Champagne Chatting || Q&A Of Frequently Asked Questions

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Happy Friday friends! What. A. Week. TGIF! Today’s post is dedicated to answering your questions from the past three weeks. As always, feel free to send me an e-mail or comment below for the next Q&A round. I hope you all have a great weekend!

1. Are those espadrille platforms comfortable? Like comfortable to walk around San Francisco in?? Have a trip coming up and looking for something comfortable but that doesn’t scream tourist.

These cognac platform espadrilles have been one of my favorite pairs of shoes for the past couple of years (they keep bringing them back year after year). I wear them with and without a thin nylon sock and find them to be very comfortable. Be sure to size up (I’m usually a 6.5 and sized up to a 7).

2. Would you consider doing an update to your everyday makeup routine sometime soon? 

Yes, I am currently working on a video tutorial for next Friday’s blog post (crossing my fingers I get it done). Some recent favorite finds include this volumizing mascara and this eyebrow pencil.

3. I’m always intrigued by women that make career changes and how they adapt.  Would you share the pros and cons?  What do you miss about being a therapist? (there was also a questions about if I was/still am a therapist).

To answer the questions as to if I was/still am a therapist the answer is yes and no. I graduated with my Master’s degree in psychology, completed my 3,000 intern hours, and passed my licensing exam, and practiced as a Marriage + Family Therapist (mainly with the youth population, and their families, at risk for losing placement due to psychiatric hospitalizations, juvenile hall, or the foster care system) for 6 years. About 3 years into this role, I began this blog as a way to blog about balance and the things I love. When I became pregnant with Harper, I began to re-examine my profession…. the impact it had on me personally and how that would ultimately affect my role as a mother. I found myself completely exhausted, mentally + emotionally, after work which worried me as I moved closer to my due date. I had made the decision to go back to work part time after Harper was born. Yet, I was blessed enough that the blog had grown enough and I was able to make a decision to blog full time. So, I am no longer a practicing therapist, but I do still read books in the field, as human behavior still fascinates me…..

I thought very long and hard…. had many discussions with TJ and my family before I made the decision to change careers (you can read about that here). I weighed out the pros and cons… and thought about what I would miss. I felt as if I was fully prepared to make the transition and feel as if I have adapted well. There are a few things I miss though. I miss seeing a bunch of people on a regular basis. Blogging can be very isolating. While I’m an introvert, I do really like people, so I for sure miss that aspect. Another con is that my “work” hours are rather nebulous. I don’t get much done during the day anymore, so I am often working in the very early morning hours (6:30-7:30am), a small chunk in the afternoon (2:30pm-4:30), and then again in the later evening (6:45pm-9:30pm)… and lots on the weekend… not ideal… but the pro is that I get to spend more time with little miss, and I don’t have an official “boss” per say. When I think about it, I don’t miss the work I was doing. It was hard, it was challenging, and I started to get burned out (if I’m being completely honest). I always wanted to help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves… to live well balanced lives… and this is the place where I have chosen to pursue that, and I love it… and feel very lucky. Should there come a time in my life where I feel a calling back into the field then it’s an option I will look into.

4. I am going to a casual baby shower and unfortunately I still have a baby belly. Do you have any dress recommendations? Nothing tight and I do not usually wear tank tops.

I own this one and love it. It’s a really fun, bright color… if it’s too bright, here are a few other color options.  Not sure how you feel about off the shoulder, but this one is really cute (post-baby belly friendly) and comes in a lot of great color options. Also love (and recently purchased) this floral maxi dress… it’s a cold shoulder option too, but tossing on a denim jacket with it makes it super cute. This is a really cute, casual, dress with sleeves and it comes in a few color options too. Very versatile as well. This stripe dress has the cutest sleeves and is super versatile through the spring, summer, and warmer fall days. I also own, and love, this tunic dress (it has long sleeves, but in the warmer months they can be pushed up) as well as this embroidered dress.

