? We also had a delicious brunch on Sunday after Harper’s baptism and my mom made this “skinny” pumpkin bread (without the pepitas)… it was seriously so good. Not one piece was left.

I didn’t even realize that today was Columbus Day…. and with that, some pretty good sales! Abercrombie is having 40% off the entire store. A few pieces that I am loving include this long sleeve shirt dress (in the mauve color), short marled cardigan, sleeveless suede dress (obsessed with this style for fall…), puff sleeve sweater, cable sweater dress, and this velvet tee.

LOFT is also having a huge sale and some of my favorites are included like this ribbed grey sweater (size up for it to fit like it does on the model, it runs small), ruffled sleeve sweatshirt, sleeveless coatigan (one of my favorite pieces for fall), and this longline open cardigan in white. 

And one last good sale is at J.Crew… everything is currently 30% off. I’m in love with this graphic sweatshirt, lace-up tunic sweatshirt, and this oversized v-neck sweater (in the rust color… so gorgeous for fall).

Some other favorite items I have my eye on, but that aren’t on sale, include this furry hooded jacket, slouchy pullover, sleeveless turtleneck sweater (great for those transitional fall days), hooded duster cardigan, cable knit pullover (just got it and love it!), gorgeous cabled off the shoulder sweater, and this basic pullover knit (which comes in several color options, I bought in a couple to decide which I like best). Oh, and how gorgeous is this velvet cami?

I also have my eye on a new pair of booties… and this navy pair is at the top of my list.


Favorite Products Of The Month || Healthy Living, Beauty, Fashion

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have something fun planned this weekend… we’re celebrating TJ’s birthday all weekend, with Harper’s baptism on Sunday. Looking forward to the celebrations! I hope you all have a good one with those you love. Today I’m sharing all my favorite products from the past month…. with some favorite pumpkin inspired food picks. Hope you love them as much as I do…….


1. Pumpkin Rx Bar: I’ll admit, some of their flavors are not the best, so I was skeptical when I saw this seasonal option sitting out at Trader Joe’s. Yet, when I opened it for my afternoon snack, it was like biting into a piece of pumpkin bread. I was sold immediately… now, how can I stock up on them so I can enjoy year round??

2. Wild Friends Pumpkin Peanut Butter: Notice a small theme? I stumbled across this jar of goodness when I was at Mother’s Market the other day. Of course, when I got home, I immediately gave it a taste test. You can most definitely taste the pumpkin…. I think it would be great on a banana as an afternoon snack, in these pumpkin bars, and in this smoothie.

3. Primal Kitchen Green Goddess Dressing: I mentioned this line of dressing in my last favorite products round-up, but since discovered this flavor and I’m obsessed. My favorite way to enjoy it is lightly massaged into a good kale salad. Reminds me of a favorite salad that I order at a health food spot.

4. Krave Beef Jerkey: When I’m craving something different for an afternoon snack, I’ve been reaching for this stuff lately (and really got into it in Hawaii). They have tons of different flavors and they’re a hit with TJ too.


1. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask: My hair has been super brittle and dry lately due to the changes I’ve been working on with it (color-wise) so I knew I needed a heavier conditioner to repair it. This one works. I typically leave it in for about 5 minutes, while I finish in the shower, and then rinse. It leaves my hair incredibly soft and silky, and since I’ve started using it, I’ve noticed that my hair looks, and feels, stronger.

2. ENJOY Shampoo: When I wash my hair, I first use a purple shampoo, and then I follow it up with this one, which I recently started using after a visit to the salon. I love the way it smells, and how soft it leaves my hair.

3. OPI Infinite Shine Nail Laquer: I had been using their color polishes, without the other two steps, for over a year and was happy with how much longer the polish lasted than regular ones. So, I decided to give the entire set a try when I was looking for a new fall hue and have to stay the stuff works pretty well. It consists of a base, color, and then a top coat. The combination definitely lasts longer than a regular set of polish, which I need. They also have some amazing fall shades.

4. Doterra Tea Tree Oil: When we returned from Hawaii, my chin was breaking out and it was recommended that I try some tea tree essential oil (with a charcoal mask). The stuff worked, and the break out subsided within a few days, naturally. Highly recommend to have on hand!


1. Graphic Tee: Having a moment with graphic tees, and this one is in my top 3 (band tee, and this floral one being up there too). I love it lounging around the house, or tossing it on with distressed jeans for a day out. I featured a DIY distressing tutorial for it here.

2. Perforated Bootie: These booties are super comfortable, and I love the perforated details. They’re an easy throw on and go option to wear with jeans, jean shorts (for those of us living in an endless summer), and with a casual dress. They come in several color options, but I own them in the olive color.

3. Duster Cardigan: This length is one of my favorites (you can see how I styled it here, with the tee above). It’s so soft, and comes in several different colors. I can’t wait to layer it with scarves (favorite, and softest, from last year) + beanies when it gets cold enough, but for now, it easily pairs with a simple tank and jeans for a casual day.

