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I received this question, about two weeks ago….

“Have you ever done a post on how you paired down your clothes to fit your particular style? I have never seen your closet, but I love how all of your clothing seems to follow a particular scheme (in color and style). You favor the same type of look, over and over again, switching up the details a bit. I love how it always looks like “you.” And I’d love to know how you came to your own “style” and how you resist all the other pretty things out there!”

I touched on it in Friday’s Q+A post, but realize that I didn’t fully answer the question. Along with most of my life, my wardrobe drastically shifted when I became pregnant and had little miss. When I was dressing for an ever growing bump, I have to become much more strategic about what I was wearing. I didn’t want to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, that I wouldn’t wear in a couple of months, so I began to shift more towards neutrals, basics, and accessorizing for my daily looks. A basic bodycon dress layered under a utility vest (both items I could wear post pregnancy), or an oversized sweater and leggings for the cooler months…. I learned to repurpose my items, and grew to look at each new piece of clothing differently…. and to ask myself the same basic questions…..

Can I dress it up and down with a few basic accessory swaps?
Can I wear it with several pieces, that I already own, in my closet?
Does the cost per wear match the item? 
(essentially, am I splurging on a super trendy item that I’ll get one season’s worth of wear out of??… or is it a bag, pair of shoes, or denim that I’ll wear over the years….??)

Then, when little miss arrived, getting dressed in a hurry, and being practical and comfortable became necessary. So, when I purged my closet a few months after she was born, I gave away the clothing that didn’t fit the “wear several times” category, and built up from there. I found myself gravitating towards neutral colors, with a casual feel to them…. and knew that if my wardrobe consisted mainly of those pieces, I’d be able to easily weave in “pretty” items… such as a fun red top, glitter kicks, pom pom espadrilles, and a fun graphic print sweatshirt….

I also began to really hone in on what I felt most comfortable wearing… I’ve always been a jeans and a tee kinda gal, so naturally this because the base to work from….. and I invested in some simple accessories, like my favorite pieces of gold jewelry that I can layer with almost anything to “dress” it up a little…. and try to avoid trends that just don’t “feel” like me….

Piece that can get me from point A to B, effortlessly, on a daily basis fill my closet…. and all these pieces featured in today’s post do just that. They fit the 3 questions I always ask myself, and I have already worn each of them multiple ways. The jacket (styled for work) is super cute layered over a ruffled bodysuit with my fav cut-offs… and the tee pairs perfectly with jeans or shorts… under a cardigan or solo. And, of course, I’m wearing my gold accessories that I pretty much wear on the daily…..

So, I guess in a nutshell, I was going for when I purged my closet a couple of years ago, was a laid back, casual, style.

(Outfit Details || Jacket | Tee | Jeans | Slides | Sunglasses | Long Necklace | Beaded Bracelet | Crossover Cuff | Sphere Cuff Bracelet)


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    Thank you for answering this one!

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