Weekend Recap || Letting Loose

(Cute little streets in Cleveland)

I went into this past weekend with good intentions…. plans of going to bed at a reasonable hour, working out, eating as clean as possible… all while still having a great time catching up with friends. My hope was to take advantage of not being on a schedule…. seeing and doing as much as possible in the short amount of time we had…. Yeah, that didn’t happen. At all. All my pre-plans for this trip went out the window the minute we were reunited with old friends we hadn’t seen in years. We stayed out until 2:30am every night, indulged in every way possible (think pizza, cake, cookies, tacos, and sliders…..), and drank more than we should have….

My longest workout was 25 minutes, which I barely pulled myself together for…. and we slept until 11am daily. I boarded the plane utterly exhausted, and slept pretty much the entire way home…..

Yet, I wouldn’t change a minute of it. While I veered way off course of my usual self (didn’t eat the same, stayed up way later than typical, let myself get a little tipsier than I ever do….), sometimes, it’s okay to do that. Healthy even. This weekend reminded me that throwing routine and schedule out the window is necessary from time to time. Do I care to live in that state permanently?? No thank you. Did I have a heck of a time while we were in it? Oh yes. Do I need another weekend like that soon? Again, no thank you. That’s why I lived it up when we were there.

So, as I head into the week ahead, I am grateful for the fun we had over the few days we had away…. and excited to get back into the routine we’re so used to. Have a great week ahead friends! xx

P.S….. my monthly Q&A will be up on Friday. Feel free to send questions by Thursday afternoon!

(A 3:45am wake-up called for an oversized sweater and comfy slides for the long day of travel)

(Thursday night’s rehearsal dinner landed us at a post-party at Punch Bowl… such a fun time! TJ’s top, My romper)

(Woke up craving something healthy to undo the previous evening’s indulgences… think pizza, tacos, cake…. so we headed to Restore Cold Pressed. Such a cute spot, with some of the yummiest smoothies. I got the #1 and added spinach and almond butter….)

(My dapper boo…. we forgot how much fun it was to drink, dance, and stay up waaaay past an acceptable bedtime. My dress)

(We stumbled upon Azure Rooftop Lounge Saturday morning and relaxed there with our friends until it was time for us all to depart and head to the airport…. a great spot if you’re in the area! Black Romper)

(Ending the first leg of our trip home…. gorgeous views of the Vegas Strip.)

As I mentioned above, to say this weekend was indulgent would be a huge understatement. That being said, the refrigerator is stocked with nourishing and healthy food choices and we’re ready to get back on track. I made a batch of these egg muffins, have this ground turkey dish on the menu for one of the evenings, and will be making this smoothie and this one for my afternoon snacks.

I was looking around some new arrivals for some upcoming posts and came across some of the prettiest little blue tops… not sure why, but I was really drawn to this color. I especially love this bell sleeved blue thermal, stripe peplum top, polka dot silk tie tank, stripe button-up, and this stripe one shoulder bow top. All of them are such great options for the end of summer, and such a gorgeous color. I also stumbled across this drapey henley tee, black one shoulder teetie open back tank (just bought it and love it), slit v-neck tee… both great basics for everyday.

And, even though most of the Nordstrom sale focused on fall, there are still so many great warm weather pieces out there, that can easily transition come the fall (or, if you live in CA, you wear them well into October). I love these blush stripe drawstring shorts, which would easily transition with this cozy pullover (featured above in my travel photo). This white embroidered jacket is gorgeous. A few cute dresses for the end of summer include this cute drawstring drop-waist option, tiered ruffle long sleeve dress (which I’m obsessed with), ruffle sleeve t-shirt dress (part of Nordstrom sale), and this blush stripe dress. This sweater tank is also such a cute option for summer and fall.


  1. Courtney says:

    What shoes and bag did you wear with that gorgeous slip dress you wore to the wedding? I’m considering ordering it for an upcoming wedding. Thank you!!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Hi Courtney,

      I actually ended up wearing my wedding shoes (which are 7.5 years old) and a clutch that has since sold out. The shoes were a strappy sandals that had both gold and silver on it, and the clutch was a straw one, with silver stripes and a gold chain. I know that’s probably not much help, but I’d go with a strappy sandal for sure… as I tried it on with a pump and a mule and the sandal looked best.