5. Any recommendations for a neutral sandal for day and night? Not too high of a heel for this momma! 

So many great options our there this season! As far as a flat slide goes for daytime, I own and love this blush pair (super comfortable… multiple color options), this brown pair (several other color options too), single strap slide sandal, these light rose gold slides, and these velvety knotted slides. As far as the evening goes, I love a block heel…. and think this ankle strappy pair is super cute, personally own and love this studded heel, this tan mule, and this tan block heel sandal with a dainty ankle tie. I also think these woven block heel sandals are gorgeous.

6. What books do you recommend? 

I just finished reading The Singles Game (by the same author as The Devil Wears Prada)… it’s a light read, which was exactly what I was looking for… a little predictable romance…. a good before bedtime option. I also love a good thriller (think Girl On The Train + Gone Girl…) so I ordered All The Missing Girls + Big Little Lies. My mom also read Winter Garden for her book club and loved it… so I’m going to try to read that one too.

7. I love seeing your food posts, I might be wrong, but do you try to eat vegetarian as much as possible? 

I actually really like meat… and my body craves it. I avoided red meat for a very long time… yet, when I was trying to get pregnant with little miss, my acupuncturist had me start eating it a couple times a week. What I do like about a vegetarian/vegan based diet is how much “plant” is included on a daily basis. So, while I eat meat (lots of fish, chicken, and red meat… all organic and hormone free) I try to make the bulk of my meal veggies and fruits.

8. What do you use for style inspiration? You also mentioned you shop on-line a lot. What is your process when choosing things to order? Do you have go to designers? Also, do you have budget friendly ideas to pull off your look for a little less?

For style inspiration, I use magazines and Pinterest to find trends I like and that fit my personal style…. I do most of my shopping on-line because it’s really hard to spend any decent amount of time at the mall with a toddler. When I order items on-line I check the fabric, measurements of the product (and even take out a measuring tape to see where it would hit on my body), as well as reviews, shipping costs (I prefer free shipping + returns… or a return in store option), as well as return policy (some have a 14 day turn around and that’s really hard for me… sometimes an item sits in a box for 3 days before I even try it on). I wrote a whole blog post on how I shop on-line here. My favorite places to shop include Nordstrom, ShopBop, Revolve, Free People, Madewell, LOFTAbercrombie (so many cute options for spring and summer), and Anthropologie. As far as designers go, Free People is always a brand I reach for time and time again… I love the classic pieces from Madewell… and I’ve really been loving the fit of Levi’s jeans. At Nordstrom I really like Halogen, Caslon, ASTR, Chelsea 28, Faithful The Brand, TopShop, and JOA. At the end of the day, brand doesn’t matter… if it fits nicely, and I feel comfortable and confident in it, I buy it.

As far as budget friendly ideas to pull of my looks, please always feel free to send me an e-mail to ask if I can find/know of a similar piece that is less expensive. If I can find one, I will usually always list it next to the original item. Hope that helps!

9. Did you use any types of baby carrier or wrap with little miss? I am looking for something to carry my little guy in but don’t know which way to go. Any tips would help!

Yes! When I discovered a baby carrier I was so so happy! We used a Solly Baby Wrap, as well as a BabyBjorn. I did an entire blog post on them about a year ago.

10. What are some of your favorite nail colors as we get into spring and summer?

I always love neutral nail shades! Since the polish is there for at least a week, I like it to go with everything. Lately, I’ve been getting gel and have been really bad at asking for the name/brand. I’m going in this weekend to get my nails done, so I will put it up in this week’s blog post. My favorite non-gel brand is OPI. I’ve always had great success with their polishes, specifically the bigger brush (less mistakes when I do it myself). My current favorites include Alpine Snow (my favorite white shade), Half Past NudeSteel Waters Run Deep (Infinite Shine Brand… and wearing it on my toes currently), It Never Ends, + You’re Blushing Again. For a fun, brighter pink color, I like Rose Against Time and Down To The Cor-al. I use an OPI top coat, as well as Out The Door quick drying top coat.

11. What sunscreen do you prefer for yourself and Harper? 

For myself I love Sun Bum, and for Cabo I just purchased this Supergoop lip balm since my lips always get so chapped. For Harper I go between Baby Organics + Honest.

12. I am just curious, as I start this blog journey for myself, if you wouldn’t mind sharing who takes your photos?

Tj, my husband, takes my photos 85-90% of the time… the other 10-15% my mom takes! I think it’s important to have someone who you feel 100% comfortable around take your pics. I’ve tried photographers in the past and have never been as satisfied as when I have a family member take them.

