Wellness Wednesday || My 10 Favorite Organic And/Or Non-GMO Products

When I became pregnant with Harper, I became more concerned about the foods I was putting in my body. Since I was her sole source of nutrition, I took the responsibility serious. And while I was always sure to be eating “clean” before I became pregnant, what I began to watch more was where my food was coming from, was it organic, and was it genetically modified in anyway. It really opened my eye to products, as well as how many have ingredients that aren’t good for our bodies. So, today I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite organic or non-gmo products (because, if I listed them all it would probably take days…..) ranging from my favorite probiotic granola, an on-the-go breakfast option, and some chips meant to be paired with some creamy guacamole! 

I also shared a few recent work-out looks below!

1Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Oatmeal: Our entire family is a fan of the consistency of this oatmeal. Hearty and delicious, it cooks up quickly, especially if you use the oatmeal cups (we used these while we were in Hawaii) which are an easy grab and go option for a quick morning meal. 

2. SafeCatch Tuna: When we were thinking about starting a family, I became increasingly more cognizant of mercury levels in the fish I was consuming. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered SafeCatch tuna. It has the lowest mercury level of any other brand, is non-gmo, and sustainable. Oh yeah, it tastes pretty darn good too.

3. Vital Farms Eggs: I was once told that you could tell the difference between organic, pasture raised, eggs and non-organic, cage raised eggs. I didn’t believe it, until I tried them. The eggs are an orange-y color and have a thickness to them that regular eggs don’t come close too (they also have a harder shell). We’ve been using this brand for several months, and we’re sold. Poach them and toss it on an egg sandwich… so.good.

4. Hilary’s Veggie Burgers: I post about these all the time on my insta-stories. They are, hands down, my favorite veggie burgers ever. I toss them on salads, eat them solo, and Harper loves them too. They come in multiple flavors, as well as in bite sizes too.

5. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray: Another item I started using after I began researching soy-lechtin. This product is free from it and non-gmo. I use it as a non-stick cooking spray, and also spray it on my salads from time to time. It works really well, and adds a great mild taste. While it’s not certified organic, it is chemical, propellant, and emulsifier free, with only avocado oil as the ingredient.

6. Primal Kitchen Salad Dressing: One of my newest loves. I use this on every salad I make. For a while, I was turned off by salad dressings due to all the artificial ingredients, until I stumbled across this line. All of their ingredients are soy free, dairy free, gluten free, non-gmo, and organic when appropriate (which they address on their web-site). Now my salads are full of flavor!

7. Trader Joe’s Organic Carrot + Turmeric Juice: This stuff is so good, and something our entire family sips in the morning (pairs well with the oatmeal-stevia combination above).  It’s lightly sweet, and as TJ puts it “You just feel like you’re sipping health when you’re drinking it.” Enough said.

8. Chocolate Pro-biotic Granola: I could pretty much eat this entire bag in a solo sitting. I top it on my favorite Pressed Juicery freeze, or on my morning oatmeal combination (seen in today’s post). The fact that it is loaded with pro-biotics is an added benefit.

9. Cabo Chips/Tortillas: I could pretty much eat Mexican food every night of the week…. chips + guac… tacos… always my favorite. When we do have a fiesta themed dinner, my go to chips and tortillas come from this line. Their tortillas aren’t cooked when you get them (but cook up quickly) and are so good… I also love making breakfast tacos with them.

10. Yogi Bedtime Tea: When I was pregnant I remember asking my doctor if I could still drink tea. She said in moderation, but to make sure it was organic, since that was the best way to ensure it was safe. It was then that I stumbled across yogi teas, and my most recent love is their bedtime tea. Love the flavor and the relaxation it provides at the end of the day.

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