A Four Day Makeup-less Experiment + A Closet Basic Must-Have

I went make-up less for the first four days of the week. TJ headed out of town for work on Sunday morning, and since we do a lot of blog photos during the week, and I knew he wouldn’t be home, we worked overtime the week before and on the weekend. I thought, “Yes, no make-up this week…” Don’t need to touch my hair. I’m going au-natural and stretchy pants all week. I thought I would feel relieved…..

Day 1 was spent by the pool at my parent’s house. No make-up necessary, just some good old sunscreen on my face.  Only a bathing suit required. The quintessential summer uniform.

 Day 2 was pretty nice too. Took a 5 minute shower, put on some moisturizer, ran a brush through my hair, tossed on my leggings and hoodie combo, and out the door we headed. I thought, “I like this, I could get used to this….” When it came time to my evening skin care routine, it didn’t take nearly as long. Another bonus.

On day 3, I was feeling a little blah… thought maybe it was because TJ was gone and I was pretty exhausted from doing double duty. I assumed the no-fuss beauty routine was something that would make getting through the day easier. By the end of the day, I remember chatting with TJ, and feeling sort of negative about myself….. strange, not a feeling I usually have.

Today (so, day 4…. but Wednesday as I write this), I decided I was over the no beauty routine and went through my everyday make-up routine and freshened up my hair. I retired my leggings, pulled out a favorite pair of jeans, distressed tee, and utility jacket (it was June gloom chilly)…. and something shifted. I felt better. Almost immediately. The mere act of pulling myself together, putting effort into myself, lifted my spirits….

I realized that beauty and clothing isn’t vain, it’s an investment in yourself. If it helps you feel put together and fabulous, then it’s something worth putting time into. For me, the simple act of doing my hair, make-up, and putting on actual clothing makes me feel good… just like my morning workouts and eating healthy do. Which is why I’ve gone to great lengths to establish a 5 minute beauty routine (hair tutorial), and have closet basics, and go-to’s, that I can grab for those days when I’m on a time crunch, or just don’t want to put much effort into getting ready….

Between the jeans, tees, sweaters, sweatshirts, cut-offs, and jackets, I have a few simple dresses that I know are sure to be perfect for any occassion. Enter this simple, comfortable, and versatile t-shirt dress. It’s the perfect length for hanging out with Harper (hits just above the knee), but when belted, becomes shorter and a little dressier. I’ve worn it with sneakers and a denim jacket, and as is today for a lunch with my mom. Tee dresses are such an easy grab and go closet staple because it’s the only piece you need… no need to pair a top and bottom together…. literally, toss on, grab a cardigan, and go.

A few other favorites that I am loving include this mauve option, grey ruffle sleeve dress, basic cut-out tunic dress (lots of cute color options), and this knotted grey maxi.

(Outfit Details || Dress (c/o), currently on sale!, black version | Cardigan (identical, same brand) | Sandal | Belt (similar) | Tote (very similar) | Pom | Sunglasses | Necklace)