Champagne Chatting || Q+A From The Past Month

Happy Friday friends! It’s finally the weekend! Sharing the answers to all the questions from the past few weeks… love communicating with you all, so always feel free to send them over!

We’re heading out to the dessert for my sister and soon to be brother in law’s bachelor/bachelorette weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you Monday! xx

  1. In one of your recent posts you mentioned you are trying to incorporate more protein right after working out. I’m trying to do the same. Do you have any favorite post-workout snacks? 

I have noticed such a difference since incorporating more protein. Since my goal is to be stronger + leaner (not skinny) I did a bunch of research and saw that the average woman should have around 15-23 grams of protein, post workout, to see the best results. That being said, I typically have breakfast right after my workout, so I can easily have some eggs, some bacon, a quinoa bowl, or protein pancakes to get in that that recommended amount. As far as snacks go, I love blending a banana with some almond milk, a little bit of almond butter, and either this protein powder (with collagen) or the OLLY protein shake mix (I also add ice). I also love RX bars (they have 12g of protein), a hard boiled egg, peanut butter (or any nut butter) on celery or a banana, turkey slices wrapped around some string cheese (I don’t eat a lot of dairy… but this is a great option), and cottage cheese (or yogurt) with some pistachios and blueberries is delish too. I hope that helps!

2. What types of hair products and curling iron do you use?

I was hoping to have a hair tutorial up today, but ran out of time! So, it’ll be up next week. In the meantime, I use this purple shampoo (to cut my gold tones), conditioner, leave in spray, oil, and this curling iron. I’ll chat more about each product next week.

3. What would you wear under an open-knit sweater like this one from Madewell? Do you have any other open-knit sweaters on the radar this season?

First of all, that sweater is so cute… and love all the colors. Secondly, under all my open knits I prefer to wear a lace bralette. Since most open knits aren’t super see through, the lace is a nice contrast. My favorites include this one (which I have in 3 colors) and this one. I wear them almost daily.

Open knits are one of my favorite pieces for the spring and summer months. I love sitting outside, on a warm evening with shorts and a comfy knit… with a glass of rosé in hand. That being said, the one I am wearing in the photo above is a favorite (I bought it last year, but it’s back in stock), I wear this one and this one all the time too. A couple other options include this gorgeous v-neck sweater (in my cart….), this longer sweater, as well as this grey option.

4. I am looking for recommendations on restaurants/things to do in San Francisco!  Also, any favorites/must visit wineries in Napa? 

As far as San Francisco goes, I don’t have a ton of recommendations. I do love the Pacific Heights area, particularly Chestnut street. It has a lot of cute restaurants that aren’t touristy at all (I have a girlfriend who lives in the area and I have visited her a few times). If you’re into fitness at all, a run/hike through Lands End will lend you some spectacular views of the Golden Gate bridge. 

I have a lot of favorite spots in the Napa region (#WineLoverHere). If you’re into champagne I recommend Chandon, Mumm, and Domain Carneros (the grounds at all places are gorgeous!). 

For wine tasting Gundlach Bundschu is a great spot to have an outdoor picnic…. as is V Sattui. Scribe winery is gorgeous as well… just make sure to make reservations several weeks in advance. They give you an amazing tasting experience. We like Peju and St. Suprey as well. Boon Fly cafe is a must for breakfast too! Their donut holes are amazing!! 

5. This might seem a little random, but I’m working on editing some of my wedding photos to send in my thank you and I am in LOVE with the way you edit your photos on Instagram. Would you mind sharing with me what you do?

I use a VSCO filter (it’s a photo editing app on the iPhone) and I use A6 90% of the time and S2 the other 10%…. I also sharpen, decrease shadows, and increase clarity in instagram. Hope that helps!

6. Do you have a pair of distressed, ripped denim shorts you love?? I’m 5’7 – 135lb. More of an athletic build I guess…. for a mom! I ordered a pair of rag and bone – cute but a tad too short. I want something cute ( can wear day to day but possibly also summer date nights?) but also practical while running around after my kids at the park?! Ha. Thx!

Distressed denim shorts are so hard to find, especially when you don’t want your bootay hanging out!… I have a few pairs that I really like. I wear these high waisted shorts almost on a daily basis… they are long enough to give me good coverage, have the perfect amount of distressing, and I personally love the high waisted feature. This pair (which I featured here) is a new favorite too… high waisted with a longer inseam.
I also saw these yesterday and I am considering purchasing them as well…. and I own these topshop high waisted distressed shorts too. Not sure how much distressing you’re looking for, but these have a fair amount (I sized up because when I bought the smaller size they were too tight around my thighs). I also have my eyes on these.
7. My husband and I are in the stages of hoping to add a little one to our family! I have been researching extensively (I’m on the verge of being over prepared) and realized that I needed to switch to safe face creams, etc.  However, when it comes to make up I am having a difficult time finding information on which makeup brands/products are safe for pregnancy.  Did you switch your make up products up when you were expecting Little Miss?  I’d love to know and any other pregnancy beauty products you loved!

