Weekend Recap || Decisions + Consequences

(The prettiest wildflowers from Trader Joe’s)

I’ve always been the type of person who likes to know all my options before making a decision. I weigh out the good, the bad, the what-if’s, and then attempt to make the best decision possible. While some people are risk takers, I am not. I choose the option with the least amount of risk and potential consequence….

So, you’d think when the hostess at the restaurant asked if we wanted to wait 30 minutes for an outside seat, while having a toddler already 15 minutes past lunch, I would have quickly weighed the options, declined, and opted for the “I can seat you immediately inside” option. You’d think, right? Well, I made an informed bad decision. I caved into temptation… a bellini, with the sun shining, and a view of the harbor…. I mean, wouldn’t you too?….

This is how it played out. We opted to wait, and had a fun time exploring the marina with mini sailboats and music playing in the background… then, we started to go through our back-up stash of snacks (this should have been the first alarm to head back and opt to be seated immediately….). By the time we sat down, we had a fussy toddler, who had gone through the “in case of emergency” snacks… a toddler who was no longer hungry for lunch…. which meant a toddler who wanted nothing to do with the high chair….

We somehow made it through lunch (a very rushed one at that….) and thought that letting her walk around a little would buy us some extra time. Poorly informed decision making number two. The carnage at the end of the afternoon was a broken pair of sunglasses, a beyond fussy (teething) toddler, and two exhausted parents, who couldn’t help but make an extra strong margarita at the end of the night…. which enabled us to laugh at the entire situation…. lesson learned.

Friends, here’s to a week of making excellent, well informed choices. We all know the consequences. Have a good one!! xx

(Le Salad at Zinque… pre-meltdown….)

(A little family day at Lido Island Marina… mini sailboats for the little ones + music + food trucks for the adults…. pre-meltdown again….)

(Post leg day HIIT workout protein pancakes. So good.)

With bathing suit season right around the corner, we’ve been upping our fitness routines with HIIT workouts. I have an ab routine coming this week, along with the recipe for those protein pancakes. So stay tuned. If you’re looking for an all over body workout, be sure to check out this one.

This past weekend, I lived in this casual sweater tank (and wore it to a mom’s group last week too), cold shoulder tee (in black), and this super soft basic shell (in the mauve color) as a bottom layer to this open knit cardigan in the oatmeal color (on major sale too!). Given that the temps are going to be in the high 70’s for the next couple of weeks, I snagged these distressed denim shorts and flutter sleeve basic tee. I also love pairing shorts with sweatshirts and sweaters and love this blush lightweight cold shoulder sweater (own it as well), and I’m eyeing this tie sleeve sweatshirt (in oatmeal), cold shoulder sweatshirt (in the blush/mauve color), and this lace insert sweatshirt in grey (adds a cute feminine touch). I also think these grey joggers + sand colored drawstring pants would be perfect options for daily living…. and how cute is this lavender ruffle tee? I also think this basic white tank will be a great addition to my collection.

Also, just an fyi, if you loved this blush color suede jacket (featured here), it’s back in stock! Such a great option for spring…. and my favorite lightweight wrap is back in stock too. It’s a perfect post workout piece.

So, we are 95% certain we will be going to Cabo in a few weeks…. we decided we needed a vacation somewhere tropical, and have been looking at deals, and found some excellent options. Naturally, I’m already thinking about what to pack…. I’m obsessed with this stripe bathing suit (love the low back), geo trim cover-up caftansmocked off the shoulder dress (such an excellent price too!), this gardenia embroidered top (not sure if I like the sand or black color….), this ombre chambray dress, these white leather knotted slides, straw bag, and straw hat (white I won in the black + tan color… but like the sand option for this season).

I also bought little miss this adorable crop top + pants combo!