My Four Rules For Building A Versatile Wardrobe With Marks & Spencer

It’s no secret that I’m keen on versatility in my wardrobe…. I haven’t always been that way… which resulted in loads of one-time-wear pieces being donated after a year or so. It pained me, and always felt like such a waste. So, around the time I became pregnant with Harper, I realized I needed to streamline my wardrobe. Make pieces work for several occasions, even cross seasons (no, a down coat will never work in summer… but, you know what I mean). That being said, I’ve developed a few rules over the last couple of years that have helped me to do so. I in real life apply them like so: When I’m contemplating purchasing a piece of clothing, I ask myself if that item fits the four categories. If it doesn’t, I take a step back and consider whether or not the piece is worth it. Of course, there are some items that don’t match all four categories and I make the purchase anyway (think a dress for a special occassion, or a trendier item that won’t break the bank). Yet, at least it’s a more conscious decision and not so “spur of the moment, had to have that.” So, today I’ve teamed up with Marks & Spencer to share these rules with you, along with some of my favorite versatile items for this fall from their women’s + children collection. 

  1. Neutrals: I typically stick with neutrals when forming my wardrobe. While I love fun prints and brighter colors from time to time, I’ve found that they aren’t as versatile as clothing that remains in the more neutral category. This allows me to easily mix in those fun pieces I also own. So, when I stumbled across these charcoal leggings +  white blouse with black piping, I knew they would easily work in with other pieces in my closet. Wear the top with jeans and this classic trench for a breezy fall day, or as I paired it here with body sculpting leggings (seriously, these are the best) for a day of errands and chasing after your little one. 

2. Classic Shapes: While I love ruffles, asymmetrical cuts, and the oversized fit, classical shapes will always take me across occasions and seasons. This trench is exactly that. The perfect length, a fitted cut, and a neutral color allows it to take me from daytime to evening, “off duty” to “on duty,” with a few simple swaps.

3. Well Made: Let’s face it, if I’m buying something that I want to stick around for a while, I don’t need it falling apart on the first wear…. yet, I also don’t want to break the bank. I’ve found that Marks & Spencer has excellent pieces that are quality at affordable prices… for myself and Harper. I snagged these little shoes for her and she loved running around in them… and these leggings + tee combo stood the test of time while we were running around at the park (which, isn’t easy to do with the way she plays!). When an item is well made, in a classic shape and neutral color you know you’ll have it for a long time (read: no one time wear).

4. Easy To Layer: As I look at building a versatile fall wardrobe, this one is key. With temperatures fluctuating throughout the day, the pieces I purchase need to be able to stand alone and layer under, or over, other items. All the items I’m wearing today can do just that. The trench can easily layer over a thicker sweater, the blouse works under a jacket or sweater, and the leggings easily tuck into over the knee boots.

Oh, and the same goes for my little miss too!

(Outfit Details || My Top | My Jacket | My Leggings | My Shoes | Harper’s Leggings | Harper’s Tee | Harper’s Shoes | Harper’s Cardigan (which she kept taking off…. but it’s really too cute!))

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  1. This look might be a new favorite! Love the trench and that blouse and the shoes! Harper is adorable as always!

    Jen from http://www.styleinshape.com

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you Jen! You can never go wrong with a classic trench, right?!