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I was recently asked if I felt that off the shoulder tops were manageable with a toddler running around. I took a moment and thought about it. I don’t believe in putting trends aside because I’m a mom…. but I do believe that there are ways to “functionally” incorporate the off the shoulder look into my daily wardrobe. Since I’m not always in mom role, or, because I don’t always feel like wearing a basic tee, I own multiple off the shoulder tops (love the trend). Yet, I do have a few criteria when I purchase them…. or when I choose to wear them. These tips work for anyone who doesn’t want to be pulling up, or down, their off the shoulder top every five minutes…. so, I guess, everyone……

1. Cold Shoulder Option: This is one of the easiest ways to make this trend functional. When there is the option to wear the top as an off the shoulder and cold shoulder top, it makes the trend completely manageable. It’s pretty much a two for one, IMO. I own a few with this option. I wear the cold shoulder when I’m running around with little miss, and opt for the full off the shoulder look when I’m little miss-free. I own this top in white lace (also comes in black and red), and am considering this black off the shoulder top (so many great color options), striped ruffle option, and this striped tassel off the shoulder top (with the best sleeves!) as well.

2. Zip Up: When I was shopping for our last Cabo trip, I stumbled across this stripe off the shoulder top and knew it would be perfect. The zip up option helped it to stay put throughout the day and night (margarita sipping is strenuous….). I was sold on that component for making the trend everyday friendly, so when I saw this pretty white one (seen today) I knew it would be great for the summer months. A couple other zip up options include this gorgeous red lace top and this eyelet crop option.

3. Separation: When there is a separation between the arm hole and the body of the top, it’s much easier to wear on a daily basis. What I’ve found is that traditional off the shoulder tops pull up when you raise your arms… with the separation, an action by the arms doesn’t necessarily impact the body of the top (aka, it stays put). A few favorites are the top featured today and the stripe off the shoulder top I mentioned above.

4. Ask For Help: Annnnd, when I really want to wear an off the shoulder top that doesn’t meet the criteria above, I do so when I know TJ and/or other family members will be around…. or, I simply plan on pulling it down several times throughout the day. Sometimes, function doesn’t matter if you want to look cute….. Which is why I’m obsessed with this pretty lace inset black top.

Hope that helps!

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing size S) | Shorts (excellent length and coverage) | Sandals (come in several colors, run TTS) | Hat | Necklace | Bag | Sunglasses)


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