Fall Style || Faux Leather Leggings, Casual Style

About two years ago, when I was a new, sleep deprived mom….. not knowing if I was putting my pants on backwards or forwards… I decided that I needed to find ways to easily “glam up” my relatively basic outfits, without compromising on practicality or comfort. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear, and I needed simple pieces, that were easy to mix and match. That’s when I stumbled across these faux leather leggings. I wavered for a bit… not certain if I felt like squeezing my postpartum body into leather leggings (when I was eight months pregnant, and still trying to fit in my leather leggings, I slit the crotch… so, maybe I was having some slight PTSD…..). Yet, knowing that the best way to conquer any fear is to face it head on, I hit the purchase button on the $30 pair of leather leggings, and waited….

When they arrived, I proceeded with caution (not wanting to repeat my preggo legging fiasco) and was pleasantly surprised. They fit like a dream. They were high waisted and hugged that soft area nicely…. I assumed they’d be a one season wear and that I would purchase another pair the next year. Not so. Here we are, going on season three with these babies. Best $30 Nordstrom purchase I’ve made. Hands down.

So, when I was asked how to style faux leather leggings, both casually and in a more dressed up way, I jumped on the opportunity. I love wearing these leggings for pretty much anything. When I want to wear something other than my tried and true leggings, this is the pair I turn to. Dress them down with comfy kicks, a cozy jacket (hello my new favorite jacket for fall and winter….), and basic white tee… and up with a pair of OTK boots, button up, bell sleeved plaid top, and a suede jacket (#Smokin’). And, if you’re looking for a few other faux leather leggings options, Nordstrom has such a great selection, at varying price points. I know that this pair is supposed to be amazing too….

I’ll be styling them in a dressy way soon!

(Outfit Details || Jacket (comes in 3 colors) also LOVE this one (almost identical) | Leggings (under $30, fit great) | Tee (6 colors, so soft) | Shoes | Sunglasses | Crescent Necklace (similar) | Bag)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.