Weekend Recap || Take A Walk

(Welcoming October….)

After a seemingly never ending week (aren’t they always like that after vacation), the weekend was more than welcomed with a glass of vino…. and after a sleepless Friday night (little miss was teething) we seemed to fall into a groove with our normal Saturday morning spin and breakfast date. We met up with family Saturday evening, and called it an early night, hitting the sheets before 10pm (#GettingOld or #ParentLife??). When we woke up Sunday morning, we had every intention of making it to church, but found ourselves relishing in the rest from a full night sleep and a little miss who was willing to snuggle in bed (she’s usually ready and rearing to go the moment we get her from the crib). After we realized we stayed in our pajamas a little too long, we debated whether or not we wanted to workout. We ended up deciding on a long walk for coffee…..

TJ and I always have some of our best conversations on a walk (and for that matter, some of my best conversations with family and friends too….). It was on the walk back that we started talking a little more about the future direction of our family (namely, where we want to move) and how we want that to look…. how will it match with our values and what we hope for our little family. At the end of the walk, we had a few things figured out, and TJ remarked, “Well, that was a walk well spent….”

Which got me thinking… sometimes all you need is a new environment to gain a new perspective. So, that’s my intention this week. If at any point I feel stuck, feel in a rut, or as if I need a little inspo, I’m going to change my environment… whether that’s working from a coffee shop (as opposed to the table)…. or going to a new park with little miss… sometimes a new environment gives you a new take on life. With that, here’s to a week of welcoming new perspectives… Have a good one friends! xx

(She thinks they’re all balls…. until they get smashed… my jacket, her jacket)

(Back to our spin + avocado toast Saturday morning dates)

(Toss on this casual outfit for a housewarming party for my sister + brother in law… cardigan, cami, jeans, short crescent necklace)

(A little take-out sushi to close out Saturday night….)

(Little miss wasn’t sleeping through the night for the past week… teething we think… so we moved a little slower Sunday after the first full night in several days…. thermal, joggers)

(Morning walk for some caffeine… and to let someone exert a little energy….)

(This comfy ribbed tunic for a few afternoon errands and football….)

It felt good to get back on a regular work-out/eating routine this past week. We made my favorite fall soup last night, and I’m thinking about making this carnitas recipe for Tuesday night… just set it and forget it… my favorite.

Not sure if it’s the new season, or if it’s because October is officially here, but there have been so many great new items in stores lately! I’m obsessed with this gorgeous waffle knit sweater in a terra cotta color, blouson sleeve sweater in the prettiest teal color, rosetta v-neck cardigan (love the rose details), gathered sleeve hoodie (such a great “is it fall or is it summer” item), and this beautiful chenille deep blue lace up sweater.

A few of my favorite items from last year that were recently re-stocked include this super soft fringe scarf, cozy ribbed oversized sweater (white + black), and this lightweight open back pullover (I have in pink).

TJ’s birthday is this Thursday and we’re heading out to a nice dinner, just the two of us. I’ve had my eye on this little velvet dress and I’m thinking it might be perfect for the evening. I mentioned this last week, but I could also wear it unbuttoned, over a white cami and jeans, for a more casual look too. I also love this wrap front sweater, cranberry colored wrap top, as well as this wrap jacket.

Asos also has some super cute, and well priced, items for fall. I love this mauve oversized v-neck sweater, wrap back sweater, blush lounge tie sleeve topoff the shoulder slouchy sweater, and this lattice back chunky cardigan.

We also have Harper’s baptism this coming weekend, and I’m considering this pretty little floral ruffle tiered dress or this floral midi dress, layered with a suede jacket.