Wellness Wednesday || 16 Healthy On The Go Snacks…. Annnnd, A Vitamix x Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway!

When Harper was little, staying inside was easy. We’d have story time, a little tummy time, a few songs, a couple of naps…. a thing of the past now that we have a full blown toddler on our hands. Now, I’m lucky to sit down for more than five minutes between the hours of 7:30am-1:30 (when that blessed nap arrives!!). With the beautiful weather that summer is bringing us, and little miss’ never ending abundance of energy, we’ve been planning lots of outside time with trips to the park, beach, and pool. With that comes a big appetite, and the need to plan ahead… from packing up our bags, to preparing all the food.

Given all of this, I was so excited to try out Petunia Pickle Bottom’s new Intermix Collection and Vitamix’s new A2500 Blender. I’ve been huge fans of both for years, and if they could make my life a little easier, I was open to any and all help. The new Vitamix blender allows me to create Harper’s favorite smoothie and acai bowl in multiple batch sizes, in a single round, which allows me a few options: store, serve, or take the blends to go. Its smart technology automatically adjusts to the container size I’ve selected and stops the blender when complete (read: I can walk away and finish something else…. multitasking at its finest!). I’ve essentially been able to create a week’s worth of smoothies and bowls for Harper that I can grab and go when we’re ready! For chic and practical storage, Petunia Pickle Bottom’s new collection is a create-your-own modular system of lightweight, easy to clean (yes please and amen!) bags and pods to help keep me organized and prepared. There are two smaller bags, the cool pixel bag (which is insulated allowing me to store temperature sensitive food) and the midi pixel which stores smaller bites…. I use both regularly and swear by them. I can’t stand being unorganized, and this system helps me prevent that…..

Of course, I have several tried and true snacks I add to these bags that I thought I would share with you today (some require a little beginning of the week meal-prep, some don’t)… just in case you’re looking for some healthy, on-the-go, snack ideas to prevent the hunger meltdown… from both toddler and momma…

Sliced Veggies (bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, zuchinni) with hummus or guac. I devour this and Harper does pretty well with the raw veggies… she mainly licks the guac and hummus off of them and takes small bites here and there….
Chocolate Banana Super Food Smoothie
Protein Waffles Topped With Almond Butter (new favorite almond butter)… I take these for Harper to nibble on all the time
Dairy Free Chia Seed Pudding
Acai Bowl
Dried Cranberries
Dried Mango Slices

Late July Peanut Butter Crackers
Turkey Slices
String Cheese
Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers 
R(x) Bars (chocoloate + blueberry flavors)
100 Calorie Perfect Bars (almond flavor is excellent too)
Fruit Slices: blueberries, raspberries, banana slices, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple
Siggi’s Yogurt (for Haper) Kite Hill (for me)
Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies 

Now for some fun! One reader will have the opportunity to win 1 Vitamix A25000 and The Petunia Pickle Intermix Collection (what you see featured here today!). Just be sure to follow @itsybitsyindulgences, @petuniapicklebottom, and @vitamix over on instagram. I’ll be sharing a photo later today with all the official requirements! Keep your eyes open!! 

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In collaboration with Petunia Pickle Bottom + Vitamix