Weekend Recap || Listening To Your Body

(Peony season has begun….)

These past three days were pretty much everything Memorial Day weekend should be… relaxing, spent by the pool, imbibing in delicious cocktails and wine, making s’mores in the backyard, and spending time with family. It’s funny, when I was younger, I found myself filling up long weekends with so many plans that every minute was filled. Yet, as we went into this weekend, we had zero plans, and no agenda…. which made it almost feel like a getaway. After a busy past few weekends, it was exactly what was needed….

I often find myself having a difficult time doing nothing, yet found myself completely content with it over the past few days. As we headed into the weekend, my body, and mind, were tired. So, I listened to it, and decided to take a break. It reminded me of the importance of listening to the signals your body sends you…. taking mini breaks throughout the day to check-in…. are a couple of deep breaths required? Maybe a few quick stretching moves to release tension…. or a small snack if you’re feeling sluggish. It’s something I used to practice regularly when I worked a 9-5 job… but the regular check-ins seemed to have vanished over the past year. So, as we go into the week ahead, I’m recommitting myself to small, mid-day, check-ins to take care of myself. Hope you’ll do the same! Have a great week friends! xx

A big thank you to those who serve our country, as well. Without them, so many of the freedoms we experience today wouldn’t be possible! 

(Saturday morning family hike in the Laguna Canyon)

(The best part about the end of a hike…. brunch….)

(Pool day with the family || my romper, tote (cheaper option), hat, sandals, Harper’s romper)

(We call this the Troll hairdo)

(Sunday evening rosé situation || glasses, coasters, cheese board)

Kept up with Tone It Up, and a few of our own workouts, over the long weekend…. and threw in a few indulgences along the way. Yet, we pretty much ate these waffles on repeat all weekend… and last week for that matter. I’m also thinking that these halibut tacos need to be on the menu this week… because Taco Tuesday’s are my favorite… and I’m getting a little bored with shrimp.

The sales this past weekend were so good, and I couldn’t help but grab a few items that I knew would be perfect for this summer. I snagged this white ruffle top, tiered stripe tank, and tiered sweater cami (in light blue).

In perusing the on-line sales, I of course stumbled across so many regular priced tops that would be perfect for everyday living, or dressed up for a night out. I particularly love this cute knot front top, faux wrap top in black, adorable lace trim white camisole, stripe bow back tank, super basic white knot front jersey top, and this tie front tank in java. All are great closet staples. This dress could easily be worn during the day with sneakers, the sleeves on this summer sweater are perfect, and I love the fringe detailing on this top. Oh, and this sweatshirt… it’s pretty much my life motto.

A few pieces that I think would be super cute for a fun occassion…. date night, girl’s night out, or a summer brunch…. include this oversized white ruffle sleeve dress (could easily dress up and down….), chambray off the shoulder dress (similar to the top version I own and love), black off the shoulder top with the prettiest lace inset details, and this embroidered bodysuit (loving them right now) with the most gorgeous sleeves (love the black and white colors).

We’re also looking to get a few weekend getaways on the calendar… where we can relax by the pool…. and if you’re looking to do the same, check out this stripe bathing suit, adorable embroidered slide mules (just snagged them), and this mesh hoodie would be an amazing cover-up (this one is similar and love it too)… but could also easily pair with shorts and a bandeau. And check out this gorgeous lace cover-up.


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