Mixing + Matching Old Favorites || #MomBrain Moment

Yesterday morning I had a quintessential #MomBrain moment… when too many tabs are open and things just go awry. I headed to Sprout’s (a grocery store with those not familiar…), took my reusable bags out of the trunk, unbuckled Harper from the carseat, and locked the door….

You see, for the past few weeks the car has been alerting me that the car key battery was low. “Tomorrow I’ll change it” I told myself pretty much daily (sound familiar…. remember the iPhone fiasco… I promise I wasn’t like this pre-momlife). Without the battery working in the key, I have to manually lock the door, and locking my keys in the car is a real possibility (with a functioning key the car doors won’t lock if the key was detected inside….).

Immediately after I locked, and shut, the door, I knew what I’d done…. insert that emoji where the gal is hitting the front of her face and that was me. After a call to AAA, and my mom to bring in the reinforcements as I waited, with groceries and a hungry toddler… any further crisis was averted (aka, I swore we were going to have a #toddlermeltdown). I shared on my stories and one person commented about how frustrating the situation is but that “The week can only go up from here.” So true, so true. In those life moments where you just want to insert that face hitting emoji, just remember, “it can only go up from here….”

All of that and I have’t even mentioned this outfit…. all pieces I mixed and matched in an attempt to give you some alternative ideas on how to wear them (if you own them, or similar pieces….). I’ll likely be sitting in stretchy pants come Christmas, but for Christmas Eve, or maybe for about an hour on Christmas Day, I would totally wear this laid back outfit (we’re a pretty casual family…). Comfy boots, an oversized sweatshirt, and a perfectly fitted suede jacket can easily transition into a comfy Christmas lounging outfit with the swap into lounge pants (Honeydew Intimates has great options too) and cozy slipper socks.

(Outfit Details || Jacket (other BLANKNYC jackets) | Sweatshirt c/o (on sale!) | Jeans | Booties | Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace)