Real Life Moments + Blush Coats

So, yesterday was one of those days that starts off great… and then gets progressively worse. You know those?? Harper slept until 8:15am (yassss….. right then I thought I was going to be winning through the day….), we headed to the gym… she played, I enjoyed a good workout…. we came home and lounged around while it rained outside (good excuse to go yet another day without washing my hair… currently going on day 5 #DontJudge….), and then she went down for a nap and I got some work done….. it goes downhill from there….. 

Pretty much from 5pm on the evening became progressively more stressful (TJ was gone for a work function so I was riding solo)…. not sure what got into Harper (she’s probably just acting her age. Literally. You know, #TerribleTwos….) but I had a moment where I looked at her and thought to myself “Where did my little miss go????” She was throwing dog food all over the place…. taking all the pots out of the cabinets…. I stepped on a little train we got her for her birthday…. she didn’t feel like eating (playing with her new “Mimi Mouse” items was more interesting…)… you get the drift…. I decided bath time was going to be 15 minutes earlier, and said a prayer of gratitude when she went to bed…. 

Sitting down to relax, I realized that I couldn’t access my blog site dashboard…. My sister told me it had been up and down all day (I missed the down somehow……). After 45 minutes on the phone with my hosting provider it was determined their server was down and I’d have to wait 24 hours…..

Of course, yesterday didn’t involve anything life threatening or life altering (for that I’m grateful)… just one of those days evenings where you have to pause and take several deep breathes, multiple times, throughout the day. I guess God really let me test my intention for the week  

Anyway… let’s talk winter layering. Since it finally rained today (the first of the season…) it had me thinking all sorts of cozy thoughts. I had a request for some “fresh” winter layering ideas and the first thing that came to mind was “blush.” Wrap yourself up in a cozy blush coat and you’ll look like a breath of fresh air this winter season. I bought this faux fur teddy option before Christmas and love the subtle hue… I wore it with an all black look and mauve colored booties for Christmas Eve service… but dressed it down here for a more “everyday” look…. casually tossed on over my favorite henley thermal (a favorite layering option). If you’re looking for a few great winter layering options I’ve listed some more pink hued coats below (ranging from low to high) as well as some perfect under layers that will take you through spring (if you’re looking that far in advance)…. 

Blush Coats: Lightweight moto jacket, bouclé coat (on sale), single button coat (kinda obsessed), gorgeous faux fur mauve coat (I actually ordered this but had to send it back because it was just way too large on me….), shearling coat, and this trench coat.

Lightweight Bottom Layer: Flared sleeve white topbasic drapey tunicbutton detailing long sleeve top, and this ultralight pullover.

(Outfit Details || Jacket | Thermal | Jeans (identical) | Sneaker (other favorite sneaker brand) | Bag | Long Necklace | Short Necklace | Sunglasses)

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