The Slip Dress || Day + Night, It’s Versatile Enough For Any Occassion

I put a lot of thought into the dress I wanted to wear to the last wedding we attended. Originally, I wanted a black dress… then I had a few cute floral options in my shopping cart… then I decided I wanted something simple, not black, and silky. Then, I stumbled across this slip dress. I didn’t know what I was going to wear it with, I just knew that I loved the color and the simplicity. When it arrived, it lived up to my expectations.

I originally purchased these shoes to wear with it, thinking a few berry hues together would be pretty. It looked awful. I then tried these on with it… it looked okay, but just wasn’t the look I was going for. Then, I remembered my wedding shoes from seven and a half years ago (which, of course, are not longer available, but they looked similar to this in style, yet were two toned light gold and silver). They were just the look I was going for. After a few simple dainty gold accessories, the look was complete….

And, after one wear, the dress has been through a lot…. a 2 am pizza binge with grease stains all over it (thank you TJ)… possibly some tequila spilled in there…. and wrinkles I can’t even begin to describe. After a four washes (yes, it took that many) the pizza stains were removed (thanks Mom… yes, I still go to her for advice on that stuff….) and it looked brand new…

So, it was only a logical that I would try to wear it out to a casual, outdoor, happy hour with a girlfriend. With a few simple swaps, it easily transitioned into a casual, rosé sipping, look. Annnd, that’s why I love slip dresses so much. They are simple enough to be dressed up or down… and look great with heeled sandals and flat sandals. Tossing on a denim jacket makes it perfect for a casual brunch, lunch, or happy hour….

Six other slip dresses that I am currently loving include this floral lace slip dress, polka dot number (it’s sort of more maxi, but could work….), basic black option, shorter option in a pretty blue, cute knot front dress (lots of color options), and another neutral polka dot option,.

(Outfit Details || Dress (wearing XS) | Jacket c/o (wearing S) | Sandals | Sunglasses | Tote | Pom | Long Necklace | Short Crescent Necklace)



  1. did you get a size small in the loft striped sweater seen on your instagram?

    Thanks 🙂