4. Velvet Dress/Top: I ended up purchasing this (and I’ve mentioned it a lot on the blog) for TJ’s birthday dinner last night and loved it… I paired it with flat mules, and plan on wearing it later this weekend as a top layer over a tank and shorts. Or, when the temps cool, with OTK boots and an oversized cardigan. It’s a two-for-one if you ask me, and velvet is the texture of the season.

5. Lace-Up Sweater: The grommet detailing on this sweater is perfect for fall… and it’s super comfortable too. I wear it lounging, out and about with jeans or joggers, and traveled home from Hawaii in it. The price is right, and I can’t wait to layer it under a coat and with scarves in the winter.

6. Lace-Up Sweatshirt: If you’re looking for a super soft, post workout, sweatshirt, then this one is for you. It’s perfect to take you from sweat sesh to brunch (like I do on our Saturday morning spin dates)… or simply relax on the couch with a glass of vino and comfy joggers.

7. Velvet Bag: I bought this at the Shopbop sale and wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it. Yet, I ended up wearing it a few days after it arrived and fell in love. Like I said, velvet is the texture of the season, and I love the floral fall colors. You can use it as a clutch, or wear it cross body, and it surprisingly goes with a lot of different outfits (see here).

8. Floral Pants: So, these were sent to me, and I didn’t like them at first and was going to send them back (I only share things I love). Yet, I gave them a try, and ended up really liking them (TJ did too). You can see them styled here. They’re loose and flowy, and the pant style is huge for fall. You can pair them with a pretty chunky knit, or as I did with this moto jacket…. or, be bold and pair it with a band tee.

9. BodyCon Dress: I own this in the grey color (bought it when I was pregnant) and when I saw this color option (terracotta) I was sold. It’s the perfect color for fall. I’ve worn it with a blush cardigan and denim jacket… but it will easily pair with booties and OTK boots when temps cool down.

10. Mesh Crops: My favorite crops by far to workout in…. they hug in all the right places and just feel so good on. They’re also easy to move around in. They aren’t cheap, but very well made… and a good investment if you love working-out.



Wellness Wednesday || Being Present

I initially had a different post scheduled for today. Yet, I felt pulled to write about something different in light of the recent tragedy in Vegas…..

I woke up frustrated Monday morning because I’ve been having issues with my daily newsletter sending out at the regularly scheduled time. So, I laced up my shoes and headed out the door for my typical morning run. When I returned, TJ asked if I’d heard the news about Vegas. I hadn’t yet, so he gave me some of the headline details. I thought to myself, “You can’t be serious. Again?” I immediately turned on the news and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and hearing (we went to bed earlier on Sunday, so this was the first we were both hearing of it). The stories were, at the risk of sounding cliché, heartbreaking… and then to hear about acquaintances who were at the event was even more chilling. I went about my day, impacted, but not yet emotional about what had happened….

Until this morning (or, Tuesday morning). As I played with Harper at the park, and we swung together on the swings, the magnitude of the tragedy sank in…. people’s sons, daughters, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, and grandchildren, taken in an utterly senseless act of violence. Not only that, but the horror and trauma for those injured and/or at the event. I hugged her tighter, and kissed her little curly haired head. It scares me to think about the world I am leaving Harper with…. and I began to wonder how I would address these issues with her as she gets older. Then I remembered this quote I had seen, a couple years back, when the Paris shootings had happened….

“When I was a little boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.'” Mr. Rogers

And while I know my conversations with her won’t stop at that, I hope they can begin with it…. a gentle reminder that there is always more good in the world than evil.

The shooting in Las Vegas certainly put into perspective the trivial frustration I experienced that morning… a minor blog glitch… in relation to what others were waking up to. A reminder that we have to make the most of the time we have with those we love. To disconnect and be more present… which, in all honesty, can be much easier said than done. So, I took some time to reflect today and to find areas where I could improve my ability to “just be” with those that matter the most…..

1. Put away the phone. I know this sounds so basic, but for me, so much of what I do is tied to some avenue of social media. So, I go a step further and utilize stimulus control. If my phone isn’t around, I can’t look at it. That means putting it in another room when TJ and I are relaxing on the couch and during dinner…. leaving it tucked in the bottom of the stroller when Harper and I are at the park (except for the occasional photo when she’s being too cute….). It’s the same thing I do with sweets… if they’re in the house, I’ll eat them… so I simply don’t buy them. If the phone is within an arms distance, I’ll look, so I put it away.

2. Be Intentional. When I wake up in the morning, I always have the best plans to do x, y, + z with Harper… but then life happens. I do know that if I was a little more intentional with saying, “This can wait….” that I would be  be more present. One of my old supervisors was such a wonderful example of this. She always told me that “not everything has to be dealt with immediately,” and I always felt her presence when we were meeting together. I guess it boils down to prioritizing and being cognizant when you’re in the moment…

3. Focus On The Now. Simply put. Being present means focusing on the moment. I’m so often thinking about what needs to get done within the next several hours that I miss the moment. I intentionally did this with Harper today, and I can tell you it felt so different than usual. I know it’s not always possible, life happens, but it’s something I want to be much more aware of.

While I know I won’t ever be perfect in all three areas, it’s my hope that by becoming more aware I we be more mindful.


(Outfit Details || Cardigan (black + cream here), Jeans, Top,  Sunglasses)