Weekend Recap || Finding Joy

(Drinks with a view.. a festive HH with the family…)

Saturday evening (well, more morning depending on what you consider 4am to be….) was a rough one for Harper. Something seemed to be bothering her, yet neither TJ nor I could figure out just what it was…. and so, after an hour or so of restlessness (on Harper’s behalf) I decided I’d finish the night on the couch with Harper sleeping on my chest….. It had been a long time since that happened, and a moment I actually savored (despite being relatively tired….)…..

Then, at church, we were asked the question, “What steals your joy?” That hit home for me. In this season of joyous celebrations and festivities, there are so many easy ways to become distracted by it all. For me, it’s simply comparison. Plain and simple. Not the “I want what they have…” kind of comparison, but more the “Am I doing the best I can…” and being really hard on my own accomplishments kind. Which, if I am being completely honest, has stolen some Joy from me this season….

So, as I sat and thought about the question (well, I didn’t really need to think much, since the answer came to me quickly…..) I realized the evening before was a small blessing and a reminder of where I should be drawing the source of my joy from. Tender moments with little miss…. small moments alone with TJ…. a quick catch up conversation with a friend (or even a small “thinking of you text…”), and celebrations with family…..

All that to say, as we head into this last week before Christmas (not sure how that happened) I do so with the intention of being more aware of my joy “zapping” traps and putting them at bay by focusing on the joy within the 4 walls of my own tiny home. Have a wonderful week friends! xx

(We tried to be festive and head to Disneyland after Harper’s nap…. seriously, so crowded! We rode the train for 10 minutes and headed home. My sweater, flats, scarf (similar), Harper’s sweater, Leggings)

(Saturday morning family run to breakfast….. one of my fav traditions….)

(Cozied up for fireside libations….. and it actually felt like fall (maybe winter) this past weekend…. coat (c/o), henley, leggings, bag)

(Sat here, drank that (well, split it….), and ate that on Saturday evening. Slippers (c/o), blanket, pillow)

(Matching velvet jackets with this little lady for Sunday brunch with the family… my jacket, Harper’s jacket)

We pretty much ate out for every meal this past weekend (which we never do when we are home) so I’m looking forward to getting back to eating at home during the week. I’ll be making this oatmeal bake for Christmas morning, as well as these cinnamon rolls (they’re been a tradition ever since I was a little kid….). It’ll be one big day of carbs… and I’m loving it! #balance

 If you’re looking to give a few last minute gifts, I can’t recommend Gorjana jewelry pieces more. So many of my favorite, everyday pieces, come from her line. Some favorites include this double pendant necklace, drusy stud earrings (so gorgeous), and this beautiful dainty bracelet. Also, a free people scarf or beanie would be perfect too! Oh, my mom got these amazing cable knit slipper socks as a gift yesterday and I thought they were so perfect!… and I bought this furry bag for a family member (who will remain nameless….).

A few items I have my eye (and will be adding to my birthday list…. December 30th…. I get asked for my birthday list a few days before Christmas) include these fluffy pearl slides, lace-up pullover, this rose colored sports bra, and this beaded bracelet (the “splurge” item).

Annnd, loving this fuzzy hooded pullover, super soft joggers (they’re seriously so comfy), henley top (which I ordered a while ago in white….), beautiful slouchy cowl neck sweater, and this fleece hoodie (so perfect with jeans or joggers).