Wellness Wednesday || 4 Ways To Stay Positive

I like to call myself a realist… I see the glass “as is” as opposed to the “half empty/half full” comparison. TJ begs to differ…. but that’s likely because he is one of the most positive people I know. As in, almost everyone I meet asks me (and him), “How is he (you) so positive?” We’ve had so many different conversations about his perspective over the years, and whenever I’m in a negative loop he is always able to offer some piece of advice to help me see things more positively, or at least from a different perspective.

With the end of the year coming, it’s always a time where goals are evaluated, progress is analyzed, and performance decisions are made…. sometimes it’s a time when we look around and feel less than those around us…. someone has prettier holiday decorations…. or, they’re able to do more around the holidays than we can. So, I thought I’d have TJ share a few of the ways he’s able to maintain a positive perspective thorough almost anything (because, he’s actually quite the hypochondriac… we currently don’t allow WebMD in our family anymore….)…..

1.  Life Situations Are Temporary: We were talking about this tonight. I was upset about a few setbacks I was feeling and he mentioned to me that we all have slumps…. some are longer than others… but that they eventually end (maybe not exactly when we’d like them to, but they do). Sometimes they’re a few days, and other times they’re a couple of months… but if you can remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (even if we can’t yet see it) it can give you a little more positivity.

2. Do Something Good For Yourself Every Morning: Part of having a positive outlook is feeling good. So, starting your day with a morning workout is a simple way to make you feel good about yourself… from the fact that you accomplished a task, to the natural release of endorphins. With the temperatures cooling in the morning, TJ has needed to scoop up some new activewear to stay warm on his morning runs. Nordstrom has a great selection of men’s activewear, and is always the first place he heads when looking for new items. He snagged this windbreaker, which is a great layering option as it works in both “warmer” winter temps and the chilly winter mornings…. and this tee is super soft and versatile enough to be worn with jeans and a jacket for an everyday look. The joggers are great for morning runs, our spin date workouts, and evening lounging… and he’s always beenNike fan for his running shoes (I tried to buy him a different brand and he wasn’t having it….)… and goes between this pair (featured) and this black pair. He’s also a huge fan of this hoodie. I’m thinking about getting him this running vest and the matching pants to the windbreaker jacket for Christmas. If the man in your life is in need of some new activewear, those are some great options.

3. Stay In Good Company: They say you become like the five people you spend the most time with….so choose wisely. It’s so true though. At work, you can choose to sit and have lunch with a bunch of complainers, or you can choose to sit with people who may acknowledge the challenges, but still have a positive energy. Energy is contagious. You don’t have to be all rosey eyed, but being able to be optimistic leads to a more positive outlook…. look for those people and surround yourself with them. Those people tend to be the most successful in life as well (just saying….)….

4. Fake It Until You Make: TJ loves to start his conference calls every Monday morning by saying “Monday, it’s the best day of the week!” Deep down does he really feel that way? Not really, but having a little laugh about the fact that Monday actually sucks lightens the mood…. and sometimes, just being able to laugh is the best way to stay positive. Also, ending the day by finding one thing that was good helps to recognize that while a day might not have been the best, there is (typically) always at least one good moment…..

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