Little Fringe Top + A Real Life Moment…. The Reality Behind Social Media Photos

Social media is an interesting beast. On the one hand, it keeps people connected, almost seamlessly. Yet, on the other hand, it makes getting caught up in comparison way too easy. So today, I thought I would share with you the crazy evening I had last night….

We live in a condo, and in order to get to our unit, we have to walk through a parking structure. That being said, the goal is to get back to the house in one trip…. regardless of how many bags you have to carry on your arms (I think the record is 10… held by TJ). Tonight, I had a diaper bag, purse, large heavy tote bag, and two grocery bags… along with little miss in my arms (she’ll run the opposite way if I put her down…). As we entered the house, Captain (our spastic labradoodle), jumped up to greet us. Between calming him down, putting Harper on the ground, and still holding the bags, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my upper back. It now hurts to breathe.

As I was cooking dinner, I went to check on the asparagus in the oven. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t grab an oven mitt, and instead opted for a dishtowel. Well, as I was grabbing the oven rack to pull it out, the towel slipped, and I now have a nice branding of the oven rack on my thumb. All Harper could repeat the rest of the evening was “ouuuuch.” Thank goodness that was all I said.

In the midst of soothing the burn… my thumb was immersed in cold milk and I was madly searching for my lavender oil… Harper somehow got ahold of a bag of chia seeds. Yes, they went everywhere…. and Captain wanted a piece of the action too.

TJ was out for the evening, so I was flying solo.

Let’s just say, I’m ready for bed as I type this (since I write all my posts the night before…)….

Yes, I realize that there are situations much worse than the one I just painted. Yet, I guess the point in sharing it was to paint a very #RealLife picture… behind the well curated photos, crap goes down…..

Ok, so, all that aside, I’m still loving fringe as we head into the summer season. It’s a perfect way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit… or a fun addition to an already fabulous piece of clothing. Given all that, this top was made for me. For starters, it’s white (love anything white). It’s soft. It’s practical (since it can also be worn on the shoulders). Annnnd, it can be dressed up and down…. so, it fits my versatility criteria (just toss on some cute heels or wedges…)…. It’ll be on heavy rotation all summer long.

A few other fringe favorites I have my eye on include this summer sleeveless cardigan, black fringe sleeveless knit, white tassel trim tee (such a cute basic), adorable fringe slides, tassel trim embroidered tank, and this fringe canvas tote (so. cute.).

(Outfit Details || Top (c/o) | Jeans | Sandals | HatThumb Ring | Tote | Pom | Sunglasses | Necklace)