Weekend Recap || Lowered Expectations + Gifts Under $50

(Friday night cuddles…)

I learned early on in parenthood that in order to enjoy most of the pre-parenthood activities, I simply needed to lower my expectations. I don’t mean that in a negative way, just in a matter of fact, don’t set yourself up for disappointment, kind of way. With that mindset, most of what TJ and I enjoyed before we became parents, is still possible. Traveling (don’t expect to sleep in… or to really relax… consider it an adventure… and be prepared to get into some small arguments on the journey….), lunches with friends (catch up in between side conversations with your toddler explaining why she can’t eat the crayon….), and then, Disneyland……

We decided to take our perspective of “lowering our expectations” to Disneyland over the weekend. Yes, you read that right. We took an almost two year old, to Disneyland, on the weekend, in the middle of the holiday season. We mapped out some of what we wanted to do the night before, but went into knowing we weren’t going on any of the “adult” rides… and that it was mainly for Harper’s enjoyment. We didn’t count on going on any more than 3 rides (lines… toddler patience….), and decided we would take her to see events over rides…. parades, lighting ceremonies, dancers in the streets. We knew it wouldn’t be easy (someone graciously reminded us that California Adventure sells wine… and beer…and cocktails…. and most of those in line were parents…..), but we went for the “experience.” At the end of the day we were exhausted. Yet it was so worth it.

I think we have so many expectations as to how life “should” be…. and often life, or others, just don’t (or can’t) meet those expectations…. so we ultimately feel let down…. frustrated. And while it’s great (and important) to have standards (I mean, don’t lower what your standards are for unhealthy relationships, or situations of that nature….) we have to make sure they are realistic. Which is what I’ve come to learn, over the past couple years, with little miss. When my (and TJ’s) expectations are very reasonable I (we) set us all up for a good time. So, here’s to a week of setting very reasonable expectations! Have a good one friends! xx

(Prepping myself for the following day’s Disney adventures…. thermal joggers, cardigan, slippers)

(Call us brave (or outright crazy…) but we tackled Disney, on a Saturday, in December, with a toddler….)

(Annnnnd then, someone told us California Adventure sells wine, cocktails, and beer…… #DisneyWithAToddler)

(TJ probably carried Harper around the park for 75% if the day…. great arm workout… earned those beers….)

(Small World was her favorite….)

(My intention was to have a cute mommy + me pic with those minnie ears….. Harper refused to wear them… she did wear them for about .5 seconds….(pearl embellished jacket))

(She loved everything….)

(Just a pretty during the day as at night….)

(My favorite… along with the pickles… Disney treats….)

(Little miss’ too……)

(Friday’s chunky knit…. obsessed with wearing it backwards too….)

(Sunday’s comfy sweats + pullover for an afternoon of cookie baking….)

Snuck in this HIIT workout before Disney… and it was a great way to pump myself up for the day (or make myself more tired….. haha). Then we made these cookies (healthy option) and these sugar cookies (which we’ve been making for the past 25 years, on Sunday afternoon. All about that balance.

I was looking for a few small gifts, and came across a lot of cute options, all under $50, that I thought I would share with you….. I love this plush throw blanket (which comes in so many gorgeous colors, and a great price!), and these cozy fleece lined socks look so  comfortable. I own this planner, and think it’s a great, cute, option for your super organized friends! We all have a candle lover in our life too and I’m a huge fan of this Capri Blue one (been using it for years). For the wine + libation lover in your life I think this “Rosé All Day” glass + Rosé coffee table book is a super cute option… and this cactus bottle opener…. and these monogrammed stemless champagne flutes (own and love). For the mom on the go, who wants to look stylish, this velvet fanny pack is seriously perfect. Oh, and this jewelry organizer, paired with these earrings is super cute. Shopbop has great gift option under $50 + under $100.

I am currently loving white mules… and this pair + this pair are on my radar…. and I also found an almost identical pair of dupes for these Chloë booties….. and these leopard heeled booties are the perfect subtle touch.

I am also eyeing this über soft pullover (looks like a teddy bear), and this swiss dot blouse would be beautiful for the holidays (and beyond… like a date night…). A few other items that are super cute include this ruffled back tee (I like the rust color), grommet detailed sweater, floral velvet bodysuit, and this gorgeous textured lace blouse.



  1. Amanda says:

    What size are you wearing in the Soho pullover? Would you mind sharing your height so I have an idea how that sweater would fit on me? Thank you!