Casual Living || Sweatshirt Dresses x2

Last night, we were driving home from dinner as a family, and Harper ever so politely (not) let us know that she wasn’t a fan of the music we were listening to. TJ and I couldn’t help but laugh, and sarcastically remark, at Harper’s growing demands for her preferences to be given into…. and even though she is young, it’s so amazing to watch as those preferences reveal themselves…. everything from which song is on the radio (or, I should clarify, which Daniel Tiger song is playing), which sippy cup she drinks out of (her current favorites are these), stuffed animal she sleeps with, and which book we read at bedtime. Those preferences are made known. Loudly….

And, that goes for clothes too. The other day when we were at Nordstrom, little miss immediately gravitated to the display of Native Shoes (it really is quite impressive)…. all the different colors had her in shoe heaven….. and we ended up leaving with this pair, as well as these easy to toss on kicks (can you tell she has a color obsession too??). While she liked the color, I liked their durability to handle her sprinting away from me, as well as the ease with which she walked in them. When she insisted on wearing the converse out of the store, I knew we’d found a winning pair….

And, while we were there, she dragged me to the little tikes clothing department too… and oh my, some of the cutest fall styles. We decided that a little sweatshirt dress, from one of our favorite brands, would be a great transitional piece to have in her closet…. easy to run around in, comfortable, and simple to toss on. A few other pieces that she’s loving right now include this adorable jersey dress, floral leggings, floral shirt dress, bomber jacket, and these are her favorite joggers…. I think it’s safe to say that she is quickly curating a closet that I wouldn’t mind having myself!

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