It sounds like you are SO prepared for this pregnancy journey, that’s so great! As far as beauty routines go, I didn’t switch up my make-up routine. I do know though that Beauty Counter has some all natural beauty products, although I have never used them myself. I wish I could offer up more information regarding my pregnancy beauty routine, but other than switching to TULA (20% off with code shannon20) and Juice Beauty, my make-up remained the same. 

8. Your workout/healthy eating posts are so motivating and I know that in the past you have written about struggling with your baby weight (not that you would know by the look of you…..!!). I am newly pregnant, about 6 weeks, and I am already struggling with feeling bloated, my clothes are fitting snugger, and I have gained a few pounds already. Not comforting but I know it is what needs to happen. How did you manage your weight, diet and workouts while you during pregnant? During the first trimester, did you have any changes to your eating habits? Do you count calories or what is your philosophy on diet/eating? Any advice would help!! I am feeling so overwhelmed with this whole pregnancy thing!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! So exciting!
While I was pregnant, I really listened to my body. In the first trimester, I was really turned off by all fruits and vegetables…. and warm foods were what I craved. So, I ate a lot of soups (I have a favorite lentil soup that I pretty much ate all the time). I also consulted with my doctor and did research as to the right amount of calories my body needed in each trimester (in the first it doesn’t need any extra, second 150 extra a day, and in the third 300 a day) and was mindful to be sure that I ate enough. I didn’t find myself to be increasingly hungry when I was pregnant, so I tried to be mindful to get in my extra calories in healthy ways by adding healthy fats (nut butters and avocado), vegetables, and fruits… or some extra whole grains. My doctor told me I could work out as much as I wanted (but said no bike riding or skiing) as long as I could carry on a conversation. In the first trimester I was exhausted by 2pm everyday, so I made sure to get my workouts completed in the morning. I would jog, lift light weights (I recommend Tracey Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project) and ride the spin bike and elliptical. TJ and I hiked a lot too…. and I even did a few Orange Theory Fitness classes. It was all just being aware as to how much I was exerting myself. The general rule from my doctor was that  I needed to be able to carry on a conversation while I was working out. I worked out until the day I gave birth.
As far as eating now, I am not rigid about the calories I eat, but I do watch portion control. I am the type of person who will eat what is in front of me (my weakness) so I do measure out my foods… but I don’t sit there and add calories on a daily basis (I did before and it was crazy making). Instead I watch my portions and eat real, clean food. I don’t really eat anything processed so that always helps too. As far as indulging goes, I follow something like an 80/20 rule to balance it all out. I try to eat as clean as possible during the week (unless something comes up like a special occassion… because life is meant to be lived) and then on the weekends I allow for some fun indulgences…. maybe a savory breakfast out and some extra wine or a cocktail…. some Justin’s Peanut Butter cups…. things like that… and I often have a little something after dinner too… like a small piece of dark chocolate… not always, but if I crave it, I do. I’ve never cared to be skinny, I’ve always wanted to be toned… so that was my biggest postpartum struggle… getting toned again!

9. Would love suggestions for spring/summer dresses for weddings! 

So many gorgeous options out there for weddings this season. This floral wrap midi dress is so pretty, feminine blush lace dress (such a gorgeous shape), floral off the shoulder dress, smocked off the shoulder dress (in the red print),  beautiful pleated high low dress (the color!!), and this floral off the shoulder maxi dress.

10. Any tips for transitioning to cow’s milk? Our 1yr old is not loving it so far.

My pediatrician recommended that we slowly drop one formula (or breastmilk) feeding at a time for a few weeks. I found she took to cows milk well, so I moved a little quicker with that transition. I did find that she would spit the milk out in the beginning, so I warmed it up slightly (about 20 seconds) and we haven’t had a problem since then. The main issue for Harper was that she didn’t like cold milk. I hope that helps a little!

11. My husband and I are looking into going to Cabo for my 40th birthday in December. Where did you stay? Do you recommend it?

I did a full recap, which you can see here (if you’re interested), but we stayed at Cabo Azul in San Juan Cabo San Lucas (which is actually 40 minutes away from the downtown Cabo area). We actually really love the more mellow nature of this area, as it has the cutest old town area… delicious restaurants too. The hotel is such a great spot, and most of the rooms have full kitchens and are so spacious. 

