Champaign Chatting || Q&A Of My Most Frequently Asked Questions This Month

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The last time I wrote this post, I titled it Tea Talk… then I realized, since this post goes up on Fridays, I would much rather have a Q&A over champaigne…. so I renamed it. I’m answering some of the questions I was asked over the past month, in case you had similar ones too. As always, feel free to e-mail me, or leave your questions in the comments section. My favorite part is engaging with you all, so the more the merrier. Annnnd, cheers to the weekend friends! xx

1. Where is your initial necklace from? I am expecting and would love to get my daughter’s initials.
The necklace is from Maya Brenner Designs. Her pieces are so dainty, and come in gold, rose gold, and silver. Mine is rose gold. The initial design also comes in a dainty bracelet + ring (which I got with TJ’s initials… and wear stacked with my wedding band… since I’m too chicken to get a tattoo).

 2. Have you found any good sandals for little miss? With the weather warming up, I am wanting to buy some for my little girl.
I received these sandals for her last summer, but they were way too big, and actually fit her now. She was a little uncertain in them at the beginning, but seems to do well in them now. She also really likes these chambray espadrilles. I bought them for her last year too, and was so excited to see them return this season… I plan on buying them in her current size and one size up since they’re such a perfect warm weather shoe.

3. You mentioned taking a trip to Cabo or Palm Springs. My husband and I are considering both of those places for a trip for our wedding anniversary which is coming up this spring. Do you and TJ have any favorite hotels or resorts in either place?

First of all, even though both places are so different, you can’t go wrong with either! So many favorite spots in both areas. In Palm Springs we LOVE The Parker, La Quinta Resort + Spa, and The Ritz in Ranch Mirage. The Parker is a fun + trendy spot in the heart of Palm Springs, La Quinta is a huge, gorgeous resort where you have little casitas and private pools (you can bring your own drinks + food to the pool, which is always nice!) + The Ritz is perched in the hills with spectacular views and their rooms with fire pits are amazing! In Cabo, we love The One + Only (so so gorgeous, not cheap though), Cabo Azul (in San Juan, which is a slower, not as crazy part of Cabo and they have villas with full kitchens), + The Welk has amazing views and kitchens too (which is very nice… again, you can take your own drinks to the pool… just pick stuff up at the local Walmart). I did a Cabo guide here (kind of old, but still relevant), and a Palm Springs guide here, here, here, + here (oldest to most recent)). I hope that helps and that you have an amazing time wherever you go!

4. Do you normally cut the bottom of your jeans to make the length fit you or do you get them hemmed? Asking because these look great and I’m looking for other options than just rolling the extra length or having them professionally hemmed. Thanks!
Yes, I normally cut the bottom of my jeans (unless they are a more formal/structured option… but I don’t own many of those….)…. but I don’t know the last time I had a pair professionally hemmed! It’s super simple to do…. just fold your jeans under (while wearing them) and make a slight slit with scissors at the bottom… then just take them off and cut off the bottom. I recommend cutting off less in the beginning, just in case… you can always cut more if need be! You can also follow my step by step DIY…. I recently cut the hem of these jeans + this pair.

5. What brand of granola do you recommend? It’s so hard to sort through which brands are full of sugar and which are “healthy.
My absolute favorite is Purely Elizabeth granola. Her products are all gluten free, USDA organic, Non GMO certified, certified vegan, and certified B category (meaning they are socially + environmentally committed). The granolas taste delicious, and aren’t loaded with hidden ingredients. I highly highly recommend. You can read more about her products here.

6. You mention the importance of cross-training in your half-marathon plan. What type of classes do you usually do? I have been trying to do yoga 1x per week and then fit in a spin class and another boxing/HIIT type class.
When I started cross training for my half marathon training, I noticed such a huge difference in  endurance and time. I incorporate yoga at least once a week (it’s usually power yoga, but I love how it still stretches my body), as well as Spin and a HIIT session. It looks like we’re doing the same things. I think they’re a great combination to increase endurance and improve speed…. and help to prevent injury!

7. Did you use a car seat bag when you traveled with your nana? And what about the uppababy stroller? We’re taking our little for his first trip and don’t know where to start on packing and tricks to go through the airport and flight.
Yes, we took both our Nuna and UppaBaby in travel bags, and checked both at the gate. For the Nuna we used this travel bag (massive, but did the job) and this bag for the UppaBaby. The bottom carriage of the Vista is excellent for storage (which you’ll need/want when navigating the airport). Just a heads up, they will make you take separate the carseat from the stroller at the security checkpoint (you won’t be able to push the stroller through). I also highly recommend a baby carrier for the plane and in case your little one doesn’t want to stay in the stroller at the airport. You can see a couple traveling with baby posts here + here.

8. Do you have any tips on weaning?
When I weened, I took away one feeding a week…. to ensure that little miss was emotionally okay. When I took away a feeding, I did not pump during that time either, to begin to reduce my milk supply. To prevent encouragement I used cabbage leaves…. which actually really did work. The whole process took about a month to get through. It could be shorter or longer based on your little one though.

9. Can you recommend some looks for a spring work wardrobe please??
I’ve never worked in a very formal work setting… I could always wear jeans (not my distressed ones of course)…. but it was never required that I wear slacks. Given that, the suggestions I provide are likely to be more for a business-casual work environment. As far as pant options go, I think these cropped pants (that come in multiple color options) would be a great choice for the office (or even fieldwork… where much of my job was completed) and if your office if more on the casual side, I recommend a nice darker wash skinny jean. These scalloped flats are an excellent versatile option, and I think these mules are too. A lightweight cardigan and neutral blazer are great top layer options. As far as tops go, this denim tie waist top is structured enough, but allows a little personality to come through (would love it paired with the white capris mentioned above), sweater tank (I own it in the neutral color), and this navy + white stripe sleeveless blouse are all excellent options. If you’re looking for a dress, I think this white eyelet flutter sleeve + this stripe shirt dress are great options. This black skirt is also a nice alternative to a dress.

10. The pink chloe bag is out of my budget! Any similar bags you’d recommend at a lower price point? 
Yes, I found this option, with a chain strap (as opposed to a leather strap)… and also found this bag and this bag, in a soft grey, in an almost identical shape. I am loving grey as a neutral for this spring/summer.

11. In love with the stripe pants you posted on resort wear, but was wondering if they would be able to be worn out, or are they see-through?
These pants are a great lounging option at home, by the pool, or on the beach… but I don’t think they would work to be worn out to dinner. They are a little on the see through side… Although, you might be able to get away with nude underwear and a longer top though! I hope that helps!

12. I was looking into your Adidas sneakers. I am a dancer/ teacher/ theater. I am looking for sneakers to wear to teach, but I want make sure they can withhold my jumps and turns. Do you feel like these are still well quality and good for athletic activity?
I love these sneakers! They’re well made and very comfortable. I would wear them to the gym to do jumping exercises/HIIT workouts… but wouldn’t run long distances in them. I hope that’s helpful for you!

13. I’ve been meaning to try out that Barely Bread. Where did you buy it — online?
Yes, unfortunately you can only purchase on-line…. but if you’re looking for a paleo/gluten free option, it’s the best I’ve tried yet!

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