Fall Style || Dressing Up Down…. + Listening To Warning Signs

For the past two days I’ve been dealing with iPhone problems…. at first, my phone was just moving real slow…. then the photos I was taking were blurry… then, around dinner, my phone just froze. I acted like a 2 year old and threw a mini tantrum (I’ve been hanging out with little miss too much I guess….) …. and TJ spent about an hour trying to figure out how to fix it. Turns out I needed to do the new software update… the one that makes “I” look like some weird character. So, we did that, and my phone started working again….. No need for any more two year old tantrums….

Oh, but wait. I woke up to my phone reminding me that it hadn’t been backed up in 37 weeks (yes, you read that right, weeks, not days). I thought to myself, “Oh well, it’s working fine now.” Such a responsible thought for someone who depends on technology for their job 90% of the time. Fast forward a few hours. It’s noon. My phone is no longer working. I call Apple “support.” After speaking with a “technician” my phone is permanently in restore mode and no longer working. Annnnd, to make a long story short, I have a new phone, with a restore from 37 weeks ago. Meaning, all photos from February until now are missing. Moral of the story: Heed The Warnings.

I guess that moral goes for everything in life. Warning signs for anything. Fatigue… get some rest… Hunger…. eat… A gut feeling…. listen to it… A relationship that’s toxic… get out…. An odd looking mole… get it checked.  Or, you might end up like my tragic iPhone…. set back entirely too far.

Ok, enough of the sob story. Let’s chat lace… and coziness. Maybe two of my favorite things combined into one sorta dressed up, sorta dressed down look. I’ve had every single piece I’m wearing for a little while now, and decided to blend them all together for a look I’d wear every single day. It’s casual enough to play with little miss (likely an inside activity… not sure how the lace would go over at the park….) and then do something adult-like immediately after.  And these boots, well, they’re a favorite from last year (found them re-stocked at a fraction of the price!) and so comfortable for just about anything.

A few other lace camis that I am currently loving included this deep v bandeau cami (bought it in two colors last year), rust colored silk cami (more on the splurge side, but her camis are like butter), and this lace trim option (that I featured here… such a great price).

(Outfit Details || Jacket (in stock) | Cami (also available in red) | Jeans | Booties (such a great price) | Sunglasses | Long Necklace | Short Necklace | Similar Bag)


  1. Rachel says:

    Shannon, so sorry to hear of your IPhone issues! Nothing worse than tech problems. Did you ever save those photos to the cloud? Or have the iCloud feature turned on in your phone? A very similar thing happened to me earlier this year where i hadn’t restored my phone in months and lost it all. But i was able to get my pictures back by contacting the team via Apple Support app. Worth a shot!!

  2. My phone hasn’t been backed up in 66 weeks to the icloud.. and your post just reminded me that I need to transfer my photos to our home cloud system because it’s been acting funny too. This is what happens though, am I right? There is only so many updates an older version iPhone can handle until the technology isn’t compatible. How annoying is the I with the ?!! Ugh! lol Your booties are fab btw!