Wellness Wednesday || 5 Ways I Stay Motivated

I feel as if I often cycle in and out of periods of motivation…. whether it’s for working out, eating clean, or actually doing my hair… in the same way that we often cycle through life’s ups and downs. I typically recognize that I am in a rut, and often try to tweak a few things here or there to fall back in a rhythm. A question that I’ve been receiving lately is how I keep myself motivated. So today, I thought I’d share the top ways that I keep myself going, when all I feel like doing is stopping (or hitting snooze 800 times)….

1. Re-Evaluate My Reasons: I think this one is always key for me. I often find myself in a rut when I’ve veered too far from the initial reason for starting. In my health and fitness journey, this often happens the most when I become too focused on the outward gains, as opposed to the internal gains. When I remind myself of all the other benefits of working out…. healthy insides, sharp mind, confidence, lower anxiety…. not just to simply look good, I find a new drive and motivation. Sometimes I can easily reflect on this, other times it takes a little journaling and re-evaluating goals.

2. New Work-Out Pieces: When possible, this is always a sure fire way to get me feeling motivated again. There’s something about new leggings, or a cute top, or even super comfy running shoes that motivates me so much. I remember when I was training for my first half marathon. I was mid training and felt my motivation waning. All it took was a new pair of running shoes (and some ultra padded socks) to get me back on track and excited for the next long run. Just this week I was feeling tired and sluggish. So, I pulled out these new favorite blush high waisted capris and super soft blush tank for my morning workout and hit one of my fastest paces ever. I snagged both at the Anniversary sale, and combined they are under $60…. and let me tell you, the leggings hug in all the right places. A few other pieces I purchased included this super cute mauve mesh pullover (a great option with shorts now and leggings in the cooler months), perforated zip-up (great for post-workout mimosa brunch), cozy grey zip-up, and this comfy pullover. I also love these coated leggings (wear them working out or to happy hour), poncho hoodie, distressed racerback tank, and this mauve sports bra. Oh, and these new kicks are like walking on clouds.

3. Try A New Work-Out: This one always works for me… it’s pretty much how I got started doing some of the Tone It Up videos. I remember feeling so un-motivated one morning, so I decided to try one of their free HIIT workouts and I was hooked. Other variations have included adding in a stairs workout, using different equipment such as resistance bands and ankle weights, or running a different path. If those tricks don’t work, sometimes I just do a low-key workout, like a yoga video, to give myself a break and re-center.

4. Try A New Recipe: I love food, but sometimes I get in a rut and feel like I’m eating some of the same things. Slight variations are super easy though. For instance, we’ve been having shrimp Mexican style for the past few weeks, but Monday evening we made it using this coconut curry shrimp recipe and oh.my.gosh we fell in love. Sometimes a new booch flavor, smoothie recipe (my new favorite), or snack bar is enough to spark my zest for clean eating. If you’re looking for a new dinner recipe to pull you out of a food rut, I suggest Skinny Taste and Pinch Of Yum for some delicious and healthy recipes.

5. A New Playlist: I can listen to the same song over and over again…. but when it comes to my workouts, new tunes are one of the best ways to get me re-motivated. I typically have TJ create my playlists because he is way more into music than I am… and he comes up with some pretty good mixes. One of my favorite songs for getting me moving is “8 Mile” by Eminem.

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  1. love these fitness tips! Your workout style is so cute!