Rainy Day Booties

It rained on Monday. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. You see, that’s what happens in So. Cal when it rains. The news vans can be seen all over the streets, talks of mudslides (which, joking aside, are a very real problem…) and flooding abound, and headlines such as “The Biggest Storm Of The Year….” can be seen on every local news station. And while I’d call this rain “storm” more of a heavy mist to light drizzle, it still threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting it, and as I opened to door to head out for my morning run, needed to change plans at the last minute (such problems…..)….

All that to say, the rain in southern California is always welcome, we’re just not always prepared for it. News stations spend weeks preparing us for the event, and then by the time the storm makes it’s way down from Northern California it’s a light drizzle. Yet, when we do get hit, we get hit hard and the question prevails “What am I going to wear in this weather?” Lucky for me, I always hope for the rain and snag items that I know wont make me ask that question. Like rain boots. I even bought these Sorel boots for our time in Park City. TJ politely asked me where I would wear them at home. To which I answered, “I’m saving them for a rainy day.” He couldn’t help but laugh. In all honesty though, who likes wet and cold feet. Not me, love the rain, but love being warm at the same time….. This bootie pair is super comfortable, and I love the lace-up tie in the back. They look like regular booties,until you get up close and see that they’re made out of the rain boot fabric…. Perfect for those “is it really going to rain….” kinda days.

I styled them casually, but if you’re looking to dress them up a little, I recommend these faux leather (or velvet) leggings, a white tunic, and charcoal moto jacket… and just add some favorite gold accessories and you’re ready to go…..

Annnnnd, little miss wasn’t going to be in these photos, but she really wanted to join in, so I welcomed her (rare) willing participation!

(Outfit Details || Leggings | Pullover | Vest | c/o Booties (come in several color options) other favorites are these | Beanie | Sunglasses | Harper’s Vest (the inside part of the jacket) | Harper’s Top | Harper’s Jeggings | Harper’s boots