Loose + Flowy || The Antidote To An Indulgent Weekend……

I really didn’t hold back on our recent trip to Cabo. I was chatting with a girlfriend the other night, and she was asking exactly what I meant by that. I explained the following:

1. Multiple (and I’m not exaggerating here) servings of chips + guac, several times a day….
2. And then there was the ceviche snack (no, the guac and chips were not a part of that snack….)
3. Tacos daily. That was lunch.
4. A full fledge pasta dinner
5. Margaritas (I lost count….)
6. Chocolate cake and ice cream delivered via room service…..

Needless to say, flowy tops were on the agenda for the weekend that followed (I didn’t dare pull out that new bodysuit). I’ve been back on track this week… and feeling better… and while I’ve left those indulgent days for my next vacation, one thing I won’t be leaving behind are loose fitting tops. While I love a fitted option, there is something feminine and romantic about a top that hangs perfectly on the body. They pair with jeans of any sorts (long or short) and are fitting for any occassion. I stumbled across this olive green silky version a few weeks ago and fell in love with the color and material.  A few others I purchased before we left for our trip include this tiered chambray top and this olive green halter top… but I also love this off the shoulder gingham top and embroidered white blouse… (they are all currently 30% off for a limited time….). I also bought this red gauzy top for a girlfriend’s birthday celebration this coming week (nice and loose…..)…. and how perfect is this embroidered maxi dress (currently on sale too)? Talk about perfect coverage! So, if you have a weekend full of indulging… hopefully one of these tops will help with the aftermath (just kidding… sort of….).

(Outfit Details || Top (wearing XS, under currently on sale for $30, two color options) | Jeans | Sandals | Sunglasses | HatNecklace | Tote and here, Pom Pom)


  1. Katie P says:

    I love that you are wearing and featuring Loft! It’s such a great affordable and stylish but modest store!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      I agree! I love a lot of their items and think they are at an excellent price point and very well made!

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