Wellness Wednesday || At Home Work-Out: BBG vs. Tone It Up

I’ve shared a lot about my postpartum fitness journey (here, here, here… and probably tons more)… from finding time to workout…. modifying my workout routine… to the postpartum body struggles… I’ve pretty much been an open book…..

About a month or so ago (give or take a few weeks) I found myself needing something different in my workout routine. For a while, I had been creating my own HIIT workouts… but I hit a wall and was tired of the mental effort it took. So, I turned to Tone It Up. I had started to see some of their treadmill workouts over on Pinterest so I decided to visit their site. After following a few of their free videos, I decided to purchase some of their premium workout programs…. and I became hooked.

TJ had realized I was doing something differently with my workout routines, and inquired. I mentioned the program, and he asked how it compared to BBG… as I started to chat with him about it, I decided to share my thoughts with you today. If you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, in the middle and looking for something different, or an avid fitness buff and looking to supplement with some extra moves, I’m hoping my insights will help you choose the program that’s right for you…. and of course, I’m sharing which one I have a preference for at the end….

1. Workout Winner: Tone It Up || What appealed to me about the BBG workouts were that they were 28 minutes… simple and effective. You would mix in a few 37 minute cardio sessions a few days a week and then a “Challenger” circuit and you were done. Yet, I grew bored with the routines. I felt as if I always knew what to expect…. that there weren’t enough weights incorporated into the program, and that there wasn’t anything very motivating about sitting in front of my computer and moving through each move. So, after one round, I decided to call it quits. I tried to pick it up again, and after 2 weeks remembered why I stopped.

Enter Tone It Up. They lay out your daily work out… and every day it is different. It includes cardio + HIIT + strength training all in one (sometimes you do all 3 in one day) and the videos are of the cutest and most motivating duo doing them alongside you (super encouraging). They incorporate various weights, workout bands, kettle bells, and workout discs (these things, along with workout bands, are major game changers) to create a huge variation in routines… even if you’re doing leg day with the same exercises, incorporating a different piece of equipment makes it feel so different.

While Tone It Up wins in this category, I have to say that I do appreciate that both can be done in the comfort of your own home. Which I think is important (as discussed in my home gym post) since so many people can’t necessarily make it to the gym due to work schedules, child care, and/or financial reasons. These workouts pretty much give a #NoExcuses to working out.

2. Meal Planning Winner: Tone It Up || To be fair, I haven’t tried the meal plans of either program. I had every intention of trying the BBG meal plan, but it seemed a little boring and restrictive (again, slightly repetitive and not enough variation…)… and while I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I am dairy free and there wasn’t a plan to accommodate to just that restriction (although I can always figure it out myself…). The TIU has several different dietary restriction meal plans (and even a “Bridal” meal plan for any of you walking down the aisle soon….) and they appear to be quite exhaustive… which I liked. I do feel like I have a fairly good grasp on portion sizes and appropriate nutrition for clean eating… yet, who knows, maybe I’ll try out the meal plan. I do think it’s great for those wanting a little extra coaching in this area though!

3. Cost Winner: BBG… But It Depends || This one was a little harder to determine… If you’re going to do only one round of BBG (which is 12 weeks) with the meal plan, the cost is around $100. The second round of BBG is increasingly more difficult and challenging… so it’s likely you would want to do more than one round. Tone It Up will be starting a Beach Babe series, which alone is $40, but with a nutrition plan (and other fun goodies) is $199.  TIU also has several different premium videos that you can purchase (they usually come in a pack of 5-8 videos) which range in cost from $25-$40 (I think I’ve purchased all and been incredibly happy with the product). So, while BBG wins, it all depends how much you invest.

4. Developers/Creators Winner: Tie || There is no clear winner here. All of these ladies are amazingly inspirational. Tone It Up was created by two friends… they’re fun to watch and motivational. BBG was created by one fit AF lady and her instagram is equally as inspirational. So, this one probably won’t help you choose…

My overall pick would have to be Tone It Up though. Hands down. While I know both programs have quite a community of committed followers, I find my mind and body responding better to the TIU program with its variations and differing exercises. What I think is most important, is that there is a program for anyone… making it easy to take care of your body by challenging it and moving. I’m always amazed at what I can push my body to do… and how accomplished I feel the rest of the day (and, sometimes I even do these workouts with Harper running around beside me….).

And, in case you’re looking for a little bit of motivation, I’ve always found that a few new pieces of activewear help. I’m currently loving this muscle knot front tank, white and black strappy sports bra, this crop sports bra (which I own and am obsessed with…), these two toned high waisted crop leggings (which I own in the navy/black combo… they have some ah-mazing support), and this lightweight twist front (reversible) pullover that I own in grey….

(Outfit Details || Tank | Leggings | Sneakers | Harper’s Top | Harper’s Shoes | Bow: c/o A Little Lady Shop)


  1. Ive always been curious about TIU! When i cant workout at our club i do Aaptiv workouts at home- have you tried that app?? It’s great!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      I’ve never heard of that app Lisa! Thank you so much for suggesting it! I will check it out for sure!