Wellness Wednesday || Real Ingredient, Dairy Free Hot Coco

When I stopped eating dairy several years ago, I worried how I’d be able to enjoy my regular indulgences in life… frozen yogurt, baked goods, and hot coco around the holiday season. Of course, I came to realize that with simple swaps there is an unnoticeable difference between dairy + non-dairy products (with the exception of yogurt… for sure a difference there which requires a lot of taste testing….) particularly in the beverage department…. I actually prefer the taste of almond milk to milk in my smoothies, beverages, and cereal….

So, when it came to hot coco in the winter time, I turned to my go-to almond milk as a dairy substitute. Over the years we’ve typically used instant hot chocolate (you know, swiss miss… and the likes….), yet have veered away over the last couple seasons in preference for a simple homemade option (which, in all honesty, takes about 5 minutes to make… not much more than the instant stuff…). I like to top mine with some marshmallow fluff (great recipe) or good old marshmallows (non-gmo option) straight from the bag. Annnd, if it’s the evening, and I’m feeling particularly festive, I just might top it with a little Baileys liqueur…..

This season was particularly special since Harper took a liking to the chocolatey goodness…. I mean, I seriously can’t resist that smile and the memories we get to create making hot coco together (of course, thsi typically results in a much bigger mess… but hey, I can handle a mess for that smile….). She’s living the “Hot Coco Life” right…..

Real Ingredient, Dairy Free Hot Coco 

1 cup nut milk (I used almond milk)
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (used that brand, but bought at Sprout’s for much cheaper)
1 package Organic Stevia In The Raw
1 tbsp Dairy Free Chocolate Chips (Whole Foods and Sprouts carries them)
1/8-1/4tsp tsp Vanilla
Peppermint Extract to your liking (I like this especially around the holidays)

Mix all ingredients together in a pot and bring to desired temperature. Makes 1 cup, but is easily multiplied.


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