Weekend Recap || Evolving Friendships

(Clear skies all weekend)

My definition of friendship has changed over the years. When I was young, a best friend was the person you spent every waking moment with…. after school play dates, weekend sleep overs, and hours on the phone chatting. In high school, it meant passing countless notes back and forth to each other, spending every summer day at the beach together, and sending each other code pages (yes, I’m talking about a pager, not a text message… that’s how old I am….). In college, it meant rowdy nights and reminiscent mornings, seeing each other through heartache, and pulling all nighters together to cram for a mid-term. Now, as I am much older, my definition has changed greatly…

This past weekend, one of my best girlfriends from college was visiting. She and her little family recently moved to the East Coast, so in person visits, and even phone conversations, aren’t as frequent as we’d like (dang time difference). TJ took little miss for the morning, so I headed out, solo, to meet with my girlfriend. Of course, this is the same friend who I saw daily in college, the one that stood by me at my wedding, and the one who couldn’t have been happier for me when I became pregnant. We picked up where we left off… as if time hadn’t passed. Yet, time went quickly, and when we both realized we needed to get back to our families, there was a bit of sadness for me in not knowing when I’d see her next….

You see, what I came to realize this past weekend is that true, lasting, friendship isn’t about seeing, or even talking, to someone daily, or even weekly. It’s about the inherent connection that exists. The fact that you think about them daily and seamlessly pick up where you left off when you get together again. It’s always amazing to me how relationships change and evolve…. and through that process some friendships drift, and still others remain stronger than ever. I consider myself lucky to have a handful of friends who have weathered the ups and downs with me, celebrated in life’s special moments (weddings + births), and have allowed me to just be who I am.

So, as we go into the week ahead, I enter it with the intention of returning my text messages a little sooner (3 days is probably a little long… sorry friends….) or just reaching out and checking in with a friend…. because good friends aren’t always easy to come by…. so, reminding them how special they are to me is important!

Have a good week friends! xx

(Someone knows a good thing when she sees it…. (onesie, jellies))

(New rips + feminine lace for a little Friday happy hour bubble (top, shorts))

(How brunch with a toddler goes….. (Harper’s Outfit))

(A little booch to go)

So, I decided to officially sign up for the Tone It Up Bikini Bikini Challenge… and starting with this workout Monday morning. I also made some of my favorite egg muffins for the week, and we grilled a bunch of chicken on Sunday evening for the week ahead. Sometimes just having those items on hand makes healthy choices much easier. You can read more about Tone It Up here.

I’m super excited for Cabo at the end of this week and headed to the mall this past weekend with TJ + little miss to make a few last minute warm weather purchases. I snagged these raw hem chambray shorts… perfect to travel in and just live the lounge life in when I return. I think it would pair perfectly with my favorite shell tank (currently on major sale) in mauve or oatmeal, as well as this cut out tank in a front knot. I also snagged this adorable white romper and lace tank… perfect for the trip, and after as well. This blue and white stripe tunic is going to be my go-to cover up, and these espadrilles, a favorite from last spring, will be on heavy rotation too. This red pom pom top was initially supposed to be reserved for the trip, but I couldn’t wait and decided to wear it Saturday night for some margarita sipping. A few other items heading into my suitcase include this tiered tank (super feminine), red bathing suit, and this floral embroidered top. I also love this blue and white stripe ruffle tank (super cute with cut-offs) and this matching white lace trim crop top + shorts set.

Annnnd, when the trip is over, and it’s back to everyday life, I’m loving this feminine ruffle sleeve v-back tee in blush (but it comes in so many different color options), this eyelet tank (perfectly pairs with above mentioned chambray shorts), and these high waisted white shorts I’ve also been on the hunt for the perfect summer jogger pant and am going to give these a try. I like the blue color, but there are a few other options as well. I also think these oatmeal colored slides are a great everyday basic, and I love the shape of this lightweight utility jacket… such a great piece for spring and summer. My favorite cold shoulder open knit from last year was just restocked in 3 color options… I wore it all throughout the spring and summer… such a great everyday basic.

A few items I bought for little miss include this adorable smocked romper, embroidered flutter sleeve top, and this adorable hot pink romper.