12. My boyfriend and I (we’re 23) are planning a summer vacation to Southern California.  I have only been to LA and San Diego once, a few years back.  I was hoping you could provide us with some recommendations on where to go / how to plan our trip!  Ideally we would fly into L.A. for a few days and then drive either down to SD or up to Santa Barbara.  Would love to hit some wineries…

So excited for your trip this summer. It’s going to be so fun… and you can’t go wrong wherever you go.
If you’re looking to do some wine tasting, I highly recommend Santa Barbara…. and the wineries up in the Los Olivos/Santa Ynez region (that’s one of my favorite areas in all of CA). You have two options. You can stay in Santa Barbara and take Uber Wine up to the area for the day (I think it’s around $30 an hour), or you can stay at a hotel up in the area (reviews here, here, here).  If you choose to stay in Santa Barbara there are so many fun spots along State Street…. there is also a hotel called The Goodland which is in Goleta (and a quick Uber into town or the beach) and it’s super trendy and cute. Or, there are plenty of hotels in the Santa Barbara area.
If you’re flying into LA, it could be fun to stay a night or two in the area (so many different options, but West Hollywood is a super fun and trendy area…. home to some of my favorite spots… Alfred Tea Shop, Gracias Madre, Au Fudge, The Rooftop bar at The Mondrian or The SLS rooftop bar, Cafe Gratitude, Larchmont Bungalow, The Commissary at The Line….excellent spots to hike as well…. Griffith Observatory being one of them, as well as The Hollywood Hills sign). Some favorite hotels are The SLS, Mondrian, JW Marriott at LA Live (this is out of the West Hollywood area but a very quick Uber… and a great spot), and The Londoner. LA is very expensive though, so I always like to put that out there to people heading to the area…..
If you choose to head down to San Diego, my favorite areas are Del Mar, La Jolla, and Downtown. Downtown has so many fun hotel options and my two favorites are The Pendry and Hotel Solamar (right in the heart of it all). Either direction you choose to head, LA is an excellent middle point. About 2ish hours to Santa Barbara and same to San Diego (all depending on when you choose to drive… LA traffic is pretty bad).

13. I’m in the market for a new diaper bag. I currently have a Fawn Design. Do you have any other suggestions?

I love my Tory Burch diaper bag, and this one is almost identical. I’ve also come to really like backpack options… I own this one and used it while traveling to Cabo…. and I also think this blush one is super cute too. TJ likes using this backpack too.

14. How do you make your cauliflower rice that you post on insta-stories? 

We have cauliflower rice several times a week. I start by heating 2 garlic cloves and a small diced onion in some olive oil on the stove. I then toss in the riced cauliflower (that I purchase from Trader Joe’s) and 3/4 a can of red salsa, along with 2 chopped bell peppers. I mix it all together, place a lid on the skillet, and let it cook for 10-15 minutes. I stir frequently, and taste the consistency. I like to have it soft, but not mushy.

15. I know that you are smaller framed and younger, but I really love your style. This poses a problem because I have an athletic build with a 36 DD bust, and am 5’4″. I am also a bit older at 42. Flowy tops and ruffles can be an issue for me since I’m large busted and don’t want to appear pregnant or clownish… LOL! Also I don’t want shorts that are too short because of my age. I love the romper you have been wearing lately by free people, but is it super short? I also love the ruffled chambray top, but would it go well with a large bust? I am trying to rework my wardrobe a bit, plus I have two sons graduating, and am trying to find great pieces for all events. Any help with the issues above would be so helpful. Thank you. 

Completely understand, and think that when we dress for our bodies, we feel the best, and therefore look the best, because we feel confident! To answer the first question, the romper’s length is adjustable, as it cinches at the waist. I tend to wear it a little on the longer side. The inseam is a 2″ which is on the shorter side though. If you’re wanting something a little longer, I love LOFT. They have such cute shorts, that are sure not to show off your bootay. These denim shorts are super cute, and this cut-off option (similar to the ones I wear) has a 3″ inseam which typically provides good coverage (most of mine are around a 2.5″ inseam). The chambray top I wore in yesterday’s post is an option that I think would look great on a lot of different body types. I also think ruffles with a v-neck, and a longer body (24″ and longer), are great for those who are more well endowed than I am! Some cute options are here, here, and here (these are all on the longer side and have a v-neck). I also love this tunic I wore in this post… you can wear it unbuttoned slightly, is longer, and can be front tucked to provide some shape. I know you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe, so if you want anymore suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me and we can go back and forth on exactly what you are looking for! Hope that helps a little!

16. What are some of your favorite basic tops and tees? 

Basic tops and tanks are my favorite! I wear them all the time… front tucked, knotted in the front, or just over my jeans… they’re great for layering too. I own this tank in white and grey, and love this tank too (it has the perfect amount of stretch). This shell is incredibly soft and I own it in two colors (it’s currently on sale too!), and this stripe tank, and this one too, are favorites as well. Some of my favorite tees include this basic v-neck, super soft oversized tee, and this distressed tee (something to mix it all up!).

17. Any suggestions for what to wear to a graduation? 

I always think a casual dress is a great option for a graduation (at least that’s what I have always worn). A few cute and casual options include this ruffle dress, embroidered cold shoulder dress, ginghman midi dress, printed tiered dress, and this white one shoulder eyelet dress (under $30!!). I recommend pairing with a simple neutral slide or wedge.

18. What are some of your favorite pajamas?

I’m all for comfort when it comes to going to bed at night and lounging around. These joggers and shorts are super comfortable, and I wear this tee to bed all the time. This set is incredibly soft, and these little shorts are the cutest.

Feel free to start e-mailing, or commenting, for next month!