My 4 Essentials For A Fun Girl’s Night Out

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a few other moms, and the topic of what we missed of our “pre-baby lives” was broached. I didn’t even need to think about what the answer was for me, as it’s something I have struggled with since becoming a mom. My answer was that I missed the ease with which I could get together with my girlfriends. Before motherhood I was able to easily set up a get together with my gals weekly…. a quick happy hour, a Saturday morning hike, afternoon shopping together, or a couple’s brunch. Now, it’s not as easy. I’ve been trying to plan an overnight getaway with my girlfriend’s from graduate school for 2 months… getting a date on the calendar has proven difficult due to conflicting schedules….

All that to say, when I do get a night out with my favorite gals, I pull out all the stops. Fancy libations, good food, and of course, a killer outfit. Over the years of bachelorette parties, weekends away, wedding weekends, and casual nights out, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are four essentials to a fun girl’s night out!

  1. A Fabulous Outfit:  Probably my favorite part of any girl’s night. I like to pull out the high heels, a fun top, and my favorite “hug you in all the right places” jeans. Yet, in order to feel my best in the clothes I toss on, I know that what I wear underneath them is just as important. I’ve always known that, which is why I always invested in quality undergarments for every “stage” of my body. When I got pregnant, I invested. When I was nursing, I invested. When I finished nursing, and was left with pretty much nothing (not that there was much to begin with…), I treated myself to the prettiest little bralette I’d had my eye on for a few months. All that to say, what I wear underneath impacts the feel and look of what I toss on over them.

When looking for a great undergarment I have a few criteria. First, I go off how it looks. Is it neutral, slightly different (a touch of lace, intricate detailing on the back, etc.), and “age appropriate?” (sorry, I just don’t need to same bra as my grandma needs… sorry grandma!). Then, of course, does it fit well and feel good? No bulging, no hangover from excess skin, can I easily move around (possibly dance the night away…) in it? Then, how does it look under clothing? Are there visible lines? Does it create a bulge anywhere? Annnd, in all honesty, I haven’t used that criteria in over a year… that’s how long it’s been since a purchased a new bra……

So, when it came time to look for a new one I decided to try out b.tempt’d lingerie. It’s a facet of Wacoal, a brand that is synonymous with quality, so I knew I would be getting a well-made bra. I had a large selection of lace bralettes, t-shirt bras, sport bras, and push-ups (I could sure use a little push in that department…) to choose from. I ended up opting for the front close wire bralette (which I’m wearing in these photos) and the spectator t-shirt underwire bra (because, we all need a well fitting bra to go under our basic tees and sweaters….) and couldn’t be happier with either. Versatile for everyday use and perfect to glam up any girl’s night outing. I particularly love the detailing of this bralette, especially when paired underneath a sheer black top…. it’s edgy and sophisticated at the same time (I also love the matching underwear… super comfortable too).

  1. Some Good Music: Always a key ingredient in getting excited for the evening. In my college days, we rocked out to old 80’s classics (“Don’t Stop Believing” comes readily to mind…), and now I like a little combination of everything. There is just something about a good song that can get you in the mood for anything. 
  2. A Festive Libation: While this isn’t necessary, it’s certainly fun. My girlfriends and I prefer something light… say, a glass of rosé or a fun glass of bubbly (or Martinelli’s if you don’t drink… that’s what I did when I was pregnant….). Just a little something to kick off the evening. 
  3. A Plan:Our days of “winging” an evening are long gone. Every minute counts, so we put together a fun plan to maximize the time together. It can be anything from dinner and drinks at a fun + trendy spot… or an evening of cocktails and dancing. Either way though, when you have your best girls by your side, you’re bound to have a great time and make lasting memories…..

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Thank you to b.tempt’d for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. It’s good to plan in order to get a good plan.

    Definitely a fan of strappy bras!