Denim on Denim || Trust Your Gut

Over the years, I’ve tossed on several D.O.D (denim on denim, if you will) combos that were immediately removed. I either looked too much like a cowgirl or as if I was living in the 80’s. Either way, it’s a tricky combo. Yet, it’s one I love. If done right, it looks laid back, casual, and a little classic. And while I’ve come to simply trust my gut with the combo over the years, I’ve also found a few little tricks to making it work.

1. Color: In my personal experience, the more similar the denims, the more you veer into the “no no” category. I like to have a few shades of difference between the denims. Create a little contrast.

2. Material: I’ve also found that when the denim thickness is the same you move a little closer into the “wore it wrong” category. I once tried to pair a light wash denim jacket with a light wash jean. I can’t really say why, but it was just a big no all around. Like, it was back on the floor within seconds….. What I learned from that experience was a thicker denim needs to pair with a softer, or more lightweight, option. Think chambray material with denim jeans.

3. Accessories: There has to be something… otherwise, I feel like I’m heading out to ride a horse (nothing wrong with that… it’s just that I don’t ride horses that often….).

After following these three small rules, I came up with this denim on denim combo. When I spotted this super soft ruffle chambray top, I knew it would pair perfectly with these denim shorts (it’s also super cute with white shorts or jeans… I just wasn’t feeling those that day….). And, since I wore this outfit for a super casual day, I simply tossed on my favorite everyday basics…. a neutral cardigan, comfortable slides, and favorite gold accessories. A few other chambray tops I’m loving right now include this off the shoulder top (it has a cold shoulder option too… a two for one…), this stripe cold shoulder chambray top, bell sleeve off the shoulder option, and smocked chambray top (so cute!!).

Moral of the story? Trust your gut. If the denim on denim looks to circa B-Spears and Justin Timberlake…. you’re probably right. You’ll feel it when it’s good!

P.S. Tomorrow’s blog post is my monthly Q&A…. if you have any questions, looking for recommendations, etc… feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail: shannonpulsifer@gmail.com

(Outfit Details || Tank (under $45) | Shorts | Cardigan (very similar) | Slides | Tote | Pom Poms (back in stock) | Sunglasses | Necklace)


  1. Meredith says:

    What types of hair products and curling iron do you use?

  2. Amanda says:

    Any tips for transitioning to cow’s milk? Our 1yr old is not loving it so far.

  3. Love the outfit!! & completely agree with the three rules!

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