Favorite Products June || Food, Beauty, Fashion

One of my favorite posts of the month… all my favorite products! There were a lot of new favorites this past month, and I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do. Would love to know if you end up trying any of them out and what your thoughts are!

Oh, and Happy Friday! We’re heading to Palm Springs this weekend for a little rest and relaxation, and I seriously can’t wait! I hope you all have a great one too!

**Apologies that the cardigan from yesterday’s post was linked incorrectly (and thank you to those who let me know!). It’s been corrected….

Vega Protein Powder: I was using the Vital Proteins Vanilla powder (not the flavorless kind) and it started to give me some stomach problems. So, I recently switched to this powder and I am obsessed. The taste is so good, it doesn’t bother my stomach, and I love tossing it in my new favorite smoothie. It’s a game changer for sure.

Wild Friends Almond Butter: Um, this stuff is delicious. It has the slightest roasted almond flavor and I seriously can’t get enough of it. I love putting it on my protein waffles, in my smoothies, or on a banana as an afternoon snack.

Vita Coco Coconut Water: I’m not a huge fan of coconut water solo, but I bought this brand to mix in my smoothies for the hydrating benefits and am kinda loving the taste it gives them…. for some reason it makes them feel more refreshing than almond milk (which is what I typically use).

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil:  I’ve been using this avocado oil spray non-stop. I spray it on salads and use it when I am sautéing or roasting sweet potatoes (spray on them instead of coat in olive oil). It imparts such a great, mild flavor.

Lentil Pasta: Another one of my favorites for the month. I never thought of lentils as pasta, but it’s seriously so good. We mix it in with our zucchini noodle nights for a little extra (I mix in about 1/2 a cup) and it takes the meal to a completely different level.

La Croix Sparkling Water: I know, what’s the difference between this stuff and any other kind of sparkling water, right? I swear, it’s super refreshing, and it’s flavored naturally (nothing artificial). I’m a huge fan of mixing it with cocktails (as seen in this post) and it comes in so many great flavors.

Coola Suncare BB + Cream: (c/o) I used to wear a tinted moisturizer all the time. Then I stopped (I don’t know why). I recently tried this one, and really like it. I’ve worn it under my regular foundation, solo with some bronzer and blush for a low key make-up day, and solo as my sunscreen under a hat. It leaves a glowing finish, which I tend to be a huge fan of.

Mineral LipLux: (c/o) There is nothing I hate more than chapped or sunburned lips. This stuff adds a hint of natural color, while both protecting and nourishing your lips…. along with being SPF30. I’ve been wearing it several times a week as a neutral lip color. I’m a fan of the Bonfire shade.

Mer-Sea & Co Hand + Foot Balm: I’m obsessed with how luxurious this product feels. I use it on my feet, after intense runs, and it makes them feel so smooth.

Huarache Sandals:  These are quite possibly the best $22 investment I’ve made all summer. They’re padded which makes them really comfortable. I’ve pretty much worn them everyday since I got them (so, the past 7 days). They come in three colors, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Eyelet Top: This top is the best for both a casual and dressed up look. It’s super versatile, and I love it front tucked into my favorite high waisted shorts. The little ruffles and eyelet detailing make it perfectly feminine for summer. It’s also currently on sale!

Distressed Tank: In a complete contrast to the last top mentioned, this one is distressed and oversized. Which I love. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach and pool with little miss, and have been front knotting it and tossing it on over my suit with a pair of shorts. It comes in three colors, and I wear a bralette underneath.

Flutter Skirt: I actually own this skirt in the white and hibiscus colors. It went on sale and I was able to get both for the price of one… all that aside, it’s such a fun skirt for summer. I wore the hibiscus color to a fun event down at the beach with these studded sandals and this tank front knotted. It’s incredibly comfortable, and makes you want to dance (seriously). I can easily dress it up or down with a flat sandal or block heel. I typically buy one to two skirts each summer, and I for sure found a fun keeper.

Outdoor Voices Blush Leggings: These are amazing. They hug in all the right places, and the color is my favorite. I wear them running, hiking, spinning, and when I do my Tone It Up workouts. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I also purchased this sports bra with them and have been wearing it non-stop (with washes in between of course).

Bodysuit: I bought this for a girlfriend’s birthday, but ended up wearing a different outfit. So, I saved it for my sister’s bachelorette party. I only own two bodysuits, but after this one, think I need more. I’ve always been a fan of tucking in my shirt, and this just takes it to the next level. The ruffles make it feminine, and wearing it with high waisted shorts is super cute. For undergarments, I toss on these little petals.

Embroidered Off The Shoulder Top: This was an impulse buy when it was on temporary sale for $30… and I immediately wore it the next day. It’s off the shoulder, not the easiest with little miss, but manageable… and it was just too cute to pass up. The embroidery detail is subtle, and when paired with the stripe print it makes for the perfect summer top. I’m also a huge fan of this gingham off the shoulder top, which is currently $20!

Short Crescent Necklace: I was in Gorjana earlier this week, and picked up a few new accessories and this was one of them. The smaller crescent shape, and shorter necklace, make it a perfect layering piece. I’ve worn it everyday since and layer it with my favorite initial necklace……

Gold Lariat Necklace: annnnd, this is the other piece I snagged. It’s pretty much a three in one necklace. I have the option to wear it long, or cinch it up for a shorter look. The look that is my favorite though is wearing it backwards with the beads in front, sweeping just above the chest (I’ll style it soon, since I know I’m not explaining it well….). Bottom line, when you dress as basic as I do, simple gold accessories (I actually got this one in rose gold) help to make any outfit look pulled together.

Lace-up Sweatshirt: One of my favorite things is dinning al fresco during the summer months. Good conversation, a glass of rosé, and delicious food makes for the quintessential summer evening. Yet, I get chilly, so this lace up sweatshirt is such a great option to keep me warm. It’s slightly oversized, which equates to extreme comfort in my book. It will also (eventually) transition into the cooler months. I’m also slightly obsessed with this graphic sweatshirt…. I mean, I feel as if it is calling my name.

White Ruffle One Shoulder Top: This top comes in so many great color options, but of course, I chose the white. Another dress up or down option…. can be worn casually during the day, or dressed up for an evening out. The one shoulder option is a more functional option than the off the shoulder look, and this one is a fun option for summer!