Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I always contemplate whether or not to compile gift guides. Not wanting to fall into the monetary trap that surrounds most holidays, I typically try to focus on the relational and symbolic meanings. Yet, as I got to thinking about it more, The Five Love Languages came to mind. TJ and I have read the book, and discussed our love languages, and mine is “Receiving Gifts” (and the other four as well…. just kidding….). We’ve had numerous conversations over the years as to what exactly this means….. and for me, it’s about the act of thinking about the person receiving the gift, listening to their small cues… taking the time to look for a special gift, and then the excitement of giving it to them…. it’s almost as if the gift says, “I thought about you, and I knew you’d like this….” It can be something small… or something on the larger scale… that’s ultimately up to the giver…

And while my love language is “gifts” so to speak, I also love nothing more than seeking out the perfect gift for those I love most. I always have….. and each year, one of those special people, my mom, insists that she doesn’t want anything… that all of us being together is enough…. and each year, I disregard the statement and get her something anyways (along with being together….). So, this year won’t be any different. In that light, I put together a list of items I’m considering for her, and a list of hints I’ve given to TJ….

1. Straw Tote: I love the idea of placing a larger gift in a cute tote bag. It’s a two for one gift, and an adorable presentation. This one is my all time favorite, but there are so many cute budget friendly options out there as well. I think this market tote (which comes in 3 different sizes) is such a perfect option, as well as this round tote (similar to my favorite one… it’s actually sitting in my shopping cart right now….)…. and this smaller pink and seagrass colored option is adorable.

2. Beauty: I love that the gift of beauty says, “You do so much for us, you should take care of yourself too.” Both my mom and I are huge TULA fans, so of course I would recommend these products as gifts too. They recently launched a new product, which I’ve been using the past couple of weeks. It’s a pH Resurfacing Gel  which helps to clean and restore skin to it’s optimal pH level. This ultimately translates to healthier skin that is less susceptible to bad bacteria and inflammation. It ultimately leads to balanced skin…. which is where we always want to be in life… and as moms. I’ve loved the way it has gently cleansed my skin, and has left a smooth and radiant finish. I’ve shared my other favorite products with you (here), but for ultimate results with this product, adding the purifying cleanser and hydrating moisturizer would make for a wonderfully luxurious gift. If you use code SHANNON20 you’ll get 20% off, making it under $100 for the trifecta. Or, just try out the gel and give your mom a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure along with it!

3. Jewelry:  If I didn’t already have my favorite initial necklace, it would be at the top of my list…. with the initials of those I hold closest. It’s not cheap, but it’s most definitely a piece that can be worn on a daily basis…. my girlfriend also mentioned that she loves the bracelet too. If you’re looking for something fun to wear from time to time I’m loving these earrings (I own them in blush). I also think my favorite gold pendant necklace is a versatile, and ageless, option as well… perfect for yourself or your own mom.

4. Loungewear: I also love the idea of loungewear as a gift… again, another gift that says “pamper yourself.” I personally love this super soft robe (which comes in several color options), these plush flipflop slippers (perfect for warmer temperatures), and this summer nights loungewear set…. the slippers and lounge set would be ideal with her favorite bottle of wine and these cute wine glasses…. just saying!

5. Fitness: My mom and I are both avid runners… and love to be active. We both love these kicks, and I love this workout tank. We’re also huge fans of Zella, so I always know I’m going to pick a winner when I get my mom something from their line…. like these bermuda shorts or this amazingly soft wrap top. For me, personally, I’m loving these high waisted navy leggings (the cutest, subtle, stripe detailing) and this featherweight tank (perfect to toss on post spin). I also think one of these items, along with a package of classes to her favorite fitness class… or favorite smoothie shop… would be a great combination.

6. The Entertainer: My mom loves having people over… and we love going over. As always, a good bottle of wine or champagne, accompanied with a beautiful cheese platter (my mom would love this one, I would opt for this one), cheese knives, and pretty appetizer plates would be a great combination.

7. Just For Fun: Annnnd, if you kind of just want to get your mom something fun, I love these blush ombré slides (featured above) or this knit bell sleeve top (which both my mom and I own… so comfortable).

8. Splurge: Oh, and juuust in case you’re looking to add some splurge worthy gifts to your own personal list, might I recommend this gorgeous panama hat, sunglasses, and this small cross body satchel.


  1. I recently discovered your blog- we have so much in common! Those high waisted workout leggings look amazing!
    happy weekend!

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today

  2. I’ve been follwing you on Insta for awhile and checked out your blog this evening. I just read a few of your post-pregnancy posts which seem like a much read for me today. I recently had baby #2 and feel my heart tugging me to leave my job. Also, the whole eating kale salad when wanting a sandwich- gah, all those feels right now too! I love your style and look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Jen from StyleinShape.com

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      I’m so glad that it resonated with you too! I remember feeling as if I was the only one having those feelings!