Weekend Recap || Formational Relationship

(Prettiest sunset)

I went into the weekend pretty exhausted. We had a bunch of fun activities planned, and a part of me just wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing. Yet, as Friday evening rolled in, and we settled into our evening routine, I began to get a little more in the spirit….

We ended up having a parent’s night out (which I affectionately termed #ParentsGoneWild) with my girlfriend and her husband on Saturday evening. Margaritas were sipped (I guess I wasn’t as tired of them as a I thought)… tacos were consumed (yes, more)…. rich conversation was had… and it was an evening that lived up to its hashtag (I mean, isn’t getting home at a 11:15pm considered wild at our stage of life???). Needless to say, it was a fun one, with one of my oldest friends….

Which, takes me to Sunday morning where we celebrated Mother’s Day with a gorgeous brunch at my parent’s house, put on by my sister and the guys in our life. As I sat and wrote my mom’s card, I couldn’t help but reflect on what she has taught me about the importance of relationships. Mainly through her selfless examples or unconditional love, acceptance, grace, and a lots of humor along the way. It’s through her that I have learned how to be a mom… as well as a friend to those around me. So, as I think about the beautiful female friendships I have in my life… those women I am lucky enough to go through this journey of motherhood alongside… I feel as if it wouldn’t have been possible without the first, and most important female relationship in my life. That of my mom…. and I can only hope that someday Harper has the same experience I had this afternoon.

So, as I go into the week ahead, I do so with intention of providing to Harper what was provided to me. Hope you all have a great week! xx

(Family hike with this monstrous baby carrier in Laguna…my leggings, tank, cap)

(Post-hike booch and brunch at Babette’s Newport)

(Parent’s night out with friends at Ola’s Mexican Kitchen)

(Mother’s Day brunch…… my top, harper’s shoes)

Going into week 4 of the Tone It Up Bikini series and I am still loving it…. such great variation. I’m actually starting to see some decent muscle definition in my arms. Whipping up these simple egg muffins this morning… and we made my favorite protein pancakes (and tossed in some chocolate chips to make them special) for our Mother’s Day brunch this past weekend. Also thinking about making this chia seed pudding too (TJ loves it!).

This coming weekend is my sister’s Bachelorette party and I’m super excited! Of course, I’m already thinking about what I’ll be packing and know that this ruffle body suit and my favorite high waisted shorts will be top of the list. For the first night out, I’m obsessed with this dress, as well as this similar option (my girlfriend was wearing it this past weekend and it was too cute on her!)….. so, I ordered both and I am going to decide which one I like best. I’m thinking about bringing my favorite black and white off the shoulder top (which I also love in this white lace version… and this one is super similar for under $60!)for a Saturday brunch, and this red one piece (which I initially bought for Cabo) and beautiful straw hat for an afternoon at the pool. Thinking about this embroidered number for the second evening. My sister is bringing along this low back dress and these super cute wrap sandals.

Yet, since most of my time is not spent in fun going out attire, I snagged this ultra cozy, mauve colored, pullover to wear out for errands and just lounging…. and I think this black and white lightweight cardigan looks so comfortable. I also love this flutter sleeve eyelet top (the black and white are my favorite colors) and simple ruffle top and think they’re perfect for spring and summer. I also own these jeans in black, and I’m considering them in the denim wash…. anything high waisted has my name allll over it… and think they would be so cute with this casual linen off the shoulder top. And how adorable is the back of this navy and white stripe tank??


  1. It’s so true that the first friendship we have is with our mothers and I think about that every day with my kids. Also-that navy and white stripe tank is so cute- I wonder how it looks on in real life! And, the paradise maxi dress would be my pick! I hope you Instastory when they arrive!