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With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, it got me thinking about our past “love day” celebrations. TJ + I had our first real date on Valentine’s Day (13 years ago….). We went out to a favorite spot, right on the beach, and had tacos + drinks….. and then there was the weekend 9 years ago, when he proposed. We had a relatively “fancy” V-day celebration that year (obviously). Yet, for the most part, we tend the keep the day relatively low key. Annnd, since becoming parents, have become much more selective as to how we spend our time away from little miss (usually a morning workout and brunch, as opposed to a weekly evening out….). Yet, we still value spending evenings at home fully engaged and present with one another. All that to say, we’ve really worked to hone in and make date nights at home equally as special as date nights out…. and thought we’d share with you the five ways we do so….

1. Make It Fun: Just because you’re at home that doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much fun as when you’re out and about. Decide what you want to do…. cook a meal together in the kitchen… or order out from your favorite spot…. have a movie marathon with sweet treats…. or play some of your favorite games together (we’re huge fans of “Heads Up…”)…. For TJ and I, we love to cook, so deciding on a cuisine and whipping it up together is a great opportunity to bond….. we pick a Pandora station (something along the lines of John Mayer…. Coldplay….) and listen to it on this speaker system (have had it for years, it’s a great investment), grab a bottle of wine, and relax. It can be as elaborate, or mellow, as you like…….

2. Electronics Away: I think one of the reasons why date nights are so important is because it gives you an opportunity to disconnect and focus on each other. Yet, when you’re at home, it’s easy to fall into the everyday temptations to pick up your phone, look something up on your computer, etc…. Put. Them. Away. As in, put them in a different room. Be intentional, and an at home date night can be equally as connecting as getting out of the house.

3. Dress Up: I know, I know, seems kind of counterintuitive to “dress up” when you’re staying in, but it can make such a difference. Think about it, you get all dolled up for an evening out, why not put a little thought into an at home evening too? Pick some cozy loungewear and it’ll feel a little more special. TJ’s loungewear was needing a little pick me up, so he snagged this super soft striped top and lounge pant combo… and loved these slippers (the perfect pair to wear around the house in warmer temps as well). He also got these comfy lounge shorts as we make the transition into spring. Nordstrom has such a great selection of casual, and comfortable, loungewear options for men. A few other favorites include this beige v-neck tee + lounge pants combination, two toned raglan t-shirt, stripe pima cotton tee with this pullover and these black lounge shorts. I picked up this stripe pajama set, and love that the pieces can be mixed and matched with other loungewear I own (and the top can easily be worn with jeans).

4. Special Pieces: I remember when I registered for those “special” entertainment items, people told me I would never have an occasion to use them. Well… I recommend pulling them out for those date nights at home. Special wine glasses (like these rose colored ones), plates, and your favorite candle can all make it feel just a little more special and add to the ambiance.

5. Make It A Little Different: Ok, so if it seems like it will still just feel like a regular old night at home, do something a littler different. Usually hang out on the couch? Take it to the bedroom (not in that way….)…. but, seriously. TJ and I spend most of our weekend nights lounging on the couch, so sometimes when we have an at home date night, we do what we do on vacation…. sip the vino in our room. For some odd reason, it always makes it feel like we’re actually away.

Date nights are all about making effort to spend time with the one you love…. so, if getting out isn’t always an option, put some effort into it at home. I promise you’ll have just as much fun!

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