Weekend Recap || A Renewed Appreciation

(My Friday evening rosé sipping sweatshirt…..)

I had been feeling slightly overwhelmed with a few things as of late, and two different interactions made me stop and reflect. One involved a reader who shared with me a part of her family that touched me deeply. Another involved my evening drive home. My route home every afternoon involves a drive past a cemetery (I promise this isn’t a morbid post). This particular Friday, I couldn’t help but notice three, new, heaping piles of dirt, and a larger than normal gathering of people at grave sites. Needless to say, heading into the weekend, I had a lot of different feelings…

TJ and I hadn’t had a typical Friday evening together in over a month…. so, when the Friday rolled around, we picked up our takeout, opened a bottle of wine, and cozied up on the couch with John Mayer Pandora station playing in the background. As we started chatting, we realized that we both had some of the same thoughts sitting in the forefront of our minds. We both chatted a little about our experiences, and both had the same thoughts when driving by the cemetery (we take the same route home)….

We pretty much chatted about how, so often, we get wrapped up in our own daily lives and struggles, that we forget there are others out there too… with their own struggles, stresses, and losses. That it’s easy to take the blessings in your life for granted, and assume that they will always be there. I was reminded that behind every person is a genuine story. A story that makes them who they are. I was reminded to cherish those I love, and to not take the small things for granted. It was a great way to head into the week, with a renewed appreciation for all that we have been blessed with and given…. and a reminder to take things slower and appreciate life’s moments…..

With that, I hope you all have a great week ahead! xx

(Headed up to Venice, at the end of last week, to check out this gorgeous mural wall! top, mules)

(Saturday morning family run for some of our favorite avocado toast. mesh top, shorts, sneakers)

(Harper was in ball heaven at one of our best friend’s son’s first birthday parties! my top)

(We headed up to Venice + West Hollywood Sunday morning for a little bit of work… and attempted to work in a little pleasure…. with a 20 minute breakfast. I think that’s an all new record for the quickest meal we have consumed with little miss. We eventually finished our beverages outside, where she was free to roam. my dress, TJ’s top)

We have a short week, since we will be leaving for Cleveland late Wednesday evening, but I’m planning on hitting the workout routines pretty hard this week. I’m thinking a few longer runs, and mixing in daily strength training. I did wear my new sneakers for a longer run this past weekend and they were incredibly comfortable. Highly recommend.

I wanted to share a few deals that I found from the weekend with you, since most of them are some of my personal favorites, on sale for great prices. My super soft slouchy pullover (from this post) is currently on sale for $30 (40%). The blush joggers that I love so much were marked down, and this soft striped v-neck pullover and my favorite cargo pants are currently on flash-sale for 60% off. The white dress I am wearing above is also marked down… and it’s such an excellent throw on and go piece… I literally did just that as we raced out the door this morning. I also think this knee length cardigan looks incredibly soft and luxurious, and this bell sleeved fleece top is currently in my shopping cart. I also wore this super soft (clearly, I am obsessed with soft things…) basic black tee Sunday after an afternoon spent at the pool. It’s under $20, comes in multiple colors, and fits amazingly well.

As I mentioned above, TJ and I will be traveling at the end of the week. The dress I decided to bring for the wedding was recently restocked, and it’s such a great price (on sale) and I love the color and simple shape. I plan on wearing it with these low kitten mules (I hope it all comes together, as the shoes arrive tomorrow and I don’t have much time!!) and embroidered bag. For the rehearsal dinner I’m bringing my favorite floral romper (I’m being told there is quite the shindig happening after the dinner….). There is a long day of travel to and from Cleveland (6 hours!!) so I’m planning on wearing these comfy joggers and considering this camo pullover, this ruffle pullover, or this v-neck sweater (currently on sale)… along with my favorite terry cloth black romper with this travel shawl (although, I am obsessed with this pink shawl too). I’ll also be bringing this lace up black top and and this sweater tank for the two afternoons we have to explore.


  1. It’s so good for the soul to reflect on these matters- it’s so easy to just forget that what we have RIGHT now may not be what we have even later today. Gah, makes me want to squeeze my babies just a little tighter!
    Safe travels to Cleveland! I’m born and raised Cleve girl- I hope the wedding and festivities are super fun!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      I couldn’t agree more Jen! And, thank you! Looking forward to celebrating good friends!

  2. Danielle says:

    Great post Shannon!

    I am a born and raised Clevelander myself! Have a great time, it is an awesome city.

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you Danielle! We’re looking forward to it! Most of the time will be spent doing wedding festivities, but we’re hoping to have a little bit of time on Saturday to explore! Any suggestions are appreciated!