Weekend Recap || Park City

(After a full day of snow, this sunset was spectacular)

I’ve been looking forward to this trip since we left last year. As a born and raised California native, snow isn’t something we get to experience often… unless we head to our local mountains… and even then it’s hit or miss. So, as I monitored the weather reports the days before the trip, I was utterly ecstatic to see snowfall forecasted for one of the days we were here (I know, I sound crazy to all those on the East Coast and Midwest….). It ended up snowing, heavily the day after we arrived, which afforded us lazy time inside (something that was much needed), some naps, and family coloring time….. the days that followed included much of the same, along with playing in the snow and warming Harper up to the freezing stuff (pun intended)….

And while no trip with a toddler is without challenges (we had a 3am wake-up from little miss and it took and hour and half to get her to fall back asleep… something that rarely happens… or how we hired a photographer to shoot family photos and Harper refused to let us put her down…. and then decided after the shoot that the snow looked fun… ), we have learned to lower our expectations, roll with the punches, and just create memories wherever we can. Which was exactly what this trip was… one big memory for the books… both the good and the bad (which I am sure we will look back on some day and laugh…). So, while we have one last evening left, I intend to soak up every minute with my little family….

Also, I received a few questions regarding a review of the hotel. We stayed here last year as well, and couldn’t recommend it more. It’s very kiddo friendly, and they have a fun s’mores hour, indoor pool, and lots of space to play outside.

(We went cozy for a quick day of travel…. Harper’s tee, Mocs, My Leggings, Henley, Cardigan (other cozy cardigans), Bootie)

(Waiting for the snow storm…..)

(Warming the insides… because it was freeeezing outside….)

(Some of the best food at Harvest Cafe…. the paleo banana bread and avocado smash were our favs…)

(It was all fun and games until she thought she was stuck…. My Jacket, Faux Fur Vest (other great outdoor vests), Beanie, Harper’s Jacket, Harper’s Beanie, Harper’s Booties)

(We seriously couldn’t get over how gorgeous the snow fall was….)

(I immediately put my jacket on after this photo….. henley, beanie (more favorite beanies), scarf (gorgeous comfy scarves))

(S’mores hour…..)

(Bundled up for s’mores hour….. Faux Fur Anorak (other faux fur coats))

(Loved being held by daddy the entire trip! Harper’s Vest, Tee)

(One of the most beautiful views, with smooches from little miss… Pink beanie, Harper’s leggings)

(Chilly beverages on a chilly evening…. totally normal….)

(Cozied up with the boo…. Beanie, Sweater, Vest)

(Sunday comfies…. until little miss wanted to go outside again… joggers, hoodie)

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is a mere 4 days away…. if you’re looking for a delicious, and healthy, stuffing recipe, I’ve been making this one form my family for the past several years. I end up doubling it because everyone always wants seconds. It’s also delicious the day after!

 A few items I purchased recently include this cute ruffle sleeve sweater (obsessed), deep plum chenille sweater, beautiful lace sleeve tee, fuzzy white sweater, and oatmeal colored v-neck peplum top…. love them all for the fall/winter months.

I’ve also had my eye on a few cozy lounge items… like these off duty sweatpants, plaid pajama shorts, and star sweatshirt. Also, my favorite joggers from last year were restocked (I own them in black and the olive color…).

Also, how gorgeous is this rust colored velvet blazer??

I also didn’t anticipate that it was going to be in the high 80’s for us on Thanksgiving day… insert sad face… so I also think this sweatshirt dress is the best of both worlds… cool enough with a slight cozy factor.