Fall Trends || Bright Stripes

I plan on wearing this top tomorrow morning to my bi-weekly MOPS group (Mother’s Of Pre Schoolers), where I will see my mom, and know that she will inevitably (affectionately) say something about my sweater looking straight out of the 70’s… something she used to have in her closet. To which I’ll respond my usual (affectionately), “Now don’t you wish you had kept it?”…..

All that to say, since returning from our trip, I’ve been looking for something different to add to my wardrobe to shake things up a bit. I typically go through this every year (which is one of the reasons I chose a darker hue for my hair)… and maybe it’s the upcoming time change (darker, earlier) or maybe it’s just that it finally feels like fall, but either way I was looking for some change. So, when I stumbled across this brightly striped lightweight sweater I knew it would be the perfect way to shake things up. It immediately reminded me of the old school ski jackets my Papa has hanging in our family cabin in the mountains. Slightly retro, yet fitted and modern enough to be acceptable for the year 2017.  While I’ll most typically wear it styled as is today, with variations here and there, it can also easily be worn with comfy joggers + kicks, or under a jumpsuit dress for a full on retro vibe….

Some other bright stripe options that I’m currently loving include this turtleneck top (which is sitting in my cart for an upcoming Park City trip), oversized stripe sweater, super cute beanie (perfect for a chilly morning walk with Harper), and this terracotta colored sweater.

(Outfit Details || Top, also here (wearing XS) | Jeans (sized up 1) | Jacket | Mules | Sunglasses | Hat | Bag (similar))


  1. Did you cut hem yourself?

  2. Melissa says:

    Did you get a 25?

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Yes, a size 25… there is NO stretch at all. Hope that helps!