Weekend Recap || Hawaii

(Hawaii sunsets are my favorite…)

We arrived home yesterday, in late afternoon, and immediately attempted to settle into our routine…. from quickly unpacking, making a healthy dinner, and preparing for the week ahead… As we settled into the evening, we couldn’t help but reflect on the past few days, and how long ago they seem (I guess that’s what traveling with a toddler will do for you….). TJ worked the first couple days of the trip, so it was just Harper and me… and if you follow along on instagram, you’ll know that I shared some of my thoughts about life with a toddler at this stage, in particular, traveling with them…. at this age, the highs are so good and lows are so bad…. and this trip wasn’t any different. An enjoyable morning walk gone awry when little miss no longer wanted to run after birds, instead having me carry her back the remaining mile (I’m shocked my arms aren’t more toned after this trip!)…. or, when the ever miss independent didn’t want to wear her floaties in the pool, cue toddler tantrum. I remember at one point thinking, “Was this a mistake??” Yet, with all of life, I realized I needed to move with the flow and take the good with the bad… release on the relaxing and “perfect” trip I had envisioned. All that to say, I welcomed the day TJ was done with work (Friday) and we were able to spend time together as a family. 

We started our stay at the Marriott Ocean Club in Ko’Olina, and then moved to The Four Seasons Ko’Olina for the last two nights. I highly recommend both hotels…. both incredibly kid friendly, beautiful accommodations, and located on their own secluded beach coves… perfect for little ones to frolic in the ocean. If you’re staying for an extended amount of time, I love the Marriott because they have full kitchens and BBQ, which cuts down on the need to go out and eat for every meal (saves money, and you can eat a little healthier that way too). If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your boo, I recommend The Four Seasons. Their adult’s only pool in incredibly serene and tranquil… and the sunset from their infinity pool is absolutely epic. 

And while we had our fair share of toddler moments, Hawaii is one of those spots that it’s hard to not enjoy yourself in… (I’ll take a challenging day with little miss in paradise over one at home) there is simply something in the air. It’s easy to make wonderful memories, tire out the toddler in the pool (I think Harper spent a collective 4-5 hours swimming and splashing around….), and you’re never at a loss for activities (from active to lounging…. you’re pretty much covered). I always find myself able to relax a little more in Hawaii, but haven’t quite yet figured out how to bottle up that feeling and bring it home with me. Yet, I guess that’s why vacation is so special… if you had that feeling all the time, vacations wouldn’t hold as much meaning. I hope you all have a great week friends! xx

(Casual for a long day of travel…. joggers, sweatshirt)

(When the first mai tai has you feeling pretty good…. top)

(Evening swims….)

(She was a fish the entire trip…..)

(Vacation life wardrobe…. suit)

(My little sidekick…. Harper’s Romper, similar maxi dress)

(Toes in the sand… mai tai in hand…. thermal)

(Life is short, just dig in….)

(We sipped a little bubbly, and enjoyed these gorgeous views, while little miss napped…. dress)

(We watched the sunset from this point the last two evenings… so beautiful! sweater)

(No shortage of indulging on this trip…..)

(Two peas in a pod….)

(The last night… it’s never easy… but we finally got our family photo! my dress)

(4:30am wake-up call… no make-up and favorite comfies… joggers, sweatshirt)

So… that was an indulgent few days. I’ll be following these meals this week and heading to the store with this grocery list in hand! Time to get back on track.

I wasn’t on my computer much the past week, so when I sat down tonight, I decided to check some of my favorite stores for their new arrivals. So many great options! With it officially being fall (and a heat wave set to hit again… I missed the cold weather) I have my eye on all things cool weather (well, transitional at least). A few favorite I stumbled across include this pretty little lightweight blush bomber, asymmetrical flounce hem sweatshirt dress (super cute with sneakers), holey sweatshirt, tissue knit longline cardigan (in khaki), heartbreaker tee (so cute!), and this cute sweatshirt with celestial embroidery. This white knit, blush knit (love the lengths on both of them), and this short sleeve hoodie are great everyday options too.  I’m also obsessed with this gorgeous oversized chenille stripe pullover , oversized cozy pullover, and this blouson cardigan in blush. If temps ever get cold enough, I’m loving this long knit sweater jacket.

For a date night with TJ, I’m obsessed with this blush velvet shirtdress (which could also be worn open as a top layer for a casual day), sequin top, and this smocked swiss dot top in blush.


  1. Hawaii is so beautiful, loved all the photos! Obsessed with those joggers with the slit knees!!