13. I would love to know your hair routine, especially how you style it.  Hope you can consider that for a post soon. 

I am working on a video for my daily hair routine and hoping to get it up in May. An old tutorial is available here (not a video)…. but the products I am currently swearing by include this purple shampoo to cut the gold tones, this oil, and this leave in product.

14. How are your lashes doing with the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost?

I am loving the R+F lash boost product. When I first started, I had just removed my fake lashes (which I had for an entire year), so my lashes were seriously non-existent. After the first two months I wasn’t completely satisfied, but figured I was literally starting with nothing, so I would continue another round. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. This stuff had people asking me if I had my fake lashes back. My lashes aren’t as thick as they were with my falsies, but they are for sure longer. I have also started using it on my brows to fill them in…. and it worked wonders. I only have to lightly fill them in now… and before I was needing to do some major work. For the first couple of months the treatment did make my eyes itch though… just an FYI.

15. Have you thought about baby #2? 

We have thought about when, but are not thinking anytime soon. We really want to enjoy our time with Harper, enjoy this part of our lives…. traveling with only one, getting a babysitter for only one, and really just savor our time with Harper while she develops at such a rapid rate.  I’m thinking that when she’s potty trained we’ll start trying for baby number 2… who knows though!

16. I was wondering if you had a car seat that you travel with? 

We travel with the Nuna Pipa (meets FAA regulations)… yet the base is a real beast to travel with. We are currently looking for a convertible carseat and will likely stick with Nuna.

17. What are some of your favorite workout pieces for Spring? 

I’m always wearing leggings when I work out (unless I’m running outside) so I swear by these high waisted leggings, this color blocked pair, and these running crops. I love this crop (wearing it with all my high waisted leggings and considering it in another color) as well as this sports bra (esp in the pink). I just bought this tie front tank, and I really like this mesh tank too (I have two mesh tanks and love working out in them).

18. What kind of bras do you like? I will be done breastfeeding soon and want to treat myself to all new undergarments!

I remember being where you are and I treated myself to this lace bralette. It’s so feminine and I seriously wear it all the time (I’ve become quite deflated in the chest area…..). I also bought a few of these lace bralettes and love them!  I also wear this calvin klein bralette and this free people criss cross one too. As far as an underwire option goes, I have always loved this bra. It’s well made, and I love the feminine details the lace adds… and this option is another one of my favorites too! As far as strapless goes, I personally love this lace bandeau and this underwire option.

19. I have been training for a half-marathon and the race is finally here! I know you have run several half-marathons, so I have a few questions for you… What is your fitness routine the week before? What is your meal plan the week before? How do you balance weight loss and long distance running? I initially intended to train as a goal for myself physically and mentally… but also hoped to lose weight in the process! Unfortunately I have been finding that my appetite has expanded tremendously and I do not feel as I am loosing weight at all. Any tips?

Yay! So excited for you! It’s such a great feeling when you cross the finish line (we celebrated with mimosas after…..)! I haven’t run one in a few years (hoping to run one again this year though…), but as far as I can remember, I didn’t do any long runs the week before. I kept them to a maximum of 6 miles and continued to cross train (spin + yoga) and stretch (so so so important… I had a big back injury after my first half marathon because I didn’t stretch…. probably because I was running towards a mimosa…. kidding…).  The evening before, I ate a regular meal as well (I know a lot of people “carb-load” but I didn’t…. maybe a little more brown rice than usual….). I felt the important meal was breakfast… which was a bowl of oatmeal and a banana to fuel me for the run. It’s what I had always eaten before my training runs, so I didn’t want to mix anything up. I know people tell you the adrenaline will carry you… and it’s actually true.

As far as losing weight, that’s a hard one. You definitely want to make sure you are eating enough to fuel your body… and you want to listen to what your body is telling you. For me, I was just mindful as to what I was eating. If I was hungry in between meals, I’d have a small snack… sliced carrots and hummus… apple slices with almond butter… or a favorite protein bar. I also don’t think I lost any weight while I was training. I don’t know if that’s much help though!