Father’s Day Gift Guide

Over the course of my career as a Marriage and Family therapist, I saw first hand how important the role of a father is in a family system. I grew up in a home with a strong fatherly presence, and it saddened me when I would speak with clients whose relationships were completely different… from absent fathers to abusive ones… it ultimately made me appreciate my relationship with my dad even more (I think at some level I always took my relationship with my parents for granted… until I grew up and had to become an adult on my own….). Knowing the significance of the role, it was always important to me to find a husband who would be just as present, both physically and emotionally, as my own dad was….

When TJ and I became serious, and talked about marriage and someday a family, there was never a doubt in my mind that he would be a wonderful father. From his silly disposition with younger kiddos (always seems to be able to make them laugh) to his unnatural ability to tolerate the repetitiveness that children love, I knew he’d be a natural. When we found out we were having a daughter, he quickly read through “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” to ensure he would be a fully present dad to Harper. She absolutely loves him, and it melts my heart to see their relationship together…. just as it does to see my dad become a grand-daddy….

Both of these men have a tremendous role in my life, and in Harper’s…. a gift, of course, is not what they expect…. but it’s just a small way that I get to show them my appreciation for all they do for me, Harper, and our family! So, if you have a father, father-figure, and/or a baby-daddy in your life… I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas that they’re sure to love!

Grooming: If you’re guy is into taking care of his skin just as much as you are, then you have to try out the Clarisonic Cleansing System (c/o) for men. It’s designed specifically for men to help them get a closer shave, healthier looking skin, and a cleaner beard (or five o’clock shadow….). It has two different settings and can be customized for each guy. TJ loves his… as well as this eye de-puffer (pretty much obsessed), and this facial moisturizer (both my dad and TJ love this one). When traveling, I this dopp kit is an excellent option… it’s a clean look, with the perfect amount of compartments to keep everything organized.

Tech Lover: If you have a technology obsessed man on your hands, TJ loves these ear buds (blares his rap….), and we love using our BOSE speaker on the weekends. I also think this iPad mini cover is super sleek… and how cool is this handsfree camera??… pretty much the perfect way to ensure the entire family gets in a photo!

Grill Master: Both TJ and my dad love to bbq…. and have a libation while doing so. I love these personalized beer glasses, and both love their sphere ice cube maker (perfect ice cube for those gimlets). As far as actual grilling goes, these individualized meat thermometers are a great option, and this s’mores grilling basket is probably one of the best inventions ever (we do s’mores on the bbq all the time!).

Workout Fanatic: We’re a pretty active family, so it’s always a safe bet that something related to it will be a well received gift. I’m considering buying TJ another pair of his favorite shorts, and this tank for our hikes and spin classes. This is also an excellent half zip for post workout brunch, and TJ loves all classic Adidas so I think this hat would be perfect.

The Stylish Guy: Both TJ and my dad have quite the shoe collection… so I’ve always known that a good pair of shoes would be a great gift. TJ loves these everyday Nike kicks (he owns the grey color seen above), and he wears these sunnies daily. I also bought him this bracelet for our anniversary and he wears it daily.

Other Fun Ideas: Some things I have done in the past include purchasing tickets to a sports game (baseball game or future football game…) or an airline gift certificate for my dad (since he loves going to Hawaii)…. or, this year, a cute little picture framed of TJ with Harper and Harper with my Dad…. or a round of golf…. there are always ways to get creative for those you love!

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