Christmas Jammies + A Gift Guide For The Kiddo In Your Life

The holidays have always been a special time. Yet when Harper arrived, there was something a little more magical about them (as cliché as that sounds, it’s so true). To see her face light up with excitement at the “iiiiights” (aka lights) around the house and neighborhoods….. her amazement at the tree (last year she kept trying to eat the flock… this year, she just likes hitting it….), and her excited dancing at the songs… she just makes it a little more special….

All that being said, finding the right gifts for her is something that I get so excited for. Since she can’t tell me what she wants yet (and, honestly, if she could I think it would probably be some pair of shoes….) it’s up to TJ and I to guess what will make her face light up. I look for a few things when I buy something for Harper. My main goal is that it is educational + fun at the same time…. something that promotes her imagination… and a toy that encourages development of skills (I sound like a really fun parent, right??). Nordstrom has a great selection for kiddos, in their Toy Shop, that meets all of those criteria, so naturally I always start there (last year’s guide here)…..

And, before I get into the guide, there is just something about special Christmas pajamas that makes the morning a little more special. Harper loves dancing around in her ornament pair… and watching the slippers bob up and down makes her giggle. A few other options that I love for the little ladies include this green + red onesie, two pack festive set (love the red + white pair!), and this pair with Christmas trees (big girl size). For the little guys, this fitted two piece red, white, and green pair is super cute, as is this snowman pair, and this fleece onesie… oh, and these reindeer slippers are adorable.

1. Plush Toys: I love getting Harper stuffed animals for a couple of reasons. One, they are a source of comfort for her when she is upset or going to bed. Two, she loves to pretend play with them. She tries to give them sips from her sippy cup, and feeds them her blueberries. A few of her favorites include knit ones from Cuddle + Kind (they give back with every purchase, and she loves this mermaid), JellyCat (they are seriously the softest). Her recent favorite is this little kitty, my parent’s bought her this little ostrich, and I am thinking about getting her this life size unicorn. My grandma also got her this deer last year and she still loves it (it’s one of her go-to’s when we’re in the car).

2. Puzzles: These hit both the educational and fine motor category. My favorite puzzles are from Melissa + Doug…. specifically this alphabet one (which has sound), vehicle puzzle, and this mix and match set. I’m also fond of this magnetic fish + match set for fine motor coordination. While this wood shape sorter isn’t a puzzle, it targets a lot of the same skills as a puzzle does.

3. Imaginative Play: One of my favorite things to see is Harper playing on her own and having conversations and laughing… it means her brain is creating stories and she’s able to imagine (an important step in development). That being said, she’s a sponge at watching everything we do…specifically cooking, eating, working out, shopping, and grooming. So, this kitchen is something my parents are looking at getting for her. She loves to vacuum, so this play one is a great gift option. I love this baking set, carpenter set, jungle play + train station (like that it’s elevated off the ground), vanity set, and this teepee play tent (Harper sits in hers and reads…. if she’s not hiding….).

4. Books: One of her favorites are the  “If I Were A….” book series, and this plush book on pet animals is a great option for young ones since the pages can’t be ripped!

5. Musical: Little miss has loved all things music since she was twerking to Michael Jackson at 9 months. All that to say, we quickly bought her a music set, and if your little one loves music too, check out all these options.

Hope this helps in finding the perfect gift for your little kiddo(s)!

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