Weekend Recap || The Comparison Trap

(Prettiest florals on our Sunday morning walk)

We spent this weekend, fairly balanced, with workouts, family time, alone time (my sister babysat little miss while TJ + I snuck away for some early cocktails and dinner), and good food. Yet, something that’s been weighing on me for the past several weeks has been the comparison game. I’m not sure why, but it’s as if I’ve become overwhelmed with feeling “not good enough” when compared to my external world. I wrote a blog post about it, over four years ago, and felt compelled to touch on the issue a little today…

I had a moment, sitting in the car this afternoon, where I had to apologize to TJ for being short and snappy. I had been feeling a little down most of the day (could have been the fact that my period is coming shortly…..) and as I reflected, I realized it was solely due to the comparison trap…. other people’s gorgeous homes, success, trips, kiddos who take photos easily (that one is a little lighter in nature….), etc… you get the drift. I’ve always believed it, but seem to have forgotten it as of late, but, comparison is the thief of all joy. As TJ and I sat there, we chatted about ways to work through this feeling, one that’s so easy to fall into, and came up with a few ways that I thought I would share as we embark on a fresh week ahead…..

1. Make A List Of All That You Are Grateful For: It’s pretty simple, and something I’ve written about a lot… but I have so much to be grateful for…. it’s when I forget those things that I start comparing, and feeling bad.

2. My Own Uniqueness: I recently saw a quote that said, “I didn’t ask you to be her. I asked you to be you.”~ God. Whether you’re religious or not, it pretty much reminds me that I was created to be me, with my own quirks and qualities, not someone else… and that being a first rate version of myself is a heck of a lot better than feeling like a second rate version of another person.

3. Beginning + Middle: So often, I know where I should (or want) to be, that I get ahead of myself and see people where I want to be… and feel bad. I have to remember that my journey is mine… our family journey is our own… and remembering that everyone has a beginning and to not compare it to someone’s middle.

Those three reminders are typically good enough to bring me back to neutral, and to have a more positive outlook. With that, my intention is to remember them, use them, and stay out of the comparison trap this week. Have a good one friends! xx

(Friday comfies, thermal is so soft)

(Saturday morning family run for the weekend favorite: avocado taost)

(Date night! lace top, jeans which I cut)

(Impromptu Sunday morning walk in Balboa)

(Post walk grub…. decisions, decisions)

Towards the end of last week, my body was craving something different from a workout standpoint. So, I did this yoga booty workout, and when I woke up the next day, my body was sore in all new places. Always a good sign of a good workout.

During little miss’ nap this afternoon, I was able to get on-line and look around a bit…. and Abercrombie has some of the cutest pieces right now. I love this oversized v-neck sweater, perforated cardigan, thermal henley tank, basic shirt dress, and this ruffle hem top. Such great basics, that will transitional between seasons. Some other basics that I am also loving include this ruffle cold shoulder top, flare sleeve sweater, bell sleeved sweater, and this super cute cold shoulder sweatshirt (I’m obsessed with it). I’ve also been loving layering this super soft button-up over tanks and cut-offs… such a great transitional outfit. I also love this lace up shift dress… would layer perfectly with a denim or suede jacket (my favorite was just restocked in all colors/sizes) for fall. Also, how cute is this knot back sweater? I own this one too, and love that both can be worn forward too, when paired with high waisted bottoms.

Also, a few favorites that were re-stocked recently include this soft and basic stripe tee (which is under $30), stripe bell sleeve top, and this bell sleeve sweater (a serious favorite, I sized up two).

We have a staycation this weekend in Long Beach, and I plan on bringing along this tunic dress (love the print for fall) and this straw hat (on sale!) for a casual evening sipping cocktails. I plan on brining this floral off the shoulder swimsuit along with this culotte jumpsuit (since temps are supposed to spike this weekend, after some relatively mild summer weather).


  1. I think with Instagram especially, it’s so easy to compare ourselves! Thanks for sharing some great tips!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      So very true! It’s important to remember that instagram is the best of the best!

  2. Love this post — especially “being a first rate version of myself is a heck of a lot better than feeling like a second rate version of another person.” What a great thing to remember!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Aw thank you! I think I head that quote years ago, but it has always stuck with me!

  3. We all fall into this from time to time. And when I do I am the same way. Short and testy. Such wonderful reminders. You and TJ are such a strong and amazing couple and your priorities are in check. Such a great example. Love the quote mentioned above. So good for my daughter as she ventures into the junior high territory. Always love popping over here. And tell your mom she rocked the photos she took of you guys for the post today.